National Telecommunications and
Information Administration
Washington, D.C. 20230

March 5, 1997

Mr. Richard Smith
Federal Communications Commission
Washington, DC 20230

Dear. Mr. Smith:

We have a common national interest to minimize potential interference to the Federal Government's receive earth station operations in the 17.8 to 20.2 GHz frequency band. The Government's use of this band is authorized under footnote US 334, and is required to satisfy specific radio frequency requirements involving the nation's security.

As you are aware, Larry Irving forwarded to the Commission his July 12, 1995 letter wherein we informed you that the 17.8 to 20.2 GHz band was required to satisfy a Feeral Government requirement which involved national security interests. And as you are also aware from my January 7, 1997, letter we ahve determined that both existing and anticipated FCC licensees could cause interference problems to the Federal Government use of the band. Therefore, we offer the following approach for resolving these problems --

We believe that the above defined approach is responsive to our combined interests and also satisfies the underlying national security requirements; therefore, we propose that you issue the appropriate orders in an expeditious manner to implement this approach. If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please contact me.


Richard Parlow
Associate Administrator
Office of Spectrum Management

Attachment A: Memorandum from the Department of the Air Force, dated 3/March/1997, signed by Nelson Pollack.