[CWC EXCERPT] Blueprint for a Bipartisan Foreign Policy
The New York Times January 26, 1997

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As I present our budget requests to Congress, I recognize my duty to explain our plans and priorities with a logic Americans can embrace. And I will do all I can to see that taxpayers get full value from their investment. In another test of bipartisanship, the Administration will seek the Senate's early approval for American participation in the Chemical Weapons Convention negotiated under Presidents Reagan and Bush. If we do not act before April 29, we will not be an original party to this treaty. This would harm our interests by precluding us from helping to write the rules under which the pact will be verified.

The treaty embodies a commitment to our safety and the protection of our armed forces. It is supported by many in both parties, by the business community and our military. But it also has its opponents. The American people deserve a healthy debate, in which American interests are weighed and a timely vote is taken.

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Madeleine K. Albright is the Secretary of State.

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