Federation of American Scientists Case Studies in Dual Use Biological Research Module 3.0: Aerosol Delivery Case Study
Topic: References Discussion Questions

Do you agree with the existing balance between government regulation of research and scientific self-governance for dual use issues? Should the government continue a hands off approach to dual use research?
Do you believe it sufficient (and realistic) to rely on individual scientists to monitor their own research so as to both recognize potential dual use issues and resolve concerns? Should institutional biosafety officers and Institutional Review Boards be more actively involved? If so, How?
Given the rapid advancement and specialization of biotechnology research, is it realistic to expect the NSABB, and other institutional review bodies to surface dual use issues of concern? What role should individual scientists and scientific societies play? What about companies?
Is there any dual use research that should not be published? Does the promotion of scientific transparency always trump biosecurity concerns?
Under what circumstances is unencumbered access to experimental methods and equipment and results outweighed by the potential threat posed by them?

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