FAS Roundup- October 31, 2011

By October 31, 2011

Goodbye to the B53, mystery behind the 1969 nuclear alert, new START data, advice for Washington regarding Iran and much more.


From the Blogs

  • New CRS reports, including casualty figures from the war in Afghanistan and more.
  • Mystery of the 1969 Nuclear Alert: In October 1969, the Nixon Administration secretly placed U.S. nuclear forces on alert for two weeks. Still today, no conclusive explanation for the potentially destabilizing alert can be found.  Even with full access to the classified record, State Department historians said in a new volume of the Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series that they were unable to provide a definitive account of the event.


  • New START Data-Modest Reductions and Decreased Transparency: Hans M. Kristensen writes that the latest New START treaty aggregate numbers of strategic arms, which was quietly released by the State Department earlier last week, shows modest reductions and important changes in U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear forces. Most surprisingly, the data shows that Russia has increased its number of deployed strategic nuclear warheads and is now again above the New START limit.


  • Washington Should Not Let the New Iran Crisis Go to Waste: Dr. Ali Vaez, Director of the Iran Project, writes in the Huffington Post that, “Tehran has already beckoned its preparedness to stop enriching uranium to the 20 percent level and demonstrated receptiveness to accepting enhanced safeguards on its nuclear activities. Washington should not let the opportunity to curtail Iran’s most perilous nuclear activity and the prospect of establishing more rigorous monitoring on Iranian nuclear facilities go to waste.” The time has come for Washington to take the next step and negotiate with Iran.


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