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C anadian
A ssociation for
S ecurity and
I ntelligence
S tudies

On June 12 and 13, the CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR SECURITY AND INTELLIGENCE STUDIES is holding its annual conference at Trinity College, University of Toronto.

The conference features a roundtable discussion on the Report of the Special Senate Committee on Security and Intelligence, January 1999 (the Kelly Report). Participants to be confirmed include the director of CSIS and the Senate Committee Chair.

Since intelligence and espionage are controversial areas of government activity, and generally shrouded in secrecy, CASIS believes it is important to demystify the profession. Security and Intelligence are often the subject of considerable public fascination and sometimes misapprehension. We conduct our conference to open the subject to debate and discussion. The CASIS conference provides an intimate setting for discussion and interaction among panelists with the audience, and is the perfect setting for developing contacts within the security and intelligence studies community.

Papers will be presented by prominent academics, representatives of Canadian government departments, and students. Subjects that will be discussed at this yearıs conference include:

The Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS) is a nonpartisan, voluntary association established in 1985. Its principal purpose is to provide informed debate in Canada on security and intelligence issues.

With membership of $60 (Canadian) , you can be placed on the mailing list for our three-times per year CASIS Intelligence Newsletter. Not for sale, the CASIS Intelligence Newsletter is sent free of charge to all members in good standing and is widely accepted as the publication of record for security and intelligence affairs in Canada. Subjects covered in the newsletter include summaries of major government reports, intelligence issues in the news, book reviews, and research by CASIS members in assorted media.

CASIS Membership is available to the public and currently includes most academics in Canada involved in security and intelligence subjects, concerned citizens, government officials, journalists, lawyers, students, private businessmen as well as former intelligence officers.

For more information about CASIS, including conference updates plus a complete list of links to security, intelligence and related sites, visit the CASIS website at http://www.sfu.ca/igs/CASIS.

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