FAS Roundup – August 5, 2019

Japan and South Korea Are Learning the Wrong Lessons From China
From FAS research assistant Mercedes Trent, with tensions high and relations deteriorating, how are familiar Chinese tactics fueling the feud between Japan and South Korea? “The adoption of a rival’s coercive tactics by a U.S. ally is alarming.”

As U.S. pivots to China, nuclear non-proliferation fades into the rearview
“The threat today is multipolar, with different nuclear-armed countries embroiled in their own regional tensions,” said research associate Matt Korda on the connectedness of potential nuclear conflicts in a post-INF world.

Extreme Weather Threatens Military Facilities
In his latest Secrecy News Blog, FAS expert Steven Aftergood writes about provisions that will require the Department of Defense “to plan for and respond to the threat that climate change poses to military installations and military operations.”

FAS senior fellow Jenifer Mackby represented FAS at the Biological Weapons Convention Meetings of Experts held in Geneva. The meetings considered five topics to strengthen the Convention and respond to current challenges.

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