Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

A 1annual, 2accelerating contactor or relay, 3aircraft symbol, 4attack, 5acting, 6active, 7advanced, 8assistant, 9[JP 1-02] analog, 10[AR 310-50] Army (in combinations only)

A SPEC system specification

A&DCP analysis and data collection plan

A&E 1architect and engineer, 2architecture and engineering, 3ammunition and explosives, 4analysis and evaluation

A&F Accounting and Finance

A&P [JP 3-07.3] administrative and personnel

A&SEA Air and Space Executive Agent

A&T acquisition and technology

A-4 Skyhawk

A-6 Intruder

A-7 Corsair II

A-10 Thunderbolt II

A-109 OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Circular A-109, Major Systems Acquisition

A-A air to air

A-D analog to digital converter

A-E 1architect-engineer, 2architect engineering, 3architectural and engineering, 4architectural-engineering

A-G air to ground

A-HOUR alert-hour

A-P-A aircraft-propulsion-avionics

a.k.a. also known as

A/A air-to-air

A/B airborne

A/C 1air conditioning, 2absolute ceiling, 3aircraft

A/CA aircraft attrition

A/D 1analog to digital, 2air defense, 3analog to digital converter (see ADC)

A/DACG [JP 1-02] arrival/departure airfield control group

A/DCG [JP 1-02] arrival/departure control group

A/E architecture/engineering

a/f airfield

A/G 1air-to-ground, 2air/ground

A/J anti-jam

A/M [JP 1-02] approach and moor

A/N 1alpha numeric, 2as needed

A/NM [JP 1-02] administrative/network management

A/P accounts payable

A/R 1accept/refuse message, 2accounts receivable


A2 antiarmor

A2 asset record

A2C2 Army airspace command and control

A2C2S 1Army aviation command and control system, 2[TTPIO-ABCS] Army Airborne Command and Control System

A3 affordable acquisition approach

A3P advanced avionics architecture and policy

Aa achieved availability

AA 1arrival angle, 2avenue of approach, 3assembly area, 4Active Army, 5antiaircraft, 6air-to-air, 7access authorization, 8arithmetic average, 9armature accelerator, 10attack assessment, 11auto answer, 12affirmative action committee, 13Alcoholics Anonymous, 14achieved availability, 15Acquisition Activity, 16advance agreement, 17aircraft availability, 18analysis of alternatives

AA&E arms, ammunition, and explosives

AAA 1antiaircraft artillery, 2[Army] assessment of aircraft attrition (USAFE), 3Automated Airlift Analysis System (AMC), 4automatic anti-aircraft, 5Army Audit Agency, 6Authorization Accounting Activity (USN), 7[JP 1-02] assign alternate area

AAAAAA the Association for the Abolition of Abused Abbreviations and Asinine Acronyms

AAAOB anti-aircraft artillery order-of-battle

AAAS 1American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2[JP 3-04.1] amphibious aviation assault ship

AAAV Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle Program

AAB 1Aircraft Accident Board, 2all-to-all broadcast, 3administrative appeal board

AABB [JP 4-02.1] American Association of Blood Banks

AABFS [JP 1-02] amphibious assault bulk fuel system

AABL advanced atmospheric burst locator

AABM air-to-air battle management

AABNCP Advanced Airborne National Command Post (USAF)

AABP Aptitude Assessment Battery Program

AABWS [JP 1-02] amphibious assault bulk water system

AAC 1Army Acquisition Corps, 2acquisition advice code, 3anti-aircraft, 4Alaskan Air Command, 5automatic answering capability, 6Apple Assistance Center, 7all-aspect capability, 8automatic amplitude control, 9automatic approach control, 10activity address code, 11Army acquisition circular, 12[AR 310-50] aerial ambulance company

AACC Army airborne command and control

AACC4 AAC command control communications computers

AACE 1American Association of Cost Engineers, 2aircraft alerting communications EMP (electromagnetic pulse)

AACFT Army aircraft

AACG arrival airfield control group

AACISP AAC Information Systems Plan

AACISS AAC Intelligence Support System

AACM active access control module

AACMO Army Acguisition Corps Management Office

AACOM Army area communications

AACOMS Army Area Communications System [now ATACS]

AACP advanced airborne command post

AACPB Army Acquisition Career Program Board

AACPB-WG Army Acquisition Career Program Board – Working Group

AACS 1Airborne Astrographic Camera System, 2Army Command and Control System, 3[AR 310-50] Airways and Air Communications Service

AACSCEDR Associate and Advisory Committee to the Special Committee on Electronic Data Retrieval

AAD 1[AR 310-50] admission and disposition, 2[AR 310-50] Army air defense

AADC area air defense commander

AADCCS [AR 310-50] Army Air Defense Control and Coordination System

AADCOM [AR 310-50] Army Air Defense Command(er)

AADCP Army air defense command post

AADE Army air defense element

AADGE [NATO] Allied Command Europe Air Defense Ground Environment

AADR Alaskan Air Defense Region

AADS [AR 310-50] antiaircraft defense system

AADV [AR 310-50] acquisition aid vehicle

AAE 1Army acquisition executive, 2Army aviation element, 3American Association of Engineers

AAED advanced airborne expendable decoy

AAEE American Academy of Environmental Engineers

AAES 1American Association of Engineering Societies, 2Automated Aeromedical Evacuation System

AAF 1Army airfield, 2Auxiliary Air Force

AAFA Army aviation flight activity

AAFARS advanced aviation forward area refueling system

AAFB Andrews Air Force Base

AAFCE [NATO] Allied Air Forces Central Europe

AAFES 1Auto Alert Force Exercise Schedule (SAC), 2Army and Air Force Exchange Service

AAFIF automated air facility information file

AAFSF [JP 1-02] amphibious assault fuel supply facility

AAFSS Advanced Aerial Fire Support System [IHAS]

AAFTC Air Force Flight Test Center (Edwards AFB)

AAFU [AR 310-50] augmented assault fire units

AAG 1Aeromedical Airlift Group (AMC), 2area auditor general, 3[AR 310-50] army artillery group (opposing forces)

AAGE [AR 310-50] Army Advisory Group on Energy

AAGR [AR 310-50] air-to-air gunnery range

AAGS 1Army air-ground system, 2aircraft adapter groups

AAH advanced attack helicopter, the AH-64

AAHA awaiting action higher headquarters

AAI 1angle of approach indicator, 2advanced communication technology, 3automated acquisition information

AAIMS Army Automated Information Management System

AAIS 1Atmospheric Attack Indications System, 2Automated Acquisition Information System

AAL 1additional authorization list, 2absolute assembly language, 3Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory [USAF], 4ATM adaption layer, 5asynchronous transfer mode adaptation layer

AALAAW advanced air-launched anti-armor weapon

AALPS Automated Aircraft Load Planning System (FORSCOM)

AALS Active Army Locator System

AAM 1air-to-air missile (i.e., Falcon, Sidewinder, Sparrow) [Also used by the USN to label its missiles, before the introduction of the tri-service designation system], 2aircraft availability model, 3application activity model, 4[AR 310-50] Army aircraft maintenance, 5[AR 310-50] Army Achievement Medal

AAMA 1antiaircraft and missile artillery, 2area airspace management authority

AAME 1automated multi media exchange, 2airspace management element (AAC)

AAMG antiaircraft machine gun

AAMMH annual available maintenance man hours

AAMMP Active Army Military Manpower Program

AAMP 1Army Automation Master Plan, 2Army Aviation Modernization Plan

AAMS 1Advanced AFSATCOM Monitoring System, 2Army Acquisition Management System, 3[AR 310-50] Army aircraft maintenance shop

AAN [DoD/DSMC] Army After Next

AANCP Advanced Airborne National Command Post

AAO 1authorized acquisition objective, 2Army acquisition objective, 3antiair output, 4airborne area of operation, 5approved acquisition objective

AAOD [AR 310-50] Army aviation operating detachment

AAOFA Army aviation operating facility

AAP 1Army Apprenticeship Program, 2affirmative action plan, 3allied administrative publication, 4attack assessment plan, 5Attack Assessment Program (JCS/USAFE), 6applications access point [DEC], 7affirmative action program, 8allied administrative procedure, 9Army acquisition process, 10abbreviated acquisition plan, 11advance acquisition planning, 12[AR 310-50] Army ammunition plant, 13[JP 1-02] Allied Administrative Publication; 14[JP 1-02] assign alternate parent

AAPI attack assessment predicted impact

AAPL additional programming language

AAPM [AR 310-50] Army Aviation Planning Manual

AAR 1after-action review, 2Army area representative, 3air-to-air refueling, 4aircraft accident report, 5automatic alternate routing, 6[JP 1-02] after-action report

AARA [AR 310-50] access and amendment refusal authority

AARAD attack assessment radar

AARADCOM Army Armament Research and Development Command

AARB advanced aerial refueling boom

AARDAC [AR 310-50] Army air reconnaissance for damage assessment in the continental United States

AARMS Authorized/Assigned Resource Management System (AFLC)

AARP AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol

AARS Ammunition Asset Reporting System

AART airborne avionics research testbeds

AARTS Automated Audio Remote Test System

AAS 1advanced antenna system, 2American Astronautical Society, 3arithmetic assignment statement, 4automated accounting system, 5attack assessment system, 6all-to-all scatter, 7Advanced Automation System (FAA), 8aeromedical airlift squadron, 9advisory and assistance service

AASA 1administrative assistant to the Secretary of the Army, 2advanced airborne surveillance antenna

AASC [AR 310-50] Army area signal center

AASE [AR 310-50] Army aviation support element

AASF Army aviation support facility

AASHTO [AR 310-50] American Association of State Highway Officials

AASLT [FM101-5-1] air assault

AASM advanced air-to-surface missile

AASP 1Army Automation Security Program, 2Army Automation Standardization Program, 3ASCII asynchronous support package

AASR Advanced Airborne Surveillance Radar (RADC)

AASTA [AR 310-50] United States Army Aviation Systems Test Activity

AAT 1Army assault team, 2average access time, 3[JP 1-02] automatic analog test

AATC 1Antiaircraft Training Center, 2automatic air traffic control [system], 3Air Force Reserve Test Center

AATCO [AR 310-50] Army air traffic air coordinating office

AATH automatic approach to hover

AATRI [AR 310-50] Army Air Traffic Regulation and Identification System

AATU automatic antenna tuning unit

AAU [JP 1-02] analog appliqué unit

AAUB Associate Army Uniform Board

AAUSN Assistant Under Secretary of Navy

AAV amphibious assault vehicles (USMC)

AAVD automatic alternate voice/data

AAVN [AR 310-50] Army aviation

AAVS Aerospace Audiovisual Service (MAC)

AAW 1anti-air warfare [USN], 2Army acquisition workforce, 3advanced analysts' workstation, 4aeromedical airlift wing (MAC), 5active aeroelastic wing

AAWC anti-air warfare commander [USN]

AAWS automated attack warning system

AAWSSC [AR 310-50] Army Atomic Weapons Systems Safety Committee

AAWWS Airborne Adverse Weather Weapon System

AB 1adapter booster, 2afterburner, 3air blast, 4anchor bolt, 5[AR 310-50] air base, 6address bus, 7able seaman, 8allocated baseline, 9airborne (forces), 10assault breaker, 11ability to perform

AB/FS air base/force survivability

AB2 ABCS brigade and below

ABA 1Americam Bar Association, 2annual budget authority, 3[AR 310-50] American, British, Australian; 4[AR 310-50] appropriation and budget activity

ABAA appropriation and budget activity account

ABACUS Air Battle Analysis Center Utility System

ABAR 1advanced battery acquisition radar, 2alternate battery acquisition radar

abbr [AR 310-50] abbreviation

abbrev abbreviation

ABC 1airborne corps, 2approach by concept, 3automatic bandwidth control, 4automatic brightness control, 5Atanasoff-Berry Computer (First digital calculating machine that used vacuum tubes), 6America, Britain, and Canada, 7Acquisition Basic Course (Defense Systems Management College), 8activity-based costing

ABCA 1American, British, Canadian, and Australian, 2American, British, Canadian, and Australian Armies, 3[JP 1-02] American, British, Canadian, Australian Armies Standardization Program

ABCA QSTAG American-British-Canadian-Australian Quadripartite Standardization Agreement

ABCANZ America Britain Canada Australia New Zealand

ABCB air blast circuit breaker

ABCC airborne command center

ABCCC airborne battlefield command and control center.

ABCCTC Advanced Base Combat Communications Training Center

ABCMR [AR 310-50] Army Board for Correction of Military Records

ABCS 1Army Battle Command System, 2Automated Budget Compilation System

ABCS SSM [TTPIO-ABCS] Army Battle Command System Simulation Support Module

ABDAR aircraft battle damage assessment and repair

ABDR 1air battle damage report, 2aircraft battle damage repair

ABDS Accounting Budget and Distribution System (USAF)

ABE [TTPIO-ABCS] assistant brigade engineer

ABEND abnormal end

ABES amended budget estimate submission

ABET Accreditation Board for Engineers and Technology (previously known as Engineers Council for Professional Development (EDPD))

ABF 1Adobe binary screen font, 2annular blast fragmentation, 3[AR 310-50] availability balance file

ABFC Advanced Base Functional Component System (USN)

ABFS [JP 1-02] amphibious bulk fuel system

ABG air base group

ABGD air base ground defense

ABI 1application binary interface, 2automated bidet interface

ABIC 1Army battlefield interface concept, 2automated battlefield interface concept

ABICS Ada based integrated control system

ABIDES Automated Budget Interactive Data Environment System (HQ USAF)

ABIOL advanced base initial outfitting list (Army)

ABIOS advanced BIOS

ABIR all-band intercept receiver

ABIRD aircraft-based infrared detector

ABIS Advanced Battlespace Information System

ABIST automatic built-in self-test (IBM)

ABIT advanced built-in test

ABL 1Atlas basic language, 2Armored Box Launcher, 3airborne lasers, 4[AR 310-50] Allegheny Ballistics Laboratory

ABLE 1activity balance line evaluation, 2adaptive battery life extender

ABM 1antiballistic missile, 2automated batch mixing, 3advanced battery management, 4asynchronous balance mode, 5acquisition and business management, 6area base maintenance

ABMC [AR 310-50] American Battle Monuments Commission

ABMDA [Army] Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense Agency

ABMOC air battle management operation center

ABMS Assault Breach Marking System

abn airborne

ABN airborne

ABNCP Airborne National Command Post

ABNOC Airborne Nuclear Operations Center (SHAPE)

ABNSOTBD Airborne and Special Operation Test Board

ABO 1air base operability, 2airborne order, 3Army Budget Office, 4aviator breathing oxygen, 5[JP 4-02.1] blood typing system

ABOIP amended basis of issue plan

ABOM Ada Bit Oriented Message

abort 1to terminate a mission for any reason other than enemy action. It may occur at any point after the beginning of the mission and prior to its completion, 2to discontinue aircraft takeoff or missile launch

ABPB Aviation Business Process Board

ABPBD air base port biological detection

ABR 1automatic band rate, 2available bit rate

ABRES advanced ballistic reentry systems

ABRS Assault Ballistic Rocket System

ABS 1American Bureau of Shipping, 2air base squadron, 3air base survivability, 4address book synchronization [IBM], 5anti-lock braking system, 6acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, 7automated bid set, 8[AR 310-50] Army Broadcasting Service

ABSLOA approved basic stock list of ammunition

ABSS Automated Business Service Systems

ABT abort

ABTF airborne task force

ABTS ASCII block terminal services

ABV 1absolute value, 2annual buy value

ABVM automated best value model

ABW air base wing

ac alternating current

AC 1Active Component, 2assistant commandant, 3actual cost, 4analyst console, 5advisory committee, 6aerodynamic center, 7analog computer, 8automatic checkout, 9automatic computer, 10automatic control, 11air conditioning, 12aircraft commander, 13allied command, 14area coverage, 15Atlantic Council (NATO), 16attack characterization, 17autocheck, 18access control, 19analyst console, 20armament cooperation, 21Acquisition Corps

AC&W air control and warning [USAF site]

AC-130 Hercules aircraft

AC-130A/H Spectre aircraft

AC/RC Active Component/Reserve Component

AC/S, C4I [JP 2-02] Assistant Chief of Staff, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (USMC)

AC2MP Army Command and Control Master Plan

ACA 1adjacent channel attenuation, 2American Communication(s) Association, 3American Crystallographic Association, 4agile combat aircraft, 5airlift clearance authority, 6airspace control authority, 7airspace coordination area, 8associate contractor agreement, 9asynchronous communications adapter, 10application control architecture, 11agile combat aircraft, 12airlift clearance authority, 13air clearance authority

ACAA [JP 1-02] automatic chemical agent alarm

ACAB air cavalry attack brigade

ACAC automated direct analog computer

ACAF advanced counter-air fighter

ACAG Army Competition Advocate General

ACALA Armament and Chemical Acquisition and Logistic Activity


ACAMIS Army CA Management Information System

ACAP 1Army cost analysis paper, 2automatic circuit analysis program, 3Advanced Composite Airframe Program [a helicopter design study], 4application configuration access protocol, 5The Army Career and Alumni Program

ACAPS [JP 1-02] area communications electronics capabilities

ACARS ARINC [Aeronautical Radio Incorporated] Communications Addressing Reporting System

ACAs air clearance authorities

ACAS 1aircraft collision avoidance system, 2advanced counter-air system, 3Army Crisis Action System, 4airborne collision-avoidance system, 5airlift cycle analysis spreadsheet

ACASS A/E Contract Administration Support System

ACAT acquisition category

ACAT I Acquisition Category I (Major Defense Acquisition Program)

ACAT IA Acquisition Category I (Major Automated Information System)

ACAT IAC Acquisition Category I (Automation Component)

ACAT IAD Acquisition Category I (Automation Defense)

ACAT IC Acquisition Category I Component

ACAT ID Acquisition Category I Defense

ACAT II Acquisition Category II

ACAT IIA Acquisition Category II Automation

ACAT III Acquisition Category III

ACAT IIIA Acquisition Category III Automation

ACAT IV Acquisition Category IV (AR 70-1)

ACB 1air circuit breaker, 2amphibious construction battalion, 3advanced concepts base, 4allocated configuration baseline

ACBACCIS Allied Command Baltic Approaches Command Control and Information System (NATO)

ACBMDA Automated C3CM Battle Management Decision Aid (RADC)

ACBP advanced concepts base program

ACBT air combat training

ACC 1Army correspondence course, 2air control center, 3area control center, 4artillery control console, 5accumulator, 6aft cargo carrier, 7access control center, 8[USAF] Air Combat Command (created 1 June 1992 by merging TAC and SAC), 9air component commander, 10airlift coordination center, 11airspace control center, 12accumulator, 13Army command center, 14Army Communications Command, 15area control computer, 16Army component commanders, 17architecture control committee, 18accelerated case closure, 19approval cause code, 20architecture coordination council, 21[JP 1-02] area coordination center

ACC/MASS Airlift Coordination Center/Military Airlift Support Squadron ( AMC)

ACCAP autocoder to COBOL conversion and program [IBM]

ACCAT advanced command and control architectural testbed

ACCB 1Army Configuration Control Board, 2[AR 310-50] air cavalry combat brigade

ACCEL automated circuit card etching layout

ACCES 1automated Command and Control Evaluation System (WWMCCS®), 2Army Civilian Career Evaluation System, 3Advanced Cryptologic Carry On Exploitation System

ACCESS 1aircraft communications electronic signaling system, 2automatic computer controlled electronic signaling system, 3automated Catalog of Computer Equipment and Software System, 4Automated Command and Control Evaluation Systems, 5[AR 310-50] Army Commissary Computer Entry Store System

ACCHAN Allied Command Channel (NATO)

ACCIS 1Army Command and Control Information System, 2Automated Command and Control Information System (NATO)

ACCLAIMS Army COMSEC Commodity, Logistical, and Accounting Information Management System

ACCMB [AR 310-50] Aircraft Crewman Badge

ACCMP Army Command Control Master Plan

ACCMPS automated C2 message Processing System (NATO)

ACCNET 1Army Command and Control Network, 2Federal Acquisition Computer Network (OMB)

ACCOR [AR 310-50] Army COMSEC central office of record

ACCP the Army Correspondence Course Program

ACCS 1Army Command and Control System, 2[NATO] Air Command and Control System, 3airborne command and control squadron, 4allied command and control system, 5advanced communications control system, 6Air Combat Camera Service

ACCSA Allied Communications and Computer Security Agency

ACCT 1account code (SARAH), 2account

ACCTSTR [AR 310-50] accountable strength

ACD 1automatic call distributor, 2automated call distribution, 3airlift communications division, 4assistant command director, 5administrative commitment document, 6administrative control desk

ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

ACDB 1Army Corporate Database, 2automated cost data base

ACDI asynchronous communications device interface

ACDO [JP 1-02] assistant command duty officer

ACDS 1Advanced Combat Direction System, 2Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System

ACE 1[ASAS] Analysis and Control Element, 2American Council on Education, 3assistant chief of engineers, 4armored combat earth mover, 5airborne command element, 6acceptance checkout equipment, 7advanced control experiment, 8animated computer education, 9automatic checkout equipment, 10[NATO] Allied Command Europe, 11automatic computer evaluation, 12automatic computer engine,13Army Corps of Engineers, 14[JP 1-02] aviation combat element (MAGTF), 15advanced computing environment [SCO], 16automatic calibration and equalization, 17accelerated capital enrichment, 18adverse channel enhancements [Microcom], 19aircraft configuration equipment, 20alternate command element, 21automated cost estimator, 22[DoD/DSMC] Acquisition Center of Excellence, 23[FM101-5-1] air combat element (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), 24[TTPIO-ABCS] assistant corps engineer, 25[AR 310-50] assessment of combat effectiveness

ACEB Army Clothing and Equipment Board

ACEE aircraft energy efficiency

ACEF Ada compiler evaluation facility

ACEIT Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tool

ACEMIS Automated Communications-Electronics Management Information System

ACEORBAT ACE order of battle (NATO)

ACEP Advisory Committee on Export Policy

ACEREP Allied Command Europe Reporting System (NATO)

ACES 1Army Continuing Education System, 2ADP command and control evaluation system, 3Automated Command and Control Evaluation System (DSSO), 4automated cost evaluation system, 5Advanced Carry-on ELINT/ESM Suite, 6airborne collection electronic signals, 7Army Center of Excellence – Subsistence, 8Acquisition Center Executive System

ACESTRIKE Allied Command Europe Strike Command (NATO)

ACET 1Advisory Committee for Electronics and Telecommunications, 2air cushion transport, 3[AR 310-50] automatic cancellation of extended targets

ACETEF Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility

ACETS Army Corresponding Education and Training System

ACEVAL air combat evaluation (NATO)

ACEWS 1automated computer-assisted electronic warfare system, 2automatic communications electronic warfare system

