Good News and Bad

The good news is that we are reliably informed that DOE will not be taking
the most estimable Congressional Question and Answer Datatbase [QADB] down. DOE
has received funds to keep the QADB database up and they are updating the
database with current information. If you have not seen this gizmo, admire
it @

The bad news is that the Defense Department seems to have a similar gizmo
that is part of the DOD Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs website
But for reasons that surpass human understanding, the thing is access
While I can understand that some of their other lobbying stuff might be a bit
too interesting for the prying eyes of taxpayers, I do not understand why
testimony to the Congress has to be kept from public view. If you are also
on this point, contact Lt. Col. Kevin Kirsch @ (703) 697-9369. Or, more to the
point, contact the Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs Ms. Sandi
@ (703) 697-6210 and suggest that if DOE and CIA can have all their 
congressional testimony available online, there seems no reason for DOD 
not to do the same thing.

And in related developments, the House National Security Committee web
has a rather estimable News
and Publications sections
The bad news is that all their stuff is in PDF, and the even worse news is
most of their PDF files are corrupted and therefore entirely unreadable.