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In the latest episode of Above The Fray, FAS President Ali Nouri‘s video podcast, he and former FAS Chair Prof. Frank von Hippel discussed Cold War-era science diplomacy efforts, and more.

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Recent Activity

Pentagon Blocks Declassification of 2018 Nuclear Stockpile

For the first time in years, the Department of Defense has denied a request to declassify the current size of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile. “After careful consideration. . . it was determined that the requested information cannot be declassified …

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Argentina Declassification Project Sets New Standard

Against all odds, the Trump Administration last week successfully completed one of the most extensive, complex and meaningful declassification initiatives ever, releasing thousands of newly declassified records concerning Argentina’s former military di …

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Despite Obfuscations, New START Data Shows Continued Value Of Treaty

By Hans M. Kristensen The latest set of New START treaty aggregate data released by the US State Department shows Russia and the United States continue to abide by the limitations of the New START treaty. The data shows that Russia and the United State …

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Pentagon Cancels Contract for JASON Advisory Panel

Updated below In a startling blow to the system of independent science and technology advice, the Department of Defense decided not to renew its support for the JASON defense science advisory panel, it was disclosed yesterday. “Were you aware that [the …

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Leaks of Classified Info Surge Under Trump

The number of leaks of classified information reported as potential crimes by federal agencies reached record high levels during the first two years of the Trump Administration, according to data released by the Justice Department last week. Agencies t …

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Navy Torpedoes Scientific Advisory Group

This week the U.S. Navy abruptly terminated its own scientific advisory group, depriving the service of a source of internal critique and evaluation. The Naval Research Advisory Committee (NRAC) was established by legislation in 1946 and provided scien …

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DNI: IC Should be “Model Employer” for Disabled Persons

New policy guidance from the Director of National Intelligence directs the U.S. intelligence community to provide equal opportunities “for the hiring, placement, and advancement of qualified individuals with disabilities,” as required by law. “IC eleme …

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Declassified U2 Photos Open a New Window into the Past

Updated below Archaeologists are using declassified imagery captured by U2 spy planes in the 1950s to locate and study sites of historical interest that have since been obscured or destroyed. This work extends previous efforts to apply CORONA spy satel …

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Enforcing Compliance with Congressional Subpoenas

The House Judiciary Committee said that it will meet this week to authorize a subpoena for release (to Congress) of the complete Mueller report, without redactions, as well as the supporting evidence gathered by the now-concluded Special Counsel invest …

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The Longest “Emergency”: 40 Years and Counting

Yesterday, the Department of Justice announced that an Australian man had been sentenced to 24 months in prison for illegally exporting aircraft parts and other items to Iran without a license, in violation of a law known as the International Emergency …

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