ACF 1advanced communications function, 2alternate communications facility, 3area computing facilities, 4alternate command facility, 5Asynchronous Communications Facility (Honeywell), 6access control field, 7acquisition career field, 8air combat fighter, 9acceptance check flight, 10[JP 1-02] air contingency force, 11[AR 310-50] area confinement facility, 12[AR 310-50] Army Club Fund

ACFD applied computational fluid dynamic

ACFG automatic continuous function generation

ACFP advanced computer flight plan

ACFPS Advanced Computer Flight Planning System (AFGWC)

ACFT aircraft

ACG [AR 310-50] area coordination group

ACGP [AR 310-50] Army career group

ACH 1attempts per circuit hour, 2automated clearing house

ACI 1air combat intelligence, 2automatic card identification, 3air combat intercept, 4alarm control interface (tech control), 5allocated configuration identification, 6automated carrier interface (MTMC), 7advanced chip interconnection, 8analytic condition inspection, 9[JP 1-02] assign call inhibit

ACIA 1asynchronous communications interface adapter, 2[AR 310-50] Aviation Career Incentive Act of 1974

ACIAS automated calibration interval analysis system

ACIB Air Characteristics Improvement Board (Navy)

ACIC 1ADCOM Current Intelligence Center, 2[JP 2-02] Army CI Center

ACID automatic classification and interpretation of data

ACIIB [AR 310-50] American Civilian Internee Information Bureau

ACIIB(Br) [AR 310-50] Branch American Civilian Internee Information Bureau

ACIMS [AR 310-50] Aircraft Component Interactive Maintenance System

ACINT acoustic intelligence

ACIP 1air characteristic improvement panels, 2Air Characteristic Improvement Program, 3[AR 310-50] aviation career incentive pay

ACIPS 1Acoustic Intelligence Processing System, 2Army Casualty Information Processing System

ACIS 1American Committee for Interoperable Systems, 2Automated Claim Information System (USMC)

ACIU advanced central interface unit

ack 1[AR 310-50] acknowledge, 2[AR 310-50] acknowledged, 3[AR 310-50] acknowledgment

ACK 1acknowledge character, 2positive acknowledgment

ACL 1application control language, 2Association for Computational Linguistics, 3Atlas commercial language, 4all critical learning, 5access control list [Lotus], 6Ada Command Language, 7allowable cabin load, 8acquisition career level, 9[FM101-5-1] allowable combat load, 10[AR 310-50] allowable cargo load, 11[AR 310-50] authorized consumption list

ACLANT [NATO] Allied Command, Atlantic

ACLDB Army Central Logistics Data Bank

ACLICS Airborne Communications Location Identification and Collection System

ACLIS Airborne Communications Location Identification and Collection System

ACLM AUTODIN communication line module

ACLS 1air cushion landing system, 2automatic carrier landing system

ACLV [AR 310-50] accrued leave

ACM 1additional crew member, 2audio compression manager [Microsoft], 3Advanced Cruise Missile,AGM-129, 4air combat maneuver, 5Association for Computing Machinery, 6air combat maneuvering, 7auxiliary crew member, 8automated communications monitor, 9advanced concept manager, 10allowable cost model, 11authorized controlled material, 12automated contract manager, 13[FM101-5-1] airspace control measures, 14[AR 310-50] area club management, 15[AR 310-50] Americal Campaign Medal

ACMA 1acquisition career management advocate, 2advanced concept manager

ACMB Acquisition Career Management Board

ACMC Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps

ACME advanced computer for medical research

ACMI 1air combat maneuvering instrumentation, 2Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation System

ACMIS Automated Configuration Management/ Integration System (WWMCCS®)

ACMO 1Army career management office, 2Afloat Communications Management Office [NSEC]

ACMP 1Acquisition Career Management Program, 2annual cost monitoring plan

ACMPP Annual Cost Monitoring Program Plan

ACMR 1air combat maneuvering range, 2annual cost monitoring report

ACMS 1Applications Control and Management System, 2aircraft condition monitoring system, 3Advanced Cost Management System, 4Automated Configuration Management System, 5[AR 310-50] Army Command Management System, 6[AR 310-50] Automated Career management System

ACN 1action control number, 2advance change notice, 3aircraft classification number, 4accounting control number, 5administrative change notice, 6[JP 1-02] assign commercial network

ACNET Federal Acquisition Computer Network (OMB)

ACNO Assistant Chief of Naval Operations

ACNOCOMM Assistant Chief of Naval Operations for Communications and Cryptology

ACO 1administrative contracting officer, 2airspace control order, 3airspace coordination order, 4associate contracting officer

ACOA(F&A) [AR 310-50] Assistant Comptroller of the Army for Finance and Accounting

ACOC 1air command operations center, 2airborne combat operations center, 3allied combat operations center (NATO), 4alternate command operations center (NATO), 5area communications operations centers (DISA), 6area control operations center, 7AUTODIN communication operations center

ACOCS-FMS Army Customer Order Control System for FMs

ACofS assistant chief of staff

ACOM 1automatic coding system, 2automated centralized operations and maintenance centers, 3Atlantic Command

ACOMMW aerospace communications squadron

ACOP [AR 310-50] airborne corps operations plan

ACOPP abbreviated COBOL preprocessor

ACOR assistant contracting officer's representative

ACOS 1automated commissary operation system, 2Assistant Chief of Staff

ACOUSTINT [AR 310-50] acoustical intelligence

ACP 1auxiliary communication package, 2Army Cost Program, 3air control point, 4aerospace computer program, 5automated communications processor (see CSP), 6airspace control plan, 7allied communication publication, 8airspace control plan, 9airborne command post, 10airlift command post, 11alternate command post, 12Army Capabilities Plan, 13ancillary control program, 14auxillary control process, 15allied communications procedures, 16Army classified program, 17automatic communications processor, 18Army cost position, 19[JP 1-02] assign common pool

ACPA 1adaptive controlled phase array, 2Association of Computer Programmers and Analysts

ACPB 1advanced concepts base program, 2Acquisition Career Program Board

ACPD [AR 310-50] Army Control Program directive

ACPERS Army Civilian Personnel Records System

ACPI advanced configuration power interface

ACPM [AR 310-50] activity career program directive

ACPQMB Acquisition Processes Quality Management Board

ACPRB Acquisition Career Program Review Board

ACPS Automated Contract Preparation System

acq 1[FM101-5-1] acquisition, 2[AR 310-50] acquittal

ACQ acquisition core courses

ACQ STRAT acquisition strategy

ACQN acquisition

ACR 1armored cavalry regiment, 2aircraft control room, 3airfield control radar, 4antenna coupling regulator, 5automatic compression regulator, 6air control radar, 7attenuation to crosstalk loss ratio, 8advanced concepts and requirements, 9ammunition consumption rate, 10authorization change request, 11[JP 1-02] assign channel reassignment, 12[AR 310-50] ammunition condition report

ACRA Airlift Concepts and Requirements Agency

ACRB 1acquisition civilian record brief, 2[AR 310-50] Army Council of Review Boards

acred [AR 310-50] accreditation

ACRES airborne communications relay station

ACRF African Crisis Response Force (PKO)

ACRL accessorial cost

ACRN accounting classification reference number

ACROSS automated cargo release and operations service system

ACRRP 1Automated Contractor Responsibility Review Program, 2[AR 310-50] Army Cost Reduction Program

ACRS accelerated cost recovery system

ACRV armored command and reconnaissance vehicle

ACS 1accumulator switch, 2alternating current synchronous, 3attitude control system, 4automatic checkout system, 5automated communications set, 6auxillary cooling system, 7auxilliary core storage, 8[USN] auxiliary crane ship, 9air commando squadron, 10Ada compilation system, 11afloat correlation system, 12air control system, 13airborne control system, 14asset control system, 15Assistant Chief of Staff, 16access control system, 17advanced communications services, 18asynchronous communications server, 19access, 20access control set, 21acquisition and command support, 22automated cartography system, 23Army Community Service, 24automated conversion system, 25[JP 1-02] airspace control system, 26[JP 3-04.1] air-capable ship, 27[AR 310-50] asset control subsystem

ACS/I Assistance Chief of Staff for Intelligence (USAF)

ACS3 Allied Cooperative Support Sharing System (JCS)

ACSA 1Allied Communications Security Agency, 2acquisition and cross servicing agreement

ACSAG advanced composite supportability advisory group

ACSASALCM configuration status and accounting system

ACSC 1association control service element, 2armament cooperation steering committees

ACSCE Army Chief of Staff for Communications and Electronics

ACSE association control service element

ACSEP Aircraft Certification System Evaluation Program

ACSI Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence

ACSIM 1Assistant Chief of Staff for Information Management, 2Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, 3[TP71-9] Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management and Environment

ACSIM-C4 [AR 310-50] Assistant Chief of Staff for Information Management - Command, Control, Communication, and Computers

ACSL advanced continuous simulation language

ACSM 1advanced conventional stand-off missile, 2advanced composite supportability managers

ACSN advance change study notice

ACSQ airborne communications squadron

ACSR aluminum conductor steel reinforced

ACSS 1Air Combat and Surveillance System, 2analog computer subsystem

ACST access time

ACSTE Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Test and Evaluation

ACT 1advanced communications terminal, 2analysis and control team, 3armored cavalry trainer, 4air control team, 5algebraic compiler and translator, 6automatic code translation, 7armored cavalry troop, 8active control technology, 9Automated Circuit Test System, 10area capability training, 11acoustic charge, 12advanced communications technology satellite (NASA), 13transport (DARPA), 14aerial combat tactics, 15air cargo terminal, 16air combat tactics, 17automated control of trainees, 18acquisition coordination team, 19[TTPIO-ABCS] analysis control team, 20[JP 1-02] activity, 21[AR 310-50] American College Test

ACT II Advanced Concepts and Technology Program II

ACTA [AR 310-50] Advanced Combat Training Academy

ACTD advanced concepts technology demonstration

ACTEDS Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System

ACTO automatic computing transfer oscillator

ACTPO [AR 310-50] accountable property officer

ACTS 1Acoustic Control and Telemetry System, 2automatic computer TELEX services, 3advanced communications technology satellite (NASA), 4automated circuit test system, 5automated computer time service, 6Automated Centralized Ticketing System, 7Automated Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) and Tracking System

ACTT advanced communication and timekeeping technology [Seiko]

actv activity

ACU 1address control set, 2arithmetic and control unit, 3automatic calling unit, 4access control unit, 5assault craft unit (USN), 6avionics control unit

ACUI automatic calling unit interface

ACUS 1Airborne Communications Location Identification and Collection System, 2area common-user system, 3Administrative Conference of the United States

ACV 1armored command vehicle, 2air cushion vehicle, 3auxiliary aircraft carriers [later renamed CVE]

ACVC Army commercial vehicle code

ACW 1air control wing, 2aircraft control and warning, 3alternating continuous waves, 4anti-carrier warfare (USN)

ACWP actual cost of work performed

ACWS aircraft control and warning squadron

ACX advanced combat experimental

AD 1advanced development, 2air defense, 3armored division, 4advanced design, 5ampere demand meter, 6[USN] destroyer tender, 7active duty, 8airdrop, 9[USAF] air division, 10airworthiness directive, 11accidental damage, 12advanced deployability posture, 13air directive, 14analog/digital, 15armament division (AFSC), 16application development, 17absolute deviation, 18[JP 1-02] priority add-on, 19[AR 310-50] Army depot

AD/EXJAM artillery-delivered expendable jammer

Ada DoD computer programming language (ISO/ANSI/MILSTD1815A)

ADA 1air defense artillery, 2airborne data automation, 3automatic data acquisition, 4aerial delivery adapter, 5air defense aircraft, 6air defense area, 7action data automation, 8advanced delivery alert, 9[AR 310-50] advisory area

ADA FDC air defense artillery fire control direction center

Ada JUG Ada Joint Users Group

ADAC 1automatic direct analog computer, 2[Army] Acoustic Data Analysis Center

ADACP air defense artillery command post

ADACS airborne digital automatic collection system

ADAD [AR 310-50] air defense artillery director

ADADO assistant division air defense officer

ADAF air defense alert facility

ADAL [JP 4-02.1] authorized dental allowance list

ADAM 1Armywide device automated management, 2automatic distance and angle measurement, 3advanced data management, 4Associometrics Data Management System, 5Administrative, Documentation, and Management System, 6Aerial Port Documentation and Management System (MAC) –


7Automated Design and Maintenance System, 8[AR 310-50] area denial artillery munitions

ADAM/RAAM Aerial Denial Artillery Munitions/Remote Antiarmor Minefield

ADANS Airlift Deployment Analysis System ( AMC)

ADAOD [AR 310-50] air defense artillery operations detachment

ADAOO [AR 310-50] air defense artillery operations office

ADAP 1Army Research and Development Plan, 2Ammunition Demand Automated Process

ADAPCP [AR 310-50] alcohol and drug abuse prevention and control program

ADAPS 1automatic display and plotting system, 2automatic data acquisition and processing

ADAPT 1adoption of automatically programmed tools, 2ARPA Database Access and Presentation Terminal, 3adaptive diagnostic approach to performance testing

ADAR 1advanced design array radar, 2[AR 310-50] air defense area

ADARS Army Defense Acquisition Regulation Supplement

ADARTS Ad Based Design Approach For Real Time System

ADAS 1automatic data acquisition system, 2Airborne Data Acquisition System, 3Airfield Damage Assessment System

ADASCC ADA support and control capability (NATO)

ADASP [AR 310-50] air defense annual service practice

ADAT automatic data accumulator and transfer

ADatP [AR 310-50] allied data processing publication

ADATP allied data publication (NATO)

ADATS 1air defense antitank system, 2Airborne Digital Avionics Test System (USAF), 3Adjustable Diversity Acoustic Telemetry System

ADBMT air defense battle management technology (ADI)

ADC 1air data computer, 2airborne digital computer, 3analog-to-digital converter, 4automatic data collection, 5architecture design contractor, 6AUTODIN display console, 7adaptive data, 8add with carry, 9Aerospace Defense Command, 10agreement on defense cooperation, 11[Hayes] automated data collection compression [protocol], 12actual direct cost, 13applied direct cost, 14[FM101-5-1] area damage control, 15[FM101-5-1] assistant division commander. 16[AR 310-50] active duty commitment, 17[AR 310-50] aide-de-camp

ADC (M) [FM101-5-1] assistant division commander (maneuver)

ADC (S) [FM101-5-1] assistant division commander (support)

ADCAP advanced capabilities

ADCATT 1Army Defense Combined Arms Tactical Trainer, 2[TR 350-70] Aid Defense Combined Arms Tactical Trainer

ADCC 1air defense control center, 2Air Defense Coordination Center, 3air defense command and control

ADCCP advanced data communications control procedure(s)

ADCCS Air Defense Command and Control System (Missile Command)

ADCCCS [AR 310-50] Air Defense Command, Control, and Coordination System

ADCEO [AR 310-50] assistant division communications-electronics officer

ADCM [TTPIO-ABCS] assistant division commander (maneuver)

ADCO 1[AR 310-50] air defense communications office, 2[AR 310-50] alcohol and drug control officer

ADCOC [AR 310-50] area damage control center

ADCOM 1administrative command, 2Aerospace Defense Command

ADCON 1administrative control code, 2advise all concerned, 3[JP 1-02] administrative control

ADCOORD [TTPIO-ABCS] air defense coordinator

ADCOP 1[AR 310-50] area damage control party, 2[AR 310-50] area defense command post

ADCOS air defense combat operations staff (ACC)

ADCS Air Deployment and Control Squadron

ADCSCD Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Development

ADCSLOG(SA) Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army for Logistics (Security Assistance)

ADCSOPS Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans

ADCSOPS(FD) Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans Force Development

ADCSP Advanced Defense Communications Satellite Program [DCSP]

ADCSPER Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel

ADCSSA Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Simulations and Analysis

ADCST [TRADOC] Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Training

ADCST-E [TRADOC] Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Training-East

ADCST-S [TRADOC] Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Training-Simulations

ADCST-W [TRADOC] Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Training-West

add 1[AR 310-50] addendum, 2[AR 310-50] additional

ADD 1automatic document distribution, 2Automatic Document Detection [WordPerfect], 3airstream direction detector [measures the AoA], 4[JP 1-02] assign on-line diagnostic

ADDAR automatic digital acquisition and recording

ADDAS automatic data assembly system

ADDC [AR 310-50] air defense direction center

ADDDS automatic direct distance dialing system

ADDER algorithm, description, development, evaluation and refinement

ADDIC [AR 310-50] Alcohol and Dependency Intervention Council

ADDISS Advanced Deployable Digital Imagery Support System (PACAF)

ADDO assistant deputy director for operations

ADDO (MS) 1[JP 1-02] associate deputy director for operations/military support, 2[JP 2-02] Assistant Deputy Director for Operations/Military Support

ADDR address register

ADDS 1Army Data Distribution System, 2applied digital data systems, 3[AR 310-50] automatic data distribution system

ADE 1automated design engineering, 2assistant division engineer, 3air defense emergency, 4application development environment, 5authorized data element, 6[JP 1-02] assign digit editing

ADEA Army Development and Employment Agency

ADEN armament development enfield

ADEPREP [AR 310-50] Army Deployment Report - System

ADEPT analysis-based data exchange for publications and training

ADES 1Automatic Digital Encoding System, 2Alaska Department of Emergency Services

ADEW airborne directed energy weapons

ADEWS Air Defense Electronic Warfare System

ADEX air defense exercise

ADF 1automatic direction finder, 2airborne direction finder, 3automatically defined function, 4automatic direction finding, 5automatic document feeder

ADFSC [AR 310-50] Automatic Data Field Systems Command

ADG 1automated data generation, 2aircraft delivery group, 3[AR 310-50] advance development group

ADGE air defense ground environment

ADI 1attitude direction indicator, 2air defense initiative (USAF), 3analog digital interface, 4attitude/direction indicator, 5AUTODIN DNN interface, 6AutoCad/AutoDesk Device Interface (driver), 7automatic direction indicator

ADIC 1ADCOM Intelligence Center, 2Aerospace Defense Command Intelligence Center, 3automatic data interface console

ADIE [AR 310-50] acquisition data input system

ADINTELCEN advanced intelligence center

ADIOS automatic digital input-output system

ADIRS Aid Data and Inertial Reference System

ADIS 1air defense integrated system, 2Association for the Development of Instructional Systems, 3automatic data interchange system, 4acquisition and due-in system

ADIT analog-digital integration translator

ADIZ air defense identification zone

adj 1adjustment, 2[AR 310-50] adjutant

ADJPOD ARPA DISA Joint Project Office

ADKC/RCU [JP 1-02] Automatic Key Distribution Center/Rekeying Control Unit

ADL 1Army doctrine literature, 2automatic data link (USAF), 3Ada Design Language, 4address data latch, 5area dental laboratory, 6authorized data list, 7[JP 1-02] assign XX (SL) routing. 8[JP 1-02] armistice demarcation line, 9[AR 310-50] area dental laboratory

ADLAT adaptive lattice filter

ADLC 1asynchronous data link control, 2adaptive lossless data compression [IBM]

ADLER (FRG) French/German Fire Support Command and Control System

ADLER (GER) German Fire Support Command and Control System

ADLIPS Automatic Data Link Plotting System

ADLO air defense liaison officer

ADLP Army Distance Learning Plan

ADLS Aeronautical Data Link System

ADM 1acquisition decision memorandum, 2atomic demolition munitions, 3advanced development model, 4activity data method, 5admiral, 6air-launched decoy missile, 7advanced demonstration model, 8administrative surcharge, 9aggregate data manager

ADM-20 Quail

ADMACS Apple Document Management and Control System

ADMAPS Automated Document Management and Publishing System

ADMC [AR 310-50] Air Defense Missile Command

ADMCEN [AR 310-50] administration center

ADMD administrative management domain [X.400]

admin 1[FM101-5-1] administrative, 2[AR 310-50] administrate, 3[AR 310-50] administration, 4[AR 310-50] administered

ADMIN [JP 1-02] administration

ADMINIO [AR 310-50] administrative orders

ADMIRAL automatic and dynamic monitor with immediate relocation, allocation, and loading

ADMIRE automatic diagnostic maintenance information retrieval

ADMIS Administrator Management Information System

ADMN administrative data

ADMP adjusted month program

ADMS 1automatic digital message switch(ing) [AUTOVON/AUTODIN], 2area denial munitions system, 3AWIS Data Management System (Army), 4automated data management system

ADMSC [AR 310-50] automatic digital message switching center

ADMSG [AR 310-50] advise by message

ADMSLBN [AR 310-50] air defense missile battalion

ADN 1advanced digital network, 2agency disclosure notice, 3[JP 1-02] ACE (Allied Command Europe) DGZ (desired ground zero) number

ADNAC [AR 310-50] Air Defense of North American Continent

ADNET anti-drug network

ADO 1Army Digitization Office, 2advanced development objective, 3Army distribution objective, 4automated delivery order

ADOA air defense operations area

ADOC Air Defense Operations Center (SPACECMD)

ADOCS 1Automated Deep Operations Coordination System, 2Aegis Documentation System

ADONIS automatic digital on-line instrumentation system

ADOT [AR 310-50] automatic digital optical tracker

ADP 1automated data processing, 2automatic data processing, 3air defense position, 4airborne data processor, 5airport deployment program, 6allied defense publication (NATO), 7advanced ducted propeller (P&W), 8advanced data processing, 9[AR 310-50] advance development plan

ADPA American Defense Preparedness Association

ADPC automatic data processing center

ADPCM adaptive differential pulse code modulation

ADPE 1automated data processing equipment, 2auxiliary data processing equipment, 3automatic data processing equipment

ADPE/S automatic data processing equipment/ system

ADPF automatic data processing facility

ADPLO automatic data processing liaison officer

ADPMIS automatic data processing management information system

ADPMP automated data processing master plan

ADPP [TTPIO-ABCS] automatic data processing printer

ADPR automatic data processing resources

ADPREP Army Automated Data Processing Resource Estimating Procedures

ADPS 1ASARS Deployable Processing Station, 2Automated Data Processing System (USAF), 3[JP 1-02] automatic data processing system

ADPSC [AR 310-50] automatic data processing service center

ADPSEC automated data processing security

ADPSO automatic data processing selection office

ADPSSO automated data processing systems security officer

ADR 1airborne data relay [UAV payload], 2aircraft direction room, 3address, 4accident data recorder, 5airbase damage repair, 6automatic data relay, 7accelerated delivery request, 8aircraft damage repair, 9alternative dispute resolution, 10applied data research, 11[JP 1-02] armament delivery recording

ADRA 1Administrative Dispute Resolution Act, 2[JP 3-08] Adventist Development and Relief Agency

ADRAC automatic digital recording and control

ADRB [AR 310-50] Army Disability Review Board

adrp [AR 310-50] airdrop

ADRRB [AR 310-50] Army Disability Rating Review Board

adrs 1[AR 310-50] address, 2[AR 310-50] addressee

ADRS analog-to-digital data recording system

ADRSS Automated Data Reports Submission System (USAF)

