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Sea Shadow, Hughes Mining Barge Available for Display

The U.S. Navy announced today that the “Sea Shadow” (IX-529), an experimental naval craft, and the Hughes Mining Barge (HMB-1), which was originally developed as part of the CIA’s 1974 Project Jennifer to help raise a sunken Soviet submarine, are available for donation to a suitable museum or organization.

“Ex-SEA SHADOW is contained inside HMB-1…. The donee may display the two vessels as currently configured as a single unit, or display them individually,” according to a notice in the Federal Register.

“If the Navy receives no interest by an eligible recipient within two years, the Navy reserves the right to remove the vessels from donation consideration and proceed with their disposal.”

See “Notice of Availability for Donation of the Test Craft Ex-SEA SHADOW (IX-529) and Hughes Mining Barge (HMB-1),” Federal Register, September 14.

3 thoughts on “Sea Shadow, Hughes Mining Barge Available for Display

  1. I am wondering about the present status of the Sea Shadow IX-529.
    Seems that it could be used for more research. Since that was its original purpose, why not give it to the marine biology people at Stanford hem and let
    them use it.
    And isn’t the HMB-1 now used as a drilling rig?

  2. HMB-1 was the barge that the claw or “Capture Vehicle” was constructed in and transferred to the Hughes Glomar Explorer. It is the Glomar Explorer (now known as the Global Sante Fe Explorer) that has been converted to an oil drilling ship. See web site link for more.

  3. The novel “Red Star Rogue” covers the whole $500,000,000 CIA Boondoggle. A rogue Stalinist KGB contingent hijacked K129 and attempted to launch a one megaton warhead at Hawaii. They came so close as to push the button. They failed to disarm the safety device. It blew the warhead all to hell and sunk the sub. Hot warheads were at the bottom of the ocean. They built the Glomar Explorer to recover this booty from the ocean bed.

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