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[Congressional Record: April 28, 2010 (Senate)]
[Page S2757]


 Mr. McCAIN. Mr. President, I wish to speak in order to honor 
the life and achievements of Christopher C. Bolkcom, Congressional 
Research Service Specialist, on the occasion of the first anniversary 
of his passing away, on May 1, 2009.
  Christopher Bolkcom served Congress with distinction for 9 years at 
the Library of Congress as a specialist in military aviation for the 
Congressional Research Service. He held a bachelor's degree in 
international relations from the University of Minnesota, a master's 
degree in international affairs from American University in Washington, 
DC, and a master's degree in national security strategy from the 
National War College in Washington, DC.
  Christopher was born on June 13, 1962, in Minneapolis, MN, raised 
there and then spent his adult life and career in the National Capitol 
Region until his untimely death on May 1, 2009.
  Christopher was recognized throughout Congress, the military 
Services, the defense community, and the aeronautical industry as an 
expert on the management, operational use and procurement of military 
aircraft. In that capacity, he assisted Congress in its legislative and 
oversight activities, including testifying before the Senate Armed 
Services Committee; the House Armed Services Committee; the Senate 
Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee; and the Senate 
Governmental Affairs Committee. Christopher published many influential 
CRS reports on such subjects as Air Force aerial refueling; the role of 
airpower in counterinsurgency operations; tactical aviation and bomber 
force modernization; military aviation safety; suppression of enemy air 
defenses; and protecting commercial aircraft from shoulder-fired 
missiles. He provided objective, expert analysis on a number of issues, 
including the Joint Strike Fighter and the KC-X Tanker, to Congress, 
the Senate Armed Services Committee, and to me and my staff 
personally--analysis for which I am very grateful.
  Christopher displayed generous enthusiasm for meeting the 
professional needs of colleagues and clients, enlivened by persistent 
humor and wit in his interpersonal relations. He worked hard at his 
public duties. He also played hard with friends, whether skiing or 
kick-boxing, and found time to serve others, at for example the Falls 
Church Presbyterian Church in Falls Church, VA.
  On this occasion--the first anniversary of Christopher's passing 
away--I want to honor the life and achievements of Congressional 
Research Service Specialist Christopher Bolkcom, who is survived by his 
loving family, including his children Jessica and Maxwell Bolkcom; 
their mother Mary Anne Alexander; his parents Gene and Ann Bolkcom; his 
sister Elizabeth Matteson; his brother Bill Bolkcom; and his nephew 
Tristin Matteson.