Demolishing and Creating Norms of Disclosure

By refusing to disclose his tax returns, President Trump has breached — and may have demolished — the longstanding norm under which sitting presidents and presidential candidates are expected to voluntarily disclose their federal tax returns. At the same time, there is reason to think that new norms of disclosure can be created. The conditions […]

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FAS Roundup – February 25, 2019

Analysis Anatomy of a Failed Summit: At Hanoi, All or Nothing Ends with Nothing Writing for CNN, FAS’ Adam Mount analyzes the collapse of the Hanoi summit: “It is time for a reset of US negotiation policy. Without a decisive shift in tactics, the talks will stagnate and fail, and a third summit will only end like the [...] Read More

Intelligence Transparency– But For What?

The new National Intelligence Strategy released last week by DNI Dan Coats affirms transparency as a value and as a strategic priority for U.S. intelligence. The declared purpose of intelligence transparency is to raise public esteem for intelligence and to engender public trust. But because the policy is framed primarily as a public relations effort, […]

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FAS Roundup – November 12, 2018

Government war spending since 9/11 exceeds $5.9 trillion Steven Aftergood spoke at a briefing for Senate Armed Services Committee to discuss the Watson Institute at Brown University’s latest report. Aftergood discussed what contributed to a lack of government transparency and, ultimately, the public’s understanding of post-9/11 war costs. → 📄 You can view the report’s official press release here. Next HASC Chair Sees Need for Greater [...] Read More

FAS Roundup – September 10, 2018

Adam Mount spoke to CNN to discuss North Korea’s exclusion of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) from its military parade: “The United States should not forget about North Korea’s arsenal simply because it’s kept out of sight.” → North Korea Cuts ICBMs Out of Military Parade Adam Mount told The Wall Street Journal: North Korea’s “restrained display” suggests a strong [...] Read More

FAS Roundup – September 3, 2018 (Nuclear Notebook)

FAS’ Hans Kristensen, Robert S. Norris, and Julia Diamond released the 2018 Nuclear Notebook on Pakistani nuclear forces. Published by The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. → 🗄 An archive of recent Nuclear Notebooks is available on Russian ICBM Upgrade at Kozelsk Hans Kristensen writes for the FAS Strategic Security blog: New satellite photos show substantial upgrades of ICBM silos at the missile field near Kozelsk in [...] Read More

FAS Roundup – August 27, 2018

Trump says Pompeo won’t go to North Korea, criticizes denuclearization progress Adam Mount told CNN: “The President’s tendency to undercut his negotiating team has made it easy for Pyongyang officials to refuse their demands. Now […] the President signals publicly that he doubts their ability to make progress.” → US may resume war games as North Korea [...] Read More

FAS Roundup – July 23, 2018

Ankit Panda writes for The Diplomat: North Korea’s dismantling of its Sohae test site “likely” can sustain post-Singapore implementation talks. However, the Sohae dismantling is not irreversible and “does not cap North Korea’s production of additional missiles.” → Trump says new images show North Korea has begun dismantling ‘key missile site’ Adam Mount told CNN: DPRK’s Sohae dismantling is “helpful” [...] Read More

FAS Roundup – July 9, 2018

Hans Kristensen was the expert source for the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action’s Seattle, Washington public bus campaign to illustrate the city’s proximity to Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, which houses 8 of the Navy’s 14 Trident nuclear-powered submarines. → Read Kristensen’s original piece on Kitsap-Bangor here. Trump hails progress after receiving note from North Korea’s Kim Adam Mount was [...] Read More

FAS Roundup – June 25, 2018

Hans Kristensen and Robert S. Norris released the latest FAS Nuclear Notebook (published in The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists) on Chinese nuclear forces, providing an update on China for 2018. → A complete archive of FAS Nuclear Notebooks is available here. Satellite images show North Korea upgrading nuclear facility Adam Mount tells CNN: “Halting a clearly-defined list of weapons activities should be the first step [...] Read More