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12 May 1999


Washington, D.C., May 12/PRNewswire/ -- For the very first time, all three of the newly created Assistant Directors of Central Intelligence-James Simon, Charles Allen and John Gannon-will appear publicly to discuss the effect of open sources of information on the all-source collection process. With the recent mistaken bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, and the belated discovery that a $2.98 city map could have prevented this targeting disaster, the issue of how best to access and use open sources of information takes on new urgency.

OSS '99, the Global Information Forum, will take place in Washington, D.C. 23-26 May 1999, and will attract an international audience of policy, military, and law enforcement professionals with special interest in all sources of information. Invitations to speak have been extended to the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the Global Disaster Information Network. Other confirmed speakers include representatives from the U.S. Pacific Command, the U.S. Transportation Command, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

A number of academic and business speakers will examine new uses of commercial imagery, online commercial information, and Internet sources. The pre-conference workshop will provide a four-hour discussion of emerging "best practices" in the collection, sharing and analysis of Relevant Information. In particular, the severe shortfalls in existing U.S. defense doctrine relating to the collection of operationally critical open source information and operational all-source analysis, will be examined.

A paper on this subject is available at www.defensedaily.com/reports/isdoctrine.htm. Ample room is available for last minute registrations, including at the door without prior notice. The sponsor, OSS Inc., is the leading international advocate for increased use of open sources of information by both governments and corporations. For complete information about this event, visit www.oss.net, send email to [email protected], call 703-242-1701 or fax 703-242-1711.

SOURCE Open Source Solutions Inc.
/CONTACT: Mr. Robert D. Steele, OSS CEO, 703-242-1701 or [email protected]
/Web site: http://www.oss.net/

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