FAS Roundup – August 28, 2020

By August 28, 2020

Navigating travel during coronavirus
Is it safe to fly? Are airlines listening to scientists’ concerns? Hear FAS President Ali Nouri on  the Mitch Unfiltered podcast to find out how airplane air filtration systems might not be as foolproof as airlines are promising.

How Trump’s win-at-all-costs vaccine strategy could backfire
When disaster strikes, nothing is as important as trust. Politicians speaking over scientists can erode that trust, FAS Coronavirus Task Force member  and Adjunct Senior Fellow Syra Madad tells Politico.

The Food and Drug Administration OKs simple, accurate coronavirus test that could cost just $5
“Antigen tests can be much faster, but they are often less accurate. That doesn’t appear to be the case with the new Abbott design. According to FDA, the Abbott test correctly identifies patients with SARS-CoV-2 97.1% of the time, and people without the virus 98.5% of the time.” Read the article here. And check out this week’s Science Policy Roundup here.

US Army Views North Korean Military Tactics
From tech to tanks, you can read the new US Army manual on North Korean tactics in FAS’ Steven Aftergood‘s latest Secrecy News blog.

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