These JPEG's reproduce [poorly] the document's attached to the Garcia rebuttal letter. Unfortunately, the current images are scanned from a fax, so they are really not overwhelming legible. We are trying to get hardcopy for scanning which should improve [somewhat] the utility of this product.

Attachment A

There are a total of 26 pages of anomaly data derived from data compiled from Systems Engineering inputs. This is a sample of this matterial. [123k jpeg]

Attachment B

Attachment B consists of three graphs and one chart. The graphs cover data from STS-37 through STS-74, and include

Attachment C

Documented and undocumented inflight anomalies spreadsheet and graph [87k jpeg], as well as pages one and two from the "STS-73 Funnies and Failures List." [49k and 68k jpeg]

Attachment D

Line Replaceable Units [LRU] cannibalization and removal spreadsheet and graph [43k jpeg]