ADRT analog data recorder transcriber

ADS 1automated data system, 2accurately defined system, 3activity data sheet, 4air defense sector, 5automatic door seal, 6automatic decompression system, 7advanced deployable system, 8aerial delivery system, 9advanced digital switch, 10application development system, 11automatic distribution system, 12advanced distributed simulation, 13air data system, 14air defense suppression, 15application development solutions [AT&T], 16Artwork Delivery System [4-Sight], 17AutoCAD Development System [Autodesk], 18automatic data system, 19automation of design for supportability, 20advanced display system, 21authoritative data source, 22[JP 4-01.6] amphibian discharge site

ADS-TP Administrative Data System – Teleprocessing

ADSAF 1Automatic Data System for the Army in the Field, 2[AR 310-50] Automatic Data Systems Within the Army in the Field

ADSAM air-directed surface-to-air missile

AdSAMS advanced surface-to-air missile system

ADSAS air-derived separation assurance system

ADSC 1automatic data service center, 2automatic digital switching center, 3address status changed, 4automated data source collection, 5Adobe document structuring conventions, 6active duty service commitment

ADSEC [AR 310-50] advance section

ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency (NATO)

ADSID [AR 310-50] Air Defense Systems, Integration Division

ADSL 1authorized depot stockage list, 2asymmetric digital subscriber line

ADSLt asymmetric digital subscriber line technology

ADSM 1air-defense suppression missile, 2[AR 310-50] Air Defense Service Medal, 3[AR 310-50] automated systems manual

ADSN accounting and disbursing station number

ADSP AppleTalk Datastream Protocol

ADSR attack, decay, sustain, release

ADSS 1automated data subsystem, 2Army Decision Support System

ADSSHPDA [AR 310-50] active shipping data

ADST advanced distributed simulation technology

ADSU air data sensor unit

ADSUP automated data systems uniform practices

ADSW 1anti diesel submarine warfare, 2active duty for special work

ADT 1airborne data terminal, 2active duty for training, 3automatic data translator, 4application data types, 5advanced display terminal, 6alphanumeric display terminal, 7Atlantic Daylight Time, 8automatic data transmission, 9automatic detection and tracking, 10[JP 1-02] automatic digital tester, 11[JP 1-02] assign digital transmission group, 12[AR 310-50] atomic damage template

ADT3 air defense tactical training theater

ADTAC air defense tactical air command

ADTC Armament Development and Test Center (USAF)

ADTDL Army Doctrinal Training Digital Library

ADTECH advanced decoy technology

ADTF [AR 310-50] artillery direct fire trainer

ADTL Armywide doctrinal and training literature

ADTLP Army-wide Doctrine and Training Literature Program

ADTS Automated Data and Telecommunications Service (GSA)

ADTU auxiliary data transfer unit

ADU 1automatic dialing unit, 2accumulation and distribution unit, 3air data unit, 4auxiliary display unit, 5asynchronous data unit

ADUM [AR 310-50] automated data unit movement

ADUS Avionic Data Utilization System

ADUSD(L)TP Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics (Transportation Policy)

adv 1advance, 2[AR 310-50] advanced

ADVANCE Army Data Validation and Netting Capability Establishment

ADVANCENET Hewlett Packard's network supporting OSI and SNA

ADVCAP advanced capability

ADVDISC [AR 310-50] advance discontinuance of allotment

ADVMOS [AR 310-50] advanced military occupational specialty

ADVON 1advanced cadre, 2advanced echelon

ADVPMT [AR 310-50] advance payment

ADW 1air defense warning, 2area denial weapon

ADWC air division warning center

ADWEPS [AR 310-50] Air Defense Weapons Cost Effectiveness Study

ADWS automated digital weather switch

ADX 1automatic data exchange, 2[AR 310-50] advanced development experimental, 3[AR 310-50] air defense exercise

AE 1acoustic emission, 2aeroelectronic, 3air escape, 4airborne electronics, 5application engineer, 6arithmetic element, 7arithmetic expression, 8[USN] ammunition ship, 9aeromedical evacuation, 10assault echelon, 11above or equal, 12abbreviate evaluate, 13acquisition executive, 14apportioned effort, 15[JP 1-02] attenuation equalizer, 16[AR 310-50] architectural engineering

AE&S [AR 310-50] air equipment and support

AEA 1Atomic Energy Act, 2[AR 310-50] assignment eligibility and availability

AEAO airborne emergency action officer

AEAS ASW environmental aquatic support (USN)

AEB 1aerial exploitation battalion [Army], 2auxiliary equipment building, 3aircrew evaluation board, 4analog expansion bus [Dialogic], 5area exploration battalion

AEC 1Atomic Energy Commission (now DoE), 2air event conference, 3automatic engine control, 4application essentiality code, 5[AR 310-50] area equipment compounds, 6[AR 310-50] Army education center, 7The United States Army Evaluation Center

AECA Arms Export Control Act (1976)

AECB Arms Export Control Board

AECC aeromedical evacuation control center

AECE aeromedical evacuation control element

AECM 1active electronic countermeasures, 2aeromedical evacuation crew member

AECO 1advance engineering change order, 2[AR 310-50] aeromedical evacuation control officer

AECP Army Extension Course Program

AECS 1advanced entry control system, 2advanced environmental control system

AECU advanced electronic control unit

AED 1automated engineering design, 2allocation engineering division, 3Aeronautical Engineering Division (Air Force)

AEDAS Automated ESM Data Analysis System

AEDC Arnold Engineering Development Center (AFMC)

AEDO aeronautical engineering duty officer (Navy)

AEDS atomic energy detection system

AEE airborne evaluation equipment

AEELS Automatic Airborne ELINT Emitter Location System

AEF [AR 310-50] American expeditionary force

AEFS [USN] fleet replenishment ship

AEG 1active element group, 2aeromedical evacuation group

AEGIS 1Airborne Early Warning/Ground Environment Integration System, 2airborne early warning ground integration segment

AEHA 1Army Environmental Hygiene Agency, 2aeromedical evacuation and hospitalization model (3CS)

AEI average efficiency index

AEL 1allowance equipage list, 2[AR 310-50] authorized equipment listing

AELP allied electrical publication (NATO)

AELT aeromedical evacuation liaison team

AEMR acquisition executive management report

AEMS 1Aircraft Engine Management System (USN), 2Ammunition Executive Management System (Army)

AEO 1acoustoelectrical oscillators, 2Army Energy Office

AEOO aeromedical evacuation operations officers

AEOS [JP 4-02.2] aeromedical evacuation operations squadron

AEOT [JP 4-02.2] aeromedical evacuation operations team

AEP 1annual execution plan, 2allied engineering publication (NATO), 3affirmative employment programs, 4accrued expense paid

AEPDS 1Advanced Processing and Dissemination System, 2automatic emergency action message

AEPG Army Electronic Proving Ground [Fort Huachuca, AZ]

AEPS 1Airlift Execution Planning System (AMC), 2average expenditure per sortie, 2[JP 1-02] aircrew escape propulsion system

AER 1academic evaluation report, 2[AR 310-50] Army Emergency Relief

AERB [AR 310-50] Army Educational Requirements Board

AERDC Army Electronics Research and Development Command

AERDL Army Electronics Research and Development Laboratory

aero [AR 310-50] aeronautics

AEROMED Aeromedical Evacuation System (AMC)

AERS Army Education Requirements System

AES 1aeromedical evacuation squadron, 2application environment services, 3application environment specification, 4Acquisition Executive Service, 5Army experimentation site

AESAP [AR 310-50] Army Entertainment Scholarships and Awards Program

AESC automatic electronic switching center (AUTODIN)

AESO 1advanced engineering supplemental order, 2Army experimentation site officer

AESOP 1an evolutionary system for on-line processing, 2airborne electro-optical special operations payload

AESRS [AR 310-50] Army Equipment Status Reporting System

AET Army extension training

AET&CD acquisition education, training, and career development

AETACS airborne elements of the TACS (Tactical Air Control System)

AETC 1Aerospace Education and Training Command, 2Air Education and Training Command

AETIS Army Extension Training Information System

AEtP [AR 310-50] allied electronics publication

AETP allied electronic publication

AEU 1airborne electronics unit, 2accrued expense unpaid, 3[JP 1-02] assign essential user bypass

AEW 1asset evaluation worksheet, 2airborne early warning

AEW&C airborne early warning and control

AEWC [AR 310-50] airborne early warning and control

AEWIC Army Electronic Warfare Intelligence Committee (DCSOPS DA)

AEWIS Army electronic warfare information system

AEWS 1advanced electronic warfare system, 2Aircraft Engine Warranty Sub Board

AEWSPS Aircraft Electronic Warfare Self-Protection System

AEWTU airborne early warning training unit

AF 1[U.S.] Air Force, 2audio frequency, 3automatic following, 4availability factor, 5[USN] store ship, 6auxiliary carry flag

AF IMCO Air Force information management control officer

AF OIPT Air Force overarching integrated product team

AF TO Air Force technical order

AF-RF audio frequency-radio frequency

AF/DP [JP 1-02] Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, United States Air Force

AF/IN [USAF] Assistant Chief of Staff/Intelligence

AF/LG [JP 1-02] Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, United States Air Force

AF/PC automatic frequency /phase controlled [loop]

AF/SC [JP 1-02] Deputy Chief of Staff for Command, Control, Communications, and Computers, United States Air Force

AF/XO [JP 1-02] Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans and Operations, United States Air Force

AF/XOI [JP 2-02] Air Force Director of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

AF/XOO [JP 1-02] Director of Operations, United States Air Force

AFA 1Air Force Academy, 2accelerated file access, 3Army flight activity, 4audio frequency amplifier

AFAA Air Force Audit Agency

AFAARS Air Force After-Action Reporting System

AFAC 1airborne forward air controller, 2Air Force acquisition circular

AFACD Air Force Director of Data Automation

AFADPP Air Force Automation Data Processing Plan

AFAE Air Force Acquisition Executive

AFAFC Air Force Accounting and Finance Center

AFAISRC Air Force Automated Information Systems Review Council

AFAITC Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center

AFAK [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Assistance to Korea

AFALC Air Force Acquisition Logistics Center (AFMC)

AFALCIIS AFALC Integrated Information System

AFALD Air Force Acquisition Logistics Division

AFALT Air Force alternate command post

AFAM Air Force acquisition model

AFAMPE Air Force Automated Message Processing Exchange

AFAMRL Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory (AFMC)

AFAMS automated flying and maintenance scheduling

AFAO approved force acquisition objective

AFAPG Air Force ADP Planning Guide

AFAR Azore Fixed Acoustic Range (USN)

AFARN Air Force air request net

AFARS Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

AFAS 1advanced field artillery system, 2automated fuels accounting system

AFASC Air Force Aeronautical System Centers

AFATDS 1Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System, 2Advanced Field Artillery Target Designation System, 3Air Force Airborne Tactical Data System, 4Army field artillery tactical data system

AFATL Air Force Armament Laboratory

AFB 1antifriction bearing, 2USAF base

AFBCA Air Force Base Conversion Agency

AFBCMR Air Force Board For Correction of Military Record

AFBMD Air Force Ballistic Missile Division

AFBOP Air Force Business Opportunitie Page

AFBS 1AF Corporate Board Structure, 2Air Force Broadcasting Service

AFC 1area frequency coordinator, 2automatic frequency control, 3automatic font change, 4Air Force Council

AFC2M2 Air Force command and control modernization methodology

AFC2M2H Air Force Command and Control Modernization Methodology Handbook

AFC2S Air Force Command and Control Systems

AFC2SSPO Air Force Command and Control Systems Program Office

AFC3CMSDB Air Force CC3M Support Database

AFCA Air Force Communication Agency

AFCAA Air Force Cost Analysis Agency

AFCAIG Air Force Cost Analysis Improvement Group

AFCALS Air Force Computer Aided and Acquisition Logistics Support

AFCAP 1Air Force Contract Augmentation Program, 2[JP 5-00.2] Armed Forces Contract Augmentation Program

AFCARA Air Force Civilian Appellate Review Agency

AFCAS automatic flight control augmentation system

AFCAT Air Force catalog

AFCC 1Air Force Communications Command, 2Air Force component commander, 3[AR 310-50] assault fire command console

AFCCPC Air Force Communications Computer Programming Center

AFCCR Air Force Communications Command regulation

AFCCS Air Force Cargo Coordination Support System

AFCD Air Force Cryptologic Depot

AFCDAd Air Force Component Data Administrator

AFCEA Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

AFCEE Air Force Center For Environmental Excellence

AFCEMI Air Force communication electronic maintenance instruction

AFCENT [NATO] Allied Force, Central Europe

AFCERT Air Force computer emergency response team

AFCESA Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency

AFCENT [NATO] Allied Force, Central Europe

AFCFM Air Force career field manager

AFCH Air Force component headquarters

AFCIMS Air Force Claims Information Management System

AFCIPS Air Force Communications-Computer Integration and Planning System

AFCMC Air Force Contract Maintenance Center

AFCMD Air Force Contract Management Division (AFMC)

AFCMO Air Force Contract Management Office (USAF)

AFCNF Air Force Central NOTAM Facility (AFCC)

AFCOLR Air Force Coordinating Office for Logistics Research

AFCOMAC Air Force Combat Ammunition Center

AFCOMSEC Air Force communication security

AFCOS Air Force Contingency Operations Staff (HQ USAF)

AFCPMC Air Force Civilian Personnel Management Center

AFCPO Air Force CALS Program Office

AFCRD Air Force contract requirement document

AFCS 1automatic flight control system(s), 2Automatic Fire Control System, 3Army facility components system, 4Army facilities component systems, 5[AR 310-50] active federal commissioned service, 6[AR 310-50] Air Force Communications Service

AFCSA 1Air Force Center for Studies and Analysis, 2Air Force C4 system architecture

AFCSC Air Force Cryptologic Support Center (AFIC)

AFCSDO Air Force Communications-Computer Systems Doctrine Office

AFCSI Air Force Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence

AFCSP Air Force Computer Security Program

AFCSPO Air Force Computer Security Program Office

AFCTL Air Force component team leader

AFCUISPD Air Force Common User Information Services Planning Document

AFCVIL Air Force Central Visual Information Library

AFD 1automatic file distribution, 2axial flux density [difference], 3advanced fullscreen debug, 4abbreviated functional description, 5automated file designator, 6[JP 1-02] assign fixed directory

AFDA 1axial flux difference alarm, 2Air Force data administrator

AFDAP Air Force Designated Acquisition Program

AFDATACOM Air Force data communications

AFDB large auxiliary floating dry dock

AFDC 1aid to families with dependent children, 2Air Force Doctrine Center

AFDCB [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board

AFDCO Air Force Distribution Control Office

AFDD 1Air Force Data Dictionary, 2Air Force doctrine document

AFDDA Air Force Director of Data Automation

AFDIGS Air Force Digital Graphics System

AFDIR Air Force Directory

AFDL small auxiliary floating dry dock

AFDLC [TR 350-70] Armed Forces Distance Learning Council

AFDM medium auxiliary floating dry dock

AFDMMF Air Force Development Manufacturing and Modification Facility

AFDO award fee determining official

AFDP Army Force Development Plan

AFDS 1Automatic Flight Director System, 2automatic frequency deconfliction system

AFDTAMS Air Force Data Transmission and Message System

AFDTC Air Force Development Test Center

AFDW 1active framework for data warehousing [Microsoft], 2Air Force District of Washington

AFE alternate fighter engine

AFEB 1award fee evaluation board, 2[AR 310-50] Armed Forces Epidemiological Board

AFECO Air Force Electronic Combat Office

AFEDG Air Force engineering data group

AFEDSC Air Force Engineering Data Service Center (Scott AFB)

AFEEIP Air Force Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Program

AFEES [JP 1-02] Armed Forces examining and entrance station

AFEKDS Air Force Electronic Key Distribution System

AFELIS Air Force Engineering and Logistics Information System

AFELM Air Force element

AFEM [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

AFEMMIS Air Force Equipment Maintenance Management Information System

AFEMS Air Force Equipment Management System

AFEOC Air Force Emergency Operations Center

AFEP Air Force Exercise Program

AFEPL Air Force Electronic Publishing Library

AFESC 1Air Force Engineering and Services Center, 2Air Force Explosive Safety Council

AFETAC Air Force Environmental Technical Applications Center

AFETC Air Force Education and Training Command

AFETS 1Air Force Engineering and Technical Service, 2Air Force engineering and technical support

AFEWC Air Force Electronic Warfare Center (ESC)

AFEWES Air Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator

AFFARS Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

AFFIF Air Field Facilities Information File (WWMCCS®)

AFFIS Air Field Facilities Information System (WWMCCS®)

AFFMA Air Force Frequency Management Agency

AFFMC Air Force Frequency Management Center (AFCC)

AFFN Air Force foreign national

AFFOR 1Air Force forces, 2Air Force theater command

AFFSA Air Force Flight Standard Agency

AFFTC Air Force Flight Test Center

AFFTIC Air Force Foreign Technology Intelligence Center

AFG 1Army Force Guidance, 2annual funding guidance

AFGE American Federation of Government Employees

AFGL Air Force Geophysical Laboratory (AFMC)

AFGR [AR 310-50] approved force gross equipment

AFGS automatic flight guidance system

AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Central (AWS)

AFGWIS Air Force Global Weather Information System

AFH 1Army family housing, 2Air Force handbook

AFHC Army family housing and construction

AFHIS Air Force Headquarters Information System

AFHO Army family housing (operation and maintenance)

AFHOI Air Force Headquarters operating instruction

AFHRA Air Force Historical Research Agency

AFHRL Air Force Human Resources Laboratory

AFI 1Air Force instruction, 2Air Forces Iceland (LANTCOM), 3Allied Forces Italy (NATO), 4AppleTalk Filing Interface, 5authority and format identifier

AFIAB Air Force incentive award board

AFIC 1Air Force Intelligence Command, 2[AR 310-50] approved force inventory objective

AFICP Air Force Intelligence Communications Plan

AFID [JP 1-02] anti-fratricide identification device

AFIN Air Force intelligence

AFIF Air Force Industrial Fund

AFIFIO Air Force Information for Industry Office (AFMC)

AFII Association for Font Information Interchange

AFIISP Air Force Intelligence Information Systems Plans

AFIMMSS Air Force Integrated Maintenance Management Support System

AFINCC Air Force Internet Control Center

AFIND Air Force indexes

AFIP 1Air Force intelligence plan, 2Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

AFIPS American Federation of Information Processing Societies

AFIRB [JP 4-06] Armed Forces Identification Review Board

AFIRDS Air Force Information Resource Dictionary Systems

AFIRM automated fingerprint image reporting and match

AFIS 1automated fingerprint identification system, 2Air Force Intelligence Service

AFIS/IND Air Force Intelligence Service/Intelligence Data Management

AFISA 1Air Force Intelligence Support Agency, 2Air Force information systems architecture, 3Air Force integrated systems architecture

AFISC Air Force Inspection and Safety Center

AFISP Air Force Information Systems Plan

AFIT Air Force Institute of Technology

AFIT/LS Air Force Institute of Technology School of Systems and Logistics

AFIWC Air Force Information Warfare Center

AFJAM Air Force joint manual

AFJIMS Air Force Justice Information System

AFJMAN [JP 4-01.7] Air Force joint manual


AFJQS Air Force job qualification standard

AFKN [AR 310-50] American Forces Korea Network

AFL/CIO American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organizations

AFLAN Air Force local area net

AFLANSPO Air Force Local Area Network Systems Program Office

AFLANT Air Force, Atlantic Command (ACC)

AFLAS aviation fuels logistical area summary

AFLC Air Force Logistics Command

AFLC/AFSC Air Force Logistic Command/Air Force System Command

AFLCIO American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

afld [AR 310-50] airfield

AFLE [JP 3-56.1] Air Force liaison element

AFLETS Air Force Law Enforcement Terminal System

AFLIF Air Force logistic information file

AFLMC Air Force Logistics Management Center (AU)

AFLNO [JP 3-09.3] Air Force liaison officer

AFLP Air Force lead program

AFLSA/JAJT Advocate General, through the Air Force Legal Service Agency/Trial Judiciary Division

AFM 1antifriction metal, 2automatic flight management, 3Air Force manual, 4[AR 310-50] armed forces management

AFMAG Air Force management analysis group

AFMAM Air Force Medical Applications Model

AFMAN Air Force manual

AFMBP Air Force Model Base for Communications-Computer Systems Program

AFMC Air Force Materiel Command

AFMC FAR SUP Air Force Materiel Command Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

AFMC/ASC Air Force Materiel Command/Aeronautical System Center

AFMC/LMSC AFMC/Logistics Management Support Center

AFMCAC Air Force Materiel Command acquisition circular

AFMCBEAMS AFLC Base Engineering Automated Management System

AFMCO Army Force Modernization Coordination Office

AFMCFARS Air Force Materiel Command Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

AFMCLC/JANO Air Force Materiel Command Law Center/Operation Division

AFMCSCE Air Force Materiel Command Support Center, Europe

AFMD Air Force mission directive

AFME [JP 4-06] armed forces medical examiner

AFMEA Air Force Management Engineering Agency

AFMEDICS Air Force Medical Information and Control System

AFMETCAL Air Force metrology and calibration

AFMIC Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center

AFMIS 1Air Force Major Command Information System, 2Air Force Management Information System (Project 6000), 3Army Food Management Information System

AFML Air Force Materiel Laboratory (AFSC)

AFMLO Air Force Medical Logistics Office

AFMMFO Air Force medical materiel field office

AFMPC 1Air Force Manpower and Personnel Center, 2[JP 1-02] United States Air Force Military Personnel Center

AFMR antiferromagnetic resonance

AFMS 1automatic flight management system, 2Armed Forces Management School, 3Air Force Medical Service

AFMSA/SGSF Air Force Medical Support Agency/Health Facilities Division

AFMSC 1Air Force Medical Service Center, [AR 310-50] 2Armed Forces Menu Service Committee

AFMSISP Air Force Medical Services Information System Plan

AFMSL Air Force Measurement Standard Laboratory

AFMSS Air Force Mission Support System

AFMWG acquisition and financial management working group

AFMWRAB Air Force Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Advisory Board

AFN American Forces Network

AFNAF Air Force nonappropriated fund

AFNAFPO Air Force nonappropriated fund purchasing office

AFNE [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Network, Europe

AFNORTH Allied Forces Northern Europe (NATO)

AFNP Air Force nonrecurring pamphlet

AFNT Air Force negotiation team

AFO accounting and finance offices

AFOAA Air Force Office of Attaché Affairs

AFOC 1Air Force Operations Center (HQ USAF), 2Army flight operations center

AFOE assault follow-on echelon

AFOEA Air Force Organizational Excellence Award

AFOLDS Air Force on-line data systems

AFOMS Air Force Office of Medical Support (Formerly Air Force Medical Service Center - AFMSC)

