Demonstration projects are a crucial piece of the Building Technologies mission. These projects provide an opportunity for FAS to express and test ideas while providing much needed safe, energy efficient housing. Working with like-minded organizations, past projects have given insight into practical issues of constructability inherent in working with new technologies. They have also allowed for real-time testing of technological performance, and have provided housing for those in need. FAS will continue to pursue demonstration projects both as a means of supplemental experimentation as well as a means of providing real solutions to problems of housing.

Currently, FAS is building a home in Houston, Texas. Construction updates, including photos and video, can be found on the Building Technologies Program Blog.

Demonstration Projects

Upcoming Projects

Building off a successful track record completing demonstration projects to showcase and evaluate advanced building systems, FAS will construct several more demonstration houses in the upcoming year. Learn more...

CSIP House -- Baton Rouge, Louisiana

While New Orleans took center stage in post-Katrina efforts, the degree of uncertainty pertaining to long-term recovery plans turned FAS’ focus on Baton Rouge. Learn more.

ThermaSave House - Harlem, New York City, New York

In 2005, FAS partnered with Buy America to Build Africa (BABA), an affiliate of the United African Congress (UAC), to construct a house model to be used in a breakthrough effort to build 10,000 homes in West Africa. Learn more.

Rausbach House - Houston, Texas

Partnering with the Citizen League for Environmental Action NOW (CLEAN), a environmentally conscious community organization, FAS is constructing a home to demonstrate the use of structural insulated panel construction as part of a safe, environmentally-friendly, and cost efficient home. Learn more.

Lale House - Istanbul, Turkey

FAS has partnered with a Turkish construction firm, IHLAS Holding of Istanbul, and IHSN Inc. USA, to build a villa in the outskirts of Istanbul using cementitious SIPs. Learn more.

Habitat for Humanity Project - Mobile County, Alabama

FAS has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity in a two part project to build, monitor and study CSIP houses in comparison to traditional stick built construction. The initial phase of the project focused on the design and construction of two CSIP houses in Mobile, Alabama. Learn more.