Topics include nuclear power and nanomaterials, nuclear forensics, nuclear winter, and the Iran Deal.
All issues from 2014 available online; topics include Iran's nuclear program, Japan's energy policy, the use of drones by terrorists and nuclear risk reduction.
All issues from 2013 of the recently transformed PIR as an online-only journal now available. Topics include radiological terrorism, nuclear deterrence, digital manufacturing and missile proliferation and energy security.

The Summer 2012 issue features articles on cyber security and the Internet.


FAS launches a design to the PIR featuring new regular sections and articles by outside experts.

Articles cover the Nuclear Posture Review, the New START Treaty, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, the Premier of "Paths to Zero", newly elected Board Officers and Members, and learning technologies for video games and training simulations.


Topics include dual use case studies, the 64th anniversary of Hiroshima, securing Venezuela's arsenals, high performance buildings, structural insulated panels, the DOE's weatherization program, and a new FAS research project on scientists and law enforcement.


Topics include a statement titled "The New American Century", energy policy, U.S. nuclear policy, the first national research program focused on technology and learning, the diversion of small arms, and a look at the new design.


Topics covered include the small arms trade, new building technologies, emerging information technologies, and the FAS symposia at the 2007 AAAS nnual Meeting in San Francisco.


Articles focused on FAS's 60th Anniversary.


Topics include the future of DOE laboratories, the FY 2006 budget, first responder training, the Reliable Replacement Warhead, the ineffectiven nuclear bunker buster, and the regulation of virus research.

PIR Archive: 1946 - 2004

Archive of issues of the FAS Public Interest Report from 1946 - 2004.