Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

Og zero gravity

1BCT first brigade combat team

1GL first generation language (machine language)

1LT first lieutenant

1Q first quarter

2-D two-dimensional

286 80286 (microprocessor)

2GL second generation language (assembly language)

2IC second in command

21CLW 21st Century land warrior

21CLWTLD 21st Century land warrior top level demonstration

2LT second lieutenant

2M micro miniature

2Q second quarter

2W 2-wire

386 80386 (microprocessor)

3COM Three Com (Computer, Communications, and Compatibility) Corporation

3D three dimensions

3DA three dimension array

3DRAM three dimension RAM

3DS digital decision display system

3GL third generation language (programming language)

3M maintenance and materiel management

3Q third quarter

3XMAG 3X magnifier lens

4-W 4-wire

486 80486 (microprocessor)

4GL fourth generation language (descriptive or procedural language)

4Q fourth quarter

5GL fifth generation language

5Ms [DoD/DSMC] machinery, manpower, material, measurement, and method

6DOF six degrees of freedom

6.2 exploratory development

6.3 advanced development

6.4 demonstration and validation

6.5 engineering and manufacturing development

8A Section 8A of the Small Business Act pertaining to minority and other disadvantaged business

81 IR ILL 81 IR illumination round