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The Congressional Science Policy Initiative is helping to promote evidence-driven public policy by crowdsourcing nonpartisan information from the research community and conveying it to Capitol Hill so science-based questions can be raised in key hearings in the Senate and House. Use this catalog to browse the Initiative's hearing resource pages.

Our most recent hearing resources are hosted on POPVOX! Click the button below to see our latest informational hubs, or scroll down for past resources.

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The Congressional Science Policy Initiative Team

fisher 2 cspi shot

Michael A. Fisher, PhD

CSPI Lead & FAS Senior Fellow

Former campaign Field Director

Synthetic biologist & protein engineer



Lindsay Milliken

CSPI Teammate & FAS Research Assistant

Former government relations staffer

Political science & physics



Kathryn Kohn, MA

CSPI Teammate & FAS Comms Manager

Former campaign Comms Director

Political theory & communications


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