AFOOF Accounting and Finance Office of the Future

AFOOTS Air Force Obligation/Outlay Tracking System

AFOREP Air Force Operational Reporting System

AFORMS Air Force Operations Resources Management System

AFOSC Air Force operation support centers

AFOSH Air Force occupational safety and health

AFOSH STD Air Force Occupational Safety and Health Standard

AFOSI Air Force Office of Special Investigations

AFOSP Air Force Office of Security Police

AFOSR Air Force Office of Scientific Research

AFOTEC Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center

AFP 1Air Force pamphlet, 2Appletalk Filing Protocol [Macintosh], 3[JP 1-02] armed forces publication, 4[AR 310-50] annual funding program

AFPA automatic flow process analysis

AFPAM Act Program Air Force Pamphlet

AFPAN Air Force Public Affair Network

AFPB Air Force publishing bulletin

AFPC 1Armed Forces Policy Council, 2[AR 310-50] Armed Forces Policy Committee

AFPCB [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Pest Control Board

AFPCDPPAT Air Force Personnel Center/Personnel Development

AFPCP 1Air Force Potential Contractor Program, 2Armed Forces Policy Council

AFPD 1[AR 310-50] armed forces police detachment, 2Air Force policy directive

AFPDA Army force planning data and assumptions

AFPDC Air Force Publishing Distribution Center

AFPDL Air Force Publishing Distribution Library

AFPEA Air Force Packaging Evaluation Activity

AFPEC Armed Forces Product Evaluation Committee

AFPEO 1Air Force program executive officer, 2[JP 1-0] Armed Forces Professional Entertainment Overseas

AFPEO/FB Air Force Program Executive Office/ Fighter, Bomber

AFPG 1Air Force planning guide, 2Air Force planning guidance

AFPM Air Force project manager

AFPNPRB Air Force Periodical and Nonrecurring Pamphlet Review Board

AFPOD Air Force point of debarkation

AFPOE Air Force point of embarkation

AFPR Air Force plant representative

AFPRO Air Force plant representative office

AFPS [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Press Service

AFPTEF Air Force Packaging Technology Engineering Facility

AFQT Armed Forces Qualification Test

AFQTP 1Air Force qualification training package, 2Air Force quality training packages

AFQTVA [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Qualification Test Verbal Arithmetic Subtest

AFR 1Air Force regulation, 2Air Force Reserve, 3Africa, 4[JP 1-02] assign frequency for network reporting, 5[AR 310-50] artillery flash ranging

AFRA [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Reserve Act of 1952, as amended

AFRAMS Air Force Recoverable Asset Management System

AFRAP Air Force Remedial Action Program

AFRB award fee review board

AFRC 1Air Force Reserve Command, 2[JP 1-02] armed forces recreation center, 3[AR 310-50] armed forces reserve center

AFRCC Air Force Rescue Coordination Center

AFRCE Air Force regional civil engineer

AFRCS Air Force Reports Control System

AFRDR Air Force Director of Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare

AFREA Air Force Real Estate Agency

AFREP Air Force representative

AFRES Air Force Reserves

AFRIP Air Force Reuse Implementation Plan

AFRLC Air Force regional civil engineers

AFRM 1[AR 310-50] air frame, 2[AR 310-50] Armed Forces Reserve Manual

AFRO Air Force recruiting office

AFROTC Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

AFRP 1Air Force recurring publication, 2Air Force recurring periodical

AFRPL Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (AFMC)

AFRRI [JP 1-02] Armed Forces Radiological Research Center

AFRS 1Air Force Recruiting Service, 2Automated Fitness Reports System (USMC)

AFRSC [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Recipe Service Committee

AFRTS Armed Forces Radio and Television Service

AFS 1Air Force specialty, 2audio frequency shift, 3combat store ship, 4[USN] fleet stores ship, 5Air Force station, 6Andrew file system (protocols), 7automatic flight system, 8active federal service, 9[JP 1-02] aeronautical fixed service

AFSA Air Force Safety Agency

AFSAA Air Force Studies and Analysis Agency

AFSAC 1Air Force Special Activities Center, 2Air Force Security Assistance Center

AFSAL Air Force specialized aid

AFSAMR Air Force Security Assistance Management Review

AFSARC Air Force Systems Acquisition Review Council

AFSAT 1Air Force satellite, 2Air Force security assistance training

AFSATCOM Air Force Satellite Communications System

AFSC 1Air Force Systems Command, 2Air Force specialty sode, 3Armed Forces Staff College (NDU), 4Air Force safety center

AFSC2ISA Air Force Standard Command and Control Information Systems Architecture

AFSC4 Air Force Systems for Command, Control, Communications, and Computers

AFSC4I Air Force Systems for Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Intelligence

AFSCAPS Air Force Standard Civilian Automated Pay System

AFSCF Air Force Satellite Control Facility

AFSCN Air Force Satellite Control Network

AFSCOASO Air Force Small Computer/Office Automation Service Organization

AFSCOORD [AR 310-50] assistant fire support coordinator

AFSCP Air Force Systems Command pamphlet

AFSCS [AR 310-50] Army Field Stock Control System

AFSE automated fire support element

AFSEO Air Force Seek Eagle Office

AFSF Air Force Stock Fund

AFSFRS Air Force Stock Fund Reporting System

AFSG amphibious force support group (USN)

AFSHRC Albert F Simpson Historical Research Center

AFSIG Air Force Weapons Support Improvement Group

AFSINC Air Force Service Information and News Center

AFSIP Air Force Signals Intelligence Plan

AFSISC Air Force standard information systems center

AFSK automatic frequency shift keying

AFSMO Air Force Space and Missile Organization

AFSOB Air Force special operations base

AFSOC 1Air Force Special Operations Command, 2Air Force special operations component

AFSOCC [JP 1-02] Air Force special operations control center

AFSOD Air Force special operations detachment

AFSOE Air Force special operations element

AFSOF Air Force special operations forces

AFSOS automated food service operations system

AFSOUTH Allied Forces Southern Europe (NATO)

AFSPA Air Force Security Police Agency

AFSPACECMD Air Force Space Command

AFSPC Air Force Space Command

AFSPOC [JP 1-02] Air Force Space Operations Center

AFSS 1Air Force Security Service, 2automated fuels service stations

AFSSI Air Force system security instruction

AFSSM 1Air Force system security manual, 2Air Force system security memorandum

AFSSO Air Force Special Security Office

AFSTC Air Force Space Technology Center (AFSC)

AFSUP Air Force supplement

AFSVA Air Force Service Agency

AFSWF Air Force Software Facility (WIS)

AFT alert fire team

AFTAC 1Air Force Technical Applications Center (Patrick AFB), 2Air Force Tactical Applications Center

AFTACIES Air Force Tactical Imagery Exploitation System (TAF)

AFTCCSEC Air Force Trusted Critical Computer System Evaluation Criteria

AFTCO Air Force Telecommunications Certification Office

AFTEC Air Force Test and Evaluation Center (now AFOTEC)

AFTER Army future test and evaluation requirement

AFTI 1advanced fighter technology integration, 2automated interchange of technical information

AFTIP Air Force theater intelligence plan

AFTMS Air Force Training Management System

AFTN [JP 1-02] Aeronautical Feed Telecommunications Network

AFTO Air Force technical order

AFTP 1anonymous file transfer protocol, 2[AR 310-50] aircrew flight training period

AFTPC Air Force teleprocessing center

AFTRA American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

AFU 1Alaska Forecast Unit, 2[AR 310-50] assault fire unit

AFV 1airborne fighting vehicle, 2armored fighting vehicle, 3awaiting fix verification

AFVA Air Force visual aid

AFVE annual fuel utilization efficiency

AFWAB [AR 310-50] Army Fixed Wing Aptitude Battery

AFWAL Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories

AFWAM Air Force WWMCCS® ADP Modernization Program

AFWAR [AR 310-50] Air Force personnel on duty with Army

AFWC Air Force Wargaming Center

AFWCF [JP 4-02.1] Air Force Working Capital Fund

AFWIS Air Force WWMCCS® Information System

AFWL Air Force Weapons Laboratory

AFWMPRT Air Force wartime manpower personnel readiness team

AFWSIG Air Force Weapon System Improvement Group

AFWST [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Woman's Selection Test

AFWTF Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility

AFWWMCCS® Air Force Worldwide Military Command and Control System

AFY2KWG Air Force Year 2000 Working Group

AFYDP Army’s Five Year Defense Plan

ag [AR 310-50] anti-gas

AG 1Army guidance, 2Adjutant General, 3Adjutant General’s Corps, 4air to ground, 5armor grating, 6arresting gear, 7airlift group, 8miscellaneous support ship, 9army group (NATO), 10air gunner, 11attorney general, 12advisory group

AGA American Gas Association

AGACS automatic ground-to-air communications

AGADS advanced graphics avionics display system

AGARD [NATO] Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development

AGC automatic gain control

AGCA automatic ground-controlled approach

AGCCS Army Global Command and Control System

AGCF [AR 310-50] air-ground correlation factor

AGCL automatic ground-controlled landing

AGCM Army Good Conduct Medal

AGCT Army General Classification Test

AGDS 1American Gage Design Standard, 2deep submergence support ship, 3[USN] launch area support ship

AGE 1auxiliary ground equipment, 2aerospace ground [support] equipment, 3aircraft ground equipment

AGE-P aerospace ground equipment powered

AGES/AD air ground engagement system/air defense

AGF 1miscellaneous command ship, 2[USN] command ship

AGI 1auxiliary general intelligence, 2CIS intelligence collecting ship

AGIL airborne general illumination light [Shed Light]

AGILE autonetics general information learning equipment

AGL above ground level

AGM 1[USN] missile range instrumentation ship, 2missile range instrumentation ship, 3air-to-ground missile

AGMA American Gear Manufacturing Association

AGMC Aerospace Guidance and Meteorology Center

AGMS air to ground missile system

AGO administrative grant officer

AGOR oceanographic research ship

AGOS 1air-ground operations system, 2ocean surveillance ship, 3Air Ground Operations School (USAF)

AGP advanced graphics port [Intel]

AGPLAN Army general purpose local area net

AGPP Army-wide GTA Prioritization Program

AGR [JP 1-03.17] Active Guard and Reserve

AGRAS 1antiglare, 2antireflective, 3antistatic

AGRS [AR 310-50] American Graves Registration Service

AGS 1armored gun system, 2surveying ship, 3aircraft generation squadron, 4armored gun system (Army), 5[AR 310-50] Army General Staff

AGSEWG aircraft ground support equipment working group

AGSS [USN] auxiliary research/experimental submarine (conventional)

AGSSS Airborne Graphics Software Support System (ASD)

AGT 1above ground test, 2advanced gun technology

AGTR [USN] auxiliary technical reconnaissance ship

AGU address-generation unit

AGVT advanced ground vehicle technology (Army)

AGW allowable gross weight

AGZ actual ground zero

AH 1ampere-hour, 2available hours, 3[USN] hospital ship, 4Avalon Hill (major wargame manufacturer), 5alternate headquarters, 6attack helicopter, 7[AR 310-50] airfield heliport

AH-1J Sea Cobra

AH-64A Apache Helicopter

AH/ERS alternate headquarters/ emergency relocation sites

AHA [JP 1-02] American Hospital Association

AHAMS [Army] Advanced Heavy Anti-tank Missile System

AHC 1aircraft handling characteristics, 2[AR 310-50] assault helicopter company

ahd [AR 310-50] airhead

AHD [AR 310-50] arrowhead

AHE automated history entry

AHEAPS Automated Hazard Abatement Program System (USAF)

AHEP atmospheric electrical hazards protection

AHF adaptive high frequency

AHFRAC [AR 310-50] Army Human Factors Research Advisory Committee

AHFRDC Army Human Factors Research and Development Committee

AHHQ alternate hardened headquarters

AHIP 1armed helicopter improvement program, 2[JP 1-02] Army Helicopter Improvement Program

AHM ampere-hour meter

AHMCM anti-helicopter mine countermeasure

AHMMO Army Heavy Metal Management Office

AHN [AR 310-50] Army health nurse

AHP 1analytical hierarchy process, 2[AR 310-50] allied hydropublication, 3[AR 310-50] Army heliport

AHQ air headquarters

AHR acceptable hazard rate

AHRS altitude and heading reference system

AHS 1Academy of Health Sciences, 2[AR 310-50] Arlington Hall Station

AHSR air-height surveillance radar

AHWG ad hoc working group

Ai Inherent Availability

AI 1airborne intercept, 2Army intelligence, 3artificial intelligence, 4air interdiction, 5automatic input, 6analog input, 7air interception, 8assistant instructor, 9automatic identification, 10[JP 1-02] airborne interceptor, 11[AR 310-50] assignment instructions

AIA 1application installation aid, 2Army information architecture, 3Army Intelligence Agency, 4Air Force Intelligence Agency, 5applications integration architecture [DEC], 6Aerospace Industries Association, 7avionic integration area

AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AIAAM advanced intercept air-to-air missile

AIAIT Army Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center

AIAS airborne integrated antenna system

AIASA annual integrated assessment of security assistance

AIB accident investigation board

AIC 1air intercept controller, 2AIXwindows Interface Composer [IBM], 3automated intelligence correlation, 4allowance item code, 5assignment instruction code, 6[JP 1-02] assign individual compressed dial; 7[JP 1-02]Atlantic Intelligence Command

AICARS Airlift Interim CAMS and REMIS System

AICBM anti-intercontinental ballistic missile

AICC airborne intercept command control

AICF/USA [JP 3-08] Action Internationale Contre La Faim (International Action Against Hunger)

AICPA American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

AID 1algebraic interpretive dialog, 2AUTODIN interface device, 3accident, incident, deficiency, 4Agency for International Development

AIDA Airbase Damage Assessment (HQ USAF)

AIDE automated integrated design engineering

AIDECS [AR 310-50] Automatic Inspection Device for Explosive Charge Shell

AIDES Analyst's Intelligence Display and Exploitation System (JCS)

AIDRB [AR 310-50] Army Investigational Drug Review Board

AIDS 1automated integrated debugging system, 2Advanced Integrated Display System, 3Aircraft Integrated Data System, 4Automated Information Distribution System (TRADOC), 5Automated Intelligence Data System, 6acoustic intelligence data system, 7[JP 3-08] acquired immune deficiency syndrome, 8[AR 310-50] Army inventory of data systems

AIDSCOM Army Information Data Systems Command

AIE 1Ada integrated environment, 2acceptance inspection equipment

AIEP Army Ideas for Excellence Program

AIEWS 1advanced integrated electronic warfare system, 2advanced integrated ECM system

AIF 1Army Industrial Fund, 2automated installation intelligence file, 3Army installation file, 4[AR 310-50] automated intelligence file

AIFF 1audio interchange file format, 2advanced identification friend or foe

AIG 1address indicator group, 2[AR 310-50] address indicating group

AIGA American Institute of Graphic Art

AII 1automated item identification, 2[AR 310-50] Army intelligence interpreter

AIIM Association for Information and Image Management

AIIRS [JP 2-01.2] Automated Intelligence Information Reporting System

AIIS Automated Information Infrastructure System

AIK aid in kind

AIL airborne instruments laboratories

AILAS automatic instrument landing approach system

AILS automatic instrument landing system

AIM 1air intercept missile, 2AFSATCOM/IEMATS microprocessor, 3Air Force Office of Aerospace Industry Modernization, 4automated input methodology, 5Army Interaction Manager, 6advanced industrial management, 7application interpreted model, 8authoring instructional material, 9[JP 1-02] airman's information manual, 10[AR 310-50] armored-infantry-mechanized

AIMACO air materiel computer

AIMCR alternative internal management control review

AIMD 1avionics integrated maintenance department, 2aviation intermediate maintenance department

AIMES Automated Inventory Management Evaluation System

AIMI 1aviation intensive managed items (Army), 2[AR 310-50] aviation intensive management items

AIMILO [AR 310-50] Army/industry materiel information liaison officer

AIMMM Artificially Intelligent Manager’s Media Model

AIMP Army Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Master Plan

AIMS 1Automated Instructional Management System, 2Army Integrated Meteorological System, 3automated information and management system, 4Air-Launched Intercept Missile Record System (USAF), 5Airlift Implementation and Monitoring System (MAC/PACAF), 6aircraft identification monitoring system, 7automated inventory management system

AIMS-R Automated Instructional Management System – Redesign

AIMVAL air intercept missile evaluation

AIMW Advanced International Management Workshop

AIMXS Aircraft IFF Mark XII Section

AIN 1Advanced Intelligent Network [Bell Atlantic], 2Army Interoperability Network, 3advanced intelligent networks [IT], 4approved item name

AIP 1approval in principle, 2allied intelligence publication, 3application input processor, 4ATOC Implementation Plan, 5AUTODIN Improvement Program, 6adaptive interferometer processor, 7[AR 310-50] aeronautical information publication

AIPAC American-Israel Public Affairs Committee

AIPC 1alternate indentured product code, 2[AR 310-50] Army Installations Planning Committee

AIPD Army Institute for Professional Development

AIPPS Army Integrated Publishing and Printing Service

AIPS Army Information Processing Standards

AIQC [JP 1-02] antiterrorism instructor qualification course

AIR 1aerosport information report, 2air intercept rocket, 3air inflatable retarder (bomb deceleration), 4air intercept radar, 5armament integration review

AIR CAD/CAM aviation computer aided design/ computer aided manufacturing

air recce air reconnaissance

AIR SEC 1air section, 2air sector

AIR-2 Genie

AIRAD [AR 310-50] air administrative net

AIRASLT [AR 310-50] Air Assault Badge

AIRBM [AR 310-50] anti-intermediate range ballistic missile

AIRCAP air flying capability model

AIRCOM aerospace communications complex

AIRCOMD [AR 310-50] air command net

AIRCON automated information and reservations computer-oriented network

AIREP Automated Incident Report System (WWMCCS®)

AIRES 1Advanced Imagery Requirements and Exploitation System, 2Automated Intelligence Reconnaissance Exploitation System

AIREVAC 1aeromedical evacuation, 2air evacuation report

AIREVACCONFIRM [JP 1-02] air evacuation confirmation

AIREVACREQ [JP 1-02] air evacuation request

AIREVACRESP [JP 1-02] air evacuation response

AIRLOGSITREP air logistics situation report

AIRMICS Army Institute for Research in Management Information and Computer Science

AIRMOD air freight module

AIRMP Army Information Resources Management Program

AIRO Army Imagery Requirements Office

AIROPS 1air operations, 2air operations report system

AIRP Airborne Instrumentation Research Program [NASA]

AIRREQRECON [JP 1-02] air request reconnaissance

AIRS 1automatic image retrieval system, 2automatic information retrieval system, 3AMDF Integration and Retrieval System, 4advanced inertial reference sphere, 5advanced infrared imaging seeker, 6airborne integrated reconnaissance system, 7[AR 310-50] Aircraft Inventory Reporting System

AIRSOUTH Air Forces, Southern Region (NATO)

AIRSUPREQ [JP 1-02] air support request

AIS 1automated information system, 2automated intelligence system, 3Air Intelligence System, 4action information system, 5avionics intermediate shop, 6AUTODIN Information System, 7active interference suppression, 8advanced indication system, 9AFWAL Information System (ASD), 10advanced instructional system, 11Automated Identification System [NCIC], 12avionics integrated support, 13avionics intermediate supporter station

AIS MNS automated information system mission need statement

AISARC Automated Information Systems Acquisition Review Council

AISB Association of Imaging Service Bureaus

AISC Association of Independent Software Companies

AISEC Army Information Engineering Command

AISI 1Army Information System Integration, 2American Iron and Steel Institute

AISP Association of Information Systems Professionals

AISRC Automated Information Systems Review Council

AISS airborne information systems squadron

AISSP AIS security plan

AIST 1automatic informational station, 2air intelligence support team

AISWG Air Interface Standards Working Group (NATO)

AIT 1advanced individual training, 2advanced identification techniques, 3Army intelligence translator, 4automatic identification technology, 5Advanced Information Technology [ESPRIT Project], 6advanced intelligent tape [Sony], 7assembly integration test, 8American Institute In Taiwan, 9analysis and integration team, 10application/infrastructure tool, 11automated identification technology, 12[AR 310-50] Automotive Information Test

AITS adopted information technology standard

AIU 1AUTODIN interface unit, 2ADCOM IDHS Upgrade

AIWS Advanced Interdiction Weapon System (obsolete, see JSOW)

AIX advanced interactive executive [IBM's answer to UNIX]

aj [AR 310-50] antijamming

AJ 1anitjamm(ing), 2assembly jig, 3administrative judge, 4[FM101-5-1] Azerbaijan

AJ/CM [JP 1-02] anti-jam control modem

AJAC automatic jamming avoidance circuitry

AJAG/CIV [AR 310-50] Assistant Judge Advocate General for Civil Law

AJAG/MIL [AR 310-50] Assistant Judge Advocate for Military Law

AJBPO [JP 1-02] Area Joint Blood Program Office

AJCC alternate joint communications center

AJCON automated job control

AJEM Army Joint Exercise Manual

AJMRO [JP 4-02] area joint medical regulating office

AJNPE [CJCSI 3410.01] airborne joint nuclear planning element

AJP advanced joint planning

AJPO Ada Joint Program Office

AJSS [AR 310-50] Australian Joint Staff Service

AJUA airport joint use agreement

AK 1Alaska, 2[USN] general cargo ship

AKA 1also known as, 2[USN] attack cargo ship

AKDC automatic key distribution center

AKN Army Knowledge Network

AKNLDG acknowledge

AKR [USN] vehicle cargo ship

AKROCC Alaskan Region Operations Control Center

AKV aircraft ferry [often old carriers]

AL 1Alabama, 2air lock, 3analytical limits, 4assembly language, 5AirLand, 6acquisition logistic, 7Armstrong Laboratory

ALA 1Army logistics assessment, 2[AR 310-50] Army launch area

ALAAP [AR 310-50] Alabama Army ammunition plant

ALACS a la carte system

ALAIRS advanced low altitude reconnaissance sensor

ALAN aircraft landing authorization number

ALANF [AR 310-50] Army land forces

ALAP 1as low as possible, 2AppleTalk Link Access Protocol

ALARA as low as reasonably achievable

ALARACT [AR 310-50] All Army activities

ALARM 1automatic light aircraft readiness monitor, 2Advance Low Altitude Radar Model

ALAS asynchronous look-ahead simulator

ALAT [AR 310-50] Army Language Aptitude Test

ALB AirLand Battle

ALBE AirLand Battlefield Environment

ALBM 1air-launched ballistic missile, 2AirLand Battle Management (Army/USAF/DARPA), 3air-to-land ballistic missile

