Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

w [JP 1-02] search subarea width

W 1Warrior, 2west, 3weekly, 4watt, 5aircraft symbol-weather, 6first letter in USCG ship designator, 7[JP 1-02] sweep width

W&M weapons and munitions

W-day [JP 1-02] declared by the NCA, W-day is associated with an adversary decision to prepare for war

w/ with

W/G within guidance

W/O 1written off, 2without

W/S workstation

W3 World Wide Web

W3A World Wide Web applets

W3C World Wide Web Consortium

W4 what-works-with-what

WA Washington

WAA 1wartime aircraft activity, 2wide aperture array

WAA RET wartime aircraft activity reporting system retrievals

WAACS Wartime Aircraft Activity Capability System (HQ USAF)

WAAM 1WWMCCS® Allocation and Assessment Model, 2wide area antiarmor munitions

WAARS Wartime Aircraft Activity Reporting System (USAF)

WAAS wide area augmentation system

WAATS Western ARNG/Aviation Training Sites

WABI windows application binary interface [SunSoft]

WABNRES worldwide airborne resources

WAC 1weapon aiming computer, 2world aeronautical chart

WACB [AR 310-50] Women's Army Classification Battery

WACC Washington Area Contracting Center (MAC)

WACMS WWMCCS®/WIS Automated Configuration Management System

WACO 1WWMCCS® ADP Contracting Officer, 2[AR 310-50] written advice of contracting officer

WACOS WWMCCS® ADP Continuity of Service

WACSM [AR 310-50] Women's Army Corps Service Medal

WAD 1WWMCCS® ADP Directorate, 2workload assignment document

WADC Wright Air Development Center

WADDS WWMCCS® ADP Directory of Databases and Systems

WADS wide area data service

WAE when actually employed

WAF wiring around frame

WAFDS WWMCCS® ADP Fiscal Data Systems

WAGB [USCG] ice breaker

WAGE weapons aerospace ground equipment

WAGL USCG lighthouse tender

WAGO oceanographic cutter

WAI Web Accessibility Initiative [W3C]

WAIN wide-area integrated network

WAIS 1Wide-Area Information Services, 2wide area imaging system

WAITS wide area information transfer system

WALT warning assessment logic terminal

WAM 1workload analysis activity report system, 2wide area mine, 3wide area munitions, 4[JP 1-02] Worldwide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS©) Automated Data Processing (ADP) Modernization Program

WAM PMO [JP 1-02] Worldwide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS©) Automated Data Processing (ADP) Modernization Program (WAM) Program Management Office

WAMOSCOPE wave-modulated oscilloscope

WAN wide area network

WAP 1work assignment procedure, 2waste analysis plan

WAPS Weighted Airman Promotion System

WARCONFAC war consumables consumption Factor (USAF)

WARF [AR 310-50] wartime active replacement factors

WARLA wide aperture radio location array

WARLINK Warrior link

WARLOCE [AR 310-50] Wartime Lines of Communication, Europe

WARLOG [AR 310-50] wartime logistics

WARM wartime reserve modes

WARMAPS Wartime Manpower Planning System (OSD)

WARMARS Wartime Manpower Requirements System (USAFE)

WarMod Warfighter modernization

WARN worker adjustment and retraining notification

WARNO warning order

WARP Worldwide AUTODIN Restoral Plan

WARPAC Warsaw Pact

WARS 1Wartime Assessment and Requirements System (AFLC), 2Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System (Army), 3worldwide ammunition requirement status

WARSAMS WARSAW SAM Missile Simulation System

WARSIM 1Warfighter Simulation [2000], 2war simulation

WARSL War Reserve Stockage List

WARSMART Simulation Model for Allocation of Resources for Training (ATC)

WAS 1war-at-sea [USN], 2weapon aiming system, 3Weapons Alert System (NORAD), 4wide area search

WASAC [AR 310-50] Working Group of Army Study Advisory Committee

WASH DC [AR 310-50] Washington, DC

WASHFAX Washington Area High-Speed Facsimile System

WASO 1WWMCCS® ADP Security Officer, 2[JP 1-02] Worldwide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS©) Automated Data Processing (ADP) security office

