Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

m 1milli– [prefix], 2meter(s)

M 1mechanized, 2motor starter, 3aircraft symbol – missile carrier or multipurpose, 4marker, 5million, 6monthly

M&C 1monitor and control, 2management and control

M&E materiel and equipment

M&ES magnetic and electromagnetic silencing

M&G [AR 310-50] mapping and geodesy

M&I [AR 310-50] modernization and improvement

M&O 1maintenance and overhaul, 2[AR 310-50] maintenance and operation

M&PP materials and plant protection

M&R 1[JP 1-02] acquisition and maintenance repair, 2[AR 310-50] maintenance and repair

M&S 1maintenance and supply, 2marred and scarred, 3modeling and simulation, 4[TR 350-70] model(s) and simulation(s)

M&TE measuring and test equipment

M-14 MAC Airlift Simulation Model

M-CON Manpower Constraints Aid

M-DARC [JP 1-02] military direct access radar channel

M-DAY mobilization day

M-FORCE master force

M-L metallic-longitudinal

M/F mainframe

M/P monitor/programmer

M/S milestone

M/T [JP 1-02] measurement tons

M/TIS management/technical information system

M3C MAJCOM Manpower Management Computer (USAF)

M3IC monolithic microwave and millimeter wave integrated circuit

M3P manufacturer’s MANPRINT management plan

M3S 1MAJCOM Manpower Management System (USAF), 2Marine Corps Standard Supply System (USMC)

M3V Mobile Medical Mentoring Vehicle

M48A3 tank, combat, full-tracked, 90-mm gun

M548 cargo carrier

M88A1 recovery vehicle

mA milliampere

MA 1Massachusetts, 2modift address, 3megaampere, 4deputy commander for maintenance, 5maintenance, 6military adviser, 7maintenance agency, 8mission abort, 9maintenance area, 10marshaling area, 11milliamperes, 12mission area,13mobilization augmentee, 14management accounting, 15[JP 1-02] master, 16[AR 310-50] machine accountant, 17[AR 310-50] monitoring agency

MAA 1mission area analysis, 2materiel access area, 3monitoring angle of attack, 4mission area assessment, 5[AR 310-50] maximum authorized altitude

MAA/MNA mission area assessment/mission need analysis

MAADP 1Mission Area Analysis Deficiency Program, 2mission area analysis development plan

MAAF mishap analysis and animation facility

MAAG military assistance advisory group

MAAGS military advisory assistance group

MAAP 1[JP 3-56.1] master air attack plan, 2[AR 310-50] Milan Army Ammunition Plant

MAAPR materiel acceptance and accounts payable report

MAAR mandatory annual audit requirement

MAAS manpower allocations and accounting system

MAB 1Marine amphibious brigade, 2[AR 310-50] missile assembly building, 3[AR 310-50] mobile floating assault bridge-ferry

MABS Marine air base squadron (USMC)

Mac Macintosh (Apple Macintosh Computer)

MAC 1maintenance allocation chart, 2military agency check, 3Military Airlift Command [USAF], 4machine-aided cognition, 5maximum allowable concentration, 6mean aerodynamic chord, 7multiple access computer, 8medium access control [OSI], 9memory access controller, 10multiply/accumulator unit [CPU], 11mandatory access control, 12maneuver area command (Army), 13media access control, 14multiple access controller, 15maintenance action code, 16maintenance allocation chart, 17[JP 1-02] multiple access conference call (AN/TTC-30)

MACA 1military air clearance authority, 2modular automatic conferencing arranger, 3midair collision avoidance, 4[AR 310-50] Military Airlift Clearance Authority

MACADS [AR 310-50] MAC Automated Deployment Reporting System

MACAF Military Airlift Command numbered air force (21st, 22nd, and 23rd)

MACALT Military Airlift Command alternate headquarters

MACARMS Military Airlift Command Aircrew Resources Management System

MACARNET Military Airlift Command Airlift Recovery Network

MACCONNET Military Airlift Command contingency network

MACCS Marine Air Command and Control System

MACCSU Military Airlift Command Accelerated Command Center System Upgrade

MACE 1management applications in a computer environment, 2military airlift capability estimator, 3Military Airlift Center Europe (obsolete), 4[AR 310-50] Military Air Cargo Export System

MACG 1[FM 101-5-1] Marine air control group, 2[AR 310-50] marshaling area control group

MACH multilayer actuator head [Epson]

MACI [AR 310-50] military adoption of commercial items

MACIMS Military Airlift Command Integrated Management System

MACIPS Military Airlift Command Information Processing System

MACISIN Military Airlift Command information systems internetting

MACLO Military Airlift Command liaison officer

MACLOGFOR Military Airlift Command Logistics Force Packing System

MACMA Military Airlift Command minicomputer acquisition

MACMIP Military Airlift Command Mainframe Internetting Project

MACMIS Maintenance and Construction Management Information System

MACO [AR 310-50] marshaling area control officer

MACOM 1major [Army] command, 2major command

MACON matrix connector punched card programmer

MACOPS Military Airlift Command operational phone systems

MACP [JP 4-06] mortuary affairs collection point

MACPOL management, access control, planning, and policy

MACR 1Military Airlift Command regulation, 2materiel acquisition control record

MACRIT [AR 310-50] manpower requirements criteria

MACRO MAC resource optimization

MACS 1Marine air control squadron, 2multiple access communication system, 3mutually agreeable commercial software

MACSAM Military Airlift Command system architecture modernization

MACSAT [JP 1-02] multiple access commercial satellite

MACSO Military Airlift Command support office

MACWACC Military Airlift Command Washington Area Computer Center

MAD 1mission area deficiency, 2magnetic airborne [submarine] detector, 3magnetic anomaly detector, 4message address directory, 5maintenance assembly-disassembly, 6multiaperture device, 7Michigan Algorithm Decoder, 8multiple access device, 9multiply and add, 10mutual assured destruction, 11materiel acquisition and delivery, 12mean absolute deviation, 13mission area director, 14[JP 1-02] military air distress

MADA 1multiple-access discrete address, 2multiple access demand assignment

MADAEC [AR 310-50] Military Application Division of the Atomic Energy Commission

MADAM Multipurpose Automatic Data Analysis Machine

MADAR malfunction analysis detection and recording

MADCP [JP 4-06] mortuary affairs decontamination collection point

MADDAM macromudule and digital differential analyzer machine

MADE 1microalloy diffused electrode, 2manufacturing and automated design engineering, 3multichannel analog-to-digital data encoder, 4minimum airborne digital equipment

MADES menu assisted data entry system

MADGE Microwave Aircraft Digital Guidance Equipment

MADM 1Manchester Automatic Digital Machine, 2[AR 310-50] medium atomic demolition munitions

MADP 1mission area development plan, 2materiel acquisition decision process, 3main air display plot

MADR maximum allowable defect rates

MADRE magnetic drum receiving equipment

MADREC malfunction and detection recording

MADS 1mission area deficiency statement, 2machine-aided drafting system

MADT microalloy diffused-base transistor

MADYMO mathematical dynamic modeling [TNO]

MAE 1mission accomplishmenr estimate, 2migration assessment editor

MAE UAV Medium Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

MAER multiple assets effectiveness report

MAERU [AR 310-50] mobile ammunition evaluation and reconditioning unit

MAESTRO Machine-assisted Educational System for Teaching by Remote Operation

MAEUAV Medium Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

MAF 1major academic field, 2Marine amphibious force (USMC), 3master address file, 4[AR 310-50] mobile amphibious forces

MAFC 1[JP 2-01.2] MAGTF all-source fusion center, 2[AR 310-50] major Army field command

MAFFS modular airborne fire fighting system

MAFIS mobile area field instrumentation system

MAFR merged accountability fund reporting

MAG 1Marine aircraft group, 2Military Airlift Group, 3military assistance group, 4[AR 310-50] military advisory group

Mag Rec/M magnetic recording

MAGAMP magnetic amplifier

MAGG Modular Alphanumeric Graphics Generator

MAGGS modular advanced graphics generation system

MAGIC 1machine for automatic graphics interface to a computer, 2matrix algebra general interpretive coding, 3Maritime Air-Ground Intelligence Center (PACFLT), 4MIDAC automatic general integrated computation, 5multimillion advanced ground intelligent control

MAGIIC Mobile Army Ground Imagery Interpretation Center

MAGIS Marine Air Ground Intelligence System (USMC)

MAGISIAC Marine Air Ground Intelligence System Intelligence Analysis Center

MAGLOC magnetic logic computer

MAGMOD magnetic modulator

MAGNA 8 fourth-generation software

MAGPIE Machine Automatically Generating Production Inventory Evaluation

MAGR Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receiver

MAGT magnetic tape

MAGTEC Marine Corps Air Ground Training and Education Center

MAGTF 1Marine air-ground task force, 2Marine Corps and Army Echelon Corps Task Force

MAGTFACE [JP 4-01.2] Marine air-ground task force aviation combat element

MAh milliampere-hour

MAHC [AR 310-50] maximum allowable housing cost

MAI 1multiple applications interface, 2management action indicator, 3[AR 310-50] Military Assistance Institute

MAID 1magnetic anti-intrusion detector, 2modular AUTODIN interface device

MAID/MILES magnetic anti-intrusion detector/ magnetic intrusion line sensor

MAIDS Multipurpose Automatic Inspection and Diagnostic System

MAIN 1[FM 101-5-1] primary command post (graphics), 2[AR 310-50] military authorization identification number

maint 1maintenance, 2[AR 310-50] maintain, 3[AR 310-50] maintained

MAIP matrix algebra interpretive program

MAIR molecular airborne intercept radar

MAIRS Military Airlift Integrated Reporting System

MAIS 1major automated information system, 2Military Airlift Intelligence System

MAISAP Major Automated Information System Acquisition Program

MAISARC [DoD/DSMC] Major Automated Information System Review Council (obsolete ? see ITOIPT)

MAIT [AR 310-50] maintenance assistance and instruction team

MAJ [AR 310-50] major

MAJCOM major command (USAF)

MAKE missile agility/kinematic enhancement

MAL 1macro assembly language, 2[AR 310-50] materiel allowance list

MALC Management of Acquisition Logistics Course (Defense Systems Management College)

MALD miniature air-launched decoy

MALE 1multiaperture logic element, 2Military Airlift Estimator (PACAF)

MALS 1miniature air launched system, 2Marine aviation logistic squadron

MALT mnemonic assembly language translator

MALV miniature air-launched vehicle

MAM 1mission area manager, 2materiel acquisition management , 3management and administration manual, 4multiple access memory, 5management analysis model, 6munitions assessment model (HQ USAF), 7maintenance assistance module, 8[AR 310-50] military air movement number

MAMC [AR 310-50] Madigan Army Medical Center

MAMI machine-aided manufacturing information

MAMOS Marine automatic meteorological observing station

MAMP mission area materiel plan (Army)

MAMS Medical Administration Management System (USAF)

MAMS-II Maintenance Activity Management System II (Army)

MAMS-R Medical Administrative Management System – Revision

MAN 1manual [UNIX command], 2metropolitan area network

MAN-SEVAL Manpower-Based System Evaluation Aid

MANFOR 1Manpower Force Packaging System (USAF), 2manpower and personnel force

MANIAC 1Mathematical Analyzer Numerical Integrator and Computer, 2Mechanical and Numerical Integrator and Computer

MANIET manifest update

MANIX [AR 310-50] machine aids to Nike-X

MANOVA multivariate analysis of variance

MANPAD [AR 310-50] man-portable air defense

MANPADS Man-Portable Air-Defense System [Became FIM-92 Stinger]

MANPAGE manual page [UNIX]

MANPER 1manpower/personnel module, 2manpower and personnel

MANPER-B Manpower and Personnel Module – Base Level (COMPES) (USAF)

MANPER-M Manpower and Personnel Module – Major Command Level (COMPES) (USAF)

MANPLAN [TR 350-70] management plan

MANPRINT manpower and personnel integration [Army]

MANREQ Manpower Requirements System [USAF]

MANREQ/FORSIZE manpower requirements/force sizing exercise

MANS mission analysis for missile and NUDET surveillance

MANTECH manufacturing technology

MAO 1major attack option, 2[AR 310-50] mailing address only

MAOM miscellaneous air operation mishap

MAOPR minimum acceptable operational performance requirement

MAOS minimum aircraft operating strips

MAOT maximum allowable operating time

MAP 1materiel acquisition process, 2macro arithmetic processor, 3macro assembly program 4manifold absolute pressure, 5mathematical analysis without programming, 6maximum a posteriori probability, 7message acceptable pulse, 8multiple aimpoint, 9multiple allocation procedure, 10maintenance analysis procedures, 11memory allocation map, 12Manufacturing Automation Protocol [GM's contribution], 13maintenance and administration position, 14military aid program, 15master automation plan, 16Military Assistance Program, 17mission automation plan, 18modern aids to planning, 19mutual assistance program, 20mission area planning, 21[JP 1-02] missed approach procedure, 22[JP 3-04.1] missed approach point

MAP-ORDER military assistance program order

MAP-TOE [AR 310-50] Management Practices in TOE Units

MAPAC military assistance program address code

MAPAD military assistance program address directory

MAPAF military assistance program address file

MAPCHE mobile automatic programmed checkout equipment

MAPCO map code

MAPE mean absolute percentage error

MAPES management of personnel records (USMC)

MAPEX map exercise

MAPI 1mail applications programming interface [Microsoft], 2messaging applications programming interface [Microsoft]

MAPICS Manufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control System [IBM]

MAPID machine aided program for preparation of instruction data

MAPL military acquisition position list

MAPMIS Manpower and Personnel Management Information System (USN)

MAPOM MAP owned materiel

MAPORD Methodology Approach to Planning and Programming Air Force Operational Requirements Research and Development

MAPP 1Modern Aids to Planning Program (JCS), 2master acquisition planning program, 3master acquisition program plan, 4[AR 310-50] manpower and personnel plan

MAPPER maintaining, preparing and processing executive reports

MAPR miniaturization and automation of personnel record (USMC)

MAPRAT maximum power ratio

MAPROS [AR 310-50] maintain production schedules

MAPS 1Multicolor Automatic Projection System, 2multivariate analysis and prediction of schedules, 3modular azimuth positioning system, 4Military Airlift Command Automated Planning System, 5manpower and personnel system, 6mobile aerial port squadron, 7Mobility Analysis and Planning System (MTMC), 8Military Automated Personnel System

MAPSAD MAP property sale and disposal

MAPSE minimal APSE

MAPT maintenance activation planning team

MAPU [AR 310-50] multiple address processing unit

MAR 1malfunction array radar, 2memory address register, 3minimally attended radar (SEEK IGLOO), 4management assessment review (Air Force), 5monthly activity report, 6[AR 310-50] major assembly release

MAR-1 [AR 310-50] multifunction array radar (R&D at WSMR)

MARAD [JP 1-02] [United States] Maritime Administration (National Defense Reserve Fleet)

MARAIRMED Maritime Air Force Mediterranean (USMC)

MARB Materiel Acquisition Review Board

MARBI machine readable form of bibliographic information

MARC 1manpower authorization requirements criteria, 2machine-readable cataloging, 3Military Airlift Command ALCE reactions communications, 4machine readable card catalog, 5manpower requirements criteria

MARCCO man's role in command and control

MARCE [AR 310-50] Materiel Asset Redistribution Center, Europe

MARCENT Marine Corps, Central Command (USMC)

