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China Electronics Corporation [CEC]

     Address: 27 Wanshuo Road, Beijing 100846
     Tlx:     22383 MEI CN
     Fax:     821-3745, 822-1835
     Tel:     821-8528

The China Electronics Corporation, subordinated to the Ministry of Electronics Industry (MEI) develops radars, tracking stations (telemetering, remote control, and monitoring), telecommunications stations, and onboard space electronics.

The principal missile and space related enterprises are

NWIEE, created in 1978, has produced more than 7,200 antennae ranging between 0.75 and 25 meters in diameter. Intalled in China, Russia, the United States, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, they serve the Intelsat, Inmarsat, and Asiasat systems.

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