WASP 1War Air Service Program, 2Weasel attack signal processor, 3wrap around simulation program

WASS 1wide area surveillance system, 2WWMCCS® ADP system security

WASSM WWMCCS® ADP system security manager

WASSO WWMCCS® ADP system security officer

WAT weight, altitude, temperature (factors determining take-off performance)

WATASO WWMCCS® ADP terminal area security officer

WATCHCON [JP 1-02] watch condition

WATS 1wide area telecommunications service, 2wide area telephone service, 3wide area telephone system, 4wide area tracking system

WAUXCP West Auxiliary Airborne Command Post (SAC)

WAVELL United Kingdom command and control system

WAWAS Washington Area Warning System

WAWS Washington Area Wideband System

WB 1weather bureau, 2wideband, 3waybill, 4wage board, 5[AR 310-50] weekly bulletin

WB/WAAS Wartime Beddown/Wartime Aircraft Activity System (USAF)

WBAMC [AR 310-50] William Beaumont Army Medical Center

WBAWS [AR 310-50] Weather Briefing and Advisory Service

WBC 1weight and balance computer, 2wide-body cargo, 3wide-body CRAF

WBCO waveguide below cutoff

WBCV wide-band coherent video

WBD 1wide-band data, 2wire bound

WBDL wide-band data link

WBEM web-based enterprise management

WBFM wide-band frequency modulation

WBGT wet bulb globe thermometer

WBI Web Browser Intelligence [IBM]

WBIF wide-band intermediate frequency

WBL wide-band limiting

WBMS work breakdown management structure

WBRS wide-band remote switch [unit]

WBS 1work breakdown schedule, 2work breakdown structure, 3weight and balance system

WBSC wide band signal channel-radio

WBSCB [AR 310-50] Work Breakdown Structure Control Board

WBSS wideband digital switching system

WBST 1wideband secure terminal, 2wideband subscriber terminal

WBSV wideband secure voice

WBSVN wideband secure voice network

WBSVVS wideband secure voice via satellite

WBT 1wait before transmission, 2[TR 350-70] Web-based training

WBTS wide-band transmission system

WC 1word count, 2weapon control, 3weapons controller, 4weather center, 5without charge, 6[JP 1-02] wind current

WC3 warning, command, control and communications

WCA 1worst case analysis, 2[JP 4-01.7] water clearance authority

WCAC WWMCCS® crisis alerting capability

WCAN WWMCCS® crisis alerting network

WCAS Workload Collection and Analysis System (USAF)

WCC wideband communications capsule

WCCS 1Washington Crisis Communications System, 2Wing Command and Control System (USAF), 3wireless communication and control system

WCD 1work center description, 2work control document

WCDO war consumables distribution objective

WCDOS Wartime Consumable Distribution Objectives System

WCDR war consumables distribution requirements

WCE 1write cache enable, 2weapons controller element

WCG 1workstation, computer graphics, 2water-cooled garment

WCL weapons custody list

WCM 1weapon control module, 2weapons countermeasures and mines (USN)

WCN 1worldwide communications network, 2worksheet control number

WCP wing command post

WCRS War Consumable Reporting System (USAF/PACAF)

WCS 1weapon control system, 2workload control system (TAC), 3workstation control and synchronization, 4world coordinate system, 5waveguide communications system, 6[FM 101-5-1] weapons control status

WCSG WWMCCS® Council Support Group

wd [AR 310-50] withdrawn

WD 1application withdrawn, 2watt demand meter, 3warning display, 4weapons director, 5wiring data

WDA [AR 310-50] weapons defended area

WDAMS WIS Database Management System

WDB wide band

WDBII World Database II

WDC work distribution chart

WDCP WSPRS Data Collection Program

WDL 1Windows Driver Library [Microsoft], 2[AR 310-50] weapons density list

WDNS weapons delivery and navigation system

WDRAM windows dynamic random access memory

WDSIL data automation resource management system

WDT warning display terminal

WE 1weather effects, 2with equipment, 3withholding exemptions, 4write enable

WEA weapons expenditures authorization

WebNFS Web Network File System [Sun]