MARCEP Maintainability and Reliability Cost-effectiveness Program

MARCIA Mathematical Analysis of Requirements for Career Information Appraisal

MARCOM Microwave Airborne Communications Relay

MARCORMATCOM [DoD/DSMC] Marine Corps Materiel Command

MARCORPS Marine Corps

MARCORSYSCOM Marine Corps Systems Command

MARDAC Manpower Research and Data Analysis Center

MARDIS Modernized Army Research and Development Information System

MarDiv [FM 101-5-1] Marine division

MARDIV Marine division

MAREMICS maintenance, repair and minor construction

MAREP maritime reporting system

MARFOR [JP 1-02] Marine Corps forces

MARFORLANT [JP 2-01.2] Marine Forces, Atlantic

MARFORPAC [JP 2-01.2] Marine Forces, Pacific

MARFORRES Marine Force Reserve

MARGEN management report generator

MARINCEN [JP 3-07.4] Maritime Intelligence Center

MARISAT Marine Satellite System

MARISP [AR 310-50] maritime strike plan

MARKS Modern Army Recordkeeping System

MARLO [JP 3-09.3] Marine liaison officer

MAROP [JP 1-02] Marine operators

MARP 1manpower requirements plan, 2Mating and Ranging Program (SAC)

MARR manpower authorization requirement review

MARRES Manual Radar Reconnaissance Exploitation Systems (ESD)

MARS 1machine retrieval system, 2Management Analysis Reporting Service, 3Marconi automatic relay system, 4Military Affiliate Radio System, 5military amateur radio system, 6multiaperture reluctance switch, 7Marine Corps Ammunition Reporting System, 8mid-air recovery system, 9mid-air retrieval system, 10mission analysis and reporting system

MARSA [JP 1-02] military assumes responsibility for separation of aircraft

MART 1maintenance analysis review technique, 2mean active repair time, 3modular automated remote terminal, 4[JP 1-02] mobile Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN) remote terminal

MARV maneuverable reentry vehicle

MARVEL Machine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library [Library of Congress]

MARVS materiel acquisition requirements validation system

MAS 1management advisory services, 2metal-alumina-silicon, 3multiaspect signaling, 4military airlift squadron (MAC), 5Military Agency for Standardization (NATO), 6Man-day Account System (USAF), 7multiplex applications software, 8multiple award schedule

MASC MAGTF Automated Services Center (USMC)

MASCAL [JP 4-02] mass casualty

MASCDC Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center [Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ]

MASCOT Motorola Automatic Sequential Computer Operated Tester

MASDC Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center (AFLC)

MASDCMIS MASDC Management Information System

MASER microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

MASF 1mobile aeromedical staging facilities, 2military assistance services funded, 3mobile aeromedical staging flight

MASFC MAGTF All Source Fusion Center

MASH [JP 1-02] mobile Army surgical hospital

MASIIS maintenance analysis structural integrity information system

MASINT measurement and signature intelligence

MASIS Management and Scientific Information System

MASL 1material article service list, 2military article service list, 3[AR 310-50] military assistance articles and services list

MASL IN military article and service list identification numbers

MASM 1macro assembler [Microsoft], 2Military Assistance and Sales Manual

MASNET Management Support Network (Army)

MASO munitions accountable system officers

MASRT Marine air support radar teams

MASS 1Michigan Automatic Scanning System, 2monitor and assembly system, 3multiple access sequential selection, 4Maximum Availability and Support Subsystem [Parallan], 5MICAP Asset Sourcing System, 6military airlift support squadron (MAC), 7Mobilization Automated Support System (FORSCOM), 8mobility analysis support system, 9[FM 101-5-1] Marine air support squadron, 10[AR 310-50] Modern Army Supply System

MASSTER 1Mobile Army Sensor System Test Evaluation and Review, 2Modern Army Selected Systems, Test, Evaluation, and Review

MAST 1multi-application sonar trainer, 2[AR 310-50] military assistant to safety and traffic

MASTARAV [AR 310-50] master Army aviator

MASTER 1matching available student time to educational resources, 2multiple access shared time executive routine

MASTR multiple assets status report

MASW mission application software (WIS)

mat 1[AR 310-50] material, 2[AR 310-50] materiel

MAT 1mechanical aptitude test, 2materiel, 3microalloy transistor, 4maintenance access terminal, 5mobilization assistance team, 6migration assessment tool, 7mission area team

MAT-CALS Marine Air Traffic Control and Landing System

MATCAT materiel and catalog

MATCH [AR 310-50] MTMC (Military Traffic Management Command) Automated Transportation Scheduler

MATCO military air traffic coordinating office(r)

MATCOM [DoD/DSMC] Materiel Command

MATCON microwave aerospace terminal control

MATCU military air traffic coordinating unit

MATD mine and torpedo detector

MATDEV materiel developer [Army]

MATE 1measuring and test equipment, 2multiple-access time-division equipment, 3multisystem automatic test equipment, 4modular AUTODIN terminal equipment, 5modular automated test equipment, 6modular automatic test equipment, 7multipurpose automatic test equipment

MATES mobilization and training equipment site

MATIC multiple area technical information center

MATICO machine applications to technical information center operations

MATLAN matrix language

MATM multiple assets tasking message

MATMS Marine Aviation Training Management System (USMC)

MATOC mobility air terminal operations center

MATPS machine-aided technical processing system

MATRIS Manpower and Training Research Information System

MATS 1MILES Armywide tracking system, 2military air transport service, 3milestone automated tracking system

MATT Multi-mission Advanced Tactical Terminal

MATV Multi-Axis Thrust Vectoring [an F-16 with a vectoring nozzle]

MATZ military air traffic zone

MAU 1media attachment unit, 2media access unit, 3multiattribute utility, 4Marine (USMC) amphibious unit, 5multistation access unit, 6medium attachement unit, 7medium access unit

MAUDE Morse Automatic Decoder

MAV minimum acceptable value

MAVDM multiple application VDM

MAVIN Machine-assisted Vendor Information Network

MAVMS MACOM automated vehicle management system (Army)

MAW 1Marine aircraft wing, 2mission adaptive wiring, 3military airlift wing, 4[AR 310-50] medium antitank weapon

MAWLOGS [AR 310-50] Models of the United States Army Worldwide Logistics System

MAWTS Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron (USMC)

max maximum

MAX message automatic exchange

MAXI modular architecture for the exchange of intelligence

MB 1megabyte (1,024 kilobytes), 2main battery, 3magnetic brake, 4memory buffer, 5main base, 6middle button (of 3 button mouse), 7measurement base, 8[JP 1-02] medium boat

MBA 1main battle area, 2Marine Biological Association, 3material balance area, 4multiple beam antenna, 5master bailment agreement, 6mentoring business agreement, 7[AR 310-50] minimum burst altitude


MBB modular building blocks

MBBLS thousands of barrels

MBC 1meteor burst communications, 2military budget committee, 3[AR 310-50] manual battery control

MBCP missile base communications processor

MBCS multi-byte character set [IBM]

MBD 1magnetic-bubble device, 2[AR 310-50] manual burst disable

MBDL missile battery data link

MBE minority business enterprise

MBFR [AR 310-50] mutual and balanced force modulation

MBGE [AR 310-50] missile-borne guidance equipment

MBGTS [AR 310-50] missile-borne guidance test set

MBI 1management buy-in, 2major budget issue

MBL Marine Biology Laboratory

MBM 1magnetic bubble memory, 2metal-barrier-metal

MBO 1management by objectives, 2management buy-out, 3[AR 310-50] motor burn out

MBODD mobilization origin development date

MBOL [AR 310-50] motor burn out locking

MBONE multicast backbone [Internet]

MBPA [AR 310-50] Military Blood Program Agency

MBPAS [AR 310-50] monthly bulk petroleum accounting summary

MBPO [AR 310-50] Military Blood Program Office

Mbps 1megabits per second, 2[JP 6-02] megabytes per second

MBPS megabytes per second

MBR 1materiel balance report, 2memory buffer register, 3master boot record

MBRV [AR 310-50] maneuverable ballistic reentry vehicle

Mbs [JP 1-02] megabits per second

MBS 1mission bit stream, 2mounted battle space

MBSAD mobilization station departure date

MBSGM Multi-Base Sortie Generation Model (HQ USAF)

MBSTA mobilization station

MBT 1metal-base transistor, 2main battle tank, 3[AR 310-50] motor burning time

MBWO microwave backward-wave oscillator

MBX mailbox

mc megacycle [obsolete, now megahertz (MHz)]

MC 1mission commander, 2mobility corridor, 3multichannel, 4magnetic clutch, 5magnetic core, 6major component, 7manual control, 8Maritime Commission, 9master clods, 10master control, 11Medical Corps, 12military computer, 13molded components, 14multichip, 15multiple contact, 16mission capable, 17Marine Corps, 18master controller, 19medium capacity, 20message center, 21military committee, 22mission computer, 23mobility control center, 24monitoring center (DDN), 25movement control, 26military construction, 27[TTPIO-ABCS] maneuver control, 28[JP 1-02] military community, 29[JP 2-02] Joint Military Intelligence College, 30[AR 310-50] member of Congress, 31[AR 310-50] military characteristics

MC&G mapping, charting, and geodesy

MC/A military construction (MILCON) (appropriation), Army

MC/AF military construction (MILCON) (appropriation), Air Force

MC/DG manufacturing cost/design guide

MC/M military construction (MILCON) (appropriation), USMC

MC/N military construction (MILCON) (appropriation), Navy

MC-130 Combat Talon

MC-PGA metallized ceramic – pin grid array

MC-QFP metallized ceramic – quad flat pack

MC3 multi-channel crypto controller

MC4 medical communication and combat casualty care

MC4I medical command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence

MCA 1Military Construction, Army, 2major construction, Army, 3major commercial account, 4maximum credible accident, 5materiel control and accountability, 6military coordinating activity, 7micro channel adapter [IBM], 8multichannel analyzer, 9micro channel architecture [IBM], 10movement control agency, 11management control activity, 12master cooperative agreement, 13military construction authorization, 14[JP 1-02] maximum calling area, 15[JP 1-02] mission concept approval, 16[JP 1-02] military civic action, 17[AR 310-50] minimum crossing altitude

MCAAP [AR 310-50] McAlester Army Ammunition Plant

MCACES microcomputer aided cost estimating support

MCAD mechanical computer aided design

MCAGCC Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

MCAP 1major command ADP plan (obsolete), 2maximum calling area procedure, 3mobile consolidated aerial port subsystem, 4[JP 1-02] maximum calling area precedence

MCAR 1Military Construction, Army Reserve, 2multichannel acoustic relay (USN)

MCARNG Military Construction, Army National Guard

MCAS Marine Corps air station

MCATF mechanized combined arms task force

MCATS Medium Capacity Automated Telecommunications System (USAF)

MCAWN microcomputer connectivity to AWN

MCB 1mobile construction battalion, 2managing civilians to budget, 3memory control block, 4message control block

MCBF mean cycles between failures

MCC 1movement control center, 2main control circuit, 3maintenance control circuit, 4management control center, 5motor control center, 6military control center, 7multiple computer complex, 8maintenance control center, 9mission control center, 10military coordination center, 11management, command, and control, 12mobile command center (formerly GMCP), 13mobile ommunications center, 14mobility control center, 15military cooperation committee, 16[JP 1-02] master control center, 17[JP 1-02] military coordinating committee, 18[JP 1-02] Marine component commander

MCCA military construction cooperative agreement

MCCB multinational configuration control board

MCCC 1Marine Corps Command Center, 2[CJCSI 3222.01] mobile consolidated command center

MCCDC 1Marine Corps Combat Development Command, 2Marine Corps Combat Development Center

MCCISWG Military Command, Control Information Systems Working Group (NATO)

MCCP 1main communications control panel,2military consolidated command post

MCCR mission critical computer resources

MCCRES Marine Corps Combat Readiness Evaluation System (USMC)

MCCRFP mission critical computer resource focal point

MCCS mission critical computer system

MCCSS Mobile Command Center Strategic System (JCS) (formerly NEACP)

MCCU multiple communications control unit

MCCUSCUSRPG [AR 310-50] Military Coordinating Committee (US Element CUSRPG (Canada/United States Regional Planning Group))

MCD 1mission capability document, 2months for cyclical dominance, 3manipulative communications deception, 4medical crew director, 5mines, countermine, and demolition

MCDA [JP 3-08] military and civil defense assets (United Nations)

MCDEC Marine Corps Development and Educational Command

MCDN Marine Corps Data Network

MCDP microprogrammed communication data processor

MCDS 1mission control and display subsystem, 2[JP 4-01.2] Modular Cargo Delivery System

MCE 1mission control element, 2modular control equipment (TAC)

MCEAMS Marine Corps Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Shelter

MCEB Military Communications - Electronics Board (JCS)

MCES modular command and control evaluation structure

MCEWG military communications electronics working group

MCF 1military computer family, 2monolithic crystal filter, 3meta content framework, 4maintenance control facility, 5mission control forecast, 6master contract file

MCG 1magnetocardiography, 2man-computer graphics, 3master control group, 4movement control group, 5mapping, charting, and geodesy

MCG&I mapping, charting, graphics, and imagery

MCGA multicolor graphics array

mchan [AR 310-50] multichannel

MCHFR minimum critical heat flux rates

MCHQ Marine Corps Headquarters

MCI 1mission capability inspection, 2MCI Communications Corp. (initials of original company – Microwave Communications, Inc.), 3media control interface [Microsoft], 4[AR 310-50] meal, combat, individual

MCIA [JP 2-02] Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

MCIC Marine Corps Intelligence Center

MCICMP Marine Corps Interoperability Configuration Management Plan

MCID multipurpose concealed intrusion detector

MCIO [JP 3-07.4] military criminal investigation organizations

MCIOTTAR mission collective, individual, and occupational training task analysis report [from LSA data]

MCIS 1Maintenance Control Information System, 2materials compatibility in sodium

MCL 1Mobilization Cross-Leveling (Army), 2Microsoft Compatibility Labs, 3munitions control list

MCLB Marine Corps logistic base

MCLB-A Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, Georgia

MCM 1materiel change management, 2[USN] mine countermeasures ship, 3multi-chip module, 4media and communication management, 5military committee memorandum, 6mine countermeasure, 7Manual for Courts-Martial, 8memorandum for the chairman, 9[JP 1-02] Military Classification Manual

MCMCC Marine Corps Manpower Control Center

MCMG [JP 1-02] meteorological group

MCMIA mine countermeasure integration and automation

MCMM management control-materiel management

MCMT mean corrective maintenance time

MCMTOMF mean corrective maintenance time for operational mission failures

MCMU [JP 1-02] mass core memory unit

MCN 1MACIMS Communication Network (MAC), 2management control number, 3military construction, Navy

MCNE Master Certified Novell Engineer

MCNG Military Construction, National Guard

MCO 1movement control office(r), 2Marine Corps order

MCOM mathematics of computation

MCOPS millions of complex operations per second

MCOTEA Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Agency

MCP 1maintenance collection point, 2master control program, 3memory centered processor, 4multichannel communications program, 5management and control of provisioning, 6Marine Corps Capabilities Plan, 7master COMSEC plan, 8maximum continuous power, 9military construction program, 10military construction project, 11management control plan, 12mission coordinating paper, 13military construction plan, 14multicommand publication, 15[AR 310-50] medical continuation pay

MCPDM Marine Corps program decision meeting

MCPDS Marine Corps Publication and Distribution System

MCPO master chief petty officer (USN)

MCPR maximum critical power ration

MCPS 1Microsoft certified product specialist, 2Modular Command Post System

MCQDIS Marine Corps Quality Deficiency Information System

MCR 1magnetic character reader, 2magnetic character recognition, 3main control room, 4master change record, 5master control routine, 6modem control register, 7manpower change request, 8mobile communication radio, 9manufacturing capability requirement, 10message completion rate, 11minor clarification request, 12[AR 310-50] Master Control Record System

MCRC master control and reporting center

MCRD master cross reference data

MCRDAC Marine Corps Research, Development and Acquisition Command

MCREP [AR 310-50] Military Committee Representative to the North Atlantic Council

