FAS Roundup – October 16, 2020

By October 16, 2020

FAS in The Lancet: Herd immunity through natural infection is reckless idea
FAS President Ali Nouri and other science and public health experts debunk the notion that herd immunity should be reached through natural infection. Until there is a safe, effective and widely available vaccine, we must be vigilant. Read the letter in The Lancet.

COVID Misinformation Is Killing People
Senior Fellow Amir Bagherpour and FAS President Ali Nouri argue that misinformation on COVID-19 is killing people and propose practical recommendations to stop it in Scientific American.

Sign the John Snow Memorandum
If you are a doctor, scientist, public health specialist, or other medical professional, please join us in signing the John Snow Memorandum at JohnSnowMemo.com

COVID-19 and the upcoming winter
Watch FAS Coronavirus Task Force Member Nahid Bhadelia on MSNBC, where she discussed the challenges of the upcoming winter and the John Snow Memo that was published in The Lancet.

COVID Cases Are Rising & The Relief Bill Is Stalled. 
“We’ve heard countless anecdotes of the CDC being muzzled. The CDC wanted a mask mandate on public transportation, but the White House overruled it. There has been CDC censorship—it’s incredibly frustrating,” FAS Adjunct Senior Fellow Eric Feigl-Ding tells Your Call Radio.

Eight Persistent COVID-19 Myths and Why People Believe Them
From a human-made virus to vaccine conspiracy theories, Scientific American rounded up the most insidious false claims about the pandemic, and dug into why these myths persist.

In Showing Off New ICBM, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Returns to Old Tactic
“The parade displayed a diverse range of options that Kim Jong Un could reach for in a crisis… This is not his father’s arsenal,” FAS Senior Fellow Adam Mount tells the Wall Street Journal about last week’s military parade where the DPRK unveiled a new ICBM.

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