20 November 2003

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(Federal State Unitary Enterprise)

 Director-General --- BELYANINOV, Andrey. Appointed (Interfax, 4 Nov 00).



ROSOBORONEKSPORT was subordinated to the COMMITTEE FOR MILITARY TECHNICAL COOPERATION WITH FOREIGN STATES (KVTS) by Presidential Edict OF 18 November 2002 (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Nov 03).

  • ["Created by Presidential Decree as the federal state unitary enterprise Rosoboroneksport [Russian defence export].  The decree notes that the state enterprise Rosoboroneksport is being created by merging Rosvooruzheniye and Promeksport, with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of military-technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign states." (Interfax,  4 Nov 00).]
  • ["…the functions of monitoring arms exports have passed from the Ministry of Industry, Science, and Technology to the Defense Ministry.  Spheres of influence in a system that annually brings in between $2 billion and $4 billion have been divided up." (Kommersant 09 Nov 00).]

First Deputy General Director --- CHEMEZOV, Sergey (Interfax, 1137 GMT 27 Nov 00). (Interfax, 14 Jun 01).
Deputy General Director --- KABARDIN, Viktor, (Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye, 22 Feb 02; ITAR-TASS, 22 Jul 02).
Chief Military Adviser --- GRACHEV, Pavel, Mar RF (referred to as Gen Army, Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 11 Mar 02).

  • ["Grachev graduated from the Ryazan Higher Airborne School, Frunze Military Academy and General Staff Academy. He led the 103rd Airborne Division in Afghanistan, became Hero of the Soviet Union and was Russian Defense Minister in 1992 to 1996" (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 11 Mar 02).]


  • [In Decree 750 Putin ordered the merger of Promeksport and Russkiye Oruzheiye in late April 2000. …According to Kommersant's information, Putin was disappointed with Promeksport's performance (the decline in its exports last year was around 50 percent of the 1998 level) but has not abandoned the services of his protege.   And he has sacrificed Rossiyskiye Tekhnologii to Chemezov. (Kommersant 29 Apr 00).
  •  [Prior to the merger Promeksport was a "Federal State Unitary Enterprise."  It is unclear as yet what form the merged company will take.  In fact this merger did not occur when ordered.]

 General-Director --- CHEMEZOV, Sergey (ITAR-TASS 14 Apr 00).  Appointed fall 1999.
 Deputy General Director --- ARTYAKOV,
Vladimir (Nezavisimaya Gazeta 16 Sep 00 P 1).
 Deputy General Director --- FILIMONOV, Vyacheslav (Kommersant
29 Apr 00).

  •  [Filimonov was "demoted" from the post of General Director (Kommersant 29 Apr 00).]


  •  (State Company for the Export and Import of Armaments and Military Equipment)
  •  Established 25 Nov 1993 by Presidential Decree.  (Krasnaya Zvezda 27 Jan 94 p 1, 2).]
  •  ["At the end of January 1992 the Main Engineer  Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the  Russian Federation, the traditional exporter  of Soviet weapons and military equipment, was converted into the  Russian State Foreign Economic Association for the Export of Military Goods  and Services, the  Oboroneksport Military Association (General Export for  Defense).
  •  [The Association was the legal heir of the Main Engineering Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and was registered With the Moscow Registration Office on 5  February 1992." (Moscow TEHKNIKA I VOORUZHENIYE  in Russian No 7-8, 92 p C3).  It was in turn merged into Rosvooruzheniye. (Vladimir ZAVTRA in Russian No 16, April 94 p 2).]
  •  [Rosvooruzheniye also replaced the State Foreign Trade Company for the Export and Import of Armaments and Military Equipment, (Spetsvneshtekhnika), the President of which was BRAYLOVSKIY, Valeriy Georgiyevich, Maj-Gen, (Trud 30 Mar 93 Evening Edition p 2). (Moscow Programma Radio Odin Network in Russian 1530 GMT 8 Oct 93).]
  •  [At least four banks were authorized to work with Rosvooruzheniye in financing arms sales.  They are Menatep, Most-Bank, Intermed, and the Moscow National Bank. (Vladimir ZAVTRA in Russian No 16, April 94 p 2).]
  •  [See also Kargotrans in the Non-Governmental Organizations Section]

 General Director --- OGAREV, Aleksey (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 29 Apr 00).  "Released… from his duties as director-general of the federal  state unitary enterprise Rosvooruzheniye in connection with his transfer to other work." (Interfax in Russian 1723 GMT 4 Nov 00).