WECO weather current operations

WEF with effect from

WEG weapons evaluation group

WELL Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (BBS)

WEO WWMCCS® evaluation office

WEP 1WWMCCS® evaluation program, 2Windows® exit procedure, 3weapon effect planning, 4work execution plan

WEPH weapon phenomenology

WES 1WWMCCS® entry system (FORSCOM), 2weapons effect simulation

WESCOM weapons effects on satellite communications

WESP war and emergency support plan

WESS 1weapon system status, 2WWMCCS® environmental support system, 3[AR 310-50] weapons effect signature simulator

WEST 1weapon effectiveness simulated threat, 2[AR 310-50] Women's Enlistment Screening Test

WESTAR Western Union Satellite

WESTCOM United States Army Western Command (Pacific)

WESTHEM Western Hemisphere

WESTPAC Western Pacific

WETM [JP 1-02] weather team

WETS [AR 310-50] week-end training site

WEU Western European Union (defense organization)

WEZ weapon engagement zone

WF Warfighter

WFA 1warfighter's associate, 2[TTPIO-ABCS] Warfighter accessory

WFCI fast coastal interceptor

WFCMV wheeled fuel-consuming motor vehicle

WFE [CJCSI 3222.01] warfighting environment

WFG wait for graph

WFH wartime flying hours

WFLA Warfighting Lens Analysis

WFM 1wired for management [Intel], 2workflow manager

WFO Washington Field Office, Security Assistance Training Field Activity, United States Army (SATFA, Army)

WFP 1waiver focal point, 2[JP 3-08] World Food Programme (United Nations)

WFU withdrawn from use.

WFW Windows for Workgroups [Microsoft]


WFX Warfighter exercise

WFZ weapons free zone

WG 1waveguide, 2wire gauge, 3working group, 4wing, 5[AR 310-50] wage-grade civilian employees

WGBC waveguide operating below cutoff

WGE working group of experts

WGM weighted guideline method

WGS 1work group system, 2weather graphics system, 3world geodetic system

WGS-84 [JP 1-02] World Geodetic System 1984

WGSC war gaming and simulation center

Wh watt hour

WH 1White House, 2[JP 1-03.17] wounded due to hostilities

WHAM 1waveform hold and modify [Microsoft], 2West Hemisphere AUTODIN management

WHC 1watt hour meter with contact device, 2workstation host connection

WHCA 1White House Communications Agency, 2War Hazard Compensation Act

whd [AR 310-50] warhead

WHD [AR 310-50] western hemisphere defense

WHDM watt hour demand meter

WHDS [AR 310-50] warhead section

WHEC [USCG] high endurance cutter

WHEP White House Emergency Plan

WHIST [AR 310-50] Worldwide Household Goods Information System for Traffic Management

WHL watt hour meter with loss compensator

Whm watt hour meter

WHMO White House Military Office

WHNRS [JP 1-02] wartime host-nation religious support

WHNS wartime host nation support

WHNSIMS [JP 1-02] Wartime Host Nation Support Information Management System

WHO World Health Organization

WHR [AR 310-50] western hemisphere reserve

whs [AR 310-50] warehouse

WHS Washington Headquarters Services

whsmn [AR 310-50] warehouseman

WHSR White House Situation Room

WHT watt-hour demand meter, thermal type

WI 1Wisconsin, 2warning installations, 3Warsaw Initiative

WIA wounded in action

WIBNI wouldn’t it be nice if

WIC 1warning information correlation, 2weapon instructor course

WICS 1worldwide intelligence communication system, 2warning information and correlation system

WICU weather intercept control unit

WIDD warfighting integration and development directorate

WIDE wiring integration design

WIG wing-in-ground effect

WIGE wing-in-ground effect

WIM wideband interconnection module

WIMI [AR 310-50] watercraft intensively managed items

WIMM 1weapons integrated materiel manager, 2worldwide interservice materiel management