MCRL 1master cross reference library, 2master cross reference list

MCRP [FM 101-5-1] Marine Corps reference publication

MCRSCMS Marine Corps Reserve Support Center Management System

MCS 1maneuver control system, 2master control station, 3[Trailblazer] Master Control Set, 4master control system, 5medical computer services, 6method of constant stimuli, 7modular computer systems, 8motor circuit switch, 9mobile control station, 10multiprogrammed computer system, 11Maintenance Control System (Army), 12Maintenance Cost System (USAF), 13management control system, 14modular charge system, 15multi-media communications station, 16mine countermeasure support, 17minesweeper, 18[JP 4-01.7] modular causeway system

MCS-ENG Maneuver Control System for Engineers

MCS-P Maneuver Control System-Phoenix

MCSF 1Marine Corps security force, 2Mobile Cryptologic Support Facility (NSA)

MCSP mission completion success probability

MCSR Materiel Condition Status Reporting System (Army)

MCSSM major command communication computer system security manager

MCSTSC [AR 310-50] Military Communications System Technical Standards Committee

MCT 1mechanical comprehension test, 2maximum corrective time, 3mean corrective time, 4mobile communications terminal, 5movement control team, 6[AR 310-50] mobile contact teams

MCTDR Marine Corps Technical Data Repository

MCTL Military Critical Technology List (DoD)

MCTR message center

MCTSSA Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity

MCU 1microcontroller unit, 2multipoint control unit, 3microprogram control unit, 4memory control unit, 5minimum coded unit, 6micro control unit, 7management control unit, 8master control unit, 9multi-chip unit [DEC], 10missile control unit, 11microprogrammed control unit, 12mission control unit, 13modular concept unit, 14[JP 1-02] maintenance communications unit

MCUG Military Computers User Group

MCV 1magnetic cushion vehicle, 2movable closure valve

MCW 1modulated continuous wave, 2[JP 1-02] modulated carrier wave

MCX movement coordination exercise

MD 1materiel developer, 2magnetic disk, 3magnetic drum, 4main drum, 5manual data, 6Maryland, 7measured discard, 8medical department, 9message data, 10mine disposal, 11monitor displays, 12make directory, 13movement directive, 14mini disk [Sony], 15manufacturing development, 16materiel development, 17maritime defense, 18marshaled deployability posture, 19military district, 20[Army] Materiel Directorate, 21missile defense, 22monochrome display, 23months after date, 24Managerial Development [Course] (Defense Systems Management College), 25mission directive, 26[FM 101-5-1] Moldavia, 27[FM 101-5-1] medium division

MD/NC mechanical drafting /numerical control

MD(G)T mission data (ground) terminal

MDA 1milestone decision authority, 2minimum descent altitude, 3multidemensional analysis, 4multidocking adapter, 5monochrome display adapter, 6military damage assessment, 7major decision authority, 8[JP 3-08] Magen David Adom

MDA(A) mutual defense assistance agreement

MDAA Mutual Defense Assistance Act

MDAC multiplying digital-to-analog converter

MDAd major command data administrator

MDAE military deputy to the acquisition executive

MDAO mutual defense assistance office

MDAP 1major Defense acquisition program, 2Mutual Defense Assistance Program

MDB 1Mishap Database (see the definition in Military Terminology section), 2Mutual Defense Board

MDC 1maintenance data collection, 2maintenance dependency chart, 3maximum dependable capacity, 4manager development course, 5main display console, 6major distribution center, 7master direction center, 8message display console, 9message distribution center, 10miniature detonating cord, 11missile display conference, 12movement designator code, 13manager designator code, 14McDonnell Douglas Corporation

MDCI multidisciplined counterintelligence

MDCI TA multi discipline counterintelligence threat assessment

MDCIsum multidisciplined counterintelligence summary

MDCS 1maintenance data collection system, 2master digital command system, 3maintenance data collection subsystem

MDDBMS multidimensional database management system

MDDTSP materiel developer's digitized training support package

MDE 1magnetic decision element, 2message distribution element, 3major defense equipment

MDEA master data exchange agreement

MDEC Marine Corps Development and Education Command

MDEL major defense equipment list

MDEP management decision package(s)

MDESC McDonnell Douglas Electronic Systems Company

MDF 1main distribution frame, 2microcomputer development facilities, 3mild detonating fuse, 4main defense force, 5manpower data file, 6maritime defense force, 7medium frequency direction finding, 8mission data file, 9mission degradation factor (USAF), 10monopulse direction finding, 11mutual data file

MDFMR [AR 310-50] M-day force materiel requirement

MDG 1mission data generator, 2multi-disciplinary group

MDH multimedia data handling

MDHS McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems

MDI 1magnetic direction indicator, 2miss distance indicator, 3memory display interface, 4multiple document interface [Microsoft], 5manufacturing development initiative

MDIC 1microwave dielectric integrated circuit, 2Manchester Decoder and Interface Chip [AT&T]

MDIF manual data input function

MDIG multiple display indicator group

MDITDS [JP 2-01] Migration Defense Intelligence Threat Data System

MDK Multimedia Developers Kit [Microsoft]

MDL 1macro description language, 2minimum detectable level, 3management data list

MDLP mobile data link protocol

MDLT mobile data link terminal

MDM 1maximum design meter, 2metal-dielectric-metal [filter], 3mission data message, 4multiplexer/demultiplexer, 5mobile depot maintenance

MDMP [TTPIO-ABCS] military decision-making process

MDMS Maintenance Data Management System (Army)

MDP 1maintenance data panel, 2modular display processor, 3multi-designation protocol [communications protocol], 4[AR 310-50] meteorological datum plane

MDPS 1mission data planning system, 2mission data preparation system, 3mission data processing system

MDQS management data query system

MDR 1milestone decision review, 2maintenance data report, 3memory data register, 4minimum design requirement, 5materiel deficiency report, 6medium data rate, 7monthly demand rate

MDR III milestone III decision review

MDRA materiel deficiency report analysis

MDRI multi-purpose display repeater indicator

MDS 1maintenance data system, 2memory disk system, 3malfunction detection system, 4microprocessor development system, 5minimum discernible signal, 6minimum detectable signal, 7modern data systems, 8multipoint distribution systems [communication], 9mission design and series, 10meteorological data system, 11Manpower Data System (USAF), 12model design series, 13mobilization, deployment, and sustainment, 14Modular Display System (SPACECOM), 15major defense system, 16mission design series, 17[AR 310-50] mail distribution scheme

MDSS 1Meteorological Data Sounding System, 2Maritime Pre-positioned Ships (MPS) Decision Support System [USMC], 3multiple distribution switching subsystem

MDSS II [JP 4-01.6] MAGTF Deployment System II

MDSU [JP 1-02] mobile diving and salvage unit

MDT 1mean down time, 2mobile data terminal], 3mission data table

MDTA Manpower Development and Training Act

MDTS 1megabit digital troposcatter subsystem, 2mission data transfer system

MDTSP materiel developer's training support package

MDU 1mine disposal unit, 2message decoder unit, 3[AR 310-50] mobile development units

MDV MANPRINT domain verification

MDW Military District of Washington

MDWP Mutual Defense Weapons Program

MDWS missile detection and warning system

MDX 1manpower data extract, 2[TTPIO-ABCS] maintenance and diagnostic extended

MDY month day year

MDZ maritime defense zone

MDZL Maritime Defense Zone Atlantic

MDZP Maritime Defense Zone Pacific

me [AR 310-50] multi engine

ME 1Maine, 2mechanical engineering, 3mechanical efficiency, 4main engine, 5mass effectiveness, 6maintenance error, 7maneuver enhancement mode, 8Marine engineering, 9mechanical engineer, 10manpower estimate, 11manufacturing engineering, 12mechanical engineering, 13[AR 310-50] Middle East

MEA 1minimum en-route altitude, 2maintainability engineering analysis, 3major emergency actions, 4munitions effectiveness assessment, 5maintenance engineering analysis

MEAD [AR 310-50] Memphis Army Depot

MEADS Maintenance Engineering Analysis Data System

MEAL 1master equipment allowance list, 2master equipment authorization list

MEAR maintenance engineering analysis record

MEARS Multi-User Engineering Change Proposal Automated Review System

meas [AR 310-50] measure

MEB 1memory expansion board, 2Marine expeditionary brigade, 3mission element board

MEBD [AR 310-50] medical evaluation board

MEBS management evaluation guides

MEBU 1minimum essential backup, 2mission essential backup

MEC 1missile event conference, 2modular electronics concept, 3microelectronics center

MECA 1metal castings, 2medical electronic customer assistance

MECC modular alter and compose console

MECCA 1mechanized catalog, 2Modularity Equipped and Configured Calibrator and Analyzer

MECDL mission equipment control data link

mech 1mechanic, 2mechanical, 3mechanized

MECHTRAM [AR 310-50] mechanization of selected transportation reports

MECI mission essential contingency item

MECK [AR 310-50] Meck Island

MECL 1Motorola emitter-coupled logic, 2minimum essential circuit list

MECS Minuteman Entry Control System

MECSIP Mechanical Subsystems and equipment Structural Integrity Program

med medical

MED 1microelectrical device, 2medium, 3manipulative electronic deception, 4medical, 5Mediterranean, 6Message Element Dictionary (JINTACCS ), 7message exchange device

MED-WRAP Medical War Reserve Automated Process (Army)

MEDA military emergency diversion airfield

MEDAL Micromechanized Engineering Data for Automated Logistics

MEDALS military engineering data asset locator system

MEDAX message data exchange terminal

MEDBLOOD medical blood (TAMMIS)

MEDCAP [JP 4-02] medical civic action program

MEDCASE [AR 310-50] medical care support equipment

MEDCEN [AR 310-50] United States Army Medical Center

MEDCOM 1[Army] Medical Command, 2Mediterranean Communication System

MEDCOOP [AR 310-50] medical community of operations plan

MEDDA mechanized defense decision anticipation

MEDDAC Medical Department Activity

MEDDS [AR 310-50] medical data specialist

MEDE message entry and distribution equipment

MEDEVAC medical evacuation

MEDFAD medical field assistance branch

MEDIA 1media elimination and design intelligent aid, 2Magnavox electronic data image apparatus

MEDICO [JP 1-02] international word meaning a radio medical situation

MEDICARE [AR 310-50] medical care

MEDINT [JP 1-02] medical intelligence

MEDL mission equipment development laboratory

MEDLARS Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System

MEDLOG 1medical logistics battalion, 2medical logistics (TAMMIS)

MEDLOG JR [JP 4-02.1] medical logistics, junior (USAF AIS)

MEDLOGCO [JP 4-02.1] medical logistics company

MEDMATS [AR 310-50] Medical Materiel Management System

MEDMER medical emergency report

MEDMIS [AR 310-50] Medical Management Information System

MEDMOB [JP 4-05] Medical Mobilization Planning and Execution System

MEDNEO [JP 1-02] medical evacuation of noncombatants

MEDNET medical systems network

MEDP mission essential data processing

MEDPAR medical patient accounting and reporting (TAMMIS)

MEDPERFAC medical and personnel planning factors report (JRS)

MEDRAMS Medical Readiness Assemblage Materiel System (USAF)

MEDRED medical readiness report capability (TAC)

MEDREG medical regulation (TAMMIS)

MEDREGREP [JP 1-02] medical regulating report

MEDREQ medical requirements model (USAFE)

MEDRTS medical requirements model (USAFE)

MEDS 1Medical Evaluation Data System, 2maintenance engineering data system, 3meteorological data systems

MEDSERV Medical Service Corps

MEDSOM medical, supply, optical, and maintenance

MEDSTAT 1Medical Statistical System (USAFE), 2[JP 1-02] medical status

MEDSTOCK Medical Stock Control System (Army)

MEDT [AR 310-50] military equipment delivery team

MEE [AR 310-50] minimum essential equipment

MEECN minimum essential emergency communications network

MEES multi-purpose electromagnetic environment simulator

MEETS minimum engine tracking system

MEF 1minimum essential facilities, 2Marine expeditionary force, 3minimum essential functions

MEF (FWD) [FM 101-5-1] Marine expeditionary force (forward)

MEFPAK Manpower and Equipment Force Packaging System (USAF)

MEFPMRS USMC Expeditionary Force Primary Multi-channel Radio System

MEFT minimum essential functional task

MEG 1megohm, 2message expediting group, 3mobilization employment group, 4megabyte

MEGA one million [prefix]

MEGW megawatt(s)

MEI 1manual of engineering instructions, 2management effectiveness inspection, 3major end item, 4management engineering inspection

MEIDS Military/Miniaturized Electronic Information Delivery System (Army)

MEIR minimum essential information requirement

MEIS [AR 310-50] Military Entomology Information Service

MEISR minimum essential improvement in system reliability

MEITS mission essential/effective information transmission system

MEIU mobile explosives investigation unit

MEL 1many-element laser, 2medium energy laser, 3master equipment list, 4minimum equipment list, 5military education level, 6[JP 4-01.7] maintenance expenditure limit

MELEC microelectronics

MELEM microelement

MELG [AR 310-50] Middle East Liaison Group

MELIOS mini eye-safe laser infrared observation set

MEM 1memory, 2minimum essential medium

MEMDT message execution matrix display task

MEMI master equipment management index

memo [AR 310-50] memorandum

MEMO/MAINT medical equipment management office/maintenance

MEMS 1microelectromechanical system, 2microfabricated electromechanical system, 3mortar/artillery mounted sensor system

MENS mission element need statement

MEO 1major engine overhaul, 2message exchange occurrence, 3military electronics office, 4most efficient organization

MEOSS Mobile Electro-Optical Surveillance System

MEP 1master evaluation plan, 2multiple equipment package, 3mean effective pressure, 4microcircuit emulation program, 5management engineering plan, 6maintenance engineering program, 7management engineering program, 8mission equipment package, 9[JP 1-02] mobile electric power

MEPCOM 1Military Examination and Processing Command, 2[AR 310-50] United States Military Enlistment Processing Command

MEPES [JP 1-02] Medical Planning and Execution System

MEPGS mobile electric power generating sources

MEPIS management engineering program information system

MEPR medical expense and performance report

MEPRS 1medical expense and performance reporting system, 2[CJCSI 3150.14] Military Entrance Processing and Reporting System

MEPS 1message editing and preparation service, 2message editing and processing station, 3military entrance processing station

MEPSCAT Military Entrance Physical Strength Capacity Test

MEQ 1minimum essential quantity, 2mission essential quantity

MEQPT 1major equipment ID code, 2[JP 1-02] major equipment

MER 1manpower estimate report, 2merchant ship, 3mission evaluation room, 4multiple ejection rack, 5[TR 350-70] minimum essential requirement

MERA molecular electronics for radar applications

MERADCOM Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command

MERCAST merchant shop broadcast system

MEREP merchant ship report

MERINT merchant intelligence

MERIS medium-resolution imaging spectrometer

MERIT military exploitation of reconnaissance and intelligence technology

MEROD message entry and read out device

MERS mobility environmental research study

MERSAR [JP 1-02] Merchant Vessel Search and Rescue Manual

MERWS 1modular executable rigid wall shelter, 2modular extendable rigid wall shelter

MES 1manufacturing execution system, 2management engineering squadron (AFCC), 3medium energy source, 4message entry subsystem

MESA manned environmental system assessment

MESAMAC Engine Status Accounting System (MAC)

MESAR minimum essential security assistance requirement

MESDIS Message Distribution System (PACOM)

MESFET metal-semiconductor field-effect transistor

MESG 1maximum experimental safe gap, 2micro electrostatically suspended gyro

MESI modified, exclusive, shared, and invalid (protocol)

MESL 1minimum essential subsystem list, 2mission essential subsystem list

MESM [AR 310-50] multi-echelon supply model

MESP Management Engineering Scheduling Program (USAFE)

