FAS Roundup: February 17, 2014

Stephen Kim pleads guilty, new CRS reports and more.

From the Blogs

Stephen Kim Pleads Guilty to Leak Charge: Former State Department contractor Stephen Kim pleaded guilty on February 7 to one count of unauthorized disclosure of national defense information to a Fox News reporter. Following a sentencing hearing in April, he is expected to serve a 13 month term in prison. The story by Fox News stated that “Pyongyang’s next nuclear detonation is but one of four planned actions the Central Intelligence Agency has learned, through sources inside North Korea, that the regime of Kim Jong-Il intends to take….” The brief but startling reference to “sources inside North Korea” appeared to refer to CIA human intelligence sources within the DPRK, potentially placing any such sources at heightened risk. If that short phrase had not been published, it is doubtful that the Fox News story would have triggered a full-fledged leak investigation, or that Mr. Kim would have been prosecuted as a result.

Kakehashi Trip Report #2: In the second of a series of postings by Fellow for Emerging Technology Michael Edward Walsh on his participation in the Japan Foundation’s Kakehashi Visit for Young Public Intellectuals, Walsh writes about his meeting at the University of Tokyo to discuss Japan’s Law on Punishment of and Measures against Acts of Piracy and the connection between terrorism and piracy.

Rail Transportation of Crude Oil and More from CRS: Secrecy News has obtained recently released CRS reports on topics such as transportation of crude oil via railway and Federal Reserve monetary policy options.

FAS in the News

Feb 14: Moscow Times, “Don’t Junk New START”

Feb 12: The Courier Journal“Rand Paul Files Lawsuit Against NSA, President Obama Over Phone Surveillance” 

Feb 11: McClatchy News“Americans Find Swift Stonewall On Whether NSA Vacuumed Their Data”

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