WIMMS Weapons Integrated Materiel Management System

WIMS 1Work Information Management System (USAF), 2Worldwide Intra-theater Mobility Study (OSD)

WIMS-ES Work Information Management System – Environmental Subsystem

WIMWSS worldwide integrated management of wholesale subsistence stock (DLA)

WIN 1WWMCCS® Information Network, 2WWMCCS® Intercomputer Network, 3Warfighter Information Network

WINA WWMCCS® information needs analysis

WINCS WWMCCS® Intercomputer Network Communications Subsystem

WIND 1WWMCCS® Intercomputer Network Director, 2weather information network and display

WINDS weather information network and display system

WINE Windows® emulator

WINForum Wireless Information Networks Forum

WINGS Warning and Intelligence Gathering Sensor Program (USN)

WINS Windows-Internet Naming Service [Microsoft]

WINSOCK 1Windows Open Systems Architecture [Microsoft], 2Windows® Sockets

WINSTATS WIN statistics systems (WWMCCS®)

WINTEX winter exercise

WINWORD Word for Windows [Microsoft]

WIP 1work in progress, 2weapon integration plan, 3[AR 310-50] work in place

WIPT 1working-level integrated product team, 2working level integrated process team

WIR [AR 310-50] weekly intelligence review

WIS 1WWMCCS® Information System, 2wedge imaging spectrometer, 3wideband instrumentation system, 4wireless intercommunications system

WIS CMS WIS Configuration Management System

WIS JPM WIS Joint Program Manager

WIS SPO WIS Systems Program Office (ESD)

WISDIM WWMCCS® Dictionary for Information Management

WISE WordPerfect Information System Environment

WISNAS WIS Network Authentication Service

WISP Wartime Information Security Program

WISRA WIS Requirements Analysis

WISSA Wholesale Interservice Supply Support Agreement

WIT 1Web interactive talk [Internet], 2work improvement team

WITS 1WSGT Intelligent Terminal System (WWMCCS®), 2Washington Interagency Telecommunications System (GSA)

WIU weapons interface unit

WIX [USCG] training cutter

WKRP World-Wide Keypunch Replacement Program (USAF)