MESPREP message preparation

MESS 1monitor event simulation system, 2Military Equipment Support Subsystem (Army)

MESUCORA measurement, control, regulation, and automation

met 1[FM 101-5-1] meteorological, 2[AR 310-50] meteorology

MET 1management engineering team, 2meteorological, 3modified expansion tube, 4memory enhancement technology [Hewlett-Packard], 5mission event timer, 6manpower evaluation team, 7meteorological equipment, 8mobile education team

MET Watch meteorological watch

META methods of extracting text automatically

METAPLAN methods-of-extracting-text-autoprogramming language

METCAL metrology and calibration

METCON [JP 1-02] control of meteorological information

METEOR Meteorological Event Oriented Reporting System (USAFE)

METIS Meteorological Information System

METL mission-essential task list

METOC meteorological and oceanographic

METOXI [AR 310-50] military effectiveness in a toxin environment

METP materiel equipment test plan

METRIC Multi-Echelon Technique Recoverable Item Control (RAND)

METRO meteorological

METS 1Mechanized Export Traffic System (MTMC), 2mobile electronic test set

METSAT [JP 1-02] meteorological satellite

METSII/ACI Military Export Traffic System II – Enhanced/Automated Carrier Interface (MTMC)

METT mission, enemy, terrain, and troops

METT-T [FM 101-5-1] mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available, and time available (USMC)

METT-TC [TTPIO-ABCS] mission, enemy, terrain, troops - time available, civil

METTT mission, enemy, terrain, troops and time

METWATCH meteorological watch

MEU 1Marine expeditionary unit, 2main electronics unit, 3memory expansion unit, 4mission essential unit (USN)

MEU (SOC) USMC expeditionary unit (special operations capable)

MeV million electron-volts

MEW microwave early warning

MEWPP modular electronic warfare pre-processor

MEWS 1microwave electronic warfare system, 2missile early warning system, 3modular electronic warfare simulator

MEWSG 1maritime electronic warfare support group, 2Multi-Service Electronic Warfare Support Group (NATO)

MEWSS Mobile Electronic Warfare Support System (USMC)

MEWTA [AR 310-50] missile electronic warfare technical area

MEX microelectronics

MEZ 1maritime exclusion zone, 2missile engagement zone

Mf microfarad

MF 1medium frequency (300 – 3,000 kHz), 2microfiche, 3microfilm, 4main force, 5more fragments to follow, 6multi-function, 7multiple frequency signaling, 8measurement facility, 9mobile facility, 10[JP 1-02] multi-frequency, 11[AR 310-50] Medal of Freedom

MF2K Medical Force 2000 (Army)

MFA 1materiel fielding agreement, 2mission functional analysis, 3minister of foreign affairs, 4[AR 310-50] military functions appropriation

MFAS [TTPIO-ABCS] maneuver functional area systems

MFB mixed functional block

MFC 1Microsoft Foundation Class, 2missile fire control, 3microfunctional circuit, 4meteorological and oceanographic forecast center, 5message formatting committee, 6multi-function console, 7[JP 3-13.1] multinational force commander

MFCC multi-function common console

MFCD multifunction color display

MFCM multifunction card machine

MFCS 1mortar fire control system, 2materiel financial control system, 3mechanical flight control system

mfd microfarad

MFD 1master file directory, 2multifunction display

MFD(S) multi-function display (system)

MFDS [JP 4-01.2] Modular Fuel Delivery System

MFE manpower force element

MFEL manpower force element listing

MFF military freefall

MFFIMS [JP 4-06] Mass Fatality Field Information Management System

MFFP metal finishes and finishing processes and procedures

MFFS Microsoft Flash File System

MFG 1manufacturer code, 2munitions family group

MFH military family housing

MFHBF mean flight hours between failure

MFHBMCF mean flight hour between mission critical failure for captive carry

MFI 1metafile input, 2[AR 310-50] major force issues

MFL master force list

MFLOPS million floating point operations per second

MFM 1modified frequency modulation, 2[AR 310-50] missile farm monitor

MFMC missile fuel management category

MFN most favored nation

MFO 1metafile output, 2multinational force and observers, 3[AR 310-50] Multinational Force and Observers Medal

MFOB missile fuel operating budget

MFOI [AR 310-50] major force oriented issues

MFOM multiple launch rocket system family of missiles

MFOP Missile Fuel Operating Program

MFORCE master force

MFOV medium field-of-view

MFP 1multifunction peripheral, 2materiel fielding plan [Army], 3multifunction product, 4major force program, 5master personnel file (USAF), 6multipurpose facility

MFPF [JP 1-02] minefield planning folder

MFPI multifunction peripheral interface

MFR 1memorandum for record, 2materiel fielding release

MFS 1manned flying system, 2magnetic tape field search, 3memory file system, 4Macintosh file system, 5modified filing system [Revelation Technologies], 6manned flight simulator, 7[JP 1-02] multifunction switch, 8[AR 310-50] missile firing station

MFSE 1maintenance flying scheduling effectiveness, 2[AR 310-50] main fire support element

MFSK 1multiple frequency shift keying, 2multilevel frequency shift keying

MFT 1multiprogramming with a fixed number of tasks, 2master file table, 3minimum flexible targeting, 4mobile fire team, 5[AR 310-50] mechanized flame-thrower

MFTRS magnetic flight test recording system

mg [AR 310-50] machine-gun

MG 1major general, 2motor generator, 3multigage, 4machine gun, 5military government, 6[FM 101-5-1] Mongolia

MG/R message generator/recorder

MGA monochrome graphics adapter

MGC 1manual gain control, 2missile guidance computer

MGCS mobile ground control station

MGD 1mean gain deviation, 2[AR 310-50] military geographic documentation

MGE 1maintenance ground equipment, 2modular GIS environment [Intergraph]

MGET multiple get [UNIX]

MGGB Modular Guided Glide Bomb, GBU-15(V)HOBOS

MGI mandatory Government inspection

MGID [AR 310-50] military geographic information and documentation

MGL matrix generator language

MGM 1mobile, guided ground-to-ground missile, 2master group multiplexer, 3materiel group manager

mgmt management

MGO [AR 310-50] military government officer

MGPTS Modular General Purpose Tent System

mgr [AR 310-50] manager

MGR 1manager, 2mobile, ground-targeted rocket, 3miniature GPS receiver

MGR-1 Honest John

MGR-3 Little John

MGRS [JP 1-02] military grid reference system

MGS1 (JSTARS) Medium Ground Station, 2mobile ground system (DSP), 3(TOW) Missile Guidance Set, 4mission ground station (DSPO)

MGS2 Message Generation System 2

mgt [JP 3-07.4] management

MGT 1management, 2mobile ground terminals

MGY Sgt [AR 310-50] master gunnery sergeant (USMC)

mH milihenry

MH 1magnetic head, 2magnetic heading, 3Marshall Islands, 4[AR 310-50] military history, 5[AR 310-50] Medal of Honor

MHA 1maximum hypothetical accident, 2maintenance hazard analysis, 3modified handling authorized, 4[AR 310-50] Medal for Humane Action,

MHC 1[USN] coastal minehunter, 2[JP 1-02] management headquarters ceiling

MHCS [AR 310-50] mental hygiene consultation service

MHD 1magneto hydrodynamics, 2moving head disk, 3[AR 310-50] medical holding detachment, 4[AR 310-50] military history detachment

MHDL microwave hardware description language

MHE 1materiel handling equipment, 2message handling element, 3[FM 101-5-1] materials handling equipment

MHF medium high frequency

MHFARS Minuteman High Frequency Antenna Replacement System

MHFEP multi-host front end processor

MHK mine hunter killer

MHP 1mobile host protocol, 2modification hardware packages

MHPI military housing privatization initiative

MHS 1message handling service, 2message handling system

MHSS 1Military Health Care Service System, 2Military Health Service System

MHT mild heat treatment

MHV miniature homing vehicle

MHW [JP 1-02] mean high water

MHz megahertz

mi mile

MI 1military intelligence, 2market investigation, 3materiel improvement, 4manual input, 5Michigan, 6mineral insulated [cables], 7management interface, 8management indicator, 9minority institution, 10modification instruction, 11[JP 1-02] movement instructions, 12[AR 310-50] middle initial

MI/MIC mode indicate/mode indicate common

MIA 1metal interface amplifier, 2missing in action, 3management information analysis, 4[AR 310-50] Missile Intelligence Agency

MIAC 1minimum automatic computer, 2[AR 310-50] material identification and processing code

MIAS [AR 310-50] AMC (Army Materiel Command) Major Item Automated System

MIB 1manual input buffer, 2multilayer interconnection board, 3management information base, 4Military Intelligence Board, 5missile interceptor base

MIBARS [AR 310-50] military intelligence battalion, air reconnaissance support

MIBOS Military Intelligence Battlefield Operating System

MIC 1Michigan Instructional Computer, 2micrometer, 3microphone, 4microwave integrated circuit, 5minimum ignition current, 6monolithic integrated circuit, 7mutual interference chart, 8message integrity check, 9media interface connector, 10mobile intelligence center, 11maintenance inventory center, 12Multiple Launch Rocket System International Corporation, 13[JP 1-02] multiple inlet conference call (AN/TTC-30), 14[AR 310-50] Management Information Center

MICA macro instruction compiler assembler

MICAD Multipurpose Integrated Chemical Agent Detector

MICAF measuring improved capabilities of Army forces

MICAM microammeter

MICAP 1mission capability, 2mission capable, 3mission impaired capability awaiting parts, 4Mission Capability Analysis System (USAF), 5military capability

MICAT Military Intelligence Combat Assessment Tables

MICB [AR 310-50] Meek Island Control Building

MICE multi-interface computer equipment

MICELEM microphone element

MICLIC [FM 101-5-1] mine clearing line charge

MICNIA modular integrated communication, navigation, and identification avionics

MICNS Modular Integrated Communication Navigation System

MICNS GDT Modular Integrated Communication Navigation System Ground Data Terminal

MICo Military Intelligence company

MICOM United States Army Missile Command [Huntsville, AL]

MICON [JP 1-02] mission concept

MICPAC micro-electronic integrated circuit package

MICR magnetic ink character recognition

micro one-millionth [prefix]

MICRO multiple indexing and console retrieval options

MICRO-MICS [JP 4-02.1] Micro-Medical Inventory Control System

MICRO-SNAP [JP 4-02.1] Micro-Shipboard Non-Tactical Automated Data Processing System

MICROFX Intelligence Data Processing Set (FORSCOM)

MICROMIN microminiature

MICRON One millionth of a meter

MICROPAC micromodule data processor and computer

MICS 1Management Information and Control System, 2manned interactive control station, 3Materiel Intransit Control System (MTMC), 4mobile integrated communications system, 5macro interpretive commands, 6Medical Inventory Control System

MICSLP maintenance inventory control stock levels projection

MICV mechanized infantry combat vehicle

MID 1military intelligence detachment, 2material for interactive document, 3[AR 310-50] message input device

MIDAC Michigan Digital Automatic Computer

MIDAS 1Measurement Information Data Acquisition System, 2modified Integration Digital Analog Simulator, 3Modulator Isolation Diagnostic Analysis System, 4maintenance integrated data access system, 5management information, data and accounting system, 6Manufacturing Information Distribution and Acquisition System, 7Marine Inclination Differential Alignment System, 8Mine and Ice Detection/Avoidance System, 9Missile Defense Alarm System, 10Model for Intertheater Deployment and Scheduling (USAF),11Mobile Integrated Digital Automatic System, 12[AR 310-50] missile detection and alarm system

MIDATS Modular Intermediate Depot Automatic Test System

MIDB 1Modernized Integrated Database (DoD database), 2major item database

MIDEASTFOR [AR 310-50] Middle East Force

MIDF [AR 310-50] major item data file

MIDI musical instrument digital interface

MIDL modular interoperable data link

MIDOT multiple interference determination of trajectory

MIDP major item distribution plan

MIDS 1Management Information Display System (Army), 2movement information distribution station, 3Multifunction Information Distribution System (NATO), 4MPAC Information Data System

MIE [FM 101-5-1] military information environment

MIEA master information exchange arrangement

MIEC mission item essentiality code

MIES Modernized Imagery Exploitation System

MIF 1management information format, 2Modernization and Implementation Facility (Gunter AFS), 3maker interchange format [Frame/Adobe], 4[JP 1-02] maritime interception force

MIFASS Marine Integrated Fire and Air Support System

MIFIR microwave instantaneous frequency indication receiver

MIFR Master International Frequency Register

MIG 1magnetic injection gun, 2metal inert gas, 3metal in gap, 4MCE interface group

MIGITS Miniature Integrated GPS/INS Tactical System

MIHA move in housing allowance

MII Microsoft/IBM/Intel

MIIA Medical Intelligence Information Agency

MIIDS Military Intelligence Integrated Data System

MIIDS/IDB [JP 1-02] Military Intelligence Integrated Data System/Integrated Data Base

MIIL [AR 310-50] master item identification list

MIIPS Military Intelligence Information Processing System

MIIRS Modular Imagery Interpretation and Reporting System

MIJI 1meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference, 2[FM 101-5-1] meaconing, interference, jamming, and intrusion

MIJIFEEDER meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference feeder

mil 1one-thousandth of an inch, 2[AR 310-50] military

MIL 1military electronics, 2machine interface layer [Go Corporation]

MIL VIG military vigilance (NATO)

MIL-HDBK military handbook

MIL-I military specification on interference

MIL-PRF 1military performance specification, 2[TR 350-70] military performance

MIL-SPEC military specification

MIL-STD military standard

MILADGRU military advisory group

MILAP maintenance information logically analyzed and presented

MILCAP Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures [DoD]

MILCAPSYS Measuring Military Capability and Constraints Information System

MILCOMSAT military communications satellites

MILCON 1military construction [appropriation], 2Military Construction Program [USN]

MILDAT [AR 310-50] military damage assessment team

MILDEC military deception

MILDEP 1military department, 2military deputy

MILES 1Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System, 2magnetic intrusion line sensor, 3Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Simulation System

MILFAC military facilities file

MILGP [JP 1-02] military group (assigned to American Embassy in host nation)

MILIMETS military meteorological system

MILIC microwave insular line integrated circuits

MILNET Military Network (DDN)

MILO military intelligence liaison officer

MILOB [JP 3-07.3] military observer

MILOC [JP 1-02] oceanography group

MILOGS Marine Integrated Logistic System

MILPAC [AR 310-50] military personnel accounting activity

MILPAC I [AR 310-50] United States Army Military Personnel Accounting Activity I

MILPAC III [AR 310-50] United States Army Military Personnel Accounting Activity III

MILPAC V [AR 310-50] United States Army Military Personnel Accounting Activity V

MILPAC VI [AR 310-50] United States Army Military Personnel Accounting Activity VI

MILPAY military pay

MILPER military personnel

MILPERCEN United States Army Military Personnel Center

MILPERS military personnel (appropriation)

MILPO [AR 310-50] military personnel office(s)

MILPWB multilayer printed-wiring board

MILREP military representative

MILS Military Standard Logistics System (DoD)

MILSATCOM military satellite communications

MILSBILLS Military Standard Billing System

MILSCAP Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures (DoD)

MILSPEC military specification

MILSPECS/STDS military specifications/ standards

MILSPETS Military Standard Petroleum System (DoD)

MILSTAAD [AR 310-50] Military Standard Activity Address Directory

MILSTAMP Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures [DoD]

MILSTAN military standard

Milstar [JP 1-02] military strategic and tactical relay system

MILSTAR military strategic and tactical relay satellite (EHF Satellite Program)

MILSTD military standard

MILSTEP Military Supply and Transportation Evaluation Procedures [DoD]

MILSTICCS [AR 310-50] Military Standard Item Characteristics Coding Structure

MILSTRAP Military Standard Transaction Reports and Accounting Procedures [DoD]

