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Ecosystems & Entrepreneurship
Packaging Semiconductors at the Doorstep to Disney

…of different groups involved. We’ve talked about education. We’ve talked about the role of the county. But how does the coalition approach working with other stakeholders? As a not-for-profit organization,…

06.08.23 | 10 min read
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Technology & Innovation
day one project
Policy Memo
One Small Step: Anticipatory Diplomacy in Outer Space

…The purpose of a neutral organization like the United Nations is to engage in meaningful dialogue between powerful countries. Since space is a common shared resource, it is best to…

06.08.23 | 14 min read
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Press release
FAS Announces Additions to Leadership Team

…a wealth of experience leading strategy and operations for several different organizations in the nonprofit sector, including and Benefits Data Trust. Ginger had already been providing invaluable assistance in…

06.08.23 | 2 min read
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Technology & Innovation
Applying ARPA-I: A Proven Model for Transportation Infrastructure

organizations take on some of the planning functions at the regional level, and local governments often maintain much of their infrastructure. There are also local individual agencies that operate facilities…

06.06.23 | 22 min read
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Science Policy
Cultural Burning: How Age-Old Practices Are Reshaping Wildfire Policy

…and Alex Dehgan] wanted to create a conservation technology organization that, you know, isn’t just doing the same traditional conservation methods of protected areas and command and control. CXL wants…

06.05.23 | 8 min read
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