21 November 2003

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Military Construction Agencies

"More than 30,000 servicemen and 140,000 civilians with various construction specialties
work and serve in the VSK" (Armeyskiy Sbornik 01 Aug 00 pp 11-15).






Central Organizational-Planning Directorate of Capital Construction 


  • 161st Engineering Works Directorate (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 9 Jul 01). 
  • Construction Directorate of the city of Moscow


Main Directorate of the Construction Industry

RF Federal Special Construction Service (Spetsstroy Rossii) [Ministry of Defense]

Moscow Air/PVO Construction Directorate

Moscow MD Construction Directorate

Naval Construction  Directorate

North Caucasus MD Construction Directorate

Siberian Military District Construction Directorate

Volga-Ural Construction Department State Enterprise

23d State Naval Planning Institute

286th [Construction] Department

347th Construction Directorate

906th Construction Directorate

915th Construction Battalion



Tsentr Main All-Region Construction Directorate

Abroskin Interview



Central Organizational-Planning Directorate of Capital Construction [TsOPU KS] of the RF Ministry of Defense

RF Federal Special Construction Service (Spetsstroy Rossii) [Ministry of Defense]

[Resubordinated to the RF Ministry of Defense (Moskovskiy Komsomolets, 20 Nov 03).

[According to a RF Presidential Edict signed in May 2000, Spetsstroy Rossii was included in the executive branch "with a little star, . .  i.e., with direct subordination to the President" (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Mar 01).]

[Established as a RF "Federal Service" in August 1999. (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Mar 01).]

[Formerly Glavspetsstroy, established on 31 March 1951 by decision of the USSR Council of Ministers (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Mar 01).]

[In 1999 a "Federal Special Construction Department" was attached to the State Committee of Russia for Construction,  Architecture and Housing Policy (RIA 8 Jul 99).]

[At one time titled "RF Spetsstroy" (State Construction Trust for Special Work) "After it was abolished the functions were transferred to Rosspetsstroy (Federal Directorate of Special Construction) (Yadernyy Kontrol No 6, Nov-Dec 1999).]

[Abroskin: "there were five major formations outside of the Defense Ministry military-construction complex for which work in support of our state's defense capability and security was the priority.   The head organization here was Glavspetsstroy, which was connected with Minmontazhspetsstroy SSSR [USSR Ministry of Installation and Special Construction Work].   . . .  Its missions included constructing and renovating special facilities, design bureaus, plants and enterprises for the production of aerospace equipment, surface ships and submarines; and complexes for producing the newest equipment for machine building and the chemical industry, for manufacturing new kinds of small arms and so on.   Among them are those known to the entire world: KB [Design Bureau] of Energy Machine Building in the city of Korolev, Plant imeni Khrunichev, Tushino Machine Building Plant, shipyards and ship repair yards in the city of Severodvinsk and in the settlement of Bolshoy Kamen, complexes for the production of military equipment and arms at Izhevsk, Votkinsk and Verkhnyaya Salda, and aircraft enterprises in Moscow, Samara, Voronezh and Saratov" (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Mar 01).]

[In 2001 Spetsstroy will work on the Khrunichev Plant, on Minatom's 160th building [korpus] in Sosnovyy Bor, on plants in Voronezh and Samara, and at the Polief in Bashkiria, and will build a bus plant in Tatarstan.   It will also build 18 residential buildings for the Defense Ministry in Moscow and Moscow Oblast, Samara, Anapa, Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg. (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Mar 01).]

["Spetsstroy has its own construction materials industry--around 40 enterprises for the production of precast concrete, ready-mix concrete and grout, metalware and metal tile, and carpentry articles, including of plastic, wood and light metals, i.e., practically everything to erect a building beginning with the zero cycle and ending with its turnover for operation.   We have two trusts, sanitary engineering and finishing, which are capable of performing a large volume of work at any facility in the final stage of construction.   At the same time, each construction directorate has specialized subunits of that profile" (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Mar 01).]

[At present Spetsstroy has around 4,000 officers and warrant officers, and more than 5,000 draftees, whose service as guards includes the provision of security at "sub-departmental facilities"  (Moskovskiy Komsomolets, 26 March 01])

Chief --- ABROSKIN, Nikolay Pavlovich, Colonel-General, appointed by Presidential decree (RIA 18 May 00;  RIA Novosti, 27 Jun 02; Stroitelnaya Dazeta, 18 Apr 03).