MILSTRIP [Army] Military Standard Requisitioning and Issuing Procedures

MILSVC military services

MILTRACS Military Air Traffic Control System

MILVAN 1[JP 4-01.7] military van (container), 2[AR 310-50] military-owned demountable container

MIM 1metal-insulator-metal (screen), 2modified index method, 3maintenance instruction manual

MIMD multiple instruction multiple data stream (processor)

MIME 1multipurpose Internet mail extension, 2Media Internet Message Exchange

MIMEX major item materiel excess

MIMI missile intensive maintenance item

MIMIC microwave/millimetric wave monolithic integrated circuit

MIMIS Major Item Management Information System [Army]

MIMMS Marine Corps Integrated Maintenance Management System

MIMO man in, machine out

MIMS 1Mobile Information System, 2multi-item multisource, 3[AR 310-50] Major Item Movement System

MIMU miniature inertial measurement unit

min [FM 101-5-1] minimum

MIN 1minimum, 2mobile identification number

min. minute

MINAC miniature navigation airborne computer

MINDAC Marine Internal Navigation Data Assimilation Computer

MINDM miniature dynametric model

MINEOPS [JP 1-02] joint minelaying operations

MINET Movement Information Network (USEUCOM)

MINI-TAC mini-terminal access controller

MINIS mini intra-port network information system

MINITRACK satellite tracking network

MINPRT miniature processing time

MINS 1Multisource Integrated Notification System, 2Marine Integrated Navigation System

MINSOP minimum slack time per operation

MINT 1Management Information Network for Training (ATC), 2Materials Identification and New Item Control Technique, 3mutual interference

MINTERM miniature terminal

MINTSS MAC Intelligence Support System

MINUET 1Minnesota Internet Users Essential Tools [Internet], 2[AR 310-50] minimum energy trajectory model

MIO 1management integration office, 2military intelligence officer, 3[JP 1-02] maritime intercept operations

MIOAC Military Intelligence Officer Advanced Course

MIOBC Military Intelligence Officer Basic Course

MIOP multiplexing input/output processors

MIOPCC Military Intelligence Officer Precommand Course

MIP 1manual input processing, 2manual input program, 3mainframe internetting project, 4matrix inversion program, 5missile impact predictor, 6message interface processor, 7management improvement program, 8military improvement program, 9model installation program, 10materiel improvement program, 11materiel improvement project

MIP/A missile procurement (appropriation), Army

MIP/AF missile procurement (appropriation), Air Force

MIP/N missile procurement (appropriation), Navy

MIPA Missile Procurement, Army

MIPB materiel improvement project board

MIPE 1modular information processing equipment, 2[JP 1-02] mobile intelligence processing element

MIPIR missile precision instrumentation radar

MIPR 1military interagency procurement requisition, 2Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request [DD448], 3military interdepartmental procurement request

MIPRB Materiel Improvement Program Review Board

MIPS 1million instructions per second, 2Missile Impact Predictor Set, 3Marine Integrated Personnel system (USMC), 4Microwave Pulse Storage system, 5modified integrated program summary [Army], 6master integrated program schedule

MIR 1memory information register, 2memory input register, 3management information report, 4[AR 310-50] master inventory record

MIRAC [AR 310-50] Management Information Research Assistance Center

MIRACL management information report access without computer languages

MIRACODE microfilm retrieval access code

MIRADCOM [AR 310-50] United States Army Missile Materiel Readiness Command

MIRAGE Microelectronic Indicator for Radar Ground Movement

MIRF multiple instantaneous response file

MIRFAC mathematics in recognizable form automatically compiled

MIROS Modulation Inducing Retrodirective Optical System

MIRR materiel inspection and receiving report

MIRS Manpower Information and Retrieval System

MIRT molecular infrared track

MIRV 1multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles, 2major item requisition validation

MIS 1management information system, 2metal insulator semiconductor, 3military information system, 4maintenance information system, 5multimedia information sources [Internet], 6missile squadron, 7message input segment, 8microcomputer information services

MIS/INAS MIS for Industrial Naval Air Stations (USN)

misc [AR 310-50] miscellaneous

MISC miscellaneous

MISCAP 1mission capability statement, 2[JP 1-02] mission capability

MISD multiple instruction single data [stream or pipeline processors]

MISFET metal insulator semiconductor field-effect transistor

MISICC Management Information System Input to Command and Control

MISIL 1Management Information System International Logistics (USN), 2Management Information Systems of International Logistics (USN)

MISM 1metal-insulator-semiconductor metal, 2MAJCOM Information System Manager

MISMO 1MAJCOM information systems management office (ASPO), 2maintenance interservice support management office

MISO 1maintenance interservice support office, 2maintenance interservice support officer, 2[AR 310-50] management information systems office

MISP MAJCOM Information Systems Plan (USAF)

MISPC [AR 310-50] mechanized infantry squad proficiency course

MISPHT spherical multigroup transport code for computers

MISR [AR 310-50] major item status report

MISREP 1mission report, 2[JP 1-02] joint tactical air reconnaissance/surveillance mission report

MISS 1mechanical interruption statistical summery, 2mobile integrated support system, 3manpower information systems support [USMC], 4multi-item single source, 5management information subsystem, 6[JP 1-03.17] missing

MISSI multilevel information system security initiative

MISSIL Management Information System Symbolic Interpretive Language

MIST 1slab multigroup transport code for computers, 2[FM 101-5-1] military information support team

MISTER Mobile Integrated System Trainer, Evaluator, and Recorder

MISTR 1management of item subject to repair, 2management of item scheduled for repair

MISTR JR management of item subject to repair job routed

MISTR NJR management of item subject to repair non job routed

MISWG multinational industrial security working group

MIT 1master instruction tape, 2management information tree

MITAS Multi-sensor Imaging Technology for Airborne Surveillance

MITASK [JP 1-02] mission tasking

MITE [AR 310-50] missile integration terminal equipment

MITEC machine intelligent technical controller

MITES mobile intelligent targeting element

MITOL Machine-independent Telemetry-oriented Language

MITP [AR 310-50] master intern training plan

MITR monthly inventory transaction report

MITRE miniature individual transmitter-receiver equipment

MITS 1MAC Intra-Theater Transmission System, 2Mobile Independent Target System

MITT Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal

MITTMT Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal Trainer

MIU multiplex interface unit

MIUTC [AR 310-50] Military Intelligence Unit Training Center

MIUTS military intelligence unit training strategy

MIUW [JP 1-02] mobile inshore undersea warfare

MIUWU [JP 1-02] mobile inshore undersea warfare unit

MIW mine warfare

MIWG MAC Interoperability Working Group

MIX member information exchange

MJCOM major command

MJCS Joint Chiefs of Staff memorandum

MJEMS modular jet engine management simulator

MJIB [CJCSI 3120.05] MC&G (mapping, charting, and geodesy) Joint Interoperability Board

MJNPE mobile joint nuclear planning element

MJT maintenance job tracking system

MJWG MANPRINT joint working group

MK mark

MKDIR make directory

MkmQualBad [AR 310-50] Marksman Qualification Badge

MKS meter-kilogram-second

MKSA meter-kilogram-second-ampere

MKTS military knowledge and testing standard

MKTT modification kit tank telephone

MKTU [AR 310-50] marksmanship training unit

ml 1milliliter, 2[AR 310-50] molder

ML 1machine language, 2main lobe, 3materiel laboratory, 4methods of limits, 5meta language, 6[USN] minelayer (ship), 7Magic Lantern [airborne mine detection system], 8maintenance level, 9management list, 10modeling library, 11[AR 310-50] military payroll money lists, 12[AR 310-50] mission load

MLA 1magic lantern adaption, 2main lobe blanking, 3mean line of advance, 4military liaison assistant (Congress), 5[JP 1-02] mission load allowance

MLAPI multilingual application programming interface

MLB 1message link buffer, 2multilayer board, 3[AR 310-50] metallic link belt

MLC 1multilayer ceramic, 2military load classification, 3multilevel cell (program) [Internet], 4missile launch car, 5Multiline Communications Controller [Honeywell], 6[AR 310-50] master labor contract

MLCAD maintenance and logistics factors in computer aided design

MLCAEC [AR 310-50] Military Liaison Committee to the Atomic Energy Commission

MLCP [AR 310-50] mobile land command post

MLD MAJCOM level data

MLDT mean logistics delay time

MLE 1maximum likelihood estimate, 2multiline editor, 3[JP 3-07.4] maritime law enforcement

MLES [AR 310-50] multiple line encryption system

MLF [AR 310-50] multilateral force

MLFPIP Medical Logistical Functional Process Improvement Program

MLG main landing gear

MLI 1mid-life improvement, 2munitions list item

MLID multi-link interface driver

MLM 1multilayer metalization, 2mailing list manager [Internet]

MLMS multipurpose lightweight missile system,

MLN message ledger number

MLO 1military liaison officer, 2master layout, 3military liaison office

MLP 1machine language program, 2multi-level precedence, 3multi-level process, 4[JP 1-02] message load plan, 5[AR 310-50] master logistics plan

MLPCB machine language printed circuit boards

MLPP 1multi-level precedence and preemption, 2multi-level priority and preemption

MLPRF modular low power radio frequency

MLPS multilink processing system

MLR main line of resistance

MLRS multiple launch rocket system

MLS 1multilevel security, 2machine literature searching, 3microwave landing system, 4multilanguage system, 5multi-level securit, 6DDN multi-level secure defense data network

MLSA mid level service area

MLSC measured logistics support cost

MLSF mobile logistics support force (USN)

MLT 1mean length of turn, 2mean logistical time

MLU 1mid-life update, 2mid-life upgrade, 3monitor and logic unit, 4minimum level of effort

MLV 1medium launch vehicle, 2memory loader and verifier

MLW 1maximum landing weight, 2[JP 1-02] mean low water

mm millimeter

MM 1manual Morse (code), 2maintenance manual, 3materials measurement, 4middle marker, 5modified Mercalli, 6materiel management, 7minutes, 8month, 9man month, 10materiel manager, 11modification manager, 12AR 310-50] Medal for Merit

MM/PCR manufacturing management/production capability review

MM/VI multimedia/visual information

mm-band 40 – 300 GHz frequency band

MMA 1Microcomputer Managers Association, 2[AR 310-50] medical materiel account

MMAC 1management aggregation code, 2materiel management aggregation code

MMAS 1Materiel Management and Accounting System, 2Medical Materiel Accounting System

MMAU master multiattribute utility

MMAXCT maximum corrective time

MMB 1mast mounting bracket, 2modification baseline

MMBF mean miles between failures

MMBP [AR 310-50] military medical benefits property

MMC 1Materiel Management Center (Army), 2maximum metal condition, 3matched memory cycle, 4memory management controller, 5Microcomputer Marketing Council, 6multimedia commands, 7mission management computer, 8modular mission computer, 9movements monitoring center, 10materiel management code, 11[AR 310-50] medical management center

MMCA minor construction

MMCD multimedia compact disk

MMCLP multimode communications link processors

MMCP [AR 310-50] Mobilization, Military and Civilian Manpower Program

MMCSRS MACOM Materiel Condition Status Reporting System

MMCX multimedia communication exchange [Lucent Technologies]

MMD 1multimode display, 2mean mission duration

MMDB MARC Maintenance Data Base

MMDC master message display console

MMDS multichannel memorandum distribution facility

MME 1multimedia extension, 2master mode entry, 3military message experiment, 4[AR 310-50] missile maintenance equipment

MMEWR minimum mission essential wartime requirement

MMF 1magnetomotive force, 2multimode fiber, 3master message file

MMG 1motor-motor generator, 2[JP 5-0] DoD Master Mobilization Guide

MMH maintenance man hours

MMH/FH maintenance man hours per flying hour

MMH/OH maintenance man hours per operating hour

MMHE 1munitions maintenance handling equipment, 2munitions materiel handling equipment

MMI man/machine interface

MMIC 1microwave integrated circuit, 2millimeter integrated circuit, 3microwave monolithic integrated circuit

MMICS Maintenance Management Information and Control System (USAF)

MMIEM multilateral master information exchange memorandum of understanding

MMIS 1materiel manager information system, 2maintenance management information system

MMITS modular, multifunction information transfer system

MMLME [AR 310-50] Mediterranean, Mediterranean Litoral, and/or Middle East

MMLS mobile microwave landing system

MMM 1maintenance and materiel management, 2meaningful measures of merit, 3mode management module, 4[AR 310-50] medical materiel manager

MMMC [AR 310-50] medical materiel management center

MMMDCS multi-national maintenance management data collection system

MMMR [AR 310-50] medical materiel mission reserve

MMMS Medical Materiel Management System (USAF)

MMMS-OL Medical Materiel Management System on-line

Mmo maximum operating Mach number

MMOD micromodule

MMP 1modular mission payload, 2multiplex message processor, 3master mobilization plan, 4maintenance management program, 5maintenance monitoring panel, 6medical mission planner, 7minimum essential emergency communications network master plan, 8minimum essential emergency communications network message processing mode, 9medical modernization planning, 10modernization planning, 11modular mission payload

MMPC [AR 310-50] mobilization materiel procurement capability

MMPF [AR 310-50] master military pay file

MMPM 1multi media presentation manager, 2Marine Management Programming Model (USMC)

MMPNC [AR 310-50] Medical Materiel Program for Nuclear Casualties

MMPS 1Manpower Mobilization Planning System (USMC), 2MEECN Message Processing System

MMPT man-machine partnership translation

MMPU memory manager and protect unit

MMPVS [AR 310-50] modified military pay voucher system

MMR 1maintenance management report, 2minimum military requirement, 3minimum mandatory requirement, 4[AR 310-50] minimum marginal return, 5[AR 310-50] mobilization materiel requirement

MMRC motion media record center

MMS 1man-machine systems group, 2mass memory store, 3Meteorological Measuring System, 4missile management system, 5manufacturing message specification [OSI], 6multimedia survey, 7mast-mounted sight (for helicopters), 8Movement Monitoring System (EUCOM), 9munitions maintenance squadron, 10materiel management system, 11modification management system, 12[AR 310-50] multi-mission ship

MMSA multi-mission surveillance aircraft

MMSE minimum mean squared error

MMSS materiel management standard system

MMST microelectronics manufacturing science and technology

MMT 1Morse Mission Trainer, 2master message terminal, 3manufacturing methods and technology, 4materiel management team, 5miniaturized munition technology

MMTPS Maintenance Materiel Transaction Processing System (TAC)

MMTR military manpower training report

MMTRS 1missile tracking system, 2motor tracking system

MMU 1main memory unit, 2memory management unit

MMV 1(AN/GRCS-2) Mobile Maintenance Vehicle, 2mobile maintenance van

MMW 1millimeter wave, 2multi-mega watt

MMWR millimeter-wave radar

MMX 1Matrix Manipulation Extensions [Intel], 2multimedia extensions [Intel]

MMY [AR 310-50] military man-years

MN 1Minnesota, 2materiel need

MNA mission need analysis

MNBA [AR 310-50] minimum normal burst altitude

MNC 1major NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) command, 2major NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) commander

MNCS master net control station

MND mission need determination

Mne mach number never to be exceede

MNECP [AR 310-50] mobile national emergency command posts

MNF 1maritime nuclear forces, 2[JP 3-07.3] Multinational Force

MNG multi-net gateway

MnO2 manganese dioxide

MNOS metal-nitride-oxide semiconductor

MNP 1Microcom networking protocol [Microcom], 2[CJCSI 6130.01] master navigation plan

MNPS minimum navigation performance specification

MNPWR manpower standard application program

MNS 1mission needs statement, 2metal nitride semiconductor, 3[JP 1-02] Mine Neutralization System (USN)

