FAS Roundup – December 2, 2019

By December 2, 2019

North Korean missile and Kim Jong-un’s ‘Christmas gift’ decision
“We’re beginning to see the scenario that many of us had warned of from the get-go of diplomacy: a capricious and irritable Trump coming to terms with the reality of his reality-TV diplomacy with North Korea,” Ankit Panda tells BBC News.

An Effort to Improve Scientific Integrity in the Federal Government
“Without Republican support, it would be tough to see how it gets brought up in the Senate, because it becomes really difficult for any one individual from the other party to sign onto the bill if it looks like it’s partisan,” Mike Fisher tells Undark about the future of the Scientific Integrity Act.

Regulations on fundamental research explored by Senate Homeland Security Committee
Read the recap and reaction to last week’s hearing on foreign interference and foreign talent recruitment programs, along with possible impacts of the Subcommittee’s recommendations.

International Visitor Leadership Program visit
This week, Hans Kristensen and Matt Korda gave a briefing to a visiting group of foreign government officials, through the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program, on their work on the Nuclear Information Project.

Managing the Department of Defense: An Overview and other reports
Read the latest Secrecy News blog posts from Steven Aftergood, on the changing definitions of artificial intelligence in national security, and the federal limitations placed upon open source intelligence.

Contribute to Congress’ debate around the health impacts of consumer products
As lawsuits heat up against Johnson & Johnson for selling potentially contaminated talcum powder, the House Oversight Committee is addressing the composition and health impacts of everyday household products in its hearing on Tuesday, December 10th. We’re counting on you to contribute your objective views, comments, and questions on this issue, all of which will be anonymized, collated, and conveyed to the House Oversight Committee for use in its hearing.

Law School Levin Center at Wayne Law - Wayne State University

Congressional Oversight of Science & Technology
FAS President Ali Nouri, along with other science and technology policy leaders, will participate in a congressional briefing on December 6th, on the role of science and technology in Congress. The briefing is brought to you by the Levin Center at Wayne Law. The briefing is free and open to the public.


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