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FAS Public Interest Report
The Journal of the Federation of American Scientists
May-August 2001
Volume 54, Number 3-4
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The Central Deception of National Missile Defense
If Not NMD, Then What?
Sharing Missile Defense
US Government Fails to Lead on Small Arms
US Policy and the BWC Protocol
Intelligence Oversight Faces New Obstacles
Controversy over Wen Ho Lee Persists
FAS Status Report

Hail and Farewell to FAS Staff

By Karen Kelley
Van Blackwood, BW/CW Arms Control Project

FAS is undergoing several staff changes this summer.

We are pleased to welcome Michael Levi and Van Blackwood to the staff. Michael Levi will be assisting Robert Sherman on the Strategic Security Project as the Associate Director. He comes to FAS from Princeton University where he has been pursuing a Ph.D. in string theory and theoretical cosmology while working with Frank von Hippel on science and policy issues.

Van Blackwood joined the staff in August. He will be assisting Barbara Rosenberg of the BW/CW Nonproliferation Project primarily on a new initiative in bioethics. With a Ph.D. in chemistry, Van has spent the last three years as the AAAS Defense Science Policy Fellow at the USAF Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary.

We are saddened by the departure of Pamina Firchow and Amy Rossi, both of whom will be pursuing their Master's degrees at the London School of Economics this fall.

Michael Levi, Strategic Security Project

Amy Rossi has been an invaluable asset to FAS, serving initially as the Assistant to the President, and subsequently providing vital research and logistics support as the Project Coordinator of both the BW/CW Nonproliferation Project and the Learning Technology Project.

Pamina Firchow has contributed a great deal in her capacity as the Research Assistant to the Arms Sales Monitoring Project. She has authored a paper on the implementation of the OAS Convention on Small Arms, in addition to providing fundamental research support.

We wish them great success in their new endeavors.