Theater Ballistic Missile Defense from the Sea
Charles C. Swicker - Newport Paper 14

Glossary of Abbreviations

AADC Area air defense commander

AW Air Warfare

ABL Airborne laser

ABM Anti-ballistic missile

ACES arrow continuation experiments

ACTD Advanced concept technology demonstration

AD Destroyer tender

ADCP Air defense communications platform

ADG Active defense group

ALERT Attack and launch early report to theater

AO Oiler

AOA Amphibious objective area

AOE Fast combat support ship

AOR Area of responsibility

ARG Amphibious ready group

AS Submarine tender

ASAS Advanced solid axial stage

ASCM Anti-ship cruise missiles

ATACMS Army tactical missile system

AWACS Airborne warning and control system

BDA Battle damage assessment

BMC4I Battle management command, control, communications,
computers, and intelligence

BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization

BPI Boost-phase intercept

BUMBLEBEE Early USN AW missile program

C2 Command and control

CAP Combat air patrol

CEC Cooperative engagement capability

CENTCOM United States Central Command

CEP Circular error probable

CG Guided-missile cruiser

CIC Combat information center

CINC Commander in chief

CIWS Close-in weapon system

CNA Center for Naval Analyses

CNN Cable News Network

CO Commanding officer

COEA Cost and operational effectiveness analysis

CONOPS Concept of operations

CONUS Continental United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

CRC Control and reporting center

CRP Controllable/reversible pitch

CVBG Aircraft carrier battle group

CVN Aircraft carrier, nuclear-powered

CW Chemical warfare

DAL Defended assets list

DDG Guided-missile destroyer

DE Directed energy

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

DoD Department of Defense

DSP Defense Support Program

ECS Engagement control station

EMCON Emissions control

ERINT [Patriot] extended range interceptor

ESSM Evolved Sea Sparrow missile

EW Early warning

FPPWP First preplanned waypoint

FPTOC Force projection tactical operations center

FROG Free rocket over ground

FU Fire units

GALE Generic area limitation environment

GBR [THAAD] Ground-based radar

GCCS Global command and control system

GEM [Patriot] Guidance enhanced missile

GFCS Gun fire control system

GPS Global Positioning System

HARM High-speed antiradiation missile

HEU Highly enriched uranium

ICBM Intercontinental ballistic missile

ICC Information Coordination Central

INDIGO TLAM tasking message

IOC Initial operational capability

IPB Intelligence preparation of the battle space

IR Infrared

IRST Infrared search and track

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCTN Joint composite tracking network

JDN Joint data network

JFACC Joint force air component commander

JFC Joint force commander

JFMCC Joint force maritime component commander

JMCIS Joint maritime command information system

JPN Joint planning network

JSOC Joint Special Operations Command

JSTARS Joint surveillance and target attack radar system

JTAGS Joint tactical ground station

JTIDS Joint tactical information distribution system

JTMD Joint theater missile defense

KE Kinetic energy

KKV Kinetic-kill vehicle

KW Kinetic warhead

LAMPS Light airborne multipurpose system

LS Launching station

MASINT Measurement and signals intelligence

MEADS Medium extended air defense system
(formerly CORPS SAM)

MEZ Missile engagement zone

MIF Maritime interdiction force

MIW Mine warfare

MLRS Multiple launch rocket system

MOPP Mission-oriented protective posture

MPS Maritime prepositioning ship

MRBM Medium-range ballistic missile

MTCR Missile technology control regime

Nato North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVCENT Naval Forces, U.S. Central Command

NCA National Command Authority

NTDC Non-tactical data collection

NTF National test facility

NTW Navy Theater Wide

OOB Operational order of battle

OODA Observe, orient, decide, act

PAC Patriot advanced capability

Pk Probability of kill

POM Program objective memorandum

PST Precision-strike Tomahawk

QR Quick response

R&D Research and development

RAS Replenishment at sea

RCS Radar cross-section

RF Radio frequency

ROE Rules of engagement

RV Reentry vehicle

SAM Surface-to-air missile

SATCOM Satellite communications

SBIRS-LOW Space-based infrared system-low earth orbit

SBWS Space-based warning system (DSP + TES)

ScudCap Scud combat air patrol

SDIO Strategic Defense Initiative Office

SEALs Sea, air, land (team)

SLOC Sea line of communication

SMTS Space and missile tracking system

SOF Special operations forces

SRBM Short-range ballistic missile

STO Systems test officer

SUW Surface Warfare

TACAIR Tactical aircraft

TACDAR Tactical detection and reporting

TAD Theater air defense

TADC Theater air defense commander

TAG TBMD action group

TAOC Tactical air operations center

TBM Theater ballistic missile

TBM-WMD Theater ballistic missile—weapons of mass destruction

TBMD Theater ballistic missile defense

TBMD ROE Theater ballistic missile defense rules of engagement

TDDS Tactical data distribution system

TEL Transporter-erector-launcher (for TBM)

TENCAP Tactical exploitation of national capabilities

TES Tactical event system

THAAD Theater high-altitude area defense

TIBS Tactical information broadcast service

TLAM Tomahawk land attack missile

TM Theater missile

TMD Theater missile defense

TMDA Theater missile defense advisor

TOC Tactical operations center

TPFDL Time-phased force deployment list

TPT Theater planning tool

TRAP TRE and related applications (now TDDS)

TRE Tactical receive equipment

TSC TOMAHAWK strike coordinator

TVM Track-via-missile

UAC Urgent attack commander

UOES User operational evaluation system

URG Underway replenishment group

USEUCOM United States European Command

USSOCOM United States Special Operations Command

USSPACECOM United States Space Command

USSTRATCOM United States Strategic Command

USW Undersea warfare

VLA Vertical-launch ASROC

VLS Vertical launch system

VLS UNREP Vertical launch system underway replenishment

WMD Weapons of mass destruction