North Korea: The Foundations for Military Strength -- Update 1995

December 1995

North Korea: The Foundations for Military Strength
Update 1995


Chapter 1 -- A Post-Kim-Il-song North Korea
Chapter 2 -- Increasing Internal Pressures
Chapter 3 -- Strategic Issues
Chapter 4 -- Military Forces
Glossary of Acronyms


1. Five Largest Militaries in the World
2. North Korean Government - Creation of the Korean Workers' Party
3. Korean Workers' Party - The Most Important Institution in North Korea
4. Military Forces Designed To Fulfill Both Defensive and Offensive Missions
5. Orientation Map of Asia
6. North Korean 1994 Economic Sectors
7. Producing and Exporting Arms
8. Main Trading Partners
9. North Korean Trade With Japan
10. Orientation Map of North Korea
11. North Korea's Heavy Artillery Is Capable of Targeting Areas as Far South as Seoul
12. North Korea Army Personnel and Equipment
13. The Largest of the Three Services
14. Limited Navy Coastal Defense
15. North Korea's Three Combat Air Commands
16. SCUD Surface-to-Surface Missile
17. North Korea Ballistic Missile Threat Ranges
18. SCUD Missile Attack on Airfield
19. Rail Support for Most Long-Distance Traffic
20.Terrain Limitations to East-West Movements