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Court Orders Secret DIA Report Removed From Internet
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 00:48:24 GMT
From: [email protected]

On August 2, 1999, Federal Judge Robert Payne issued a court order to SOFTWAR to remove a secret DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) report from the Internet. Softwar was ordered to remove the unredacted version of a DIA report by 5:30 pm eastern time on August 2, 1999.

Apparently, Dept. of Justice Lawyer, Joan Evans, released the unredacted version BY MISTAKE. The DIA document sent to SOFTWAR by the Justice Dept. contained the names of DIA agents who wrote the 1995 report on the Chinese Army Unit COSTIND. The DIA requested that the names of the agents be withheld under "Title 10, United States Code" to protect their identity.

Softwar has REPLACED the unredacted version with the redacted (blacked out) version as per Judge Payne's orders, prior to the 5:30 pm deadline. Softwar put the documents on the web site:


Judge Payne took note that the same document had been downloaded from the SOFTWAR web page since it was put up on Saturday, July 30, 1999. Judge Payne also noted that fax versions of the same unredacted document had been sent to several members of Congress and to radio talk show host Michael Reagan.

According to Judge Payne, the only person covered by the Court order is Charles R. Smith - your Softwar reporter - who cannot mention or release the DIA agent names under penalty of the Court.

However, Judge Payne stated he was ready to declare the entire case "over" and gave SOFTWAR one last appeal, due within ten days, to prove that the Commerce Dept. is still withholding documents on COSTIND.

sample from US Army Lt. Col. Blasko Report on Chinese Defense Industry:

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Charles R. Smith
[email protected]

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