Congressional Record: January 24, 2002 (Extensions)
Page E19                       



                       HON. CONSTANCE A. MORELLA

                              of maryland

                    in the house of representatives

                       Thursday, January 24, 2002

  Mrs. MORELLA. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to honor one of my 
constituents, Steven Garfinkel, of Silver Spring, MD. Mr. Garfinkel 
retired from the Federal Government on January 3, 2002, after 31 years 
of faithful and dedicated service.
  Mr. Garfinkel has been the Director of the Information Security 
Oversight Office (ISOO) since 1980. He was appointed by President 
Carter in May 1980 and served under each administration since. During 
his time in ISOO, he has become a leader on security classification 
policy. His expertise has allowed him to create a system that has 
produced the largest number of declassified pages in the history of the 
Government's program--more than 800 million. This system will provide 
researchers and historians with new information that will help write 
our Nation's history for years to come.
  Currently, Mr. Garfinkel is the Chair of the Nazi War Crimes and 
Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG). 
During his chairmanship, the IWG has secured the release of more than 
400,000 pages from the Office of Strategic Services and of the 
Strategic Services Unit, forerunners of the Central Intelligence 
  In addition to being a member of the District of Columbia Bar, Mr. 
Garfinkel has served in the Office of General Counsel of the General 
Services Administration (GSA) for almost 10 years. His positions in 
that office included Chief Counsel for the National Archives and 
Records Service, Chief Counsel for Information Privacy, and Chief 
Counsel for Civil Rights.
  Mr. Garfinkel has received numerous honors and awards for his service 
to the Federal Government, including 18 commendations or citations from 
President Ford through President Clinton. Congratulations Mr. Garfinkel 
on a long and distinguished career. I wish you and your family best 
wishes during your retirement.