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Dear Colleagues:

ADM Timothy Keating, Commander - NORTHCOM, is addressing the Western Governors' Association winter meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona next week (8-9 November, 2005). Although his presentation is not reflected in the attached agenda (see above), NORTHCOM staff members confirm he is attending. Most likely, he will be meeting with the Governors during the November 9 morning session on " Emergency Preparedness: Are Western States and Cities Ready?"

ADM Keating is publicly advocating that Title 10 "active duty military" forces be given "complete authority" for responding to what he calls "rare, catastrophic disasters like Hurricane Katrina". His proposal calls for the President to give clear command and control to the active duty military (reference the news accounts posted above and at the bottom of this email).

According to officers who were present at a NORTHCOM AAR last week, he said "I know the active duty can do this [directing an emergency response]; I simply don't know if a National Guard officer is capable of handling command and control", or words to that effect. These sentiments are consistent with a meeting I attended in which a NORTHCOM general officer suggested the active duty military should "train" and "certify" the competence of governors to handle domestic emergencies. Although usually couched in terms of "support for governors", the NORTHCOM proposals would bring about a fundamental change in the emergency governance of states impacted by large scale disasters. Some might liken this to a policy of domestic regime change.

In the attached news articles, ADM Keating calls for creation of a national response plan in which every agency knows its role in dealing with a possible attack. If you are a western state TAG, would you please alert your Governor to what the Admiral is advocating? Would one of your Governors please give him a copy of the National Strategy for Homeland Security, Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 (HSPD-5) (mandating the existing National Response Plan [NRP] and the existing National Incident Management System [NIMS]), HSPD-7 (mandating the National Infrastructure Protection Plan), and HSPD-8 (mandating the National Preparedness Goal, the National Planning Scenarios, the Universal Task List {UTL], the Target Capabilities List [TCL], the Homeland Security Grant Program Guidance and the National Preparedness Guidance)? All of these policies are open source documents signed by President George W. Bush.

If time permits, they might also lend him copies of HSPD-1 (Organization and Operation of the Homeland Security Council ), HSPD-2 (Combating Terrorism Through Immigration Policies), HSPD-4 (National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction), HSPD-5 (Management of Domestic Incidents - see above), HSPD-6 (Integration and Use of Screening Information), HSPD-8 (National Preparedness), HSPD-9 (Defense of United States Agriculture and Food), HSPD-10 (Bio-Defense for the 21 st Century), and HSPD-11 (Comprehensive Terrorist-Related Screening Procedures). For that matter, they may want to give him a copy of their own Comprehensive State Homeland Security Strategic Plan to show they're not asleep at the switch.

I believe our responses to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma have been the finest hour for state-to-state assistance under EMAC and for the nation's Governors and their National Guard forces. If the Governors concur, they need to make their feelings known to ADM Keating. If they politely listen to his offer of "assistance" without asserting their constitutional and statutory authority, they will only encourage his proposals.

Governor Christine Gregoire (WA) is unfortunately not able to attend next week's meeting. If your governor is attending, please being this to their attention. If you are outside the western states, I encourage you to talk to your governor and ask them to make their feelings known to one or more of their fellow-governors who will be in attendance.

/s/ Tim

Timothy J. Lowenberg, Major General
The Adjutant General
Director, Washington Military Department

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