Title: Envoy Views Media Reaction to Norway Missile `Inadequate' Document Number: FBIS-SOV-95-017 Document Type: Daily Report Document Date: 25 Jan 1995 Division: RUSSIA INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Sourceline: LD2501195995 Moscow ITAR-TASS in English 1905 GMT 25 Jan 95 AFS Number: LD2501195995 Citysource: Moscow ITAR-TASS Language: English Article Type: BFN Subslug: [By ITAR-TASS correspondents Dmitriy Gorokhov and Yuriy Kozlov]>Envoy Views Media Reaction to Norway Missile 'Inadequate'

Envoy Views Media Reaction to Norway Missile 'Inadequate'

by Dmitriy Gorokhov and Yuriy Kozlov

[FBIS Transcribed Text] Moscow January 25 TASS -- The
Russian ambassador to Norway branded as "inadequate" media
reaction to a Norwegian research missile fired today from an
island in the Spitzbergen archipelago.
"We have to agree with the Norwegian side that it was 
but a misunderstanding which caused an inadequate reaction from
mass media," Yuriy Fokin, the newly appointed ambassador to
Norway, told ITAR-TASS on Wednesday.
According to the diplomat, "Russia is not going to demand 
explanations concerning the 'missile incident' because no
incident factually took place."
Fokin referred to information obtained from military sources
that the missile destined for a routine research, was not
targeted at any objects on the Russian territory and "its
falling caused no damage of any kind."