ALC 1Autodial Level Converter, 2administrative and logistics center, 3Army Logistic Center, 4automatic level(ing) control, 5automatic load control, 6arithmetic and logic circuits, 7assured logistics communications, 8advanced land combat, 9Air Logistics Center (AFMC), 10Air Logistics Command, 11accounting legend code, 12American language course, 13aircrew laptop computer, 14[TR350-70] Army learning center

ALCAM air-launched conventional attack missile

ALCANUS [AR 310-50] Alaska, Canada, United States

ALCC 1air launch control center, 2airborne launch control center, 3airlift control center, 4[JP 4-02.2] airlift coordination cell

ALCE airlift control element

ALCEP AUTOSEVOCOM Life Cycle Extension Program (DISA)

ALCG [JP 1-02] analog line conditioning group

ALCM 1air launched cruise missile, 2Alaskan Command

ALCO [AR 310-50] airlift commanding office(r)

ALCOM 1algebraic compiler, 2[JP 1-02] United States Alaskan Command

ALCON [JP 1-02] all concerned

ALCOP alternate command post

ALCOR [AR 310-50] ARPA/Lincoln C-band observable radar

ALCP 1area local control panel, 2alternate command post

ALCPT American Language Course Placement Test

ALCS 1airborne launch control system, 2airlift control squadron, 3augmented longitudinal control system

ALD 1analog line driver, 2[DoD] accounting line designator, 3Acquisition Logistics Division (USAF), 4available to load date, 5[JP 1-02] airborne laser designator, 6[JP 1-02] available-to-load date at POE, 7[AR 310-50] at a later date

ALDP automatic language data processing

ALDT administrative and logistics delay time

ALE 1annual loss expectancy, 2Army liaison element, 3application link enabling [SAP], 4address latch enable, 5annual loss estimate, 6automated link establishment

ALERFA [JP 1-02] alert phase (ICAO)

ALERT 1aircraft low energy retrieval technique, 2automated extraction and retrieval technique, 3air logistics early requirements technique

ALERTS airborne early warning and RV tracking system

ALESA American League for Exports and Security Assistance

ALF 1air lift forces, 2auxiliary landing field

ALFA AirLand Force Application Agency (Army/USAF)

ALFI AirLand force interface

ALFS airborne low frequency sonar

ALFSE Allied Land Forces Southeast (NATO)

ALFT annual long-range airlift requirements


ALG [AR 310-50] advanced landing ground

ALGM air-launched guided missile

ALGOL 1algorithmic language (ALGOL was first called IAL), 2[AR 310-50] algebraic oriented language

ALH 1active laser homing, 2advanced light helicopter

ALI automatic logic implementation

ALIBI Adaptive Location of Internet-worked Bases of Information

ALIC aircraft launcher interface computer

ALICE Automated Logistics Integrated Computer Extracts (AFMC)

ALINK active link [HTML]

ALISS Advanced Lightweight Influence Sweep System

ALIWEB ARCHIE-like indexing in the Web [Internet]

ALL 1Army lessons learned, 2Airborne Laser Laboratory

ALLA Allied Long Lines Agency (NATO)

ALLCARS Automated Lesson Learned Capture and Retrieval System

ALLNAV all Navy [message to all Navy personnel]

ALLOREQ [JP 3-50.2] air allocation request

ALM airlift loading model

ALMAG air launched missile analysis group

ALMC 1Army Logistics Management Center, 2Army Logistics Management College

ALMDS Airborne Laser Mine Detection System

ALMEDS Alaskan Meteorological Data System

ALMIDS Army Logistics Management Integration Data System

ALMIS Acquisition Logistics Management Information System

ALMS analytic language manipulation system

ALMSA [AR 310-50] Automated Logistics Management Systems Agency

ALMSNSCD [JP 3-50.2] airlift mission schedule

ALN asynchronous learning network

ALNF application of limited nuclear forces

ALNOT alert notice

ALO 1authorized level(s) of organization (Army), 2air liaison officer, 3Army liaison officer, 4at least once, 5airlift liaison officer, 6[FM101-5-1] artillery liaison officer

aloc [AR 310-50] allocate

ALOC 1administrative and logistics operations center, 2airborne visual laser optical communication, 3air lines of communication

ALOO [AR 310-50] Albuquerque Operations Office

ALORD [JP 3-50.2] alert launch order

ALOREP Airlift Operational Reporting System (USAFE)

alot [AR 310-50] allotment

ALOTS advanced lightweight optical tracking system

ALP 1Army Long-Range Plan, 2assembly language preprocessor, 3allied logistics publication, 4assembly language program, 5approval for limited production (Navy), 6[AR 310-50] ambulance loading post

ALPA Air Line Pilots Association

ALPC [AR 310-50] Army Logistics Policy Council

ALPHA [AR 310-50] AMC Logistics Program Hardcore; Automated

ALPO AirLand Programs Office

ALPS 1associated logic parallel system, 2automated library processing system, 3automated logistics planning system, 4Advanced Linear Programming System (Burroughs), 5aggregate level simulation protocol, 6automated logistic publishing systems

ALR 1Advanced Logic Research, Inc., 2airlift requirement, 3[AR 310-50] artillery locating radar

ALRAD airborne laser rangefinder and designator

ALRAR annual long range airlift requirements

ALRC airlift logistics readiness center

ALRE aircraft launch and recovery equipment

ALRI airborne long-range intercept

ALRP Army long-range planning

ALRPG Army Long-Range Planning Guidance

ALRS alternate landing strip

ALRTF [AR 310-50] Army long range technical forecast

ALRTP Army Long-Range Training Plan

ALS 1advanced logistics system, 2approach-light system, 3Ada Language System, 4advanced low power Schottky, 5airlift squadron, 6action lead sheet, 7[AR 310-50] air logistics service, 8[AR 310-50] azimuth laying set

ALSE [AR 310-50] aviation life support equipment

ALSEAFRON [AR 310-50] Alaska Sea Frontier

ALSMT ALS management team

ALSP 1aggregate level simulation protocol, 2[AR 310-50] Army Logistic Study Program

ALSS 1advanced logistic support site, 2[JP 1-02] naval advanced logistic support site

alt 1alternate, 2[FM101-5-1] altitude

ALT 1alternate (mode), 2administrative lead time

ALTAC algebraic transistorized automatic computer translator

ALTAIR ARPA long-range tracking and instrumentation radar

ALTDS Army Laser Target Designator System

ALTHQ [AR 310-50] alternate headquarters

ALTHQ-BS alternate headquarters battle staff

altn 1alternate, 2alternative

ALU 1arithmetic logic unit, 2airlift unit

ALUSNA 1United States Naval attaché, 2[AR 310-50] United States Navy attaché

alw [AR 310-50] allowance

ALW AirLand Warfare

AM 1acquisition manager, 2amplitude modulation [modulated], 3auxillary memory, 4ante meridian [before noon], 5asynchronous mode, 6air manifest, 7air movement message, 8amplitude modulated, 9active matrix, 10acquisition management office, 11armament and munition, 12asset management, 13[AR 310-50] Air Medal

AM-CW amplitude modulated continuous wave

AM3 affordable mullet missile manufacturing

AMA 1automatic memory allocation, 2automatic message accounting, 3area management activity, 4[JP 1-02] American Medical Association, 5[AR 310-50] air materiel area

AMAA [AR 310-50] Army Mutual Aid Association

AMAC [USAIC&FH] All Source Analysis System Master Analyst Course

AMACUS Automated Microfilm Aperture Card Updating System

AMAL [JP 4-02.1] authorized medical allowance list

AMANDDA automated messaging and directory assistance

AMARC aerospace maintenance and regeneration center

AMARS [AR 310-50] automatic message address routing system

AMAS 1automatic mobile aerostation, 2AVFUEL Management Accounting System (USAF), 3Aviation Management Accounting System, 4Automated Materiel Acquisition System

AMASS Advanced Marine Airborne SIGINT System (USMC)

amb [AR 310-50] ambulance

AMB 1aviation maintenance battalion, 2Airways Modernization Board, 3aircraft maintenance branch, 4ambulatory, 5[FM101-5-1] air mission brief, 6[FM101-5-1] air mobility breach, 7[JP 1-02] ambassador

AMBCS Alaska Meteor Burst Communications System

AMBF [AR 310-50] asset master balance file

AMBIT algebraic manipulation by identity translation

AMBLADS [AR 310-50] advise method, bill of lading, and date shipped

AMBUS [JP 4-02.2] ambulance bus

AMC 1Army Materiel Command (formerly DARCOM), 2Army Missile Command, 3[USAF] Air Materiel Command, 4[USAF] Air Mobility Command, 5automatic message counting, 6automatic mixture control, 7aerospace maintenance cell, 8acceptable means of compliance, 9acquisition method code, 10[FM101-5-1] air mission commander, 11[JP 1-02] midpoint compromise search area, 12[JP 3-50.21] airborne mission commander

AMC PAM Army Materiel Command pamphlet

AMC-R Army Materiel Command regulation

AMC-SWMO Army Materiel Command – Smart Weapons Management Office

AMC/AMSC acquisition method code/acquisition method suffix code

AMCAQ acquisition and contracting

AMCBO Army Materiel Command Battery Office

AMCC ashore mobile contingency communications

AMCCC Appeal Office of the Command Counsels

AMCCOM Armament, Munitions, and Chemical Command (Army)

AMCD4 advanced medical diagnostics communications for combat casualty

AMCEC Allied Military Communications Electronics Committee

AMCFARS Army Materiel Command FAR Supplement

AMCIT [JP 2-01.2] American citizen

AMCL approved MILSCAP change letter

AMCLAB Army Materiel Command Laboratory Command

AMCM 1airborne mine countermeasure, 2advance mission cost models

AMCOM Aviation and Missile Command (Army)

AMCOS Army Manpower Cost System

AMCP Army Materiel Command pamphlet

AMCROSS [AR 310-50] American National Red Cross

AMCS 1airborne missile control system, 2[AR 310-50] Army Mobilization Capabilities Study

AMCSA Army Materiel Command Support Activity Office

AMCSAF Air Mobility Command studies and analysis flight

AMCSS Army military clothing sale store

AMD 1active matrix display, 2Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., 3aerospace medical division, 4air movement designator, 5automatic message display, 6average monthly demand, 7[AR 310-50] administrative machine division

AMD W/S [TTPIO-ABCS] air missile defense workstation

AMDASS airborne mine detection and surveillance system

AMDC [AR 310-50] Army Missile Defense Command

AMDF Army Master Data File

AMDP aircraft maintenance delayed for parts

AMDS 1[IREMBASS] Advanced Monitor Display System, 2advanced mine detection system

AME 1amplitude modulation equivalent, 2airspace management element (Army), 3auxiliary mission equipment, 4alternate mission equipment, 5[JP 1-02] air mobility element, 6[JP 1-02] antenna mounted electronics, 7[AR 310-50] aeromedical evacuation

AMEC Army Management Engineering College

AMED Army Medical Department

AMEDD Army Medical Department

AMEDDCS Army Medical Department Center and School

AMEDDPAS Army Medical Department Property Accounting System

AMEDP allied medical publication

AMEMB American embassy

AMEL Aircraft Multiengine Land [pilot rating]

AMES automatic message entry system

AMETA Army Management Engineering Training Activity

AMEWS automated mobile electronic warfare system

AMF 1aircraft maintenance facility, 2[NATO] ACE Mobile Force, 3automatic maneuvering flaps, 4[AR 310-50] airport mail facility, 5[AR 310-50] Army Management Fund

AMF(L) [JP 3-08] ACE mobile force (land) (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

AMFB acquisition management functional board

AMFINPOS [AR 310-50] American Forces Information Service

AMG 1Ada management group, 2architecture management group

AMH 1automated message handler, 2automated message handling

AMH MROC AMH multicommand ROC

AMHA Army management headquarters activities

AMHS automated message handling system

AMI 1alternate mark inversion, 2American Megatrends, Inc

AMIADB Inter-American Defense Board, Army member.

AMIC aircraft mishap investigation course

AMICOM Army Missile Command

AMIE AUTODIN Management Index

AMIM Army Modernization Information Memorandum

AMIP 1Aircraft Modification Integration Program, 2Army Model Improvement Program, 3[AR 310-50] Army Management Information Program

AMIS 1automated management information system, 2Acquisition Management Information System, 3[AR 310-50] air movements information section, 4[AR 310-50] Army management information system

AMIS/PMS Acquisition Management Information System/Procurement Management System

AMJAMS Automated Military Justice Analysis and Management System

AMKTU [AR 310-50] Army Marksmanship Training Unit (FORSCOM)

AML area medical laboratory

AMM 1anti-missile missile, 2Army modernization memorandum, 3Army Modernization Program

AMMA Advanced Memory Management Architecture [Everex Systems]

AMMC United States Army Aviation Materiel Management Center

AMME 1Army multi-message exchange, 2automated multi-media exchange

AMMH annual maintenance man-hours

AMMIP [AR 310-50] Aviation Materiel Management Improvement Program

AMMIS Aerospace Maintenance Manpower Information System (HQ USAF)

ammo ammunition

AMMO ammunition catalog

AMMOBR [AR 310-50] ammunition bearer

AMMP approved modification/maintenance program

AMMPCR aircraft and missile maintenance production compression report

AMMPTS Aircraft and Missile Maintenance Production Total System (PACAF)

AMMS 1Acquisition Management Milestone System, 2Allowable Materiel Management System, 3Automated Message Management System (NATO)

AMMT advanced minehunting and mapping technology

AMMUS Air Force Minicomputer Multi-User System (Wang)

AMMUSNET Air Force Minicomputer Multi-User System Network

AMNIP adaptive man-machine nonarithmetical information processing

AMNM [AR 310-50] Airman's Medal

AMO 1air movement designator, 2automation management office, 3[AR 310-50] aviation medical officer

AMOC aircraft maintenance officer course

AMOD [AR 310-50] Arm's mobility opportunity and development program

AMOP amplitude modulation on pulse

AMOPES Army Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution System

AMOPS 1Army Mobilization and Operations Planning System, 2[JP 1-02] Army Mobilization Operations System Planning System

AMOS 1Acoustic Meteorological Observing System, 2Automatic Message Operating Scheduling Program, 3AF Maui Optical Station (RADC), 4[AR 310-50] additionally awarded military occupational specialty

amp 1ampere(s), 2amplitude

AMP 1Army Modernization Plan, 2Army Materiel Plan, 3associative memory processor, 4automated data processing system master plan, 5amplification message, 6automated mission planning, 7aviation modernization plan, 8Avionics Modernization Program (USAF), 9Army Mobilization Plan, 10asymmetric multi-processing, 11adjusted month program, 12average month program, 13[JP 1-02] amplifier, 14[AR 310-50] allied mining and mine countermeasures publication

AMPAS Analytical Maintenance Program Analysis System

AMPE 1automated message processing equipment, 2automated message processing exchange

AMPES [AR 310-50] Automated Message Processing Exchange System

AMPH amphibious

AMPLG amplidyne generator

AMPN [JP 1-02] amplification

AMPPGD [AR 310-50] Army Mobilization Planning and Programming Guidance Document

AMPS 1automated message processing system, 2advanced mobile phone service, 3Airlift Mission Planning and Scheduling System (MAC), 4[TTPIO-ABCS] Aviation Mission Planning System, 5[AR 310-50] automatic message processing system

AMPSA Advanced Manned Precision Strategic Aircraft Requirement, 1965

AMPSSO [JP 1-02] automated message processing system security office (or officer)

AMQP aircraft maintenance qualification program

AMR 1automated management reports, 2automatic message registering, 3Army management review, 4absolute maximum rating, 5[AR 310-50] Atlantic Missile Range

AMRAAM Advanced Medium Range Air-To-Air Missile (AIM-120)

AMRAC [AR 310-50] Anti-Missile Research Advisory Council

AMRAD 1automatic message routing and distribution, 2[AR 310-50] ARPA measurements radar

AMRARM advanced medium-range anti-radiation missile

AMRD-NASC [AR 310-50] Army Missile and Rockets Directorate - North Atlantic Treaty Organization Supply Center

AMREP Aircraft and Missile Maintenance Production Compression Report (USAF/PACAF/AFLC)

AMRO Army Medical Regulating Office

AMS 1advanced memory systems, 2Atmospheric Monitor System, 3Aerial Measuring System, 4Advertising Management System [PPI], 5air maintenance squadron, 6aircraft maintenance squadron, 7American Materiel Standard, 8ammunition maintenance squadron, 9Automated Maintenance System (C5), 10Automated Management System (ASD), 11automated materiel system, 12automated message switch, 13Automatic Meteorological System, 14avionics maintenance squadron, 15Army management structure, 16acquisition management system, 17Army model and simulation

AMSA 1Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft Requirement, 1965, 2[AR 310-50] area maintenance support activity

AMSAA 1Army Materiel System Analysis Agency, 2Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity

AMSAT Radio Amateur Satellite Corp.

AMSC 1acquisition management systems control, 2Army Management Staff College, 3acquisition method suffix code, 4[AR 310-50] Army Medical Specialist Corps

AMSCO Army Management Structure Code

AMSDL 1acquisition management system(s) data list, 2acquisition management source data list

AMSDS automated management supporting data system

AMSEC Army Model and Simulation Executive Council

AMSF 1[AR 310-50] area maintenance supply facility, 2[AR 310-50] Army morale support fund

AMSL above mean sea level

AMSMP Army Model and Simulation Management Program

AMSO 1Army Model and Simulation Office, 2[AR 310-50] ammunition shipment order

AMSOE automated mobility schedule of events

AMSP 1Advanced Military Studies Program, 2[AR 310-50] allied military security publication, 3[AR 310-50] Army Master Study Program

AMSR [AR 310-50] autonomous missile site radar

AMSRC Acquisition Management Systems Review Committee

AMSS 1Automated Meteorological Sensor System, 2Advanced Multi Mission Sensor System (USN)

AMSSA assured mission support space architecture

AMSSB amplitude modulation – single sideband

amt [AR 310-50] amount

AMT 1Army modernization training, 2accelerated mission testing, 3active matrix technology, 4ACTS Mobile Terminal, 5address mapping table, 6aerial mail terminal

AMTAS Army Modernization Training Automation System

AMTBF attack management testbed facility

AMTE Army Mountain Top Experiment

AMTF 1airmobile-mechanized task force, 2[AR 310-50] airmobile task force

AMTFT actine matrix thin film transistor

AMTI 1airborne moving target indicator, 2area moving target indicator

AMTP Army mission training plan

AMTRAC 1Airlift Monitoring and Tracking System (USAFE), 2[AR 310-50] amphibious tractor, 3[AR 310-50] amphibian tractor

AMTRAN automatic mathematical translator

AMU 1aircraft maintenance unit, 2antenna matching unit, 3atomic mass unit, 4auxiliary memory unit

AMUS Automated Manpower Utilization System

AMV armored maintenance vehicle

AMVER Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue System (USCG)

AMVET American veteran

AMW 1air mobility wing, 2[JP 1-02] amphibious warfare

AMWG architecture methodology working group

AMX 1air mobility express, 2automatic message exchange

AN 1airman [USN], 2Air Force/Navy, 3air navigation, 4Army-Navy, 5Army Nurse Corps, 6[JP 1-02] alphanumeric, 7[JP 1-02] analog nonsecure



AN/APS Army-Navy/airborne pulse search equipment, i.e., a radar set carried by aircraft.

AN/GRQ-27 Goldwing

AN/GYQ-21(V) military designation for PDP-11-based computers


AN/PSC Army Navy portable special communications [generally, satellite communications]

AN/TLQ-17 Trafficjam


AN/TRQ-32 Teammate

AN/TSQ-130 Technical Control and Analysis Center (TCAC)

AN/TSQ-132(V) Joint Stars Ground Station Module (GSM)

AN/TSQ-138 Trailblazer

AN/TSQ-152 Trackwolf

AN/TSQ-168 Joint Stars medium ground station module (MGSM)

AN/TSQ-178 Joint Stars light ground station module (LGSM)

AN/TSQ-190 Communications Central (formerly TROJAN SPIRIT II)

AN/TSQ-63 Compartmented ASAS Processing System (CAMPS)

AN/TSQ-73 Army Missile Minder Command and Control System

AN/TYQ-36 ASAS Data Processor Set

AN/TYQ-37 ASAS All Source Workstation

AN/TYQ-40 ASAS Communication Control Set (CCS)

AN/TYQ-52 ASAS Single Source

AN/USD-9A Guardrail V

AN/USD-9B Guardrail/Common Sensor

ANA 1Army network architecture, 2Army, Navy, Air Force

ANACOM analog computer

ANAD Anniston Army Depot

ANAF AUTOSEVOCOM Network Assessment Facility

ANATRAN analog translator

ANBACIS [TTPIO-ABCS] Automated Nuclear Biological Chemical Automated Information System

ANC 1access node control, 2Army Nurse Corps, 3Arlington National Cemetary

ANCA Allied Naval Communications Agency (NATO)

ANCOC advanced noncommissioned officer’s course

ANCOVA analysis of covariance

ANCS AUTOVON Network Control Subsystem

AND 1Air Force – Navy design, 2alpha-umeric display, 3Army – Navy design

ANDF architecture-neutral distribution format

ANDVT advanced narrowband digital voice terminal

ANE aeronautical and navigational electronics

ANEG [AR 310-50] Army, Navy Electronic Evaluation Group

ANEXGOVT [AR 310-50] at no expense to the Government

ANF 1[AR 310-50] Army news features, 2[AR 310-50] Atlantic Nuclear Force

ANFE aircraft not fully equipped

ANG 1[USAF] Air National Guard, 2Army National Guard

ANG/WARS Air National Guard Workday Accounting and Reporting System

ANGB Air National Guard base

ANGFPA Air National Guard Fire Protection Activity

ANGI Air National Guard instruction

ANGLICO air and naval gunfire liaison company

ANGMS Air National Guard Manpower Standard

ANGOSTA Air National Guard operational support aircraft

ANGRC Air National Guard Readiness Center

ANGRC/FM Air National Guard Financial Management/Comptroller Directorate

ANGSC Air National Guard Support Center

ANGUS [AR 310-50] Air National Guard of the United States

ANI automatic number identification

ANL automatic noise limiter

ANLOR angle order

ANMCC Alternate National Military Command Center

ANMCS anticipated not mission capable supply

ANN 1artificial neural network, 2[JP 1-02] assign NNX routing

ANO 1alphanumeric output, 2air navigation order, 3[AR 310-50] above named officer

ANORS 1anticipated not operationally ready – supply, 2aircraft not operationally ready – supply

ANOVA analysis of variance

ANP allied navigation publication

ANPP [AR 310-50] Army Nuclear Power Program

ANR 1active noise reduction, 2Alaskan NORAD region

ANRCC Alaskan NORAD region control center

ANRI automatic net radio interfacing

ANROCC Alaskan NORAD region operations control center

ANS 1airborne, navigation system, 2automatic navigation system, 3American National Standard

ANSCAT scattering angle reactor physics computer code

ANSDIS American National Standard Dictionary for Information Systems

ANSI American National Standards Institute

ANSI/ASQC American National Standard Institute/American Society for Quality Control

ANSIA [AR 310-50] Army-Navy Shipping Information Agency

ANSRS Automated Non Standard Requisitioning System

ant antenna

ANTC 1antichaff circuit, 2advanced network test center

ANTIVOX voice-activated transmitter keyer inhibitor

ANTS Airborne Night Television System

ANUDS [AR 310-50] United States Army Nuclear Data System (Study)

ANVIS [Army] Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System

ANWC alternate national warning center

ANWD alpha numeric wall display

ANX [JP 1-02] assign NNX routing

ANY [JP 1-02] assign NYX routing

ANZUK Australia, New Zealand, and UK military alliance

ANZUS 1[JP 1-02] Australia-New Zealand-United States Treaty (1951), 2Australia, New Zealand, United States

Ao 1operational availability, 2availability

AO 1area of operation(s), 2administrative officer, 3action officer, 4abnormal occurrence, 5access opening, 6[USN] oiler (ship), 7analog output, 8account of, 9acoustic/optical, 10Agent Orange, 11air order, 12allotment order, 13attack operations, 14Army order, 15artillery observation, 16accounting office, 17action office, 18[JP 1-02] aviation ordnance person, 19[JP 1-02] air officer

AO&M [JP 1-02] administration, operation, and maintenance

AoA analysis of alternatives (Formerly known as cost and operational effectiveness analysis (COEA)).

