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    ( Marshal of the RF Pavel Sergeyevich GRACHEV)

    (Chief Military Adivser to ROSOBORONEKSPORT)

    Born 1 January 1948 in the  village of Rvy, Tula Oblast.


    • Graduated from Ryazan' Airborne Troops School (1969).
    • Frunze Military Academy from 1978 to 1981
    • General Staff Academy (1988 - 1990).


    • Commander of an airborne platoon at Kaunas. Served as commander of a  training company at the Ryazan' school, battalion commander in  Lithuania and chief of staff of a training  division.
    • Deputy Commander of the 354th  Airborne Regiment in Afghanistan in 1981-1982. Six months later became Commander.
    • Chief of Staff of the 7th Airborne Division at Kaunas 1983 to 1985.
    • 1985 became Commander of the 103rd Airborne Division in Afghanistan.
    • Spent a total of five years and three months in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.
    • 1990-1991 First Deputy Commander and then Commander of Airborne Troops,
    • First Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR and Chairman of the State Defense Committee of the RSFSR.
    • Became Deputy Commander in Chief of the CIS Joint  Armed Forces in January 1992.
    • Appointed First Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia on 3 April 1992,
    • and Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation on 18  May1992.
    • Relieved as Minister immediately following the first round of the June 1996 Presidential elections. (Krasnaya Zvezda 20 Jun 96 p 1).


    • Awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union  for "executing combat missions with minimal human  losses" in Afghanistan. The award was conferred after the decision was made to withdraw the troops  from the DRA.  (Moscow ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA  in Russian 26 Sep 92 p 7). In August 1991 Grachev, who was Commander of Airborne Troops, refused to storm the "White House."  (Komsomolskaya Pravda 20 May 92 p 1).  Minister of Defense (Krasnaya Zvezda 7 Apr 92 First Edition p 1) ) Awarded Marshal's Star (Krasnaya Zvezda 28 Jul 92 p 1).
    • GRACHEV's son Sergey was a serving officer and  married to the daughter of Col-Gen Dmitriy KHARCHENKO (Komsomolskaya Pravda 12 May 94 p 1).]