  • ["It is known that Aleksey Ogarev has a friendly relationship with the first Russian Federation president's [Yeltsin's] daughter Tatyana Dyachenko, to whom, indeed, he owes the rapid ascent of his career.
  •     In 1995, unexpectedly to everyone, he became deputy head of the Presidential Staff for the problems of the military-industrial complex and military-technical cooperation.   Ogarev's name began being actively mentioned in the media as of late 1997, and mainly in critical terms.   On becoming head of Rosvooruzheniye, Aleksey Ogarev restored to the company many of those who had been expelled after the dismissal of Aleksandr Kotelkin.   At the same time, there was a tough purge at the state company, as a result of which almost all of [former Rosvooruzheniye boss] Grigoriy Rapota's favorites lost their jobs. (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 29 Apr 00).]
  • Previous General Directors:
  • --- RAPOTA, Grigoriy Alekseyevich, Lt-Gen, (ITAR-TASS 1929 GMT 27 Nov 98).
  • --- ANANYEV, Yevgeniy, (Interfax 0750 GMT 21 Aug 97).  “Ananyev's MAPO-Bank traditionally handles the accounts of MAPO MiG...Aleksandr Urinson, the economy minister's brother, who heads the Strategiya bank, Reserve Lieutenant Vladimir Shilov (whom Yakov Moiseyevich [Urinson] recently tipped for general director of VPK MAPO and who, according to information that has percolated to the press, is known to be very friendly with the minister's daughter), and a couple of people from the president's entourage whose wives work at MAPO-Bank....”  (Moscow Moskovskiy Komsomolets in Russian 14 Jan 98 p 2).  URINSON: “former chairman of the board of MAPO-bank and present head of Rosvooruzheniye.  It is known that in 1987-1991, he was chief editor of the Megapolis Ekspress newspaper (incidentally, at that time Sergey Yastrzhembskiy, Yeltsin's press secretary, worked under him). In 1992 Ananyev became an adviser to the MAPO MiG general director and in 1993 he became head of the bank of the same name. ”  (Moscow Moskovskiy Komsomolets in Russian 14 Jan 98 p 2).]
  • --- KOTELKIN, Aleksandr Ivanovich, Col Appointed, (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Nov 94 p 1).]
  • --- SAMOYLOV, Viktor, Lt-GenAppointed 28 Dec 93. (Interfax 1416 GMT 28 Dec 93). (Krasnaya Zvezda 19 Jul 94 p 1).  SAMOYLOV was Military adviser to Deputy PM Vladimir Shumeyko. (Interfax 1416 GMT 28 Dec 93). He is also said to be a supporter of Grachev (Vladimir ZAVTRA in Russian No 16, April 94 p 2).]

First Deputy General Director --- TIMKIN, Mikhail, (Interfax 1924 GMT 3 Feb 97).  (Kommersant-Daily 21 Feb 97 p 4).
First Deputy General Director --- BELAVENTSEV, Oleg, (Izvestiya 1 Aug 96 p 3).
Deputy Director --- AKSENOV, Anatoliy, (Interfax in English 1227 GMT
15 Sep 98).
Deputy Director --- KOZIN, Aleksandr, (Agentstvo voyennykh novostey,
13:36 MT, 29 Jun 00).
Adviser to the General Director --- KOTELKIN, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen (Nezavisimaya Gazeta,
29 Apr 00).
Chief Marketing Advisor --- KOTELKIN, Aleksandr,
Ivanovich, Col  appointed (Interfax, 2 Nov 99).

  • BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, KOTELKIN: Appointed General Director of Rosvooruzheniye, (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Nov 94 p 1).  (Krasnaya Zvezda 18 Nov 95 p 5). born into a service family in 1954 in KievKiev Higher Military Aviation School and Diplomatic Academy.  Served in Kiev MD. Rapidly progressed to the post of chief of the Air Force Army Engineering Service. For a long time engaged in diplomatic work abroad and knows English, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Belorussian [Belarusian]. In 1987 was in the Foreign Ministry. 1988-1991 worked at a UN Permanent Commission.  In April 1993(-1994) became chief of the Main Administration for Military-Technical Cooperation with Foreign Countries, engaging in questions of Black Sea economic cooperation, conversion, and the procedure for monitoring missile technologies....He was in charge of and ensured the signing of contracts for the export of Russian arms, including contracts with Hungary, Angola and Kuwait.  (Krasnaya Zvezda 30 Nov 94 p 1). (Rossiyskiye Vesti 1 Dec 94 p 1). "...notable for his determination and intolerance of pointless, outdated instructions." (Izvestiya 30 Nov 94 p 3). (Krasnaya Zvezda 18 Nov 95 p 5). Headed Rosvooruzhenie from November 1994 to August 1997, when he was appointed first deputy foreign economic relations and trade minister. From August 1998 to September 1999 he oversaw the Moscow City government's relations with defense plants. (Interfax, 2 Nov 99).]

Adviser to the Director --- GRACHEV, Pavel Sergeyevich, Mar (Interfax, 28 Apr 98).