MNS/ORD mission need statement/operational requirement document

MNTY maintainability

MO 1magneto optical (disk drive), 2manual output, 3master oscillator, 4Missouri, 5mail order, 6medical officer, 7modus operandi, 8money order, 9maintenance officer, 10manpower office, 11[JP 1-02] month, 12[AR 310-50] movement orders

MOA 1memorandum of agreement, 2matrix output amplifier, 3military operations area, 4minute of angle, 4[AR 310-50] medium observation aircraft

MOADS [JP 4-01.7] Maneuver-Oriented Ammunition Distribution System

MOATRS MAJCOM On-Line Aerospace Vehicle Training Report System (USAF)

mob [AR 310-50] mobilize

MOB 1military order of battle, 2memory-order buffer, 3main operationing base, 4missile order of battle, 5mobilize, 6mobilization, 7[FM 101-5-1] main operations base

MOB ARPRINT mobilization Army program for Individual Training

MOBA mobility operations in built-up areas (Army)

MOBC2 mobilization command and control

MOBCON mobilization construction plan

MOBDES [AR 310-50] mobilization designee

MOBDET Mobility Deployment Planning System (PACAF)

MOBERS Mobilization Equipment Redistribution System

MOBIDAC mobile data acquisition system

MOBIDIC mobile digital computer

MOBL Macro Oriented Business Language

MOBMAN Mobilization Manpower Planning System

MOBO motherboard

MOBPERS Mobilization Personnel Processing System (Army)

MOBPERSACS Mobilization Personnel Structure and Composition System

MOBPLANS mobility plans

MOBPOI mobilization program of instruction

MOBREM Mobilization Base Requirements Model (Army)

MOBREP [JP 1-02] military manpower mobilization and accession status report

MOBS Multiple-orbit Bombardment System

MOBSCOPE mobilization shipments configured for operations, planning and Execution

MOBSS mobile support squadron

MOBTDA mobilization table of distribution and allowances

MOBTRAN mobilization and deployment transportability (MTMC)

MOBTRAP Mobilization Training Resource Arbitration Panel

MOBU [AR 310-50] mobilization base units

MOBULA Model Building Language

MOC 1management of change, 2master operational controller, 3maintenance operations center, 4memory operating characteristic, 5mission operation computer, 6minimum operating capability, 7maintenance operational check, 8modular operations center, 9multifunction operator console

MOCA [AR 310-50] minimum obstruction clearance altitude

MOCAS mechanization of contract administration sources

MOCC miniature operations control center

MOCOCO movement coordinating committee

MOCP mission operational computer program

MOCS military occupational classification and structure

mod 1model, 2modify, 3modification

MOD 1MAC operational directive, 2mission operating directive, 3modulus, 4magneto-optical disk, 5module, 6modification, 7ministry of defense (international equivalent of United States DoD), 8[JP 1-02] minister of defense, 9[AR 310-50] miscellaneous obligation document

MOD 8 [JP 1-02] Modulo 8 (TRI-TAC rate family)

MOD 9 [JP 1-02] Modulo 9 (ATACS rate family)

MOD DIG modular digital image generator

MOD T-AGOS [JP 3-07.4] modified tactical auxiliary general ocean surveillance

MOD UK Ministry of Defense, United Kingdom

MOD/PDM modification/programmed depot maintenance

MODA motion detector and alarm

MODAC Mountain Systems Digital Automatic Computer

MODACS modification work order application completion system

MODAS 1maintenance and operational data access system, 2Model for Intertheater Deployment by Air and Sea (OSD), 3modular data acquisition system

MODB Military Occupational Data Bank

MODE [JP 1-02] transportation mode

MODELS Modernization of the Defense Logistics Standard System (DLA)

MODEM 1modulator-demodulator, 2[AR 310-50] modulation/demodulation equipment

MODES Mode Optimization and Delivery Estimation System (JDS)

MODI modified distribution method

MODICON modulator dispersed control

MODLOC [JP 1-02] miscellaneous operational details, local operations

MODPATH modernization path

MODPLAN modernization plan

MODS 1major operation data system, 2Mobilization Planning Data System (MTMC)

MODSAF modular semi-automated force

MODWORS Modification Work Order/Status System

MoE measure of effectiveness

MOE 1measure(s) of effectiveness, 2major organizational entity

MOF maximum operating frequency

MOFE memorandum of final evaluation

MOG maximum (aircraft) on the ground

MOGA microwave and optical generation and amplification

MOGAS motor gasoline

MOH 1maximum operating hours, 2Medal of Honor

MOHLL machine oriented high level language

MOI 1method of instruction, 2mission oriented items, 3memorandum of instruction, 4maintenance operating instruction, 5[AR 310-50] military occupational information

MOIA mission oriented item activity

MOL 1machine-oriented language, 2maximum order limitation, 3[AR 310-50] manned orbiting laboratory

MOLAP multidimensional on-line analytical processing

MOLDS Multiple On-line Debugging System

MOLE [JP 1-02] multichannel operational line evaluator

MOLINK Moscow-Washington direct communications link

MOLS machine oriented language lines

MOLTS merged obligation and liquidation tracking system

MOM 1Microsoft Office Manager, 2MIS modification module, 3military official mail

MOM-user [AR 310-50] maintenance operations management user

MOMAT [JP 1-02] mobility matting

MOMAU mobile mine assembly unit

MOMS 1maps, operator, and maintenance station, 2modular opto-electronic multi-spectral scanner

MOMSS [JP 1-02] mode and message selection system

MONOHUD monocular head-up display

MOO 1MUD object-oriented [Internet], 2measure of outcome

MOOTW military operations other than war

MOP 1multiple on-line programming, 2memorandum of policy (JCS), 3message output processor, 4mobility operating procedure, 5monthly obligation plan, 6maintenance operations protocol, 7measure(s) of performance, 8[AR 310-50] military operations

MoP measure of performance

MOPA master oscillator power oscillator

MOPIC motion picture

MOPP 1mission-oriented protective posture, 2[TR 350-70] mission oriented protection positive

MOPP-4 mission-oriented protection posture level 4

MOPR manner of performing rating

MOPS 1message output processing system, 2minimum operating performance standard

MOPTAR multiple-object phase tracking and ranging

MOR 1monthly operating report, 2military operational requirement, 3[JP 1-02] memorandum of record

MORAN management of resources, accesses, and network

MORD miscellaneous obligation reimbursement document

MORS 1Military Operations Research Society, 2military operations research symposium, 3Minefield and Ordnance Recovery Management System

MORSA Movement Requirements for Staff Planning and Special Studies Applications (JCS)

MORSL [AR 310-50] mobilization reserve stockage list

MORT management oversight and risk tree

MORTE multispectral open air test environment

MORTREP 1mortaring report, 2[AR 310-50] mortar bombing report

MOS 1military occupational specialty (Army/USMC), 2management operating system, 3military occupational skill (i.e., the task for which one is trained), 4metal-oxide semiconductor, 5mass on-line storage, 6memorandum of support, 7magneto-optic storage, 8manned orbital station, 9measures of success, 10minimum operating strip, 11monitor only crew station, 12monolithic oxide silicon, 13measure of suitability, 14method of support, 15[AR 310-50] major operating system

MOS/AOC military occupational specialty/area of concentration

MOSAIC 1Macro Operation Symbolic Assembler and Information Compiler [mouse-driven interface to the World-Wide Web developed by the NCSA], 2metal oxide semiconductor advanced integrated circuit, 3multi-user, on-line system for automated information communication

MOSAR [AR 310-50] modulation scan array radar

MOSC [AR 310-50] military occupational specialty code

MOSFET metallic oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor

MOSLS Military Occupational Specialty Level System

MOSM metal-oxide semimetal

MOSP multi-mission optronic stabilized payload (UAV)

MOSQ MOS qualified

MOSS maintenance operations support set

MOST 1metal oxide semiconductor transistor, 2mission-orientated simulator training

MOT 1management of technology, 2maximum overhaul time, 3mean operating time to overhaul, 4method of test, 5[AR 310-50] military ocean terminal, 6[AR 310-50] month of travel

MOT&E [NATO] multinational operational test and evaluation

MOTA materiel open test assembly

MOTBA [AR 310-50] Military Ocean Terminal, Bay Area

MOTBY [AR 310-50] Military Ocean Terminal, Bayonne

MOTD message of the day

MOTEC Maritime Operations Tactical Evaluation Center

MOTIF Maui Optical and Tracking Identification Facility

MOTIS message oriented text interchange systems

MOTKI [AR 310-50] Military Ocean Terminal, Ling's Bay

MOTS 1multiple oplan tasking summary (AFCC), 2militarized off the shelf

MOTSU [AR 310-50] Military Ocean Terminal, Sunny Point

MOTU Mobile Optical Tracking Unit

MOU memorandum of understanding

MOUT military operations on urbanized terrain

mov [AR 310-50] movement

MOV 1move, 2metal oxide varistor, 3materiel obligation validation, 4materiel order validation, 5measure of vulnerability, 6[AR 310-50] military-owned vehicle

MOVP [AR 310-50] military-owned vehicle plan

MOVREP movement reporting (USN)

MOVS 1move string, 2[AR 310-50] military-owned vehicle service

MOVTAS Modified Visual Target Acquisition System

MOW [JP 1-02] maintenance orderwire

MOWASP [AR 310-50] mechanization of warehousing and shipping procedures

MP 1mission profile, 2maintenance planning, 3military police, 4mission payload, 5main phase, 6multipole, 7minimum phase, 8manpower and personnel (USAF), 9manpower plan, 10message processing, 11multiprocessor, 12massively parallel (processing), 13multiple processors, 14maintenance procedure, 15maneuver program, 16melting point, 17metal-piercing, 18mobilization plan, 19multipurpose, 20military personnel, 21maintenance plan, 22management plan, 23materiel professional (Navy), 24[AR 310-50] Military Police Corps

MP/A military personnel (appropriation), Army

MP/AF military personnel (appropriation), Air Force

MP/M military personnel (appropriation), USMC

MP/N military personnel (appropriation), Navy

MP(TSWG) [AR 310-50] Military Police Tripartite Standing Working Group

MPA 1Military Personnel, Army, 2materials preparing activity, 3multiple-period average, 4man powered aircraft, 5maritime patrol aircraft, 6military personnel appropriation, 7manufacturing process audit, 8modification proposal analysis, 9[FM 101-5-1] mission planning agent, 10[FM 101-5-1], manpower authorization, 11[AR 310-50] missile procurement, Army

MPAA multifunctional/multi-beam phased-array antenna

MPAC materials and parts availability control

MPAD manpower personnel assignment document

MPAS Measurement and Signature Intelligence Processing and Analysis System

MPAT [JP 1-02] military patient administration team

MPBRS Maintenance Production/Backlog Reporting System

MPC 1military personnel center, 2mobile processing center, 3multimedia personal computer, 4multipath channel, 5message processing center (USAF), 6manpower and personnel center, 7missile practice camp, 8multi-purpose carrier, 9multi-purpose concept, 10multi-purpose console, 11materiel program code, 12mishap probability category, 13most probable cost, 14[FM 101-5-1] military pay certificate, 15[AR 310-50] military payment certificate

MPCA manufacturing process capability assessment

MPCAG military parts control advisory group

MPCASS Modernization Parts Control Automated Support System

MPCC multi-protocol communications controller

MPCD multi-purpose color display

MPCP modified plant clearance program

MPCS Mission Planning and Control Station (Software)

MPCSW [AR 310-50] multipurpose close support weapon

MPD 1magnetoplasmadynamic, 2multi-purpose display, 3maximum possible dose

MPDI MACOM program objectives memorandum development instructions

MPDS Message Processing and Distribution System

MPDT message processing data terminal

MPE 1mathematical and physical sciences and engineering, 2Multiple Programming Executive [HP], 3mission planning element, 4manufacturing and production engineering, 5[AR 310-50] maximum permissible exposure

MPEG moving picture experts group

MPEP Manual of Patent Examining Procedures

MPES Mobilization Planning and Execution System

MPF 1mission planning facility, 2mission planning forecast, 3mission planning forecast, 4maritime prepositioning force (USMC)

MPG 1miles per gallon, 2mobile protected gun

MPH 1miles per hour, 2military public health

MPI 1magnetic particle inspection, 2mean point of impact, 3multiprecision integer, 4message passing interface, 5machine performance integration, 6multiprotocol interface, 7[AR 310-50] military police investigator

MPIM multi-purpose individual munitions

MPIP Maintenance Posture Improve Program

MPIW multi-purpose individual weapon

mpk [AR 310-50] manpack

MPL 1maximum permissible level, 2mechanical properties loop, 3mandatory parts list, 4[AR 310-50] maintenance parts list

MPLAN Marine Corps Mobilization Plan

MPLCC most probable life cycle cost

MPM 1movement planning module, 2milestone planning meeting, 3message passing library [IBM], 4medical planning module (JOPS), 5microwave power module, 6[AR 310-50] major program memorandum, 7[AR 310-50] maintenance program management

MPMC Multinational Program Management Course (Defense Systems Management College)

MPMD 1multiple data, 2multiple processor data

MPMIS 1Military Personnel Management Information System, 2Military Police Management Information System (Army)

MPMP 1master program management plan, 2modification program management plan

MPMT mean preventive maintenance time

MPN 1mobility position number, 2MSE (mobile subscriber equipment) packet network

MPO 1modular payload operator, 2main production order, 3manufacturing production order, 4[AR 310-50] military pay order, 5[AR 310-50] military post office

MPOA multi-protocol over asynchronous-transfer-mode

MPOC multipurpose operators console

MPOD mean planned outage duration

MPOI [AR 310-50] master program of instruction

MPOM [AR 310-50] maintenance program operations management

MPP 1massively parallel processing, 2message posting protocol, 3message processing program, 4massively parallel processor, 5Medical Planning Program (JOPS), 6medical provisioning point, 7most probable position, 8modernization planning process

MPPCS Manpower and Personnel Contingency Support System

MPPL 1mobilization procurement planning list, 2multipurpose processing language

MPPRC [AR 310-50] Materiel Procurement Priorities Review Committee

MPPS million pulse per second

MPPT message preparation processing task

MPPU multi-purpose processor unit

MPPWCOM [AR 310-50] Military Police Prisoner of War Command

MPQ most probably quantity

MPQP multi-protocol quad port [IBM]

MPR 1multipart repeater, 2major project report, 3manpack radio, 4medium power radar, 5master personnel records (USAF), 6military power reserve, 7multi protocol router [Novell], 8multiple protective shelter, 9multiple protective structure, 10[AR 310-50] military pay record

MPRC 1manpower and personnel readiness center, 2multipurpose range complex

MPRF [FM 101-5-1] medium pulse repetition frequency

MPRG modification planning and review group

MPRJ [AR 310-50] military personnel records jacket, United States Army

MPRL minimum proficiency requirement loading

MPRR mobility personnel resource roster

MPS 1mission planning station, 2mission performance standards, 3manpower planning system, 4multiple protective structure, 5Mission Planning System (TAF), 6multiprogramming system, 7multiple protective structure, 8management of parts shortages, 9multiprocessor specification, 10maritime prepositioning ship, 11message processing subsystem, 12Military Postal Service, 13Mobilization Planning System, 14[JP 1-02] message processor shelter, 15[AR 310-50] materiel planning study, 16[AR 310-50] multipurpose ship

MPSA Military Postal Service Agency

MPSE missile peculiar support equipment

MPSK multilevel phase shift keying

MPSR military petroleum stocks report

MPSRON maritime prepositioning squadron

MPT 1manpower, personnel, and training, 2message processing time, 3manpower target, 4memory point track, 5mission training plan, 6modernization transition plan, 7[AR 310-50] military potential test

MPT-DSS Manpower, Personnel, and Training Decision Support System

MPTA manpower personnel and training assessment

MPTN multi-protocol transport network

MPTO method and procedure technical order

MPTS 1multi-protocol transport services, 2manpower, personnel, training, and safety, 3multi-purpose test set

