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Rec # Recommendation Implementation / Status
JSC_015B Aside from limited exemptions, classified Sec 1.6(b) of E.O. 12958 issued 20 April 1995 implements this principle but

information will be declassified after ten does provide for eight exemption categories.

years if no date/event is specified.
JSC_015C For a narrow category of information the Sec 1.6(c) of E.O. 12958 issued 20 Apr 97 requires implementation of this

10 year timeline for automatic principle. ISOO Directive No. 1 provides further specific guidance. Such

declassification may be extended to 25 extensions are exercised by the Original Classification Authority (OCA).

JSC_015D Specify that a very narrow category of Sec 3.4(b) of E.O. 12958 issued 20 April 1995 requires implementation of this

information will be exempt from the 25 principle. ISOO Directive No. 1 provides further specific guidance. Such

year timeline for automatic extensions are exercised by the agency head, and reported through the ISOO to

declassification. the President (for approval/reversal).
JSC_016A Strong oversight is needed from the Sections 5.3 and 5.4, E.O. 12958 issued 20 April 1995 require both agency and

security executive committee and at the national-level oversight, with ISOO to monitor and report annually to the

agency level. President on agency programs, and on overall program status.
JSC_016B ISOO should be part of security executive ISOO is a member of the Security Policy Forum created by PDD 29 and chairs

committee. the Classification Management Committee.
JSC_016C Agencies need to strengthen oversight and E.O 12958 issued 20 April 1995 did not require an ombudsman, but requires

appoint a classification ombudsman. agencies to designate an official responsible to direct and administer a program

for compliance with the order, to include an ongoing self-inspection program,

rating officials on performance of duties under the order.
JSC_017 Establish process to evaluate sensitive but This recommendation has been influenced by recent events. The PCCIP and

unclassified information within DoD and PDD-63 have caused the Intelligence and DoD communities as well as the rest of

the IC. government to address the issue of critical information' the aspects of which

share a common range of concerns with SBU.
JSC_018 Establish the DCI's counterintelligence PDD-24 issued 3 May 1994, established the National Counterintelligence

center as one-stop shop for CI & security Center, which was identified as the primary source for threat information. The

countermeasures threat analysis NACIC is providing foreign CI threat information.
JSC_019 DCI's CI center create a community-wide On 13 Nov 1997, NACIC established a Threat Information collaboration realm

CI/SCM database for government and on the Extranet for Security Professionals (ESP). Anyone with ESP privileges

industry use has access to this realm. The NACIC is currently in the process of populating

this realm with unclassified CI/SCM related information and creating links to

existing CI/SCM sites. Funding remains an issue with regard to the automated

JSC_020 Clearances should be requested only for Approved by SPB 24 April 1995. EO 12968 issued 7 August 1995, requires

personnel who require access to classified this be implemented.

information or technology.
JSC_021 Fee-for service mechanisms be instituted DoD is in the process of implementing Fee-for-service for security clearances.

to fund security requests. The CIA rejects the concept of fee-for-service.
JSC_022 Formal prescreening of contractors be NISPOMSUP (Feb 1995), para 2-205, addresses the recommendation in the

soley performed by the government or an "Agent of the Government" concept. The Personnel Security Committee of the

independent contractor hired for that SPB recommends that prescreening be a self-evaluating process without direct

purpose. intervention from a third party.
JSC_023 Staff and contract employees should be The NISPOMSUP adequately addresses the recommendation for contractors.

formally presecreened for a clearance or The same procedures should be extended to government employees.

access only with their knowledge and

JSC_024A NISP Personnel Security Questionnaire The recommendation is complete with the adoption of revised Standard Form

(PSQ) form be used throughout DoD and (SF) 86 in September 1995.

the IC.

23 Aug 1999

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