AOA 1angle of attack, 2airborne optical adjunct, 3amphibious objective area (USN), 4angle of arrival, 5abbreviated operational assessment, 6[TR 5-11] Army operational architecture

AOAP Army Oil Analysis Program Standard Data System

AOARD Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development

AOB 1air order of battle, 2advanced operations base, 3alternate operating base, 4annual operating budget, 5[JP 1-02] aviation operations branch, 6[AR 310-50] approved operating budget

AOBHIST AOB history file

AOBSR [AR 310-50] air observer

AOC 1area of concentration, 2Army operations center, 3automatic overload control, 4Army Occupational Code, 5advanced operational capability, 6adaptive optical camouflage, 7air operations center (USAF), 8airlift operations center, 9area operations center, 10Association of Old Crows, 11assumption of control (message), 12aviation officer cadet

AOC-E [JP 3-07.4] Aviation Operations Center-East (USCS)

AOC-W [JP 3-07.4] Aviation Operations Center-West (USCS)

AOCC 1air operations coordination center, 2[JP 1-02] air operations control center

AOCE Apple open collaboration environment

AOCI accredited off campus instruction

AOCM advanced optical countermeasures

AOCO [AR 310-50] Atomic Ordinance Cataloging Office

AOCP aircraft out-of-commission for parts

AOCU [JP 1-02] analog orderwire control unit

AOD 1airlift operations directive, 2area of display, 3[JP 1-02] on-line diagnostic

AODC Action Officer Development Course

AOE 1Army of Excellence, 2fast combat support ship, 3application operating environment [AT&T]

AOG 1gasoline tanker [USN ship], 2aircraft on the ground (grounded aircraft)

AOH 1available operating hours, 2average operating hour

AOI 1area of interest, 2advance ordering information, 3additional operational issue

AOIC additional operational issues and criteria

AOL 1application-oriented language, 2America Online, 3aircraft operating limitation

AOM 1acusto optical modulator, 2[AR 310-50] Army of Occupation Medal

AOM/NM administration, operations, and maintenance/network management

AON act of nature

AOP 1additive operation(al) product, 2additive operation(al) project, 3allied ordinance publication, 4application output processor, 5Army order of precedence

AOPA [JP 1-02] Aircraft Owner's and Pilot's Association

AOPR area of prime responsibility

AOQL average outgoing quality limit

AOR 1area of responsibility, 2replenishment oiler [USN], 3airborne optical radar, 4[AR 310-50] advance list of overseas - returnees for reassignment

AOS 1algebraic operating system, 2accoustic overwatching sensor, 3add or subtract, 4air operation squadron, 5[AR 310-50] azimuth orientation system

AOSC alternate operational support center (USAFE)

AOSL [AR 310-50] authorized organizational stockage list

AOSP 1Army Occupational Survey Program (obsolete, see ODARS), 2Automatic Operating and Scheduling Program, 3advanced on-board signal processor (RADC)

AOSS [JP 1-02] aviation ordnance safety supervisor

AOT transport oiler [USN]

AOTD active optical target detector

AOTE [AR 310-50] amphibious operational training element

AOTN ACE operational teletype network (NATO)

AOTS 1advanced on-the-job training system, 2ASOC optical transceiver system

AOU 1area of uncertainty, 2[AR 310-50] azimuth orientation unit

AOW Asia Ocean Workshop

AP 1acquisition plan, 2allied publication, 3access permit, 4after peak, 5anomalous propagation, 6application program, 7applications processor, 8applied physics, 9[USN] transport [ship], 10[USN] troop ship, non-landing, 11argument programming, 12associative processor, 13analysis package (SPACECMD), 14antenna pattern, 15adjunct processor, 16additional premium, 17air patrol, 18airborne platforms, 19analysis processor, 20anti-personnel, 21applications processing, 22armor-piercing, 23automatic programming, 24[JP 1-02] average power, 25[AR 310-50] ammunition point

AP-T [AR 310-50] armor-piercing-tracer

AP/A aircraft procurement (appropriations), Army

AP/AF aircraft procurement (appropriations), Air Force

AP/N aircraft procurement (appropriations), Navy

AP2I acquisition pollution prevention initiatives

AP3 Acquisition Pollution Prevention Program

APA 1Army procurement appropriation, 2Adninistrative Procedures Act, 3axial pressure angle, 4all points addressable, 5adaptive packet assembly, 6arithmetic processing accelerator, 7[USN] attack transport ship, 8aircraft procurement, Army, 9aircraft, propulsion, and avionics, 10analysis plan for assessment, 11[AR 310-50] advance of pay and allowances, 12[AR 310-50] appropriation purchase account

APAACT Army procurement appropriation accounting

APAD asynchronous packet assembler/disassembler

APADE Automation of Procurement and Accounting Data Entry [System]

APADS 1automatic programmer and data system, 2Advanced Precision Airborne Delivery System

APAG Atlantic Policy Advisory Group (NATO)

APAI advanced planning acquisition information

APAM anti-personnel, anti-materiel

APAR 1automatic programming and recording, 2Authorized Program Analysis Report [IBM]

APAREN address parity enable [IBM]

APARS Army Procurement Appropriation Reporting System

APAT acquisition process action team

APATS 1Acquisition Planning and Tracking System, 2antenna pattern test system

APB 1acquisition program baseline, 2avionic planning baseline, 3[AR 310-50] Army Packaging Board

APBI advanced planning briefing to industry

APBS [AR 310-50] Automated PEMA (procurement of equipment and munitions appropriations) Budget System

APC 1aeronuatical planning chart, 2automatic phase control, 3autopilot controller, 4armored personnel carrier, 5adaptive predictive coding, 6acquisition position category, 7armament practice camp, 8Association for Progressive Communications, 9account processing code, 10accelerated provisioning concept, 11agency program coordinator, 12[JP 1-02] aerial port commander, 13[JP 1-02] assign preprogrammed conference list, 14[AR 310-50] abbreviated performance characteristics, 15[AR 310-50] Army postal clerk, 16[AR 310-50] accounting processing code

APC-T [AR 310-50] armor-piercing capped tracer

APCAPS automated payroll, cost, and personnel system

APCC 1aerial port control center, 2[CJCSI 3222.01] alternate processing and correlation center

APCEC [AR 310-50] Army Precommission Extension Course

APCM 1aerial port capability/manpower simulation model (MAC), 2[AR 310-50] Asian - Pacific Campaign Medal

APCP Army Potential Contractor Program

APCS Action Paper Control System (JCS)

APCUG Association of PC User Groups

APD 1air particulate detector, 2[USN] fast destroyer transport, 3Army program directive, 4activity precedence diagram, 5application program designation, 6[AR 310-50] advance planning document, 7[AR 310-50] air procurement district, 8[AR 310-50] area postal directory

APDAB [AR 310-50] Army Physical Disability Appeal Board

APDM amended program decision memorandum

APDP Acquisition Professional Development Program

APDS 1Advanced Personnel Data System (USAF), 2Automated Postal Directory Service (USMC), 3automated personnel data system, 4[AR 310-50] armor-piercing discarding sabot

APDS-T [AR 310-50] armor-piercing discarding sabot - tracer

APE 1[AR 310-50] advanced production engineering, 2[AR 310-50] ammunition peculiar equipment, 3[AR 310-50] Army preliminary evaluation

APEC 1all-purpose electronic computer, 2Acquisition Planning Executive Council

APEP Administrative and Professional Exchange Program

APES 1aerial port exploitation squadron, 2Automated Patient Evacuation System (MAC)

APESO Army Product Engineering Service Office

APF 1appropriated funds, 2[JP 1-02] afloat pre-positioning force

APFCS automatic power-factor-control systems

APFSDS [AR 310-50] armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot

APFSDS-DU armor penetrating, fin-stabilized, discarding sabot depleted uranium

APFT Army Physical Fitness Test

APG 1Aberdeen Proving Grounds, 2Army planning guidance, 3acquisition planning guide, 4[AR 310-50] Army planning group

APHIDS Advanced Panoramic Helmet Interface Designator System

API 1application program interface, 2acquisition program indicator, 3air position indicator, 4aim point initiative, 5application programming interface, 6armor piercing incendiary, 7acquisition program integration, 8American Petroleum Institute, 9application, programs, and indenture, 10automatic payment of invoices

APIA acquisition policy, integrity and accountability

APIC 1Army performance improvement criteria, 2Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (bus) [Intel], 3[JP 3-61] allied press information center

APIS 1advanced passenger information system, 2Application Program and Information System (AFLC), 3Army photographic interpretation section

APIT [AR 310-50] armor-piercing incendiary tracer

APIU [TTPIO-ABCS] adaptive programmable interface unit

APL 1A Programming Language (Mathematics), 2associative programming language, 3average picture level, 4[USN] Auxiliary Personnel Lighter, 5barracks craft [USN], 6approved parts list, 7Aero Propulsion Laboratory (AFSC), 8allowance parts list (USN), 9[AR 310-50] Army Personnel Letter, 10[AR 310-50] Army promotion list

APLM ammunition product line management

APM 1Army program memorandum, 2air particulate monitor, 3analog panel meter, 4acquisition program manager, 5advanced power management [IBM]

APMAL aerial port management level

APMC Advanced Program Management Course

APMI area precipitation measurement indicator

APML assistant program manager for logistics

APMO area petroleum management office

APMP Association of Proposal Management Professionals

APMS advanced power management system

APMT [AR 310-50] antenna pattern measurement test

APN abatement priority number

APO 1ASAS Project Office (obsolete, see PM-IF), 2automatic purchase order, 3Army post office, 4air post office, 5[JP 1-02] afloat pre-positioning operations

APOBS Antipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System

APOC [AR 310-50] Army point of contact

APOD 1aerial port of debarkation, 2air ports of debarkation

APOE aerial port of embarkation

APOEALD APOE available to load date

APORT aerial port

APORTS 1aerial port capability/manpower simulation model, 2Aerial Ports File (WWMCCS®), 3[JP 1-02] aerial ports

APORTSREP [JP 1-02] air operations bases report

APOS Airborne Processor Operating System

app 1[AR 310-50] appendix, 2[AR 310-50] apprehend

APP 1advanced procurement plan, 2asociative parallel processor, 3auxiliary power plant, 4application program, 5allied procedures publication, 6application, 7automatic page positioning, 8agency peculiar property, 9application portability profile, 10[AR 310-50] air parcel post

APPACT appropriation accounting

APPATS Automated Program to Project AIT Spaces

APPC 1advanced peer-to-peer communications, 2advanced program-to-program communications [IBM]

APPECS adaptive pattern perceiving electronic computer system

APPGM Army Planning and Programming Memorandum

APPI 1advanced peer-to-peer internet working, 2Army Program Objective Memorandum Preparation Instructions, 3advanced planning procurement information

appl 1[AR 310-50] applicable, 2[AR 310-50] applicant, 3[AR 310-50] application

appn [AR 310-50] appropriation

APPN 1advanced peer-to-peer network, 2appropriation

approx [AR 310-50] approximate

APPS 1agency procurement requests, 2automatic pattern recognition, 3applications, 4Analytic Photogrammetric Positioning System (DMA), 5Automated Publications and Printing System (Army), 6Automated Past Performance System

APR 1advanced production release, 2airborne profile recorder, 3automatic pressure relief, 4agency procurement request, 5airmen performance report, 6automatic power reserve, 7Army procurement objective, 8[JP 1-02] assign PR routing

APRB 1acquisition plan review board, 2adaptive pattern recognition processing

APRD atmosphere particulate radioactivity detector

APRM 1automatic position reference monitor, 2average power range monitor

aprop [AR 310-50] appropriate

APRP adaptive pattern recognition processing

APRS 1automatic position reference system, 2acquisition position review system

APRT Army Physical Readiness Test

APS 1alphanumeric photocomposer system, 2array processor software, 3auxiliary power system, 4assembly programming system, 5automatic patching system, 6auxiliary program storage, 7Army Packaging System, 8advanced photo system, 9asynchronous protocol specification, 10[USN] transport submarine, 11advanced planning system, 12advanced printing service [IBM], 13Advanced Propulsion System (AFSC), 14AFLC Provisioning System (AFSC), 15aiming and pointing system, 16aircraft prepared for service, 17Army Planning System, 18afloat planning system, 19automate procurement system, 20[TTPIO-ABCS] automated planning system, 21[JP 1-02] afloat propositioned ship, 22[AR 310-50] accessory power supply, 23[AR 310-50] Army Postal Service

APSC Army Personnel Systems Committee

APSE Ada programming support environment

APSIN Alaskan Public Safety Information Network

APSS [USN] vehicle transport submarine

APT 1augmented programming training, 2automatic picture taking, 3address pass through, 4automatic picture transmission, 5automatically programmed tools, 6air passenger terminal. 7automation planning and technology, 8acquisition position type, 9advanced parallel technology, 10aviation program team

APTU Army participating test unit

APU 1auxiliary power unit, 2auxiliary propulsion unit, 3[AR 310-50] Army postal unit

APUC 1average procurement unit cost, 2[DoD/DSMC] Average Procurement Unit Cost (also see AUPC)

APW 1augmented plane wave, 2[AR 310-50] American prisoner of war

APWIB [AR 310-50] American Prisoner of War Information Bureau

APWIB (Br) [AR 310-50] Branch American Prisoner of War Information Bureau

AQ 1any quality, 2accumulator-quotient register, 3acquisition, 4[FM101-5-1] Samoa (US)

AQAP allied quality assurance provision

AQB [AR 310-50] Army Qualification Battery

AQCESS automated quality of care evaluation for support systems

AQCO assistant executive director, operations/policy

AQD additional qualification designator

AQE Airman Qualifying Examination

AQF 1Advanced QUICKFIX, 2Advanced QUICKFIX sensor

AQL 1Advanced QUICKLOOK, 2acceptable quality level(s), 3a query language

AQLT acquisition lead time

AQN actual quantity needed


AQS advanced quality system

AQT acceptable quality test

AQTDP Assurance Technical Development Program

AR 1Army regulation, 2Army Reserve, 3agent report, 4armor, 5as required, 6acid resisting, 7anti-reflective, 8Arkansas, 9assembly and repair, 10acquisition radar, 11avionic requirements, 12training ship, 13repair ship, 14active radar, 15address register, 16Army, 17advance release, 18air refueling, 19assault rifle, 20apportionment request, 21acquisition reform, 22acceleration request

AR-L Airborne Reconnaissance – Low

ARA 1assigned responsible agency, 2airborne radar approach, 3Apple Remote Access, 4AppleTalk remote access, 5[AR 310-50] aerial rocket artillery

ARAAV [AR 310-50] armored reconnaissance airborne assault vehicle

ARAC 1atmospheric release advisory capability, 2[AR 310-50] Army radar approach control

ARADCOM Army Air Defense Command

ARAG antireflective-antiglare

ARAL automatic record analysis language

ARAP Army Remedial Action Project

ARAPS Army requirement products Status

ARAS antireflective-antistatic

ARAT Army Reprogramming Analysis Team

ARAV [AR 310-50] Army aviator

ARAVBAD [AR 310-50] Army Aviator Badge

ARB 1[USN] repair ship, battle damage, 2address record buffer [Hewlett Packard], 3acquisition review board, 4award review board, 5[JP 1-02] assign receive bypass lists, 6[AR 310-50] armored rifle battalion

ARBG Acquisition Reform Benchmarking Group

ARBITS Army Base Information Transfer System

ARBS Angle Rate Bombing System (Hughes AN/ASB-19(V))

ARC 1airborne radio communications, 2accounting requirements code, 3[USN] cable repair/laying ship, 4amplitude and rise time compensation, 5automatic relay calculator, 6average response computer, 7Acquisition Review Council (DCA), 8area reprogramming capability, 9Advanced Research Center (Army), 10advanced RISC computing, 11airborne radar control, 12airlift readiness center, 13American Red Cross, 14Airlift Requirements Center (USAFE), 15airlift requirements collector, 16automatic remote control, 17adjustment reply code, 18air reserve component

ARCA Advanced RISC Computing Architecture

ARCAM [AR 310-50] Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal

ARCC Acquisition Reform Communication Center

ARCCNET Army Command and Control Network

ARCE [AR 310-50] amphibious river crossing equipment (French)

ARCENT United States Army Forces, Central Command (Third U.S. Army)

ARCH articulated computer hierarchy

ARCHS [AR 310-50] Army Reactor Systems Health and Safety Review Committee

ARCnet Attached Resource Computer Network

ARCO [AR 310-50] Army Requirements Control Office

ARCOM 1Army command, 2Army Commendation Medal, 3United States Army Reserve Command

arcos inverse cosine

arcot inverse cotangent

ARCOTR [AR 310-50] Army Reserve Component Overseas Training Ribbon

ARCP air refueling control point

ARCS 1acquisition radar and control system, 2Army Ration Credit System

ARCSA [AR 310-50] aviation requirements for the combat structure of the Army

arcse inverse cosecant

ARCT 1air refueling control time, 2[AR 310-50] Army Radio Code Aptitude Test

arctan inverse tangent

ARD 1auxiliary repair dock, 2asset reporting data system, 3[USN] floating dry dock, 4automatic release date

ARDA 1Advanced Research and Development Agency, 2Airborne Reconnaissance Data Link Architecture

ARDC 1Air Research and Development Command [Later known as AFSC] (USAF), 2[AR 310-50] United States Army Armament Research and Development Center

ARDEC 1Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center, 2armament radioed center, 3Army Research, Development and Engineering Command [independent verification and validation agency]

ARDEMS [AR 310-50] artillery delivered multipurpose submunition

ARDF 1airborne radio direction finding, 2[JP 1-02] automatic radio direction finding

ARDIS 1Airlift Requirements Data Information System (USAFE), 2[AR 310-50] Army RDTE (research, development, test, and evaluation) Information System

ARDM 1asynchronous time-division multiplexing, 2medium auxiliary repair dry dock

ARDME [AR 310-50] automatic radar data measuring equipment

ARDP Army Requirements Development Plan

ARE 1automated responsive environment, 2acquisition reform executive

AREC 1[USN] air element coordinator, 2[JP 1-02] air resource element coordinator

ARED aperture relay experiment definition

AREFG Air Refueling Group

AREFS Air Refueling Squadron (SAC)

AREFW Air Refueling Wing (SAC)

AREPT [AR 310-50] agent report

ARES 1Amateur Radio Emergency Services, 2Automated Risk Evaluation System

ARF 1[AN/GRCS-2] Airborne Relay Facility, 2Air Reserve Forces (USAF Reserves and Air National Guard), 3Air Reserve facility

ARF-BLMPS Air Force Reserve – Base Level Military Personnel System

ARFA Allied Radio Frequency Agency (NATO)

ARFCOS Armed Forces Courier Service

ARFF aircraft rescue fire fighting

ARFMS [AR 310-50] Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal

ARFOR Army forces

ARFOR-AK Army Forces – Alaska

ARFORSTAT [AR 310-50] Army force status reporting system

ARFPC Army Reserve Forces Policy Committee

ARG 1[USN] repair Ship, landing craft, 2accident response group, 3AFCAP Review Group, 4air refueling group (SAC), 5amphibious ready group

ARGO [CJCSI 6130.01] Automatic Ranging Grid Overlay

ARGUS automatic routine generating and updating system

ARH 1[USN] repair ship, hull repairs, 2active radar homing, 3anti-radiation homing

ARHOC [AR 310-50] Army Housing Committee

ARHS attitude and heading reference system

ARI 1Army Research Institute, 2aviation restructive initiative

ARIA 1advanced range instrumentation aircraft, 2Apollo Range instrumentation aircraft

ARID adaptive recursive interpolated differential

ARIL automatic return item list

ARINC [JP 1-02] Aeronautical Radio Incorporated

ARIP 1automatic rocket impact predictor, 2air refueling initial point

ARIS advanced range instrumentation ship

ARISS Army Recruiting Information Support System

ARJS airborne radar jamming system

ARKIVE archive subsystem

ARL 1airborne reconnaissance low, 2acceptable reliability level, 3Army Research Laboratory, 4landing craft repair ship, 5adjusted ring length, 6[AR 310-50] authorized retention level

ARL-C Airborne Reconnaissance Low – COMINT

ARL-HRED Army Research Laboratory – Human Research and Engineering Directorate

ARL-I 1Airborne Reconnaissance Low - Imaging, 2Airborne Reconnaissance Low – IMINT

ARL-M [JP 3-09] Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Multifunction

ARL-SLAD Army Research Laboratory – Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate

ARLANT United States Army Forces, Atlantic (FORSCOM)

ARLL advanced run length limited

ARLO air reconnaissance liaison officer

ARM 1area radiation monitor, 2ARPANET Reference Model, 3asynchronous response mode, 4Annotated Reference Manual, 5Advanced RISC Machine (processor), 6anti-radiation missile, 7availability, reliability, maintainability, 8account resource management, 9[AR 310-50] Army ready materiel

