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 U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

 For Immediate Release    Washington, D.C.
 July 30, 1999    FBI National Press Office

The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced today that it has added the following new subject matters to the Gangster Era, Famous Persons, Historical Interest and Violent Crime categories of its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Electronic Reading Room:


Barker-Karpis Gang (Summary) 57 pages

Kate "Ma" Barker and her sons, Herman, Lloyd, Arthur, and Fred teamed up with Alvin Karpis (whom Fred met in the penitentiary) and several other criminals. This summary gives an account of their criminal careers, including the 1934 kidnaping of Edward G. Bremer, a wealthy Minnesota businessman.


Walter Winchell 3908 pages

Walter Winchell maintained a steady exchange of correspondence with J. Edgar Hoover for over thirty years. The famous newspaper columnist discussed FBI cases with former Director Hoover and publicized FBI accomplishments.


Black Legion 964 pages

This cult-type organization operated in the midwest in the 1930's supposedly to protect the country from various forms of "isms". Members wore black costumes with skull and crossbones insignia and were allegedly responsible for numerous murders.

Custodial Detention 647 pages

World War II era records dealing with the apprehension of individuals of German, Japanese, Italian, Rumanian, Hungarian and Bulgarian nationality.


Atlanta Child Murders 2825 pages

On November 6, 1980, the Attorney General directed the FBI to participate in the investigation of several missing and murdered children in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to working an independent investigation, the FBI assisted the local task force with manpower, guidance and technical assistance. On February 27, 1982, Wayne Bertram Williams was found guilty on two counts of murder in Fulton County Superior Court, Atlanta, Georgia. He was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

Carlo Gambino 1239 pages

Carlo Gambino was investigated by the FBI for various criminal violations. In 1970, Gambino, said to be the "Boss of Bosses" was described as the most powerful racketeer in the country.

There are now a total of 52 subject matters available to the public on this website. These documents are a representative sampling of those in the FOIA Reading Room located at FBI Headquarters. Portions have been blacked out to protect personal privacy, confidential sources, national security, etc., in accordance with the exemption provisions of the FOIA. The FBI plans to add several new subjects to the Electronic Reading Room on a monthly basis.


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