Press Release #20
September 16, 1997


Moscow, September 15 (ITAR-TASS) - Russian designers of ballistic missiles have categorically denied American and Israeli press reports on the transfer of missile technologies to Iran. An official of the leading company which exports Russian weapons, believes that such reports published by the company's rivals were intended to keep the Russians out of the new markets.

"The chief Russian institute for designing ballistic missiles has neither worked with Iran nor intends to work with it in the future," Assistant Director-General and Designer of the Moscow Thermal Technology Institute Alexander Dorofeyev told Itar-Tass here today. "We have taken such tough measures that there can be no transfer of such technologies," he stated adding that "no Russian organizations are working with Iran on missile technologies."

He also recalled that the Thermal Technology Institute was working in keeping with the agreements reached in the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission which is charged with the regulation of all the matters in this domain.

The reports on the provision of missile technologies to Iran were also denied by Press Secretary of the "Rosvooruzheniye" Company Valery Kartavtsev, who believes that such allegations are being made to rival arms dealers.

"The claim that Russian missile technologies are being transferred to Iran is one more canard of our rivals, who are disturbed by Russia's successes on the world weapons market and are constantly trying to discredit our country in the sphere of military-technological policy. This is one more attempt to complicate Russia's emergence on new profitable weapons markets, including the Middle East market," Kartavtsev stressed.

"This assertion is absurd for three reasons," he added, explaining that "firstly, the company does not develop any technologies itself, including missile technologies. Secondly, there is the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission, which is charged with these problems. Thirdly, the Rosvooruzheniye Company being as it is a state structure, subjected to the dual control of the president and the government, is adhering most strictly to the Russia-assumed commitments and controlling the observance of the reached accords in this sphere by the parties to the military-technological cooperation."

"Therefore, there can be no transfer of technologies and, moreover, of any direct participation of Rosvooruzheniye in it," Kartavsev stressed.