ARMA Association of Records Managers and Administrators

ARMATSC [AR 310-50] Army materiel status committees

ARMB Army Requirements and Management Board

armd armored

armd/mech armored and mechanized

ARMDAS [AR 310-50] Army damage assessment system

ARMDASH [AR 310-50] armed advanced scout helicopter

ARMGRD [AR 310-50] armed guard

ARMIP [AR 310-50] accounting and reporting management improvement program

ARMISS Agency [DIA] Resource Management and Information System

ARMMS Automated Reliability and Maintainability Measurement System

ARMP allied reliability and maintainability publication

ARMR Army readiness and mobilization regions

ARMS 1Automatic Requisition and Monitoring System, 2Air Resource Management System (USAFE), 3Ammunition Reporting and Management System (USAF), 4Automated Records Management System (AFMPC), 5Automated Recruit Management System (USMC), 6armament retooling and manufacturing support, 7automation resource management systems, 8[AR 310-50] Army Master Data File Retrieval Microfilm System

armt [AR 310-50] armament

ARMYLOG Army logistic data

ARN additional reference number

ARNET Acquisition Reform Network

ARNG Army National Guard

ARNG-TSP Army National Guard – Troop Structure Program

ARNGUS Army National Guard of the United States

ARNO air request net operator

ARO 1Army Research Office, 2air radio officer, 3after receipt of order, 4auxiliary readout, 5Acquisition Reform Office, 6Army release order

ARO-E [AR 310-50] United States Army Research and Development Group (Europe)

ARO-FE [AR 310-50] United States Army Research and Development Group, Far East

AROD 1airborne range and orbit determination, 2airborne remotely operated device

AROU aviation repair and overhaul unit

AROZ Army restricted operations zones

ARP 1acquisition requirements package, 2Army research plan, 3airborne radar platform, 4aero rifle platoon [infantrymen carried by helicopters], 5attack reference point, 6address resolution protocol, 7Autopilot Replacement Program

ARPA [DoD] Advanced Research Projects Agency (previously known as DARPA)

ARPAC United States Army Pacific Command

ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

ARPAS Air Reserve Pay and Allowance System (USAF)

ARPC 1Air Reserve Personnel Center, 2automated radar prediction capability

ARPCA AUTOVON remote reprogrammable conference arranger

ARPERCEN Army Reserve Personnel Center

ARPL adjust requested privilege level

ARPLA Alert Response Plans

ARPRINT Army Program for Individual Training

ARPS 1automated resource projection system, 2Advanced Radar Processing System, for the E2C Hawkeye

ARPV Advanced Remotely Piloted Vehicle RPV Development Program

ARQ 1automatic repeat request, 2authorized requisition quantity, 3[AR 310-50] annual review questionnaire

arr [AR 310-50] arrive

ARR 1antirepeat relay, 2airborne radio relay, 3accounting rate of return method, 4allowance requirement register, 5annual requisition review, 6[AR 310-50] Army readiness region, 7[AR 310-50] Army retail requirements

ARRADCOM Armament Research and Development Command (Army)

ARRC 1ACE Rapid Reaction Corps (NATO), 2[JP 3-08] Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

ARRCOM Armaments Materiel Readiness Command (Army)

ARRCS Automated Repair Requirement Compilation System

ARRDATE arrival date

ARRED United States Army Forces, United States Readiness Command (FORSCOM)

ARRF ACE rapid reaction force (NATO)

ARRG Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Group (MAC)

ARRL 1American Radio Relay League, 2Amateur Radio Relay League

ARRS 1Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service, 2aerospace rescue and recovery squadron

ARRW aerospace rescue and recovery wing (MAC)

ARS 1advanced record system, 2Attack Radar Set (FB-111), 3automated relay system, 4[USN] salvage vessel/ship, 5[USN] submarine rescue ship, 6air refueling squadron (SAC), 7air rescue squadron, 8automated reconciliation system, 9Auton Omous Robotic System, 10[AR 310-50] aerial reconnaissance and security

ARSA airport radar service area

ARSAG aerial refueling systems advisory group

ARSB air reconnaissance support battalion

arsec inverse secant

ARSEM [AR 310-50] Armt registry of special educational materials

arsin inverse sine

ARSIP Accuracy, Reliability, Supportability Improvement Program

ARSOA [FM101-5-1] Army special operations aviation

ARSOC 1Army special operations component, 2Army Special Operations Command

ARSOF Army special operation forces

ARSOTF 1[FM101-5-1] Army special operations forces, 2[JP 1-02] Army special operations task force

ARSP airborne reconnaissance support program

ARSPACE Army Space Command

ARSPOC [JP 1-02] Army Space Operations Center

ARSPT [AR 310-50] air reconnaissance support

ARSR air route surveillance radar

ARSSG Acquisition Reform Senior Steering Group

ARST [AR 310-50] aerial reconnaissance and security troop

ARSTAF Army staff

ARSTRUC MSG Army structure message

ARSTU auto remote STU III

ARSV armored reconnaissance scout vehicle

ART 1automatic reporting telephone, 2another ray tracer, 3Army Reserve technician, 4alarm response team

ARTA Apple real time architecture

ARTACOM [AR 310-50] Army requirements for tactical communications

ARTADS Army Tactical Data System

ARTB advanced radar test bed

ARTBASS Army Training Battle Automation Simulation System

ARTC air route traffic control

ARTCC air route traffic control center (FAA)

ARTEP Army Training and Evaluation Program

ARTEWG Ada Runtime Environment Working Group

ARTI advanced rotocraft technology integration

ARTIC 1associometrics remote terminal inquiry control system, 2a real-time interface coprocessor [IBM]

ARTL [AR 310-50] awaiting results of trial

ARTRAC 1advanced range testing, reporting, and control, 2advanced real-time range control

ARTS 1advanced radar terminal system, 2advanced radar traffic-control system, 3automatic remote tracking stations, 4asynchronous remote takeover server

ARTS III [JP 1-02] Automated Radar Tracking System

ARTT asynchronous remote takeover terminal

ARTU automatic range tracking unit

arty artillery

ARU audio response unit

ARUNK [AR 310-50] arrival unknown

ARV 1ammunition resupply vehicle, 2arrival, 3[USN] aviation repair vessel, 4American revised version, 5armored recovery vehicle, 6armored repair vehicle

ARW Air refueling wing

ARWAB [AR 310-50] Army Rotary Wing Aptitude Battery

ARWR Advanced Radar Warning Receiver

as 1[AR 310-50] antisubmarine, 2[AR 310-50] as stated

AS 1acquisition strategy, 2aerospace, 3ammeter switch, 4antisubmarine, 5air station, 6[USN] submarine tender, 7access systems, 8air-to-surface, 9autonomous system [Internet], 10access switch, 11air sortie, 12air superiority, 13actual start, 14assistance service, 15[FM101-5-1] Australia, 16[FM101-5-1] area security. 17[JP 1-02] analog secure, 18[JP 3-04.1] aviation ship

as of last report day of period

AS/400 Application System/400 [IBM]

AS/U Advanced Server for UNIX

AS3AP ANSI SQL, standard, scaleable, and portable

ASA 1Army strategic appraisal, 2Assistant Secretary of the Army, 3advanced system architecture, 4American Standards Association, 5alternate structured approach

ASA (CW) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works

ASA (FM) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management

ASA (FM&C) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller

ASA (I&L) [AR 310-50] Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installation and Logistics)

ASA (IL&E) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Logistics and Environment

ASA (IL&FM) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Logistics, and Financial Management

ASA (M&RA) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs

ASA (RDA) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research, Development, and Acquisition

ASAC 1all-source analysis center, 2Army Study Advisory Committee

ASAF Assistant Secretary of the Air Force

ASAF (A) Assistant Secretary of Air Force (Acquisition)

ASAF (ACQ) [DoD/DSMC] Assistant Secretary of Air Force (Acquisition)

ASALM advanced strategic air-launched missile

ASAMC advanced software acquisition management course

ASAP 1Army Streamlined Acquisition Process, 2Army Scientific Advisory Panel, 3as soon as possible, 4automatic switching and processing, 5Automatic Sourcing of Assets Program (AFCC), 6Aerospace Safety Automation Program, 7Aircraft Specific Automating Program

ASARC Army Systems Acquisition Review Council (replaced by the ARMB)

ASARC/BMDARC Army Selected Acquisition Review Council/Ballistic Missile Defense Acquisition Review Council Coordination Team

ASARC/DAB Army System Acquisition Review Council/Defense Acquisition Board

ASARS Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System

ASARS-2 Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System-2

ASAS All Source Analysis System

ASAS-E ASAS extended

ASAS-PMO All Source Analysis System –Program Management Office

ASAS-RWS [TTPIO-ABCS] All Source Analysis System - Remote Workstation

ASAT 1Automated Systems Approach To Training, 2antisatellite missile [weapons], 3avionics situation awareness trainer, 4anti satellite

ASB 1Army Science Board, 2Audit Service Bureau

ASBCA Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

asbl [AR 310-50] assemble

ASBP [JP 4-02] Armed Services Blood Program

ASBPO [JP 1-02] Armed Services Blood Program Office

ASBREM armed service biomedical research evaluation and management

ASC 1AUTODIN switching center, 2Army Space Council, 3advanced scientific computer, 4aircraft scheduling cell, 5associative structure computer, 6automatic sensitivity control, 7automatic system controller, 8accredited standards committee, 9advanced simulation center, 10Aeronautical Systems Center [USAF], 11allowance source code, 12authorized support center, 13automatic switching center (AUTODIN), 14Advanced Systems Concept (Navy), 15Army Staff Council, 16[JP 1-02] Air Systems Command, 17[JP 1-02] assign switch classmark, 18[JP 1-02] acting service chief , 19[AR 310-50] Automation Security Committee

ASCAS 1Automated Security Clearance Approval System, 2Automated Security Clearance Authentication System

ASCC 1Air Standardization Coordination Committee, 2Army service component commander, 3Army service component command, 4automatic sequence controlled calculator, 5Air Standards Coordinating Committee

ASCDB all source correlated database

ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCI Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence

ASCIET all service combat identification evaluation team

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASCII/SGML American Standard Committee for Information Interchange/Standard Generalized Markup Language

ASCM anti-ship Cruise missile

ASCO automatic sustainer cutoff

ASCOM [AR 310-50] Army Service Command

ASCON associated contractor

ASCP 1Army Strategic Capabilities Plan, 2AJCC Subnet Communications Processor

ASCS 1area surveillance control system, 2[JP 3-09.3] air support control section

ASD 1Assistant Secretary of Defense, 2Army software development, 3air sortie duration, 4Aeronautical Systems Division (USAF), 5air situation display, 6average sortie duration, 7[AR 310-50] Army shipping document

ASD (A&L) [JP 1-02] Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and Logistics)

ASD (C) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)

ASD (C3I) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Communications, Command, Control, and Intelligence)

ASD (CCC&I) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence)

ASD (ES) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Econimic Security

ASD (FM&P) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management and Personnel)

ASD (FMP) [JP 3-07.2] Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management Policy)

ASD (HA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs)

ASD (ISA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs)

ASD (ISP) Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Policy)

ASD (LA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Legislative Affairs)

ASD (MRA&L) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Manpower, Reserve Affairs, and Logistics)

ASD (PA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)

ASD (PA&E) [JP 1-02] Assistant Secretary of Defense for program Analysis and Evaluation

ASD (P&L) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Production and Logistics)

ASD (RA) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)

ASD (RSA) [JP 1-02] Assistant Secretary of Defense (Regional Security Affairs)

ASD(S&R) [JP 3-07.3] Assistant Secretary of Defense (Strategy and Requirements)

ASD (SO/LIC) [JP 1-02] Assistant Secretary of Defense (Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict)

ASD/SEE aerospace defense/software engineering environment

ASDC 1automated source data collection, 2Army Strategic Defense Command

ASDCS Automated Source Data Collection System

ASDI [JP 1-02] analog simple data interface

ASDIC Armed Services Documents Intelligence Center

ASDIRS [AR 310-50] Army Study Documentation and Information Retrieval System

ASDM automated system design methodology

ASDP 1abbreviated system decision paper, 2accelerated software development process

ASDPSIM [AR 310-50] advanced system data processing simulation

ASDRS automatic spectrum display and signal recognition system

ASDS 1air situation display system, 2Advanced SEAL Delivery System

ASE 1[ASAS] All Source Enclave, 2airborne search equipment, 3automatic support equipment, 4applied service elements, 5advanced sensor exploitation, 6aircraft serviceability equipment, 7aircraft survivability equipment, 8[JP 1-02] automated stabilization equipment, 9[AR 310-50] automatic stabilization equipment

ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations

ASED [AR 310-50] aviation system entry data

ASEDP Army Space Exploitation Demonstration Program

ASEF aircrew system evaluation facility

ASEL Aircraft Single Engine Land [pilot Rating]

ASEM application specific electronic modules

ASEP Advanced Skills Education Program

ASESBD [AR 310-50] Armed Services Explosives Safety Board

ASETS 1Advanced Seeker Evaluation Test System, 2Airborne Seeker Evaluation and Test System

ASF 1additional selection factor, 2Army Stock Fund, 3ActiveMovie streaming format [Microsoft], 4auxiliary supporting feature, 5aeromedical staging facility, 6authorized strength file (Army)

ASFIR active swept frequency interferometer radar

ASFTS airborne systems functional test stand

asg assign

ASG 1advanced system group, 2area support group, 3Assistant Surgeon General For Research, Development, and Acquisition

asgd assigned

ASGLS advanced space ground link subsystem

ASGRO [AR 310-50] Armed Forces Graves Registration Office

ASGS [AR 310-50] Assistant Secretary of the General Staff

ASH 1alternate support headquarters, 2[AR 310-50] advanced scout helicopter

ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers

ASI 1additional skill identifier (AR 611-201), 2all-source intelligence, 3axial shape index, 4alternate storage location, 5air speed indicator, 6amended shipping instruction, 7[JP 1-02] assign and display switch initialization, 8[AR 310-50] azimuth speed indicator

ASI/ISI amended shipping instruction/initial shipping instruction

ASIC 1application-specific integrated circuit, 2all source intelligence center, 3application specific integrated circuit, 4[AR 310-50] area security information center

ASICGEN [AR 310-50] area signal center

ASIDS Abbreviated Status Information Display System

ASIF 1Airlift Service Industrial Fund (MAC), 2[JP 1-02] Airlift Support Industrial Fund

ASIM automated security incident measurement

ASIMIS Aircraft Structural Integrity Management Information System

ASIMS 1Air Staff Information Management System, 2Army Standard Information Management System

ASIOE associated support items of equipment

ASIOEP associated support items of equipment and personnel

ASIP 1All Source Imagery Processor (USMC), 2AFGWC Software Improvement Program (MAC), 3Aircraft Structural Integrity Program, 4Army stationing and installation plan, 5Aircraft Structural Improvement Program

ASIS 1abort sensing and instrumentation system, 2Amphibious Ship Information System (MSC), 3Ammunition Surveillance Information System

ASISP Air Staff Information Systems Plan (USAF)

ASIST 1advanced scientific instruments symbolic translator, 2Adaptable Surface Interface Terminal (JTIDS), 3a simple integration of statistical techniques

ASIT 1adaptable surface interface terminal (JTIDS), 2advanced security and identification technology

ASK amplitude-shift keying

ASKA automatic system for kinematic analysis

ASKS automatic action keeping system

ASL 1Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory, 2authorized stockage list, 3adaptive speed leveling, 4alternate storage location, 5authorized stockage level, 6average sortie length, 7adjusted stock level, 8approved source list, 9authorized supply level (Army), 10[FM101-5-1] allowable supply list, 11[JP 1-02] assign switch locator (SL) routing, 12[JP 1-02] allowable supply list, 13[AR 310-50] above sea level

ASL/PLL authorized stockage list/ prescribed load list

ASLAR aircraft surge launch and recovery

ASLEEP Automatic Scanning Low-Energy Electron Probe

ASLM Apple Shared Library Manager [Macintosh]

aslt [FM101-5-1] assault

ASLT advanced solid logic technology

ASLT PSN [FM101-5-1] assault position (graphics)

ASLTG [AR 310-50] assault gun

ASM 1advanced surface-to-air missile, 2air-to-surface missile, 3asynchronous state machine, 4automated scheduling module, 5armored systems modernization, 6automated scheduling message, 7automatic switch monitor, 8airfield survival measures, 9anti-ship missile, 10acquisition security manager, 11[JP 1-02] armored scout mission, 12[AR 310-50] Antarctica Service Medal, 13[AR 310-50] automatic scheduling message

ASMA air staff management aid

ASMC alternate system monitoring center (DDN)

ASMCOMM airfield survival measures communications

ASMD anti-ship missile defense (USN)

ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASMIRES Air Staff Manpower Information Requirement System

ASMIS Army Safety Management Information System

ASMOD antisubmarine warfare module (CV/CVN)

ASMP 1asymmetric multiprocessing, 2Army strategic mobility plan, 3Army Strategic Mobility Program, 4[AR 310-50] Army survival measures plan

ASMRO 1Armed Forces Medical Regulating Office, 2[JP 1-02] Armed Services Medical Regulating Office

ASMS 1Advanced Strategic Missile System (BMO), 2Advanced Surface Missile System [became AEGIS]

ASMSA [AR 310-50] Army Signal Material Support Agency

asn assigned

ASN 1average sample number, 2abstract syntax notation, 3autonomous system number, 4Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 5atomic strike net

ASN (M&RA) Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)

ASN (RD&A) Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition)

ASN (S&L) Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Shipbuilding and Logistics)

ASN1 Abstract Syntax Notation One

ASNP 1aircrew style name patches, 2[AR 310-50] Army Student Nurse Program

ASNPIDBAD [AR 310-50] Army Student Nurse Program identification badge

ASNT American Society of Nondestructive Testing

ASO 1auxiliary switch [breaker] normally open, 2Army Space Office, 3air support operations, 4air surveillance officer, 5aviation supply office (Navy), 6[AR 310-50] area supply officer

ASOA United States Army School of the Air

ASOAP [AR 310-50] Army Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program

ASOAS Air Staff Office Automation System

ASOC 1air support operations center (USAF/NATO), 2air sector operations center, 3Allied Sector Operations Center (NATO)

ASOFDTG [JP 4-02.1] as of date/time group

ASOIE associated support items of equipment

ASOP 1automatic scheduling and operating program, 2Army Strategic Objectives Plan

ASP 1ammunition supply point, 2Army strategic plan, 3association storing processor, 4attached support processor, 5automatic schedule procedures, 6all service processor, 7all source production (Army), 8Army Standardization Program, 9authorized service provider, 10a system for programmers, 11Association of Shareware Professionals, 12active server pages [Microsoft], 13advanced signal processor, 14AppleTalk Session Protocol, 15acquisition strategy panel, 16acquisition strategy plan, 17acquisition strategy process, 18acquisition support program, 19acquisition system protection, 20[TR350-70] Advanced Simulation Program, 21[AR 310-50] annual service practice

ASPA air strike planning assistant

ASPADOC Alternate Space Defense Operations Center

ASPCGA Atomic Strike Plan Control Group Alternate

ASPER assembly system peripheral processors

ASPG Automatic Data Processing Standards Policy Group

ASPI advanced SCSI programming interface [Adaptec]

ASPIC [AR 310-50] Armed Services Personnel Interrogation Center

ASPJ airborne self protection jammer

ASPM Armed Service Pricing Manual

ASPO 1[Army] Space Program Office (HQDA DAMO-MOSP), 2American Society of Planning Officials, 3Automated Systems Program Office, 4Armed Services Procurement Office, 5Acquisition System Protection Office

ASPP 1alloy-steel protective plating, 2acquisition strategy planning process, 3[JP 2-01.2] acquisition systems protection program

ASPPO 1armed services production planning officer, 2[JP 1-02] Armed Service Production Planning Office

ASPR armed services procurement regulations

ASPS 1advanced signal processing system, 2all-source production section

ASPTC [AR 310-50] United States Army Support Center

ASPUR Automated System for Processing Unit Requirements (MTMC)

ASQC American Society For Quality Control

ASR 1accumulators shift right, 2airborne surveillance radar, 3airport surveillance radar, 4available supply rate, 5automatic send and receive teletype terminal, 6acquisition strategy report (obsolete), 7automatic speech recognition, 8submarine rescue ship, 9address space register, 10automatic speech recognition, 11alternative systems review, 12alternative system review, 13[FM101-5-1] alternate supply route, 14[FM101-5-1] ammunition supply rate, 15[AR 310-50]armed strike reconnaissance, 16[AR 310-50] Army status report, 17[AR 310-50] Army Service Ribbon

ASRA ADP system requirement analysis

ASRA-PLUS Automated Storage and Retrieval System (Army)

ASRAAM advanced short range air-to-air missile

ASRD aircraft shipment readiness date

ASRMO Armed Services Medical Regulatory Organization Reporting System (MAC)

ASROC antisubmarine rocket

ASRRC avionics system requirement review conferences

ASRS Aircraft Suitability Reporting System (MAC)

ASRSC Armed Services Research Specialists Committee

ASRT air support radar team (USAF/USMC)

ASSA 1automated support system architecture, 2[AR 310-50] area supply support activity

ASSESSREP 1assessment report, 2[JP 1-02] transportation assets report

ASSET 1All Source Satellite Evaluation Tool, 2Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology

ASSG Army Space Study Group

ASSI aerial scout sensor integration

ASSIST 1Army System for Intelligence Support Terminals, 2advanced system support and information system technology (AFLC), 3Automated Special Security Information Systems Terminal, 4Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System, 5automated system security incident support team

assoc [AR 310-50] associate

ASSOTW airfield and seaplane stations of the world

ASSP [USN] auxiliary transport submarine

ASSS automated service station systems (USAF)

ASSSC Automated Self Service Supply System

asst [AR 310-50] assist

ASST advanced sensor/submunition technology

assy [AR 310-50] assembly

AST 1advanced simulation technology, 2AST Research, Inc. (named from first initials of the founders: Albert Wong, Safi Qureshey, Thomas Yuen), 3advanced survivability technology, 4Atlantic Standard Time, 5atmospheric surveillance technology (ADI), 6advanced software technology, 7[JP 1-02] assign secondary traffic channels, 8[AR 310-50] administrative-supply technician, 9[AR 310-50] air supported threat

ASTAG Army Science and Technology Advisory Group

ASTAMIDS Airborne Standoff Minefield Detection System [payload package in the UAV Short Range]

ASTAR 1airborne search target attack radar, 2atomic strike approval request

ASTD air supported threat defense

ASTE 1Advanced Surveillance Technology Experiment (SDI), 2air-surface technology and integration, 3armament system test environment

ASTEI Air-Surface Technology Evaluation and Integration Program

ASTF Aerospace Propulsion System Test Facility

ASTM American Society for Testing Materiel

ASTMIS Army Science and Technology Management Information System

ASTMP Army Science and Technology Master Plan

astn [AR 310-50] astronomic

ASTOR 1airborne stand-off radar, 2antisubmarine torpedo

ASTOVL advanced short takeoff and vertical landing (NASA)

ASTP 1Advanced Space Technology Program, 2Army specialized training program

ASTR authorized strength

ASTRAL analog schematic translator to algebraic language

ASTS [JP 4-02.2] aeromedical staging squadron

ASTT action speed tactical trainer

ASTWG Army Science and Technology Working Group

ASU 1aeromedical staging unit, 2automatic switching unit

ASUP [AR 310-50] air supply

ASUPS ammunition supply points

ASURES advanced surveillance and reconnaissance system

ASUW anti-surface warfare (USN)

