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High Performance Manufactured Housing - Success Stories From Mississippi’s Response to Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina
  On May14th, 2008,the FAS Building Technology Program and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) held a briefing for congressional staff on High Performance Housing and the State of Mississippi's response to Hurrican Katrina. More information on the briefing can be found here.

FAS is heavily involved in efforts to provide emergency housing solutions that are safe and energy efficient. FAS program manager Joe Hagerman worked in depth with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency to design and deliver 3,100 dual certified modular housing units to citizens of Mississippi affected by Hurricane Katrina. With the lessons learned from this experience, FAS continues to advise FEMA on procurement strategies and proper planning for emergency relief.

In addition to further advisory work, the Building Technologies Program looks to continue its involvement with emergency and manufactured housing with projects to develop high performance standards and design quickly procured housing units that can double as permanent affordable housing stock.

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Procurement Suggestions

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