MPTT maintenance part-task trainer

MPTTA manpower, personnel, and training trade-off analysis

MPU 1microprocessing unit, 2message processing unit, 3mobility processing unit, 4mission programming unit

MPU/VPU modem processor unit/voice processor unit

MPV 1multi-purpose variant, 2[AR 310-50] military pay voucher

MPVSCS [AR 310-50] military pay voucher summery and certification sheets

MPVU multi-plot variable updating

MPW 1modified plane wave, 2Macintosh Programmers Workbench [Apple]

MPWG maintenance planning working group

MPX multiplexer

MQCC maintenance quality control checksheet

MQI message queue interface

MQS military qualification standard(s)

MQSM military qualification standard(s) (MQS) manual(s)

MQSMCT MQS Manual of Common Tasks

MQT mission qualification training

mR milliroentgen

MR 1machine records, 2memory register, 3moisture resistant, 4medium range, 5mission ready, 6movement region, 7modem ready, 8management reserve, 9magneto resistive, 10marker ranger, 11maritime reconnaissance, 12military region, 13multi-role, 14maintenance ratio, 15materiel review, 16miscellaneous receipt, 17modification request, 18[JP 1-02] milliradian, 19[JP 1-02] mobile reserve, 20[AR 310-50] manufacturer's representative, 21[AR 310-50] marginal return

MR&E mobile reclamation and repair

mR/min milliroentgens per minute

MR/RR manufacturing risk/readiness review

MR-UAV medium range UAV

MRA 1mission ready and available, 2manufacturing requirement analysis, 3[JP 1-02] Mountain Rescue Association, 4[AR 310-50] machine records activity, 5[AR 310-50] minimum reception altitude

MRA&L manpower, reserve affairs, and logistics

MRAALS [CJCSI 6130.01] Marine Remote Area Approach and Landing System

MRAAM medium-range air-to-air missile

MRAD mass random access disk

MRADS mass random access data storage

MRASM medium range ASM

MRB 1motorized rifle battalion, 2magnetic recording borescope, 3maintenance requirement branch, 4materiel review board

MRBM [AR 310-50] mid-range ballistic missile

MRC 1maintenance requirement card, 2multiple register counter, 3motorized rifle company, 4major regional conflict, 5major regional contingency, 6monthly recurring charge, 7movement report center, 8message-based reliable channel, 9Materiel Readiness Command, 10[AR 310-50] materiel release confirmation, 11[AR 310-50] Mississippi River Commission, 12[AR 310-50] manpower requirements change

MRCA 1multi-role combat aircraft [the Panavia Tornado], 2multiple role combat aircraft

MRCC Movement Reports Control Center (USN)

MRCF Microsoft real-time compression format

MRCI 1Microsoft real-time compression interface, 2[JP 1-02] maximum rescue coverage intercept

MRCP [AR 310-50] mobile radar control point

MRCPA [AR 310-50] Mobilization Reserve Component Program of the Army

MRCS mobile reporting and control system

MRD 1milestone review documentation, 2materiel release denial, 3motorized rifle division, 4materiel requirement(s) document, 5materials required data, 6measuring and reference device, 7mission rehearsal device, 8memorandum for regional director, 9[AR 310-50] mandatory retirement date, 10[AR 310-50] materiel redistribution division

MRDA mission requirements definition and analysis (SDI)

MRDALC Medical Research, Development, Acquisition, and Logistics Command

MRDB Materiel Returns Database (Army)

MRDBS MASINT Requirements Database

MRDC Medical Research and Development Command

MRDFS Manpack Radio Direction Finding System (Army/USMC)

MRDS Maintenance Requirements Data Systems

MRE 1meal, ready to eat, 2mid-range estimate, 3microbiological research establishment, 4multiple-responnse enable

MRF 1multi-role fighter, 2maintenance replacement factor, 3[AR 310-50] mission reliability factor

MRFS mid-range force study

MRG movement requirements generator (JOPS)

MRHS 1master requisition history and status, 2materiel request history status, 3materiel requisition history status

MRI 1machine records installation, 2[USN] Medical Research Institute, 3materiel receiving instruction, 4magnetic resonance imaging, 5monopulse resolution improvement, 6master record index, 7MILSTRIP routing identifier

MRIR medium resolution infrared radiometer

MRIS 1Modernization Resource Information System, 2modernization resource information submission

MRIT mobile remote intelligence terminal

MRL 1materiel requirements list, 2multiple rocket launcher, 3medical research laboratory, 4mobile rocket launcher, 5master requirements list, 6minimum-risk level, 7multiple rocket launch, 8multiple rocket launcher, 9maintenance repair level, 10materiel requirements list

MRLOGAEUR [AR 310-50] minimum required logistics augmentation Europe

MRM 1maintenance reporting and management, 2materiel readiness and modernization, 3metabolic rate monitor, 4most recently-used master

MRMC Medical Research and Materiel Command

MRMO [AR 310-50] mobilization reserve materiel objective

MRMPO [AR 310-50] mobilization reserve materiel procurement objective

MRMR [AR 310-50] mobilization reserve materiel requirement

MRMS maintenance resource management system

MRMU mobile radiological measuring unit

MRO 1maintenance, repair, and operating, 2midrange objectives, 3multi-region operation, 4movement report office, 5medical regulating office, 6materiel release order, 7[AR 310-50] medical regulating officer, 8[AR 310-50] motor route order number

MROC multiple-command required operational capability

MRP 1materiel release process, 2manual repair point, 3manpower requirements and personnel, 4mid range plan, 5mobile repair party, 6multiple rate processor, 7materiel release point, 8manufacturing resource planning, 9mobile reporting post, 10materiel requirements planning, 11militarized reconfigurable processor

MRPF [AR 310-50] maintenance of real property facilities

MRPL main ring path length

MRQ maximum release quantity

MRR 1motorized rifle regiment, 2[FAA] mechanical reliability report, 3minimum-risk route, 4materiel release point, 5maintenance repair rate, 6[AR 310-50] materiel readiness report

MRRB 1materiel release review board, 2maintenance requirement review board

MRRC [AR 310-50] Materiel Requirements Review Committee

MRRI maintenance replacement rate I

MRRL materiel repair requirement(s) list

MRRR mobility requirements resource roster

MRS 1mathematics research center, 2medium-range search, 3media recognition system, 4microcontroller readable sector [PCD], 5medical readiness system, 6medium range surveillance, 7mission radio system (USSOUTHCOM), 8mobility requirements study, 9multi-role system, 10master repair schedule, 11[JP 1-02] movement report system, 12[AR 310-50] memo routing slip, 13[AR 310-50] mobilization requirement study, 14[AR 310-50] mobilization reserve stocks

MRS BURU mobility requirement study bottom up review update

MRSA 1[Army] Materiel Readiness Support Activity, 2[JP 1-02] Materiel Readiness Support Agency

MRSI 1multiple-round simultaneous impact, 2[AR 310-50] mobilization requirements, secondary items

MRSP mobility readiness spare package

MRT 1mean repair time, 2modified rhyme test, 3maintenance recovery team, 4manpack radio telephone, 5miniature receiver terminal, 6mobile radio terminal, 7mobile repair team, 8multi-role radio telephone, 9maintenance review team, 10memorandum report of test

MRTFB major range and test facility base

MRTFC major range and test facility committee

MRTP mission readiness training program

MRTT modular record traffic terminal

MRTU multiple remote terminal unit

MRU 1machine records unit, 2materiel recovery unit, 3mobile radio unit, 4military radar unit, 5maximum receive unit, 6maintenance recorder unit, 7mobile receiving unit, 8[JP 1-02] mountain rescue unit

MRV multiple re-entry vehicle

MRW maximum ramp weight

MRWC multiple read-write compute

ms millisecond (10-3 seconds)

MS 1medium shot, 2machine selection, 3macromodular system, 4magnetic storage, 5margin of safety, 6mass spectrometry, 7materiel specification, 8medicine and surgery [USN], 9memory system, 10milestone, 11military standard [sheet], 12Missippi, 13mission support, 14military standard [prefix to numbered series issued by DoD], 15master of sciences [degree], 16message store, 17microsecond, 18Microsoft Corporation, 19main station, 20[USN] minesweeper (ship), 21manuscript, 22maritime surveillance, 23mobilization station, 24medical services, 25message switch, 26military science, 27millisecond, 28missile support, 29motor ship, 30Medical Service Corps, 31media/status code

MS-3 Manpower Staffing Standards System

MS-DOS® Microsoft-Disk Operating System

MSA 1manpower, personnel, and training sensitivity analysis, 2materiel surveillance assembly, 3mechanical signature analysis, 4maintenance support activities, 5major system acquisition, 6management system, 7minimum safe altitude, 8mobile subscriber access, 9maintenance support agreement, 10metropolitan statistical area, 11modern structured analysis, 12munition safety analysis, 13[AR 310-50] medical services account, 14[AR 310-50] morale support activities

MSA TS MSA Tracking System

MSAAB [AR 310-50] Military Services Ammunition Allocation Board

MSAC Management of Software Acquisition Course (Defense Systems Management College)

MSACM Microsoft Audio Compression Manager

MSAG multifunction self-aligned gate

MSAO [AR 310-50] medical services accountable officer

MSAP Military Security Assistance Program

MSAR manpower standards application routine

MSARC Marine Systems Acquisition Review Council (USMC)

MSAS Manpower Standards Application System (AFMEA)

MSAU multi-station access unit

MSAV Microsoft Anti Virus

MSAW minimum safe altitude warning

MSB 1maintenance support battalion, 2main support battalion, 3most significant bit, 4minesweeping boat, 5most significant byte, 6mission security briefing

MSBF mean swaps between failures

MSC 1message switching center, 2macro selection compiler, 3Marine Corps school, 4monolithic crystal filter, 5Military Sealift Command, 6most significant character, 7major subordinate command (NATO), 8materiel support concept, 9Medical Service Corps, 10mobile satellite communication, 11message switching center, 12major subordinate command, 13Materiel Support Command, 14milestone schedule chart, 15[JP 1-02] mission support confirmation, 16[AR 310-50] materiel status committee

MSC-IMIS Military Sealift Command Integrated Management Information System (MSC)

MSCA military support to civil authority

MSCB [AR 310-50] missile site control building

MSCD military support to Civil Defense

MSCDEX Microsoft compact disk extensions

MSCE main storage control element

MSCF master surveillance control facility

MSCFO master surveillance control facility operator

MSCIT medium speed communications interface terminal

MSCLEA [JP 3-08] military support to civilian law enforcement agencies

MSCO [JP 1-02] Military Sealift Command Office

MSCR materiel system computer resources

MSCS multiservice communications system

MSD 1meteorological satellite downlink, 2minimum safe distance, 3most significant digit, 4mass storage device, 5Microsoft System Diagnostics, 6management systems designers, 7multisensor display, 8materiel support date, 9[JP 1-02] marginal support date, 10[JP 3-07.5] Mobile Security Division

MSDB mission schedule database

MSDP 1Maintenance Systems Development Program. 2[AR 310-50] missile site data processor

MSDPS [AR 310-50] missile site data processing system

MSDPSS [AR 310-50] missile site data processing subsystem

MSDR multiplexed streaming data request

MSDS 1Microsoft developer support, 2Manpower Standards Development System (AMEA), 3materiel safety data sheet

MSDT maintenance strategy diagramming technique

MSE 1Mobile Subscriber Equipment (TRI-TAC), 2modernization support environment, 3maintenance support equipment, 4missile support equipment, 5[JP 1-02] mission support element, 6[AR 310-50] materiel status evaluation

MSEA modeling and simulation executive agent

MSec millisecond

MSECR [JP 1-02] HIS 6000 security module

MSECT multispectral electronic combat tested

MSEG multispectral environment generator

MSEL master scenario events list

MSEP maintenance standardization and evaluation program

MSEU mass storage expansion unit

MSF 1mobile strike force, 2mission support facility, 3multisensor fusion, 4munitions storage facility, 5[JP 1-02] multiplex signal format, 6[JP 4-01.1] mission support force, 7[JP 3-08] Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)

MSF95 Mobile Strike Force 95

MSFR minimum security function requirements [IBM]

MSFS Maintenance Shop Floor System (Army)

msg message

MSG 1maintenance support group, 2materiel system group, 3message, 4[JP 3-07.5] Marine security guard, 5[AR 310-50] master sergeant

MSGCEN message center

MSGCHNGEREP message change report

MSGID message identifier

msgr [AR 310-50] messenger

MSGR [AR 310-50] mobile support group

MSGT master sergeant

MSH 1[USN] minesweeper, coastal, 2MAC standard header

MSI 1multispectral imagery, 2medium scale integration, 3management system indicator, 4multi-source integration, 5multi-spectral imagery, 6maintenance support item, 7medium scale integrated circuit

MSI-SA Measurement and Signature Intelligence – Space Analysis

MSIC Missile and Space Intelligence Center

MSIO mass storage input-output

MSIP 1multispectral image processor, 2Multi-Stage Improvement Program [upgrade program for the F-15], 3[NATO] Multinational Staged Improvement Program

MSIS 1multi-sensor integrated surveillance, 2multi-sensor stabilized integrated sensor, 3multi-sensor stabilized integrated system, 4[JP 1-02] Marine Safety Information System

MSK 1minimum spares kit, 2mission support kit, 3minimum shift keying

msl missile

MSL 1map specification library, 2mirrored server link, 3maintenance supply liaison, 4mean sea level, 5microwave landing system, 6[JP 1-02] master station log

MSLD mass spectrometer leak detector

MSLP medium speed line printer

MSM 1master slave manipulator, 2metal-semiconducter-metal, 3modified source multiplication, 4medical sourcing model (DLA), 5MEECN system model, 6mission support model, 7master structure manager, 8[AR 310-50] Meritorious Service Medal

MSMLC medium speed multiline controller

MSMP modeling and simulation master plan

MSMS Magnetic Signature Measurement System

msn mission

MSN Microsoft Network

MSNAP [JP 1-02] Merchant Ship Naval Augmentation Program

MSO 1multiple-systems operator, 2[USN] minesweeper, ocean, 3mandatory scramble order, 4Military Satellite Communications Systems Office (DCA), 5military service obligation, 6materiel status office, 7[JP 1-02] military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) systems organization, 8[JP 1-02] marine safety office(r), 9[JP 4-05.1] mobilization staff officer, 10[AR 310-50] morale support officer

MSOCC Multi-Satellite Operations Control Center (NASA)

MSOGS molecular sieve oxygen generating system

MSOR 1modification statement of requirement, 2multiple source of repair

MSOS mass storage operating system

MSOSA modeling and simulation operational support activity

MSOW modular stand-off weapon

MSP 1mission support plan, 2maintenance surveillance procedure, 3MET sensing package, 4maintenance support plan, 5manpower support plan, 6mass storage processor, 7mach sweep programmer [automatic wing sweep control system of the F-14 Tomcat], 8medium stressed platform, 9Mosaic Sensor Program, 10message security protocol, 11[AR 310-50] medium speed printer, 12[AR 310-50] mutual support program

MSPB merit systems projection board

MSPDS microcomputer suggestion program data system

MSPE maintenance safety and protection equipment

MSPES [CJCSI 3150.14] mobilization stationing, planning, and execution system

MSPF maritime special purpose force

MSPG [AR 310-50] materiel support planning guidance

MSPM materiel safety program manager

MSPS 1mobilization stationing and planning system, 2modular self-protection system

MSQL multilevel structured query language

MSR 1main supply route, 2materiel status report, 3missile site radar, 4model specific register [Intel Pentium], 5multisensor reconnaissance, 6materiel status record, 7[JP 1-02] mission support request

