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Ford Administration NSC Minutes Released

The Gerald R. Ford Library announces the further release of minutes to National Security Council meetings of the Ford administration. Over 650 pages of formerly "Top Secret" minutes, covering 33 of the 39 Ford NSC meetings, are now available in whole or redacted form. No minutes have been located for five of the remaining meetings, although agendas or other supporting material may be available, and the minutes of another are currently restricted.

In general, a Ford NSC meeting would focus closely on one or two topics. Strategic Arms Limitation Talks was the exclusive or main topic of nearly half the meetings. Examples of other topics include: Lebanon, Angola, southern Africa, Vietnam, Panama Canal negotiations, and overall U.S. "defense policy and posture." A detailed complete list is posted at the Ford Library website www.ford.utexas.edu.

The minutes were released under the Library's mandatory review program after declassification review by current NSC staff. Those of the minutes on the Vietnam War were previously released. For further information, contact Ford Library Reference Staff, 1000 Beal Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109; Telephone 734-741-2218; or Email: [email protected]

David A. Horrocks, Chief Archivist
Gerald R. Ford Library

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