ITU-BR Information Pertaining to the government use of the
17.8-21.2 GHz and 30-31 GHz bands
station      longitude

US CSID-A1    E 000
US CSID-A2    E 044
US CSID-A3    E 075
US CSID-A4    E 082
US CSID-A5    E 092
US CSID-A6    E 110
US CSID-E1    W 010
US CSID-E2    W 013
US CSID-E3    W 024
US CSID-E4    W 030
US CSID-W1    W 141
US CSID-W2    W 144

US CSID-P     non-GSO [63 degrees, 39400-1000 km, 8 satellites]

* * * * *

US334 In the band 17.8 - 20.2 GHz, Government space stations and associated earth stations in the fixed-satellite (space-to-Earth) service may be authorized on a primary basis. For a Government geostationary satellite network to operate on a primary basis, the space station shall be located outside the arc measured from East to West, 700 W to 1200 W. Coordination between Government fixed-satellite systems and non-Government systems operating in accordance with the United States Table of Frequency Allocations is required. (MO&O adopted on July 28, 1995 and released on July 31, 1995)