MSRD models and simulations requirements document

MSRDPS missile site radar data processing system

MSRL modeling and simulation reuse library

MSRP manufacturer suggested retail Price

MSRR modeling and simulation resource repository

MSRT 1mobile subscriber radiotelephone terminal, 2missile system readiness test

MSRV [JP 1-02] message switch rekeying variable

MSS 1manpower staffing standards, 2main support structure, 3management science systems, 4mass storage system, 5MEECN system simulator, 6maintenance support schedule, 7management support system, 8Multiple Satellite System (DARPA), 9MAN switching system,10management support system, 11message support subsystem, 12miniature surveillance system, 13mission simulator system, 14mission support system, 15mobile subscriber equipment system, 16mobility support squadron, 17mobilization stations, 18multiprotocol switched services [IBM], 19minimum size of shipment, 20[AR 310-50] military supply standard

MSSC 1Medium SEAL Support Craft, 2MAJCOM Spare Support List

MSSG MEU service support group

MSSL major command spare support list

MSSR military specification and standard reform

MSSTM military space systems technology model

MSSW mission support software

MST 1maintenance support team, 2multi-sensor tracking, 3monolithic systems technology, 4mission support team, 5microprocessor simulation technology, 6military support team, 7Mountain Standard Time, 8[AR 310-50] mechanics support team

MST&E multiservice test and evaluation

MSTACCMB [AR 310-50] Master Aircraft Crewman Badge

MSTAR 1MLRS smart tactical rocket, 2manportable surveillance and target acquisition radar

MSTARAVB [AR 310-50] Master Army Aviator Badge

MSTDIVB [AR 310-50] Master Diver Badge

MSTEODMAD [AR 310-50] Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge

MSTFLSB [AR 310-50] Master Flight Surgeon Badge

MSTG materiel safety task group

MSTI Miniature Sensor/Seeker Technology Integration (USAF)

MSTIRC Mullet Service Test Investment Review Committee

MSTK MOS specific tool kit

MSTM military standard transportation and movement

MSTPRCHT [AR 310-50] Master Parachute Badge

MSTS 1multisource tactical system, 2multisubscriber time sharing systems

MSU 1mass storage unit, 2mode selector unit, 3message switching unit, 4medical service unit

MSV micro surveillance system

MSVD message status visual display

MSVDP message status visual display panel

MSW machine status word

MSWG 1Message Standards Working Group (NATO), 2modeling and simulation working group

mt [FM 101-5-1] megaton

MT 1machine translation, 2mini-tutorial, 3magnetic particle test(ing), 4materiel test, 5magnetic tape, 6maximum torque, 7Montana, 8management threshold, 9manufacturing technology, 10medium (satellite ground) terminal, 11megaton, 12measurement ton (40 cubic feet), 13mechanical time, 14motor transport, 15mechanical transport, 16military transport, 17missile target, 18mission trainer, 19mobile target, 20multi-frequency transducer, 21[JP 1-02] military technician, 22[AR 310-50] military training

MT Bn [JP 1-02] motor transport battalion

MT/D [JP 4-01.6] measurement tons per day

MT/SC magnetic tape selective composer

MTA 1message transfer agent, 2military training area, 3multiterminal adapter, 4mail transfer agent, 5MAC Transportation Authorization, 6maintenance training aid, 7multiple terminal access, 8maintenance task analysis, 9military transportation authorization

MTAB military technical acceptance board

MTAC mathematical tables and other aids to computation

MTACC Marine tactical command and control system

MTACCS Marine Corps tactical C2 system

MTAS 1millimetric target acquisition system, 2modular target acquisition system, 3multi-sensor target acquisition system

MTASS machine transferable AN 10 YK 20 support software

MTAT mean-turn-around-time

MTB 1mobility test-bed, 2[AR 310-50] motor torpedo boat

MTBB mean time between breakdowns

MTBCF mean time between critical failures

MTBCMA mean time between corrective maintenance actions

MTBD mean time between demands

MTBDE mean time between downing events

MTBF mean time between failures

MTBFA [AR 310-50] mean-time-between-false-alarms

MTBJ mean time between jams

MTBM mean time between maintenance

MTBMA mean time between maintenance actions

MTBMCF mean time between mission-critical failure

MTBO 1mean time between overhauls, 2mean time between outage

MTBOMF mean time between operational mission failures

MTBR 1mean time between removal, 2mean time between removal

MTBSF mean time between significant failures

MTBSM mean time between scheduled maintenance

MTBSP mobilization troop basic stationing plan

MTBUM mean time between unscheduled maintenance

MTBUMA mean time between unscheduled maintenance actions

MTC 1movement to contact, 2master tape control, 3maintenance time constraint, 4memory test computer, 5missile test center, 6mission and traffic control, 7moderator temperature coefficient, 8Maneuver Training Command, 9monitor test console, 10magnetic tape controller, 11missile threat conference, 12modern tech corps

MTCAS Marine Corps Tactical Command and control System

MTCC 1Modular Tactical Communications Center (TRI-TAC), 2modular tactical control center

MTCF mean time to catastrophic failure

MTCIP Manual Technical Control Improvement Program

MTCM Military Traffic Management Command

MTCN management task control number

MTCR missile technology control regime

MTCU magnetic tape control unit

MTD 1[USAIC&FH] Maintenance Training Division, 2minimal toxic dose, 3moving target detection, 4mobile training detachment, 5maintenance training devices

MTDA [AR 310-50] modification table of distribution and allowances

MTDD master time division demultiplexer

MTDM master time division multiplexer

MTDS 1manufacturing test data system, 2Marine Tactical Data System (USMC)

MTE 1modular threat emitter, 2modular toolkit environment

MTF 1mean time to failure, 2modulation transfer function, 3mechanical time fuse, 4United States Message Text Formatting (JCS Pub 25), 5Microsoft tape format, 6medical treatment facility

MTFF mean time to first failure

MTFH mean time to first human error

MTFS medical treatment facility system

MTG [JP 1-02] master timing generator

MTG-WESS Main Tank Gun - Weapon Effect Signature Simulator

MTH magnetic tape holder

MTHE mean time between human errors

MTI 1moving target indicator, 2military training instructor, 3multiple target interception

MTIAC Manufacturing Technology Information Analysis Center

MTIC moving target indicator coherent

MTL 1merged-transistor logic, 2mobiltherm light, 3master task listing, [JP 1-02] mission tasking letter

MTLCCS Mediterranean Tactical Logistic Command and Control System (USN)

MTLD Man-portable Target Locating Device

MTLR moving target-locating radar

MTM 1mission tasking message, 2methods time measurement, 3mission table management, 4multiple terminal manager

MTM/D million ton-miles-per-day (MAC)

MTMC Military Traffic Management Command

MTMC-TTCE MTMC Transportation Terminal Command Europe (Army)

MTMCEA Military Traffic Management Command, Eastern Area

MTMCTEA Military Traffic Management Command, Transportation Engineering Agency

MTMCTTU [AR 310-50] Military Traffic Management Command transportation terminal unit

MTMCWA Military Traffic Management Command, Western Area

MTMR Military Traffic Management Regulation

MTMT Military Movement Management Command

MTN multinational trade negations

MTNS metal thick oxide semiconductor

MTO 1[JP 1-02] message to observer, 2[JP 1-02] mission type order

MTOE 1modified table of organization and equipment, 2[TRADOC] Modification Table of Organization and Equipment

MTOGW maximum take-off gross weight

MTON measurement ton (40 cu ft)

MTOS 1magnetic tape operations system, 2metal thick oxide silicon

MTOW maximum take-off weight

MTP 1mission training plan, 2materiel transfer plan, 3mechanical thermal pulse, 4magnetic tape processor, 5materiel transfer plan, 6MITRE technical paper, 7multi-megawatt terrestrial power plant, 8maintenance test pilot, 9[JP 1-02] mission tasking package

MTPF 1maximum total peaking factor, 2minimal total processing time

MTPS magnetic tape programming system

MTR 1magnetic tape recorder, 2materiel testing report, 3missile tracking radar, 4maximum report time, 5MITRE technical report, 6mobile test rig, 7multiple track radar, 8module test and repair, 9military technical revolution

MTRE magnetic tape recorder end

MTRS magnetic tape recorder start

MTS 1magnetic tape station, 2magnetic tape system, 3mass termination system, 4message toll service, 5missile tracking system, 6Marine tactical system, 7mobile training set, 8message transfer service, 9message transfer system, 10modular training system, 11military tactical systems, 12modular tactical switch, 13moving target simulator, 14multichannel television sound, 15missile test station, 16mobile training set

MTS TIDP Marine Tactical System Technical Interface Design Plan

MTSP Microelectronics Technology Support Program (USAF)

MTSQ [AR 310-50] mechanical time, superquick

MTST magnetic tape Selectric typewriter

MTT 1mobile training team, 2magnetic tape terminal, 3magnetic tape transport, 4multiple target tracking, 5multi-transaction timer, 6migration tracking tool

MTTA mean time to assemble

MTTD mean time to diagnose

MTTE-TRV MTMC Transportation Engineering Agency

MTTF mean time to failure

MTTFF mean time to first failure

MTTPO mean time to planned outage

MTTL mean time to load

MTTR 1mean time to repair, 2mean time to restore, 3mean time to return

MTTRF mean time to restore function

MTTRS mean time to restore system

MTTS 1magnetic tape terminal station, 2multi-task training system, 3multiplexed tactical telephone system

MTTUO mean time to unplanned outage

MTTY maintenance module teletype

MTU 1magnetic tape unit, 2master terminal unit, 3multiplexer and terminal unit, 4maximum transmission unit, 5maximum transfer unit, 6mobile test unit, 7[AR 310-50] mobile training unit

MTV marginal terrain vehicle

MTVT medium tactical vehicle trailer

MTW [DoD/DSMC] major theater war

MTX 1motor transport, 2military traffic expediting, 3[JP 1-02] message text format, 4[AR 310-50] Military Traffic Expediting Service

MU 1make up, 2multiple unit, 3master unit (PLRS), 4[FM 101-5-1] Oman, 5[JP 1-02] marry up

MUA mail user agent

MUC [AR 310-50] Meritorious Unit Commendation

MUCO 1materiel utilization control officer, 2materiel utilization control office

MUD 1multi-user dungeon [Internet], 2multi-user dimension [Internet], 3multi-user domain [Internet], 4multi-user dialogue [Internet]

MUDAS modular universal data acquisition system

MUDPAC modular unit deployable package

MUDS man-hour use data system

MUF 1materiel unaccounted for, 2maximum usable frequency (during sunspot activity)

MUL 1multiply, 2master urgency list, 3[TTPIO-ABCS] master unit list, 4[JP 1-02] Department of Defense master urgency list

MULE modular universal laser equipment

MULTAM Multiple Target Assessment Model (AFSC)

MULTEWS multiple electronic warfare surveillance

MULTICS Multiplexed Information and Computing Service (USAF)

MULTIPLEX combine multiple circuits into one data stream

MULTOTS Multiple Unit Link-11 Test and Operational Training System

MULTS Mobile Universal Link-11 Translator System

MUM multiple-unit message

MUMMS Marine Corps Unified Materiel Management System

MUMS mobile utility module system

MUNEX Munitions Allocation and Expenditure Tracking System

MUNIREP air munitions report

MUNS munitions squadron

MUNSS 1munition storage site, 2munition support squadron

MUNSTOR munitions storage facilities (USAFE)

MUOD mean unplanned outage duration

MUP multi-user/multi-project

MUR Management Update and Retrieval System

MUREP [JP 1-02] munitions report

MURF [AR 310-50] materiel utilization reference file

MURI multidisciplinary university research initiative

MUSA multiple-unit steerable antenna

MUSARC major United States Army Reserve command

MUSAT multipurpose UHF satellite

MUSE multi-user shared environment

MUST 1MAC UHF satellite terminal, 2multimission UHF SATCOM terminal, 3[JP 1-02] medical unit, self contained, transportable

MUT monitor under test

MUTA multiple unit training assembly

MUTE multiplied unit for transmission elimination (USN)

MUTES Multiple Threat Emitter System

MUTTS multiple unit terminal test set

MUU main user unit

MUW marine and undersea warfare

MUX 1multiplexer, 2[JP 1-02] multiplex

MUX/DEMUX multiplexer/demultiplexer

mV millivolt (10-3 volts)

MV 1motion video, 2mean variation, 3megavolt, 4multivibrator, 5[USN] merchant vessel, 6military vigilance, 7millivolt(s), 8miniature vehicle, 9muzzle velocity, 10[JP 1-02] motor vessel, 11[AR 310-50] manpower voucher

MVA 1megavolt ampere, 2[AR 310-50] Modern Volunteer Army

MVAP [AR 310-50] Modern Volunteer Army Program

MVB 1multivibrator, 2multimedia viewer book

MVC 1manual volume control, 2multimedia viewer compiler, 3model view controller

MVCCF motor vehicle cost comparison form

MVCP management visibility and control of provisioning

MVD [AR 310-50] Army Motor Vehicle Driver Selection Battery

MVDM multiple virtual DOS machines

MVGA monochrome video graphics array

MVIP multi-vendor integration protocol

MVLT Morse/voice language trainer

MVP multimedia video processor

mvr maneuver

MVS 1minimum visible signal, 2multiple virtual storage, 3multiple virtual system, 4Multiple Virtual Storage Operating System (IBM)

MVS/ESA multiple virtual storage/enterprise system architecture

MVS/XA multiple virtual storage/extended architecture (IBM)

MVSB [AR 310-50] motor vehicle storage building

MVSRF man-vehicle systems research facility

MVSS [AR 310-50] motor vehicle storage shed

MVT multiprogramming with a variable number of tasks

mW milliwatt (10-3 watts)

MW 1megawatt (106 watts), 2microwave, 3missile warning, 4missile wing, 5medium wave, 6mine warfare

MW&R morale, welfare, and recreation

MW(E) megawatts (electrical)

MW(H) megawatts (heat)

MWA minimum warning attack

MWAP minimum warning attack plan

MWARS MACOM Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System

mwave [AR 310-50] microwave

MWB military war book

MWBP missile warning bypass

MWC Missile Warning Center (SPACECMD)

MWD military working dogs

MWDDEA Mutual Weapons Development Data Exchange Agreement

MWDP 1master warning display panel, 2mutual weapons development program

MWDS 1man-worn detector system, 2Missile Warning and Display System (NORAD)

MWDT military working dog team

MWF [JP 1-02] medical working file

MWG management working group

MWh megawatt-hour

MWI message waiting indicator

MWIR medium wavelength infrared

MWL milliwatt logic

MWMS maintenance workload management system

MWO 1modification work order, 2maintenance work order, 3missile warning office

MWOC missile warning operation center

MWOD [JP 1-02] multiple word-of-day

MWOT master warrant officer training

MWPC multiwire proportional chamber

MWR 1mean width ratio, 2morale, welfare, and recreation

MWRH mounted water ration heater

MWRS morale, welfare, recreation, and services

MWRSF morale welfare recreation and service fund

MWS 1missile warning squadron, 2modular workstation, 3maintenance work specification

MWSC missile warning systems conference

MWSG Marine wing support group (USMC)

MWSS Marine wing support squadron (USMC)

MWSSS missile warning and space surveillance sensor

MWTTY missile warning teletypewriter

MWV maximum working voltage

MWWP mine warfare working party

Mx multiplexer

MX 1mail exchanger [Internet], 2New generation ICBM, 3missile experimental, 4Peacekeeper Missile, 5maintenance check flight, 6[FM 101-5-1] Mexico

MXS Microsoft exchange server

MXSP maintenance support plan

MY man year(s)

MYC 1multi year contract, 2multiyear contracting

MYP multi-year procurement

MYR mid-year review

MYX [JP 1-02] area code

MZFW maximum zero fuel weight

MZR multiple zone recording