Revised: 21 March 2003
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    Main Directorate for Special Construction (GUSS)

    (E )

     [GUSS is subordinate to the General Staff's Main Directorate for Construction and Troop Billeting.]
    Chief --- BELOV, Andrei K., Lieutenant-General (Military News Bulletin No 011, 1 Nov 02).
    [BELOV: "Born on August 27, 1953 in the town of Polotsk, Vitebsk Region, Belarussian Soviet Socialist Republic, he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Construction Engineers, there he also had military training, in 1975. In August 1975 he went to serve for the Severvoenmorstroi naval construction organisation of the Northern Fleet, where he rose from work superintendent to head of that organisation and was subsequently promoted to deputy fleet commander for construction and billeting.  In 1999 - 2001 he was head of the Central research Institute of the Defence Ministry. In April 2001 he was promoted to deputy head of construction and billeting of the Defence Ministry.   He was appointed Head of the Main Directorate of Special Construction of the Defence  Ministry by presidential decree of August 8, 2002" (Military News Bulletin No 011, 1 Nov 02).]
  • 57th Military Construction Directorate
  • 60th Specialized Construction Directorate
  • 161st Engineering Works Directorate 
  • 437th Construction Directorate
  • 450th Military Construction Directorate
  • 906th Construction Directorate
  • Construction Directorate of the city of Moscow
  • Engineering Works Directorate (in Chechnya) 
  • Military Maintenance Directorate
  • Deputy Chief --- BEKOVITSKIY, Mikhail, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 21 Mar 03).
    Deputy Chief (?) --- MININ, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen was referred to as the "Deputy chief of the Federal Main Directorate for Construction" ( " " (UCS-INFO) 15.08.2001).

    Head --- Marenkov, Georgiy, Col (Krasnaya Zvezda 2 Aug 01). Commander --- DVULUCHANSKIY, Sergey, Col (Krasnaya Zvezda, 26 Sep 01). Commander --- DERGUNOV, Oleg, Col (Krasnaya Zvezda 11 Jan 01).

    Engineering Works Directorate (in Chechnya)

    [Based on the Stavropol Construction Directorate.]
    Head --- Shkalenko, VladimirVladimirovich, Col (Krasnaya Zvezda 28 Mar 00 1, 3).

    Military Maintenance Directorate

    Head --- ?