First Deputy Chief --- LEYBMAN, M.Ye., Lt-Gen (Moskovskaya Pravda, 6 Nov 01).
Deputy Director --- MIRZOYEV, Vladimir, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 19 Apr 03).

Deputy Chief --- KRASUTSKIY, Yulian, Major-General (Krasnaya Zvezda 9 Mar 01 P 2).
Chairman of the Veterans' Council --- KUMANTSEV, Nikolay, Maj-Gen (ret) (Stroitelnaya Gazeta, 18 Apr 03).

[Agencies absorbed into Spesstroy: (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Mar 01).]

Main Military Directorate for the Restoration of Communications [Previously part of the Ministry of Communications]

Federal Road Construction Directorate [Previously part of the Ministry of Defense]

Central Directorate of Military Construction Units [Previously part of the Ministry of Medium Machine Building, (Minatom)]

Balashikha Military Technical University [Spetsstroy Rossii]

Commandant --- KURGUZOV, Aleksandr, Lieutenant-General (Krasnaya Zvezda 16 Mar 01 p 4; Stroitelnaya Gazeta, 18 Apr 03).

Military Signal Communications Operations/Repair Directorate [Spetsstroy Rossii]

Chief --- ?

Saratov Construction Technical School [Spetsstroy Rossii]


Chief --- REVYAKIN, Sergey Anatol'yevich, Col (Krasnaya Zvezda, 2 Aug 01).

US-1 (Construction Directorate-1) [Spetsstroy Rossii]

Chief --- Leybman, M. , Major-General (Krasnaya Zvezda 31 Mar 00 p 3).

US-3 (Construction Directorate No. 3) [Spetsstroy Rossii]

Chief --- Grzhib, V.  Major-General (Krasnaya Zvezda 31 Mar 00 p 3).
Deputy Chief --- Berdnik, M., Colonel  (Krasnaya Zvezda 31 Mar 00 p 3).


Director --- Yakimkin, Viktor, ( - - ),


Diector, KURBATOV, Aleksandr, Lt-Gen (Stroitelnaya Gazeta, 18 Apr 03).

23d State Naval Planning Institute

286th [Construction] Department

906th Construction Directorate

Chief --- Tukshumskiy, V., Maj-Gen (Armeyskiy Sbornik 01 Aug 00 pp 11-15).

915th Construction Battalion

[Open Joint-stock Companies Formed from the Military Construction Complex]


General Director --- FRIDBURG,  V.L. (Krasnaya Zvezda 24 Apr 01 P 1).

Main Directorate of the Construction Industry (" ") (GUSP)

"The 'GUSP' is the 'Main Directorate of the Construction Industry,' a private company.   The form of ownership is joint-stock holding company.   And until 1997, when, you may recall, Armed Forces reform occurred, this was one of the construction directorates of the MoD.   At that time it was transformed into a private company, but despite this did not go far from its "mama" (the MoD), for that's where it grazes.   As you know, business success Russian style is the opportunity to suckle from the budget.   And success is more likely to smile on you if you're an oligarch.   Even if a small one,   a pocket-sized, local one, but an oligarch for all that. 

    Indeed, that is the present-day portrait of the "GUSP": it is successful because it works successfully in accordance with the plans of the official budget recipient, performing the vital function of budget turnover in the fatherland environment.   Successful, naturally, for itself. 

    As for those gigantic, fantastic losses from which this chain was strung, the losses were engendered by the 'GUSP' as follows: by decision of and with the assent of Col.-Gen. Kosovan, the 'GUSP' engages in the purchase of building materials, equipment and property for "Chechen" military construction.   According to our sources, military economists of the GlavKEU who were outraged and cheated as a result of decisions made by Kosovan, the "GUSP" buys everything at inflated prices and from strictly specified supplier firms.   For example, sand for construction-instead of acquiring it at Stavropol, which is closest to the site of events, is hauled in from the Moscow area, thus inflating the prices.   Cement also comes from territories very remote from the Northern Caucasus.   Toilet bowels could be Italian, ceramic tile might be Spanish . . ." (Novaya Gazeta, 25 Jun 00).

Tsentr Main All-Region Construction Directorate

General Director --- STRATIY, V.A. (Krasnaya Zvezda 24 Apr 01 P 1).

Defunct: Glavdalspetsstroy (1980-2000) (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Mar 01).


Chairman of the Board of Directors --- BAY, N.M., Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 28 May 02).