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DOE Press Release
October 20, 2000

News Media Contact:
Matt Nerzig, 202/586-4940

Secretary Richardson Commissions Study to Strengthen
Science and Security

U.S. Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson today announced that the Department of Energy will commission the Center for Science and International Studies (CSIS) to study ways for strengthening the science and security functions of the Department of Energy. The CSIS study, to be headed by its President and former Deputy Secretary of Defense, John Hamre, will submit a final report by April 2002.

"This study will assess the challenges facing the Department in operating premier scientific institutions in the 21st century," said Secretary Richardson. "It should provide the next Administration with an independent basis for taking the action needed to further strengthen science and security."

CSIS would submit by January 15, 2001 an initial assessment. The study will focus on helping the Department develop a coherent security policy that addresses the organization's diverse institutions and missions in a manner that fosters scientific research and exchange while enhancing national security.

The Energy Department manages a broad set of scientific and engineering laboratories that span the basic and applied sciences, including stockpile stewardship, fundamental scientific research, nuclear non-proliferation, energy research and environmental remediation. Programs conducted at the national security laboratories are managed by the Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration and programs at the science, environmental management and energy laboratories are managed by the Under Secretary for Energy, Science and Environment.

To help the Department integrate its mission responsibilities with effective security controls, without hampering its ability to advance broad scientific programs, the study will assess and make recommendations for:

The study on science and security would follow the report recently issued by former Senator Howard Baker and former Representative Lee Hamilton and the findings of the National Academy of Sciences Workshop on Scientific Communication and National Security. Both called for enhanced integration of science and security throughout the Nation's nuclear weapons complex.

CSIS is recognized world-wide for expertise in international security, nuclear non-proliferation, defense policy and public policy.



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