Date :March 27, 1995
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Iraq rejects New American Ruse to prolong sanctions
New York, N.Y.

Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz has stated on 25 March 1995 that the new American draft resolution on the sale of some Iraqi oil is but a maneuver to mislead the world public opinion and further prolong the blockade on Iraq.

Deputy Prime Minister Aziz said that first amongst the flagrant lies contained in the new/old American draft is that it is made to appear as if it would increase the amount of Iraqi oil exports from $1600 millions for six months to $1000 millions for three months. In reality, the new amount would end up even smaller than that of the old proposal; for $300 millions would go to compensation funds and $200 millions to United Nations agencies, while an additional unspecified figure, which would probably be no less than $100 millions, would be allocated to covering UNSCOM costs. This means that the amount remaining for Iraq would, in real terms, represents only seven dollars to cover food and medicine for each Iraqi individual for a whole month, which is less than a quarter of the value of the rations card already provided by the government.

 This is in terms of real value. As for other aspects, the new draft proposal contains many unreasonable and intrusive conditions undermining the sovereignty of Iraq. Most dangerous is the prospect of turning the situation in the Kurdish Autonomous region in Northern Iraq into a permanent separatist status. Moreover, the new draft is a flimsy attempt to keep the blockade in place for a long period to come, especially now after the completion of all the fundamental elements required to begin the full lifting of the blockade through the implementation of Paragraph (22) of Security Council Resolution 687 (1991).

Deputy Prime Minister added that it would be ridiculous to imagine that this draft would lead to ending or even alleviating the suffering currently inflicted on the people of Iraq. The Only way to bring this suffering to an end would be by implementing paragraph (22) of resolution 687 (1991).
Deputy Prime Minister Aziz also expressed the hope that the member-states of the Security Council which have been calling for the lifting of the blockade and the implementation of paragraph (22) of resolution 687 (1991), would oppose this draft resolution and expose it for what it really is.

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