FAS Roundup – September 17, 2018

By September 17, 2018

Locomotive Idling: CRS Comes Online
In Secrecy NewsSteven Aftergood welcomed the launch of a new public portal for Congressional Research Service reports, though noted it is incomplete. For continued release of missing reports, subscribe free to FAS’ Secrecy News mailing list. 

Trump’s document dump leaves national security experts fuming

Steven Aftergood told the Washington Examiner: Classification has become a “political battleground” instead of focused on national security. 

Air Force prototypes new air-launched nuclear-armed cruise missile

Hans Kristensen told Kris Osborn: Stealthy LSRO-equipped bombers would be the “perfect surprise attack weapon” from an adversary’s perspective. 

Jenifer Mackby (FAS Senior Fellow for International Security) spoke at the University of Manitoba’s second annual conference on Nuclear Non-Proliferation, discussing the 2020 NPT Review Conference and the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).

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