wl [AR 310-50] workload

WL 1water line, 2wavelength, 3word line, 4working level, 5Wright Laboratory

WLB 1[USCG] seagoing buoy tender, 2[AR 310-50] weapons logbook

WLCS [AR 310-50] workload and cost schedule

WLD [AR 310-50] west longitude date

WLE wing leading edge

WLG [JP 1-02] Washington liaison group

WLI inshore buoy tender

WLIC inland construction tender

WLM 1working-level month, 2[USCG] coastal buoy tender

WLR 1weapons-locating radar, 2[USCG] river buoy tender

WLT weapons load training

WLV light vessel

WM 1wattmeter, 2work measurement, 3workload manager

WMC 1Workflow Management Coalition, 2[AR 310-50] weapons monitoring center

WMD weapons of mass destruction

WMEC [USCG] medium endurance cutter

WMIP [AR 310-50] weapons management improvement program

WMO World Meteorological Organization

WMOP weather observation master plan

WMP 1War and Mobilization Plan (USAF), 2war mobilization planning

WMPC war materiel production capability

WMR war materiel requirement

WMS workload management system

WMSC weather message switching center

WN 1Warnet, 2will not

WNB [AR 310-50] will not be

WNBC [AR 310-50] Washington National Records Center

WNDP worldwide numbering and dialing plan

WNFE WWMCCS® network front-end

WNIC wide-area network interface coprocessor

WNIM wide-area network interface module

WNINTEL warning notice – intelligence sources and method involved

WNP [AR 310-50] will not proceed

WNRC Washington National Record Center

WNS Worldwide Navigation System

WNW [AR 310-50] west-northwest

WNY [AR 310-50] Washington Navy Yard

wo [AR 310-50] without

WO warrant officer

WO1 [AR 310-50] warrant officer, W-1

WOA 1WebObject Application [NeXt], 2wartime operating airfield

WOAC warrant officer advanced course

WOBC warrant officer basic course

WOC 1Wing Operations Center (USAF/NATO), 2[AR 310-50] without compensation

WOCC Warrant Officer Career Center

WOCS Warrant Officer Candidate School

WOD 1wind over the deck [of a carrier], 2word of day

WOES Warrant Officer Education System

WOLDAP Warrant Officer Leader Development Action Plan

WOM write optical memory

WOMA Warrant Officer Management Act

WOMBAT waste of money, brains, and time

WOMOS warrant officer military occupational specialty

WOP wing operation plan

WOPE without personnel and equipment

WOQT [AR 310-50] Warrant Officer Qualification Test

WORAM word oriented random access memory

WORCS Work Order Reporting and Communication System (Army)

WORM write once read many

WORSAMS [AR 310-50] Worldwide Organization Structure for Army medical Support

WOS workstation operating system

WOSA Windows Open Services/Systems Architecture [Microsoft]

WOSAC world-wide synchronization of atomic clocks

WOSB 1women-owned small business, 2[AR 310-50] weather observation site building

WOSBC women-owned small business concerns

WOSC Warrant Officer Staff College

WOSSC Warrant Officer Senior Staff Course

WOTS Warrant Officer Training System

WOTTCC Warrant Officer Technical and Tactical Certification

WOW Windows on Win32

WOWN [AR 310-50] without winch

WOWS wire obstacle warning system

WP 1Warsaw Pact, 2workspace-register pointer, 3weatherproof [insulation], 4word processor, 5work package, 6work plan, 7working paper, 8WordPerfect®, 9word processing, 10write protected, 11water point, 12working party, 13[AR 310-50] white phosphorous

WP/A weapons procurement (appropriation), Army

WP/AF weapons procurement (appropriation), Air Force

WP/N weapons procurement (appropriation), Navy

WP/M weapons procurement (appropriation), Marines

WPA [JP 1-02] water jet propulsion assembly

WPAC West Pacific (Satellite)

WPAFB Wright Patterson Air Force Base

WPAL [JP 1-02] wartime personnel allowance list

WPARR war plans additive requirements report

WPB 1[USCG] large patrol boat, 2War Production Board

Wpc watts per candle

WPC 1Warrior Preparation Center (USAFE), 2word processing center

WPCC Write Paterson Contracting Center

WPD Windows® printer description

WPE word processing equipment

WPFA weather products in forward areas

WPHD write-protect hard disk

WPI Wholesale Price Index

WPIE warning plan interface equipment

WPLO water port logistic office

WPM words per minute

wpn [AR 310-50] weapon

WPN 1weapon procurement, Navy, 2[JP 1-02] weapon(s)

WPOD water port of discharge

WPOE water port of embarkation

WPOS workplace operating system

WPP [AR 310-50] Weapons Production Program

WPR 1War Powers Resolution, 2weapon system report

WPREQ request for nuclear reserve weapons

WPRS War Powers Reporting System

WPS 1words per second, 2wordprocessing system, 3working prototype system, 4Windows® printing system [Microsoft], 5Workplace Shell [IBM OS/2], 6Worldwide Port System, 7[AR 310-50] with prior service

WPSE weapon-peculiar support equipment

WPVM Windows parallel virtual machine

WPWOD [AR 310-50] will proceed without delay

WQEA weapon quality surveillance activity

wr [AR 310-50] water - rail

WR 1Wilson repeater, 2weather reconnaissance, 3[CJCSI 3231.01] weapon radius, 4[JP 4-02.1] war reserve

WR-ALC Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (AFLC)

WRA weapons replaceable assemblies

WRAIN [AR 310-50] Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing

WRAIR Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

WRAM Windows® random access memory

WRAMC Walter Reed Army Medical Center

WRAMSOS WR-ALC Multiple System OFP Support System

WRAP 1war reserve automated process, 2Warfighter Rapid Acquisition Program, 3workpackage risk analysis procedure

WRB 1Web Request Broker [Oracle], 2warranty review board

WRC wartime consumption rate

WRCS weapon release computer set

WRDC Wright Research and Development Center (USAF)

