Technology and Innovation Initiative

The Technology and Innovation Initiative is currently focused on the intersection of immigration policy and emerging technologies in advancing the nation’s national security and economic growth.

Talent is one of the scarcest resources in the global race for predominance in artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, yet the United States risks squandering this advantage. Despite the high proportion of foreign-born students and professors in U.S. science and engineering departments, the vast majority of whom wish to stay in the United States, much of the nation’s resident technology talent does not have a clear path to U.S. citizenship.

Directed by Doug Rand in collaboration with Lindsay Milliken, this FAS initiative brings a data-driven approach to immigration policy, relevant to the current shifting landscape of executive actions as well as longer-term reform options.

The Technology and Innovation Initiative is currently supported by Schmidt Futures.

Doug Rand

Senior Fellow & Director
Technology and Innovation Initiative

Lindsay Milliken

Research Assistant
Technology and Innovation Initiative