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FAS Public Interest Report
The Journal of the Federation of American Scientists
Summer 2003
Volume 56, Number 2
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Nuclear Terror: Ambling Toward Apocalypse
21st-Century Physics: Grand Challenges
The Afghan Housing Crisis: Can New Technology Make a Difference?
Congress Permits Research on Smaller Nuclear Weapons
Molecular Manufacturing: Start Planning
Progress Report for FAS Learning Technology Initiatives
Challenging Conventional Wisdom on Arms Exports
How Well did TOPOFF2 Prepare Us?

The FAS Website Gets a Facelift

by Peter Voth

The FAS web site has long been one of the premier destinations on the internet. Now, it's about to see its first major renovation since it was launched back in 1995, allowing us to take advantage of new technologies that were unavailable in the mid-1990s.

The most obvious difference will be in the site's look and feel, which has been completely redesigned. However, the most important changes are to the site's underlying structure.

Currently, the site consists of several thousand individual web pages that sit statically on our server. Whenever a change is made that affects more than one page - say, a link needs to be changed - each affected page must be located and edited. This makes maintaining the site a Herculean, some would say Sisyphean, task.

The new site will feature a database-driven content management system, which will allow staff to quickly and easily update web pages, enabling us to avoid the outdated pages and dead links that currently plague the site.

Over the coming weeks and months, the site will be migrating to this new system. Please be patient during this process - while we will make every effort to prevent access to your favorite resources from being disrupted, temporary difficulties may emerge. Please send any comments and questions to [email protected].

Author's note: Peter Voth is the Webmaster for FAS.