WRECS weapon radiation effects on communications systems

WRK Windows Resource Kit [Microsoft]

WRM 1war readiness materiel, 2war reserve materiel (USAF), 3work rate master

WRMAG Water Resources Management Action Group

WRMCMR WRM control and management reporting (USAFE)

WRMLRSSL WRM Lists Requirements and Spares Supply List

wrmn [AR 310-50] wireman

WRMR war reserve materiel requirement

WRMRS WRM Rating System

WRMS war reserve materiel stocks

WRS 1weather reconnaissance squadron, 2war reserve stock

WRSA war reserve stock for allies

WRSK 1War Readiness Spares Kit (USAF), 2[JP 1-02] war reserve spares kit

WRSK/BLSS WRSK/base level self-sufficiency spares

WRT with respect to

WRWC wartime requirements for war consumables

WS 1weather squadron, 2weasel support, 3workstation, 4WordStar®, 5weapon system, 6weapon standardization, 7[FM 101-5-1] Samoa Western

WS3 weapon storage and security system

WSA 1weapons storage area, 2WWMCCS® system architecture, 3warfare system architect, 4[AR 310-50] weapon systems analysis

WSA&E warfare systems architecture and engineering (USN)

WSAB weapon system assessment briefing

WSAG Washington Special Action Group

WSAM 1weapon system assessment model, 2Weapon Systems Acquisition Manager Program for Naval Officers

WSAP weapon system acquisition process

WSAPI Web Site Application Program Interface [O'Reilly]

WSAS WWMCCS® standard application software

WSB weapons services branch

WSBCRCS Worldwide Stock Balance and Consumption Report Consolidation System

WSC 1Army/Navy waterborne special communications, 2War Support Center (Europe), 3weapons system controller, 4WIN site coordinator, 5wing security control, 6[JP 1-02] Worldwide Military Command and Control System (WWMCCS©) Intercomputer Network (WIN) site coordinator

WSD 1working stress design, 2weapon system designator

WSDC weapon system designator code

WSDL weapons system data link

WSDP weapon source data package

WSE 1WWMCCS® system engineer (DCA), 2warfare system engineer, 3[JP 1-02] weapon support equipment

WSEG [AR 310-50] Weapons Systems Evaluation Group

WSEO WWMCCS® System Engineering Organization (DCA)

WSEP Weapons System Evaluation Program

WSES [USCG] surface effect ship

WSESRB weapon system explosive safety review board

WSF 1weapons systems fill, 2weather support force, 3weapon system factor, 4weapon system file

WSGT WWMCCS® standard graphics terminal

WSHCI weapon system human computer interface

WSIAO Weapon Support, Improvements and Analysis Office

WSIG weapon support improvement group (OSD)

WSIP weapon systems improvement program

WSIS weapon system information subsystem

WSLSC Worldwide Software Lifecycle Support Contract

WSM 1weapons system manager, 2warfighter system modeling, 3weapons safety manager, 4weapons system management

WSMAT weapon system management team

WSMC Western Space and Missile Center (AFSC)

WSMD weapon system management directorate

WSMIS Weapon System Management Information System (AFLC)

WSMP Weapon System Master Plan [USAF]

WSMR White Sands Missile Range

WSO 1weapon system operator, 2weapons systems officer, 3warning systems operator (USSPACECOM/ USSTRATCOM), 4[AR 310-50] Washington Standardization Officers

WSP 1weapons system pouch, 2weapons system package, 3weapons system processor, 4[AR 310-50] water supply point, [AR 310-50] Work Simplification Program

WSPAR weapon system program assessment review

WSPRS WIN SCF Performance Reporting System

WSPS 1Worldwide Standard Port System (MTMC), 2weapon systems pouch service

WSR 1weapon system reliability, 2weapons status report, 3weather search radar, 4weapon system review

WSRP [AR 310-50] weapons system requisitioning procedure

WSS 1warfare support system, 2weapons system security, 3WWMCCS® Standard System, 4workflow suspense system, 5workstation server