ASUWC anti-surface warfare commander (USN)

ASV 1angle stop valve, 2automatic self-verification, 3American standard version, 4analog secure voice, 5anti-surface vessel (radar)

ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

ASVP Ada simulated validation program (USAF)

ASW 1acoustic surface wave, 2auxiliary switch, 3applications software, 4anti-submarine warfare, 5[JP 1-02] average surface wind

ASWBPL [JP 1-02] armed services whole blood processing laboratories

ASWC anti-submarine warfare commander (USN)

ASWCCS anti-submarine warfare command and control system

ASWD Army Special Weapons Depot

ASWG Army Space Working Group

ASWOC Anti-Submarine Warfare Operations Center (USN)

ASYNC asynchronous

at antitank

At [JP 1-02] total attainable search area

AT 1annual training, 2acceptance tag, 3ampere-turn, 4atomic time, 5automatic ticketing, 6autothrottle, 7acceptance test, 8automatic testing, 9[USN] tug (ship), 10advanced technology, 11attention, 12advanced trainer, 13air tasking, 14air temperature, 15air transport, 16anti-tank, 17antiterrorism, 18Army training, 19Atlantic Time, 20automated telecommunications program, 21alert time, 22acquisition team, 23annual tour, 24[JP 1-02] antiterrorism

AT XXI Army Training XXI

AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph

AT/BC Advanced Technology/Breakfast Club

AT3 advanced technology tactical transport

ATA 1advanced technology attachment, 2[USN] auxiliary tug (ship), 3actual time of arrival, 4advanced tactical aircraft (USN), 5Air Transport Association, 6ARCNET Trade Association, 7Atlantic Treaty Association, 8auto terrain avoidance (USAF), 9Army technical architecture, 10air transport authority, 11[JP 1-02] airport traffic area

ATAC 1abbreviated transportation accounting classification, 2[JP 2-01.2] antiterrorism alert center (Navy)

ATACC 1Advanced Tactical Air Command Central (USN), 2Army tactical air control center, 3advanced tactical command central, 4alternate tactical air control center, 5[CJCSI 6271.01] Advanced Tactical Air Command Center

ATACCS Allied Tactical Command and Control System (NATO)

ATACMS 1Army Tactical C2 Information System, 2Army Tactical Missile System, 3Army Tactical Communications Management System



ATACO 1[JP 1-02] air tactical actions control officer, 2[JP 1-02] air tactical actions control officer

ATACS 1Army Tactical Communications System, 2airborne tactical air control system

ATAD air target algorithm development

ATADS advanced tactical air defense system

ATAF Allied Tactical Air Force (NATO)

ATAFCS Airborne Target Acquisition and Fire Control System

ATAM Automated Threat Assessment Model

ATAP 1Acquisition Tuition Assistance Program, 2anti-tank, anti-personnel, 3ATOC target analysis and planning

ATAPS Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection System

ATAR 1antitank aircraft rocket, 2air-to-air recovery, 3Airborne Tracking, Acquisition, and Recognition system

ATARES Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System

ATARS 1Army Training Automated Records System, 2Aircraft Traffic Advisory Resolution System, 3advanced tactical air reconnaissance system

ATAS 1Air-To-Air Stinger, 2advanced target acquisition sensor

ATATS Automatic Target Acquisition and Tracking System

ATAWS advanced tactical air warfare system

ATB advanced technology bomber [development program [for the Northrop B-2]

ATBM 1antitactical ballistic missile [Hawk], 2advanced tactical battle management

ATBMP Army Technology-Base Master Plan

ATC 1Army training center, 2adiabatic torodial compressor, 3air temperature control, 4air traffic control, 5automation training center, 6Air Training Command (USAF), 7ammunition team chief, 8mini-armoured troop carrier [USN], 9air threat conference, 10automatic tuning control, 11Aberdeen Test Center, 12action taken code, 13[JP 1-02] air transportable clinic (USAF), 14[JP 1-02]air target chart

ATCA 1advanced tanker cargo aircraft, 2Allied Tactical Communications Agency (NATO)

ATCAA [JP 1-02] air traffic control assigned airspace

ATCALS air traffic control and landing system

ATCAP United States Army Telecommunication Automation Program

ATCAS Advanced Towed Cannon System

ATCC 1air traffic control center, 2airborne transmitter control center, 3automated telecommunications center, 4[JP 1-02] antiterrorism coordinating committee, 5[AR 310-50] Atlantic Division Transport Control Center

ATCCS Army Tactical Command and Control System (obsolete, see ABCS)

ATCD advanced technology concept demonstration

ATCF Air Traffic Control Flight (AFCC)

ATCG AFCAP Technical Coordinating Group

ATCL [AR 310-50] air traffic control line

ATCMD advance transportation control movement documentation

ATCO air traffic coordinating officer

ATCOM [Army] Aviation and Troop Command

ATCRABS air traffic control radar beacon system

ATCRBS Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System

ATCS 1automatic test control system, 2[JP 3-09.3] air traffic control section, 3[AR 310-50] air traffic communications station

ATCTT air traffic control tower/tracon

ATCU air transportable communication unit

ATCV air transportable communication vans

ATD 1[USAIC&FH] Advanced Training Division, 2Automated Training Division, 3associated technical document, 4advanced technology demonstration, 5actual time of departure, 6aircrew training devices, 7advanced technology demonstrator (USN), 8air tasking directive, 9aircrew training device, 10asynchronous time division, 11[DoD/DSMC] advanced technology development

ATD/C aided target detection/classification

ATDL 1Army Training Digital Library, 2Army tactical data link, 3adaptive targeting data link (USAF)

ATDL1 Army Tactical Data Link1

ATDM [JP 1-02] adaptive time division multiplexer

ATDNet Advanced Technology Demonstration Network

ATDP 1Army Training Diagnostic Program, 2attention dial pulse, 3advanced technology demonstration plan, 4Army technology demonstration plan

ATDS 1Airborne Tactical Data System, 2Automated Target Data System (USEUCOM)

ATDT attention dial tone

ATE 1automated test equipment, 2automatic test equipment, 3actual time enroute, 4advanced technology engine

ATEC 1Army Test and Evaluation Committee, 2automated technical control, 3Arms Transfer and Export Control Policy (DoS), 4The United States Army Test and Evaluation Command

ATEGG Advanced Turbine Engine Gas Generator

ATEMS advanced threat emitter simulator

ATEP annual training equipment pools

ATERM [AR 310-50] air terminal

ATERS automatic test equipment reporting system

ATEWS advanced tactical electronic warfare system

ATF 1amphibious task force, 2[USN] oceangoing fleet tug, 3advanced technology fighter, 4Advanced technology Fighter [F-22 and F-23] Program, 5asynchronous transfer, 6automatic terrain following, 7[JP 3-08] Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (TREAS)

ATFA [TR 350-70] Army training functional architecture

ATFES Army Tactical Frequency Engineering System

ATFLIR advanced targeting forward looking infrared [radar]

ATFP airlift total force plan

ATG 1air to ground, 2antenna receiver group, 3automatic tank gauging, 4automatic test guide, 5advanced technology group, 6[JP 1-02] assign trunk group cluster, 7[AR 310-50] antenna test group, 8[AR 310-50] antitank gun

ATGL 1[AR 310-50] antitank grenade launcher, 2[AR 310-50] antitank gun launcher

ATGM 1antitank guided missile, 2[JP 1-02] anti-tank guided munitions

ATGW anti-tank guided weapon

ATH 1attention hang-up (modem command), 2above-the-horizon, 3[JP 1-02] assign thresholds, 4[JP 1-02] air transportable hospital

ATHRS air transportable hydrant refuelers

ATHS Airborne Target Handover System

ATI 1automated technical information, 2automation of technical information, 3Army training instruction, 4Application Transport Interface (Honeywell)

ATIC 1ASOC/TACP Improved Communications, 2avionics test and integration complex

ATII [AR 310-50] advanced techniques for imagery interpretation

ATIMP Army Training Information Management Program

ATIPS Army Threat and Intelligence Production System

ATIRCM advanced threat infrared countermeasures

ATIRS Army Test Incident Reporting System

ATIS 1Automatic Terminal Information Service, 2aerodrome terminal information service, 3advanced technical information support

ATISD air training information systems division (ATC)

ATJS advanced tactical jamming system

atk attack

ATK anti-tank

ATK PSN [FM101-5-1] attack position (graphics)

ATKHC [AR 310-50] attack helicopter company

ATL 1Army training literature, 2annotated task list, 3active template library [Microsoft], 4adjusted termination level

ATLANTIC Airborne Targeting Low Altitude Navigation Thermal Imaging and Cueing

ATLAS Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems (USN)

ATLIS Automatic Tracking Laser Illumination System

ATLP Army Training Literature Program

ATLS automated tape library support

ATM 1asynchronous transfer mode, 2air turbine motor, 3Adobe Typeface Manager, 4advanced trauma management, 5AGM training missile, 6air tasking message, 7air terminal management, 8anti-tank missile, 9air traffic management, 10automated teller machine, 11Army training model, 12Army test manager, 13[JP 1-02] assign traffic metering

ATM-12 Bullpup Trainer

ATMAC [AR 310-50] air traffic management automated center

ATMC [AR 310-50] Air Transport Movement Control Center

ATMCT 1air terminal management control team, 2air terminal movements control team

ATMDE Army theater missile defense element

ATMG arms transfer management group

ATMH automatic text message handling

ATMP [AR 310-50] Air Target Materials Program

ATMS 1Air Traffic Management System (USACC), 2Army Traffic Management System

ATN 1Air Technology Network, 2[JP 1-02] assign thresholds

ATO 1air tasking order, 2[USN] old tug (ship), 3actual time over, 4ADP terminal operator, 5air targets officer, 6air tasking officer, 7air training officer, 8airlift tasking orders, 9assisted take-off, 10[AR 310-50] aircraft transfer order

ATOC 1[NATO] Allied Tactical Operations Center, 2air tactical operations center, 3air tasking order center, 4air terminal operations center

ATOCONF [JP 3-50.2] air tasking order confirmation

ATOLL acceptance, test, or launch language

ATOMS Automated Technical Order Management System

ATON ACE Operational Telegraph Network

ATOS 1Air Tasking Order System (PACAF), 2Automated Tasking Order System (USAF), 3Automated Technical Order System (LFSMS), 4Air Force Technical Order System

ATP 1acceptance test plan, 2allied tactical publication, 3ammunition transfer point, 4acceptance test procedures, 5automated test plan, 6air transport radio, 7advanced tracking prototype, 8antitransmit-receive, 9AppleTalk Transaction Protocol, 10Army training plan, 11authority to proceed, 12automated text processing system, 13automatic test program, 14[AR 310-50] Army training program

ATP-ASCP [AR 310-50] Army Transportation Plan in Support of the Army Strategic Capabilities Plan

ATP-FC acquisition, tracking, pointing and fire control (RADC)

ATPS 1AppleTalk Printing Services [Macintosh], 2automated test planning system

ATR 1automatic target recognition, 2[USN] rescue tug (ship), 3achievement of test readiness, 4advanced tactical radar, 5air tasking request, 6air transport racking (standard electronics racks), 7air transport regulations, 8airborne transport rack, 9aircrew training system, 10automatic terminal recognition, 11[AR 310-50] air traffic regulations, 12attribute

ATRAN automatic terrain recognition and navigation

ATRAS automated travel record accounting system

ATRDL Automated Tasking and Reporting Data Link

ATREQ atomic supporting request

ATRIB average transfer rate of information bits

ATRIS automated test resource information systems

ATRL [AR 310-50] antitank rocket launcher

ATRM Army training resource management

ATRM-2 Army training resource management - 2

ATRRS Army Training Requirements and Resources System

ATRS 1aerial training squadron, 2automated travel record system

ATRT antitransmit-receive tube

ATRWG ATR working group

ATS 1ASAS Training System, 2Automated Tasking System, 3[USN] salvage and rescue ship, 4automated terminal system, 5administrative terminal system, 6air traffic service, 7advanced tactical support, 8advanced tactical surveillance, 9advanced technology satellite, 10avionics test station, 11advanced training system (ATC), 12aircrew training system, 13antenna test station, 14Automated Travel System (USAF), 15airmanship training squadron, 16Apple terminal services, 17ASW Training Target System, 18automatic test system, 19[JP 1-02] assign terminal service, 20[AR 310-50] Army topographic station, 21[AR 310-50] Army telecommunications system

ATSAR atomic strike approval request

ATSC 1Army Training Support Command, 2automated telecommunications systems center, 3Army Training Support Center

ATSD (AE) Assistant To the Secretary of Defense (Atomic Energy)

ATSD (IO) Assistant To the Secretary of Defense (Intelligence Oversight)

ATSP Army Threat Simulator Program

ATSR advanced tactical surveillance radar (RADC)

ATSROMA Automated Target System Range Operation and Maintenance Activity

ATSS 1Advanced Tactical Surveillance System, 2advanced tactical surveillance system, 3Alaskan telephone switching system

ATSSM [AR 310-50] automatic telecommunications system security manager

ATSTAT airlift status

ATT 1attenuation, 2advanced theater transport, 3advanced tactical transport (MAC), 4authorization to test, 5[JP 1-02] assign terminal type, 6[AR 310-50] Army training test

ATTA Army training technical architecture

ATTCS 1automatic takeoff thrust control system, 2Advanced Tactical Command and Control System

ATTD 1advanced technology transfer demonstration, 2advanced technology transition demonstration

ATTG 1adversary threat training group, 2automated tactical target graphics

ATTLA Air Transportability Test Loading Agency

attn attention

ATTN attention

ATTRIB attribute (also ATR)

ATTRS Army Training Requirements and Resource System

ATTS automatic test technology standards

ATTU [JP 4-02] air transportable treatment unit

ATU antenna tuning unit

ATV all terrain vehicle

ATW advanced technology weapon

ATWC atmospheric tactical warning connectivity

ATWG avionics test working group

ATXXI Army Training XXI

ATZ attention restore configuration profile from nonvolatile RAM (modem command)

AU 1arithmetic unit, 2astronomical unit, 3Air University (USAF)

AUB Army Uniform Board

AUD auditing

AUDIT 1Automatic Unattended Detection Inspection Transmitter, 2Army Uniform Data Inquiry Technique, 3automated data input terminal

AUEL automated unit equipment list

AUG 1AFCAP Users Group, 2[CJCSI 6271.01] application user group

AUGTDA augmentation table of distribution and allowances

AUI attachment unit interface

AUIC [CJCSI 3150.14] Active Duty Unit Identification Code

AUIS analog input-output unit

AUL all up round

AUM air-to-underwater missile

AUNT automatic universal translator

AUO area utilization officer

AUP 1acceptable use policy [Internet], 2AUTODIN Upgrade Project, 3advanced unitary penetrator

AUPC [DoD/DSMC] average unit procurement cost (also see APUC)

AUR all up round

AURORA automatic recovery of remotely piloted aircraft

AURS automated unit reference sheet(s)

AUS 1Army of the United States, 2Assistant Under Secretary of State

AUSA Association of the United States Army

AUSMS Automated Unbundled Software Management System (JDSSC)

AUSTACCS Australian Tactical Command and Control System

AUT 1advanced user terminal(s), 2advanced unit training

AUTEC Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center

auth 1authority, 2authorized, 3authorization

AUTHGR [AR 310-50] authority granted

AUTL Army Universal Task List

auto [AR 310-50] automatic

AUTO automatic

AUTOBOOK Automated Booking and Distribution System (AFLC)

AUTOCAT automatic communications airborne transfer


AUTODIN 1Automatic Digital Network (DCA), 2Automated Defense Information Network

AUTOEXEC automatic [computer] execution

AUTOFAC KC-135 quarterly schedule (SAC)

AUTONET automatic network display

AUTOPATH automated flight path (SAC/DARPA)

AUTOROS Automated Retail Outlet System (Army)

AUTOSEVOCOM automatic secure voice communications

AUTOSTRAD Automated System for Transportation Data (MTMC)

AUTOSTRT automatic starter

AUTOSTRTG automatic starting

AUTOVON Automatic Voice Network (obsolete, see DSN)

AUTRAN automatic utility translator

AUTS Automatic Update Transaction System

AUW 1all-up weight, 2airframe unit weight

AUWMP Air University War and Mobilization Plan

aux auxiliary


AUXCP 1auxiliary command post, 2auxiliary airborne command post

AV 1air vehicle, 2audio visual, 3aviation, 4aerial vehicle, 5authenticity verification, 6azimuth versus amplitude, 7[AR 310-50] AUTOVON, 7[AR 310-50] aviation

AV-8 Harrier

AV/VI [JP 1-02] audiovisual/visual information

AVA 1adaptive vehicular antenna, 2audio visual authoring [IBM]

aval [AR 310-50] available

AVARS audiovisual analysis and retrieval system

AVB aviation logistic support ship

AVC 1automatic valve control, 2automatic vent control, 3automatic volume control, 4alternating voice and data

AVCAL aviation coordinated allowance list

AVCATT Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer

AVCOORD [TTPIO-ABCS] aviation coordinator

AVCRAD aviation classification repair activity Depot

AVCS Assistant Vice Chief of Staff

AVD alternating voice and Data

AVDO Aerospace Vehicle Distribution Office

AVDS audiovisual display system

AVDTG [JP 1-02] analog via digital trunk group

AVE 1automatic volume expansion, 2aerospace vehicle electronics

AVENGER pedestal-mounted Stingers

AVF all-volunteer force

AVFR [AR 310-50] available for reassignment

avg average

AVG aircraft escort vessel (later renamed ACV)

AVGAS aviation gasoline

AVI 1audio visual interleaved [Microsoft], 2[TR 350-70] audio video interleave

AVID [AR 310-50] airborne vehicle identification

AVIM 1aviation intermediate maintenance, 2aviation intermediate maintenance facility

AVIONICS aviation electronics

AVIP avionics integrity program

AVIS audiovisual information system

AVISH air vehicle inventory status and history

AVISURS Aerospace Vehicle Inventory Status and Utilization Reporting System (USAF)

AVIT [AR 310-50] audiovisual instructional technology

AVL 1automatic vehicle location, 2[JP 1-02] assign variable location

AVLB [AR 310-50] armored vehicle launched bridge

AVLF airborne very low frequency

AVLM [FM101-5-1] armored vehicle launched mine clearing

AVLO [FM101-5-1] aviation liaison officer

AVLOB armored vehicle launching bridge

AVLUB [AR 310-50] aviation lubricant

AVM 1automatic vehicular monitoring, 2guided missile ship

avn aviation

AVN Adobe virtual network

AVNL automatic video noise limiting

AVNMED [AR 310-50] aviation medicine

AVO 1air vehicle operator, 2Ada Validation Office (DoD)

AVOIL aviation oil

AVOU [JP 1-02] analog voice orderwire unit

AVOW [JP 1-02] analog voice orderwire

AVP 1AUTOVON precedence, 2small seaplane tender, 3Authorized Vendor Program, 4[AR 310-50] Army Validation Program

AVPOL aviation petroleum, oil, and lubricants

AVPRO audiovisual production officer

avr [AR 310-50] aviator

AVR 1automatic voltage regulator, 2automatic voice recognition, 3automatic volume recognition, 4acquisition validation report

AVRADCOM [AR 310-50] Aviation Research and Development Command

AVRDEC Aviation Research, Development, and Engineering Center (Army)

AVS 1Application Visualization System [Stardent], 2[USN] aviation supply ship, 3air vehicle specification, 4[JP 1-02] audiovisual squadron

AVSC audio visual support center

AVSCOM Aviation Systems Command (Army)

AVT auxiliary aircraft landing training ship

AVTR airborne videocassette tape recorder

AVTS advanced visual technology system

AVUM aviation unit maintenance

AW 1above water, 2air warning, 3airlift wing, 4all-weather, 5automatic weapon, 6[AR 310-50] Army-wide

AW/AA attack warning/attack assessment

AWACD airborne warning and control division

AWACS 1Airborne Warning and Control System [Boeing E-3A Sentry], 2advanced warning and control system

AWACTS airborne warning and control training squadron

AWADS Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System (C-130)

AWAPS advanced weather analysis and prediction system

AWAR area weight average resolution

AWARES Assessment of Wholesale and Retail System (RAND)

AWARS airborne weather and reconnaissance system

AWASP [AR 310-50] advance weapon ammunition support point

AWB Air Way Bill

AWBS Aircraft Weight and Balance Requirements System (PACAF)

AWC 1Army War College, 2Air War College, 3add with carry, 4Air Warfare Center

AWCAP [JP 1-02] airborne weapons corrective action program

AWCF Army Working Capital Fund

AWCLS all-weather carrier landing system

AWCO [AR 310-50] area wage and classification office

AWCS air weapons control system

AWCW airborne warning composite wing

AWD 1advanced warfighting demonstration, 2Microsoft FAX at work document

AWDS Automated Weather Distribution System (MAC/AWS)

AWE 1advanced warfighting experiments, 2aircraft, weapon, and electronic, 3advanced work flow engine [Setanta], 4Army Warfighting Experiments

AWFT anti materiel warhead flight test

AWG American Wire Gauge

AWIPS-90 Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System for the 1990's (NOAA)

AWIS Army Worldwide Military Command and Control System Information System

awk awkward

AWK UNIX pattern scanning computer language named for its inventors – Al Aho, Peter Weinberger, and Brian Kernighan

AWL [AR 310-50] administrative weight limitation

AWLOG [AR 310-50] Army Wholesale Logistic System

AWM awaiting maintenance

AWN automated weather network

AWOL absent without leave

AWOP automated weaponeering optimization program

AWP 1awaiting parts, 2[AR 310-50] allied weather publication

AWPDS Attack Warning Processing and Display System (NORAD)

AWRP Army War Reserve Operational Projects

AWRPS Army war reserve prepositioned equipment sets

AWRA Army war reserve sustainment stocks

AWS 1Air Weather Service, 2advanced warning system, 3advanced weapon system, 4American war standards, 5AEGIS Weapon System, 6Automated Warehouse System (AFLC), 7advanced workstations and systems (group) [IBM]

AWSCOM Advance Weapons Support Command

AWSE [JP 1-02] armament weapons support equipment

AWSIM [CJCSI 3500.02A] air warfare simulation model

AWSMIS Air Weather Service Management Information System (MAC)

AWSR [JP 1-02] Air Weather Service Regulation

AWT Abstract Window Toolkit [Java]

AWTS [AR 310-50] Army-wide training support

AWWG advanced warfighting working group

AX 1architecture extended, 2automatic transmission, 3attack experimental

AXP 1allied exercise publication, 2[FM 101-5-1] ambulance exchange point

AXSICOMM [AR 310-50] axis (or axes) of signal communication

AXX [JP 1-02] assign XXX routing

AY apportionment year

AYEC automatic technical control

AZ 1azimuth, 2Arizona, 3assault zone

AZR [JP 1-02] assign zone restriction lists