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Title:  "Security Council Awaits Iraq Acceptance of Resolutions." The UN Security Council continues to monitor the coalition ground offensive against Iraq, but will do nothing further until Iraq formally notifies the UN of its compliance with Security Council resolutions. (910225)

Date:  19910225


02/25/91 1Ne Re SECURITY COUNCIL AWAITS IRAQ ACCEPTANCE OF RESOLUTIONS (Members see no change in Iraq's position) (600) By Judy Aita USIA United Nations Correspondent

United Nations -- The Security Council February 25 continued to monitor the the coalition ground offensive in the gulf war and to discuss various initiatives, but diplomats said there is little the council can do until Iraq officially notifies the United Nations of its compliance with the council's resolutions.

U.S. Ambassador Thomas Pickering said that the allied coalition has its "proposal on the table and it's very clear."

"We want to see Iraq come forward at the earliest possible time and say it will comply," Pickering said after two hours of private consultations ended.

"We have said that the Iraqis should signify to the United Nations their willingness to comply with the resolutions and accept our proposal," he said, "but we want to hear from the Iraqis in the Security Council -- they are the party that has to comply."

Pickering, speaking on behalf of the coalition, said that Iraq must withdraw from Kuwait in one week and from Kuwait city in the first 48 hours; must release all prisoners of war and third country nationals held against their will; and remove all explosives and booby traps from Kuwait.

The council met at the request of the Soviet Union to discuss a proposed three-point plan under which the council would set a date for the Iraqi withdrawal, establish a short withdrawal period, and allow no other conditions, diplomats said.

According to diplomats who attended the session, Soviet Ambassador Yuliy Vorontsov said that the Soviet Union had reason to believe that Iraq is willing to agree to an unconditional withdrawal.

However, diplomats were quick to point out that the council has not heard officially from Iraq.

"The Soviets came forward with an idea for a process to comply with (Resolution) 660 for the council to set a date for withdrawal and for Iraq to comply in the shortest

GE 2 SFF104 possible time. They said they had reason to believe Iraq might reply constructively," Pickering explained. "The president of the council had apparently spoken to the Iraqis and he has had no reply -- at least at this time."

"There isn't any Iraqi reply," the U.S. ambassador said. "Our position, of course, has been made very clear...we want to see Iraq come forward at the earliest possible time and say it's ready to comply with Security Council resolutions."

"We have said come and tell us you're going to comply with all the resolutions and we can tell you how to do that," he said.

But Pickering added, "at this stage it is all speculative. Nobody has heard anything from Iraq."

Pickering did not reject the Soviet suggestion, but noted "we have our proposal on the table -- that is what we are providing as a way to fulfill the resolutions."

British Ambassador Sir David Hannay also stressed that Iraq must signify to the Security Council that it will implement the council's 12 resolutions.

"There is no indication of any change in Iraq's position, there isn't any real subject matter to get our teeth into here because it is a change in the position of the government of Iraq that is needed" before the council can act, Sir David said.

If Iraqi Ambassador Abdul Amin Al-Anbari, who had been in Moscow with Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz, "gets new instructions which enable him to accept immediate withdrawal in a short timeframe, that will be a new situation," Sir David said. NNNN NN

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