WSSIB WWMCCS® Standard System Information Base

WSSM 1weapon system support model, 2weapon system staff manager

WSSO weapon system support officer

WSSS WWMCCS® standard system software

WST weapon system trainer

WSTA weapon system testability analyzer

WSTAWG weapon system technical architecture working group

WSTF [AR 310-50] White Sands Test Facilities

WSTM [AR 310-50] White Sands Transverse Macerator

WSU weather support unit

WSUMS WWDMS Scheduling and Management System

WSV 1wideband secure voice, 2weapon storage vault

WSVN Worldwide Secure Voice Network

WSW 1west-southwest, 2weapon system warranty

WSWP weapon system warranty plan

wt weight

WT 1differential temperature, 2write through, 3weapon training, 4wireless telegraphy, 5[JP 1-02] gross weight, 6[JP 1-02] warping tug, 7[JP 1-02] weight

WTC 1weapon and tactic center, 2workload technician code

WTCA water terminal clearance authority

WTCV weapons and tracked combat vehicles (appropriation) (Army)

WTD weapons training detachment

WTDOS weapon training detachments operating spares

WTGB harbor ice breaker

WTLO [JP 4-01.5] water terminal logistic office

WTM WWMCCS® technical manual

WTO World Trade Organization

WTR [AR 310-50] Western Test Range

WTS 1world terminal synchronous, 2Washington Tactical Switch, 3wartime task standard, 4workload tracking system

WTT 1weapon and tactics trainer, 2wind tunnel testing

Wu [JP 1-02] uncorrected sweep width

WU 1Western Union, 2[AR 310-50] weapons and utilities maintenance

WUBA [USN] working uniform blue alpha

WUC work unit code

WUG WWMCCS® /WIS Users Group

WUIS 1work unit information system, 2work unit information summary

WUR wartime usage rate

WV 1West Virginia, 2working voltage

WVA [AR 310-50] Watervliet Arsenal

WVDC working voltage direct current

WVEH [AR 310-50] wheel vehicle

WVRD [JP 3-08] World Vision Relief and Development, Inc

WVS world vector shoreline

WVS+ world vector shoreline plus

ww [AR 310-50] worldwide

WW 1wireway, 2wire-wound, 3MCCS ADP control center, 4weather wing, 5Wild Weasel

WWA Wild Weasel augmentation

WWABNCP Worldwide Airborne Command Post

WWAP [AR 310-50] Worldwide Asset Position

WWB [USN] working winter blue [uniform]

WWC wing work center

WWDMS Worldwide Data Management System (WWMCCS®)

WWDSA worldwide digital systems architecture

WWII [JP 1-02] World War II

WWIIVM [AR 310-50] World War II Victory Medal

WWIMS 1worldwide indicator and monitoring system, 2[JP 1-02] Worldwide Warning and Indicator Monitoring System

WWIMWSS Worldwide Management of Wholesale Subsistence Stock (DLA)

WWIO [AR 310-50] worldwide inventory objective

WWIS World Wide Information System [Internet]

WWIVM [AR 310-50] World War I Victory Medal

WWM wing weapons manager

WWMCCS® Worldwide Military Command and Control Computer System [trademark of Honeywell, Phoenix, AZ]

WWMCCSDPCE WWMCCS® Data Processing Center, Europe

WWMCS Worldwide Military Communication System

WWN [AR 310-50] with winch

WWO wing weather officer

WWOLS Worldwide On Line System (DCA)

WWPS Worldwide Port System

WWS WIS workstation

WWSS warfare and warfare support system

WWSV worldwide secure voice

WWSVA worldwide secure voice architecture

WWSVCS Worldwide Secure Voice Conferencing System

WWTCIP Worldwide Technical Control Improvement Plan

WWTP waste water treatment plant

WWW 1Worldwide Web, 2world weather watch

WX weather

WXFCST weather forecast

WXOBS weather observation report

WXSITREP weather situation report

WY Wyoming

WYSBYGI what you see before you get it

WYSIAYG what you see is all you get

WYSIWYG what you see is what you get

WYTL small harbor tugs

WYTM medium harbor tugs