North Korea: The Foundations for Military Strength -- Update 1995
December 1995

President Kim Il-song's 10-Point Program for Korean Unification

President Kim Il-song announced the 10-Point Program in April 1993. For him, the principle of "great national unity" embodied in the program transcended differences in ideas, ideologies, and systems. Kim's 10-Point Program is intended to form united fronts between North and South Korean nongovernmental organizations, not to build intergovernmental Korean dialogue.

The Ten Points:

  1. A unified state, independent, peaceful, and neutral, should be found through the great unity of the whole nation.

  2. Unity should be based on partriotism and the spirit of national independence.

  3. Unity should be achieved on the princple of promoting coexistence, coprosperity, and common interests and subordinating everything to the cause of national reunification.

  4. All manner of political disputes that foment division and confrontation between the fellow countrymen should be stopped and unity achieved.

  5. They should dispel fears of invasion from the South and from the North and suspicions of attempts to prevail over communisim or achieve communization all together and believe in and unite with each other.

  6. They should consider democracy to be valuable and join hands on the road to the fatherland's reunification, without rejecting each other for difference in doctrine and principles.

  7. They should protect the material and spiritual wealth of individuals and organziations and encourage it to be used favorable for the promotion of great national unity.

  8. All the fellow countrymen should understand, trust, and be united with one another through contacts, travels, and dialogue.

  9. All the fellow countrymen in the North and South and overseas should strengthen solidarity with one another on the way to the fatherland's reunification.

  10. Those who have contributed to great national unity and the cause of the fatherland's reunification should be highly esteemed.